BlackBerry Blend retail demo video appears

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2014 09:02 pm EDT

If you've been following BlackBerry rumors then BlackBerry Blend is a product name you're likely familiar with. It's been showing up in BlackBerry OS leaks pretty much forever now, it's been shown off at Enterprise events and heck, we've even got to play around with a few demos of it here and there.

The problem with it though, is the BlackBerry is saying nothing about it and are letting the rumors and leaks do all the talking. Now, yet another piece of info has apparently leaked out and this time around it's the alleged retail demo for BlackBerry Blend. Have a look for yourself. If you've not been following the rumors, the video will explain what we're looking at here. Although I'm not sure what the hold up is on announcing this, the whole 'Mobile First' idea BlackBerry has mentioned surely has something to do with it.

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BlackBerry Blend retail demo video appears


My father works for Areva. Cool!

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I hope the delay is so they can find new music for the demo because that is just terrible, lol.

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It will be a great product if everyone uses only BBM and text messages.
It will take more to attract user adoption.

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Well here's to hoping it works a hundred times better than Bridge. I liked the idea but it was always so laggy it was nearly unusable.


Will this service require a blackberry? I have to have a iPhone and PC for work but I still use bbm on it and would still love Blend for my PC!

From the sounds of it (they mention tablets, and it's can't be the PlayBook b/c it's no longer being updated) it's probably for any device. Makes sense... why allow BBM on other platforms and then not allow for this to work.

They should release it as an independent service available on ALL platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Part of the fear of businesses moving to a new platform is having their data "locked in" to the hardware platform.

Well... can't confirm it ;-)

But let's assume it happens: Add revenue to the thought...

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Bluetooth like Bridge, wifi direct, through th internet or just being on same wifi network?

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The wifi radio of the Z10 won't do Wifi Direct? That may be the hold up to see if there is a way to make it work. Just guessing.

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It sure does.

What made BlackBerry so famous in the Enterprise that also could be used in this solution?

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Bridge with the PlayBook doesn't work on Bluetooth "OR" wifi. Always needs the Bluetooth.
What it does do, is use the wifi network if available while always being connected by Bluetooth.

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Honestly looks like something I'll never use. I never found bridge with my playbook useful either just cause that would put stuff on multiple devices. I like keeping everything on one device and that device is just my blackberry q10. I dunno, feels more organized that way. Just my personal opinion

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"With 25 hours of battery life it can last the whole day" does that mean this is a device that bridges your phone to whatever you want? At first I thought it was a software only thing, but the ending where it speaks of battery life makes me wonder

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I think at the end of the blend demo, it just returns to the launching point for other "demos", one of which probably talks about battery life, etc.

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Wasn't this one of Thorsten's pet projects? Yeah most likely this project already been scrapped from all the layoffs and brain drain exodus that has been going on since Chen arrived.

Considering there's new files for it on the Passport OS and even the icons are present on the Passport and Classic official device renders, I dare say you just might be incorrect. Usually when something dies, they tend to remove it from any current information. Not leave it ultimately lingering around and open to speculation.

But hey, what do I know.

You add BlackBerry Work Drives, Docs To Go (or office360) on this mother and your mobile office is complete...end of story...

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Those are apps for BlackBerry 10 to take the office mobile not go mobile and bring back to the office or a PC.

Kinda defeats the purpose of BB10 being a mobile workstation doesn't it?!

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Since this will obviously require some kind of cloud infrastructure would it hurt to include some PIM backup capability though? Looks good though!

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With the US Supreme Court ruling that law enforcement needs a warrant to access cell phone content to me makes the seamless highly secure BBRY Phones all the more viable and important. They need to work and lead the pac for use and productivity!!!!

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it reminds me of the nokia ovi suite when i had a nokia n8 -- it was a very similar concept.

YES! Nokia had this feature from 2010. Lol

Now Apple is making a big deal about the computer integration for their next ios, and BB is just making rumours of it now.

Symbian was the most advanced mobile OS of its time, but the customers were too stupid to use it.

Not Ovi Suite. S60 2nd edition a Web hosted app on the device itself with access to your sms via an HTML browser. It predated Ovi entirely.

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I wonder if file sharing could also be implemented through Blend. Would be helpful if I have say a document and I could blend it with a tablet or pc for better viewing. Just like bridge.

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Would love to have this yesterday. Hopefully we see it sooner than later. When you're sitting at a computer it would be much more efficient to interact with your phone this way.

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The Sega comparison is a bit frightening but only because of all the similarities. They played their cards too soon and were ahead of the game [think Dreamcast] but then once all of the other companies copied them, it was bad news. Now they only make software for other platforms... (sad face)

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Blend should evolve as a full service cloud based ecosystem. Completely leap fog over mac and Google. QNX /blackberry enterprise has all of the moving parts. Build it and telling you everyone wants easy, not complicated. Blackberry should have two parts for enterprise. . one called business and two called Private for personal / individual / family use. I'd even suggest working with amazon on building a partnership in creating the second part called private so this way to incorporate prime membership with music and video.

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I would allow myself to get sucked right in!!!

The market needs a secure alternative to M$, iProducts and Snoople.

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Can't wait for this to be launched! Hopefully it'll be available to consumers as well vice just corporate.

Does anyone know if any other device does this level of integration?

I think the biggest selling point might be that blend looks like it is os and device independent with a BlackBerry device. Whereas apple and Google require you to be on the same is to share/transfer info

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Anyone know if this will be available to the general public or only to enterprise users running BES10/12?

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Is there some limitation to BBM that makes it incompatible for multi device access?

Seems like they are going out of their way to proxy against the device itself.

They should really get the ball rolling on this before iOS8 as apple is taking some if these same features for their new OS

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Both Apple and Google have talked about something similar, but their solutions are closed garden. Meaning the iOS solution works only with OSX/iOS whereas Blend is rumored to be cross-platform. But, I agree that it's frustrating that this was announced by others before it was released by BlackBerry. We've been talking about it for a long time now...

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I really hope that's not the demo they use. It looks and sounds like something a 1st year business/ marketing student would create.


If this works on other tablets such as the ipad I'll be ecstatic! And if they can add a call feature, and market it properly, it will blow Apple's continuity out of the water

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Dream come true. Eliminate the very last problem in the security chain, and that is software running on MS systems...

You can secure and encrypt your stuff all the way, if your MS computers gets compromised, well...

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Funny thing is, the Hiptop had exactly this ages ago - why nobody ever picked it up since then beats me.

This is just brilliant :)

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Anyone else notice that the keyboard looks like the Passport but all symbols instead of letters?

Maybe the keys can change on the physical keyboard?

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So thats what apple stole...

I wish blend also did phone calls so I can call someone from my pc itself.

Or receive calls without interrupted porn viewing :D

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I am very excited for BlackBerry Blend! I hate having to use my phone while I am busy on my laptop..! This just might be the reason to lose Whatsapp.. finally!

My questions at the moment:

1. When is being released?

2. Enterprise only or enterprise and personal?

3. What will it cost?

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Ummmm not revolutionary...Same functions as icloud...playing catch up again...i like it and it's needed but don't go on like is soo super cool and not like anything else

BBRY has been developing this for awhile. Apple just announced it first. That's quite the trend with Apple. They weren't innovative, they just heard a good idea and had more resources to bring it to life faster.

Can't wait, loving my BlackBerry more every day... bb4life...PS when is the new high spec all touch screen coming out?

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I'm liking it! It beats any Side Sync Samsung tries to bring and that Apple crap between each Apple device. I can't even remember what it's called it's that memorable.

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Decent tune in the video. Also, this looks pretty darn useful. I wonder why the're still sitting on it? On the other hand, we don't want them to release anything half-baked.

Damm you Bla1ze... I wasn't waiting for this because I didn't really know what it was.. but he, thnx man.. now I'm all excited about BlackBerry Blend and I can't wait to get it!
And it's not here yet.. sooo... I need to wait it out... and that ain't cool...

Lol, thnx for the heads up! Awesome to see what it actually does.. hopefully they bring WhatsApp to BlackBerry Blend someday, for all my non BlackBerry love showing friends ( don't hate them, they just aren't smart enough to buy a real smartphone haha :P )


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this piece of software cannot come soon enough!...

so it means to see your yahoo or gmail mail without the need to open your browser, login and see all those annoying ads that Google wants you to see? Awesome! :D

Damn, I just longpressed a key on my laptop to capitalize the letter!...

So it is for retail and enterprise, business it seems. I think it's a great thing. All in one solution from blackberry, BES, blend, balance, security, productivity, damn. Gotta love it. :)

Since moving to BB10, I missed my favorite app: Blurts by MLH Software so this "Blend" is the Cat's Meow.

YES!!! I was just thinking today, how cool it would be to BBM from my MacBook Pro instead of having to pick up my BlackBerry. It would help the flow of productivity.

I'm so excited, I love what I saw.

As my company dropped BES10, I really hope it works without it and is generally available for consumers too.

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