BlackBerry Blend Beta appears once again, this time on a Passport

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2014 09:45 pm EDT

By now, most folks have heard of BlackBerry Blend. It has leaked out in so many ways now, I lost track. It's in BlackBerry OS builds, presented itself in Power Point presentations, it's even preloaded in the new BlackBerry 10.3 out of box set-up files and the icon is present on official images of the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic and still, BlackBerry refuses to confirm its existence outside of a few Enterprise events where folks have seen it behind closed doors or otherwise in private.

We can now add another leak to the list thanks to @DHabkirk Channel: C0001DB0D. What you see above is the app launch screen from BlackBerry Blend Beta loaded up on the BlackBerry Passport. It obviously doesn't show really anything new but it proves, those of us tracking it all this time aren't crazy. Though BlackBerry's lack of any official confirmation is still enough to drive us that way. Not sure what all the fuss is about? Check out the videos, you can skip to around 1:51 on the first one or just watch the whole second one.


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BlackBerry Blend Beta appears once again, this time on a Passport


That was on my wish list. I really wanted it to be software based, but I guess in the name of security it would make mores sense to log into a server(web based) to view these items. Blackberry knows just what I want :)

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

My concern now too. Seeing as it points online, I fear this may need some proprietary program to be installed on the laptop/desktop and this brings in all sorts of issues (I use Linux). Or, it could be that all information is routed through BlackBerry servers which eats into mobile data plan.
Ideally, I would have liked to see this work with a browser over usb/bluetooth or wifi. Let's wait and see...

Same here.

We can only W(H)INE so much... if you know what I mean. (Not talking about the BB10 Vine app, LOL)

The dependence on MS Windows as the underlying OS to manage BlackBerry stuff kinda weakens the security aspect a bit, a disconnected VM in Virtual Box won't allow you to use any cloud features...

Ububerry? PCBerryOS? BerryMint 10? SlackBerry 10.... oh yeah!

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Yes, blend is real.

As fit the Z50. Yes and no. Many speak of the Manitoba (the north American release of the z3) with with updated specs.

The Z3 LTE Let's call it will be positioned as the successor to the Z10 and just below the Z30.

Until something else comes out of course.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

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Hopefully the chase is going to end fairly soon, I also heard that this is a possible 'BlackBerry Link' replacement, I'd like to see how that pans out since tons of users have expressed frustration with it

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That would be lovely. They really need to do something with Link. And if they can replace it with this that would be even better. Especially seeing that it's Web based we could possibly use it on the PlayBook.


Well, it sounds like a Web service running on your BB. It could either be based on a local IP connection (using a device connected to the same wifi,.. sort of how Bridge eventually worked), or it could keep track of your device IP on a Web server and then you just go to their blend site to connect to your device (sort of how Orb, logmein, playon, etc. work).

Let's hope it's the latter,.. way more flexible.

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True, but knowing how BlackBerry are strict with security... they probably would use the local connection

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Definitely one of the best features coming with 10.3. I can't even count the times I have to pick up my Z30 while on work my computer. This just makes so much sense.


This will be a huge selling point for BlackBerry. This needs to roll out asap.

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Where are you from Blaze? I'm from Nova Scotia and spent the long weekend in PEI (Twin Shores Campground)

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Waiting on September so badly, hopefully Blend makes it on 10.3.1....
So excited about getting blackberry passport and now Blend features for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

Fantasies of how the Passport and 10.3 will BLEND in September ;) ...yippeeee

Z10STL100-1/" the iPhone Nemesis"

BlackBerry finally doing what we suggested about 5 or 6 years ago? Woooow, and who said a company can't be successful by giving their customers what they want?

...and still no BlackBerry fulltouch device in sight worth spending money on? Oh boy is BlackBerry boring, just bought INTEL NUC i5 and NVIDIA Shield tablet just for the fun. Money has to go somewhere and like new tec.
Still running around with the Z10 with some year old hardware. What a shame! BlackBerry could make money, not everyone likes hardware keyboards. Only 2 of 10.

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Yeah, but the Z30 is big, the passport is yet bigger, and the Z10 is the perfect size for me. Going forward, I assume I am screwed.

What is truly needed is cloud base solution for all our syncing, is this the answer? All of Blackberry desktop software have failed in the past.

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Maybe blend utilises the upcoming QNX cloud due at the end of this year. Perhaps that's why there's been no confirmation of Blends existence yet.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Whenever I tell people about this, the reaction is very positive. To be able to sit at your work desk and have your phone on silent but still get to respond to all of your notifications including personal email is amazing. On the business side, I push my customers to use BBM to contact me instead of emailing me and this would just be another positive aspect to that. Sending files and general communications on BBM instead of email will make work faster and easier. I hope it comes out shortly after 10.3 and we don't have to wait until 2015.

No you were never crazy, it was always there, just out of reach. Blend is the next step in a grander vision that are just starting to see. It illustrates the power of BB10/QNX and highlights a level of mobile fluidity that the competition is simply unable to match.

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I'm excited for Blend but I'm afraid it may fall short for me because I don't see any mention of Remember integration. I need/want my Remember/Todo/Tasks entries (with due dates and times) to be accessible on my laptop.

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Bla1ze and all,

I'm a long-time BlckBerry user. But I'm lost with Blend.

A brief list of (new) features, with their definition, and links to the main articles about them, would be [at least for me] a great help.

"Blend" seems to be a means of displaying the BlackBerry screen on a tablet or PC?

I'm really lost...went back over some of the other articles mentioning Blend, but it's slipping right past me.

A few sentences would be a great help.

Since it has yet to be announced exactly what it is and how it works can only be derived from these videos (and other similar videos and images. I'll do my best though

Blend presents your hub (email, texting, bbm, calendar) plus contacts and other goodies from your phone on a desktop, laptop or tablet in a way that uses the larger screen size and gives you all the productivity and content of your phone without switching devices.

It does not put the phone screen on another device like hdmi or miracast might.

How it connects is still a mystery. Wifi? Bluetooth? Usb? And how it runs in a web browser? In a dedicated app or client?

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It seems more like blend is a trademark held in reserve until they had some feature or service to attach it to.

They spent money to create the product name, so it figures they will eventually use it.

The videos in crackberry previews don't show any particular benefit.

Empower a person to solve a problem...

For instance, once I received an email about a project I was working on, among 20 other projects that month.

It was a boring poorly worded email, and in the middle of it was, "there is a detour because they will be working on a bridge, so think about another route."

It wasn't even the topic of the email, and I wasn't even going to work the project for two weeks.

If we could "blend" email and calendar to write an email at the writer's convenience, but wait to deliver it the day before a project so that the message is timely.

But nobody can predict how or why people will want to blend program features, so if it allows a user to come up with the blending on their own, then it could allow blackberry users to bypass gratuitous patents that really shouldn't exist in the first place.

For instance, if Microsoft Outlook already had a time shift function on emails, blackberry users could also have it if the users create the function themselves.

Hmmm. I am thinking out loud too much here... I will save my best ideas for a consulting fee...

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It took Microsoft twenty years to bring a proper pause button in the copy dialog and be prompted about unreadable or problematic files AT THE END when everything else has been copied.

Oh, desktop.ini, oh my dear thumbs.db .... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Valid question.

It didn't take any particular time frame, it TOOK the right MAN to chen it done!

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

ohhhh yeeeeeah.
I was so happy to manage communication in my PlayBook through BlackBerry bridge.
I'm waiting for this. hope will appear on 10.3

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I'm afraid it will be in the beta stage for several years an all potential hype will wear off and when it finally launches only peeps on this forum will know about it - and again we all will be wondering why BlackBerry is failing...

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So that is why the preview page has been left in BB10.3? It's a teaser straight up. It's coming and all the competition can do is carp from the sidelines

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This is when a flag comment would come in handy, I'm SOOO SICK of seeing this stupid, ridiculous comment on EVERY FRICKIN ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

The mysterious blend is still a big guess. Lol

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I want this so badly. it makes it so much easier to respond to every and anyone via the desktop. it does not look great when you're at work and having to pick up your phone all the time.

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Interesting. I always wanted to sync my phone's calendar with my laptop. I'd rather not have to use calendaring or contact management tools on my laptop anyway, since I don't always have a laptop with me.

I fail to understand what took BlackBerry so long. Apple brought Airplay to its users years ago!!! This is what has been the issue. Anyway now that it is coming hopefully it will be complete, bugfree and compatible.

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