BlackBerry Blade: a BlackBerry 10 phone that's too hot to be true!

BlackBerry Blade - A BlackBerry 10 concept
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Mar 2012 05:22 pm EDT

Wow wow WOW! Just wrapping up the day and this came across the old CrackBerry Tip line. The image above came from Toronto Design Firm Pixelcarve and totally made my day. Seen here is the BlackBerry Blade - their idea of what the first BlackBerry 10 device could look like. Though with a trackpad and BlackBerry menu and back keys this feels more like it should be a next generation BlackBerry 7 (or 8) Smartphone than one running on the QNX-based OS. I'm don't think we'll be seeing these buttons on BlackBerry 10 phones (like the PlayBook, BB10 phones will likely be more focused on the swipe experience and touch UI).

Regardless, as far as concept sliders go it's totally hot. The concept features an amazing 4.5 inch AMOLED display, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, Gorilla Glass and a 12MP camera. While the latest rumors are that the first BlackBerry 10 device won't have a keyboard, this slider is still pretty awesome.

What do you think - should the BlackBerry Blade be RIM's first BlackBerry 10 device? Or do you want something else like the BlackBerry London? Sound off in the comments!

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BlackBerry Blade: a BlackBerry 10 phone that's too hot to be true!



Well… I'll definitely need a lot of time to get used to this, since I will have to type using it in portait mode ONLY. When you sit at a computer, you don't have a portrait screen, right? I know there will be a 99% chance of this device having an on-screen keyboard, but I would love to see a landscape keyboard BlackBerry 10 device soon. I almost went for the HTC Desire Z when it was time to pack in my 9700, but the 9900 was released and I love it.

Nevertheless, that is one sexy looking BlackBerry! Hopefully it will be released this year when the first devices come out in Q3/Q4.

If RIM said that this was one of their offerings I would have started buying stock immediately. As it stands, I'm not even sure that I want to buy their new phones. I'm sure the OS will be awesome, but the hardware needs to blow peoples Socks off!!!

They'll be stupid to completely ditch the trackpad and fixed buttons. I hope Blackberry won't just blend in with everyone else... The trackpad is immensely useful. Even my friend who is the biggest Android fanboy says that the one thing he wishes he had on his Android phone was a track pad like my Bold 9900. His reasoning is that things that require fine movements like highlighting text would be a million times easier with the trackpad than trying to touch between exactly the right letters the first time around... And I agree with him, I end up using the touchscreen for the broad movements like scrolling fast through a webpage, but if I'm reading something, I'd much rather scroll slowly using the trackpad. First, my fat thumb isn't in the way so I can keep reading while scrolling, and second, it's just that much more precise. And I also agree that highlighting text with the trackpad is 1000 times better.

The bold allows you to use the touchscreen to highlight text. But with the trackpad right there, I NEVER use the touchscreen to do that... Also, clicking small links, or moving my curser around text is also easier with the trackpad.

I also like how when you click on a physical button, it ALWAYS works. While sometimes when I touch a button on the touchscreen it might not register my touch... So I like having physical pick up and hang up buttons. I never have to keep staring at my phone after pressing the pick up button to make sure it picked up like I see all of my friends doing who has touchscreen only since sometimes it might not work the first time. I press the button and put the phone right to my face because I KNOW that 100% of the time it'll pick up the call.

Same with hanging up. None of that pressing the hang up button and thinking you hung up but you didn't because the screen didn't register your touch, and now the person can hear your conversation, hopefully you're not speaking badly of that person... When I press the hang up button, again, I KNOW that it hung up...

And I also wish they will have a BB10 phone with a physical keyboard. Another feature I think is a great feature that sets Blackberry apart from the rest of the herd. I'll be sad if all of the BB10 devices will be exactly the same as everyone else... I think I'll go to Android if that was the case, might as well...

Kevin, you need to share this with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins. This would be the blackberry to catch the attention of not the blackberry faithful, but plenty of others as well...

Kevin, you need to share this with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins. This would be the blackberry to catch the attention of not the blackberry faithful, but plenty of others as well...

Follow-up post! RIM, I'd be in line for a phone spec'd out as this even if you stuffed the tech into a Sardine can and pinned a trackpad to it.

We want a killer BB! Pls Giveth Us Killer BB!


YES YES YES YES! o wow that is amazing! exactly everything I want, and I feel like most people. I personally would love a trackpad and atleast some of, or all, of the buttons around the trackpad, makes it easier to scroll through text, i hate trying to select an exact place in a paragraph on my gf's phone, with trackpad if you miss by a little you can scroll over to it. phone screen size is amazing! design is amazing! keyboard looks amazing! gona be the bb10 phone i get

I'd like RIM to abandon every project they're currently working on and make this a reality. If this were actually to come to market with a COMPLETED OS to boot, they wouldn't need to worry about other devices in the short-term. It would buy them the time to really focus energy on an equally impressive complete product line.

For the people who understand form factor design and the tech needs behind it, what is really stopping RIM from making this a reality? I mean the hardware design isn't far fetched and seems like it can be manufactured quite easily. So what's the real sticking point to RIM not attempting this especially considering that BBX won't reach the market until Q3/Q4.

Holy crap no! They need to actually finish projects that they start. Not drop everything because some guy on the Internet says so.

Think you're missing the big picture and potential that a damn near flawless execution of this could deliver.

No. I'm not missing the big picture. Changes like what you're suggesting are what helped get RIM into the mess their currently in. If they don't already have something like this in development (or exactly this ) there wouldn't be enough time for a successful launch before the end of the year. Regardless of company, good product development takes time and is only part of a successful launch.

RIM has never had a change like this; they had 2 dinosaurs at the helm who tried to maintain status quo by producing a device that they thought would've been revolutionary while having strayed from the concept of innovation years past.

Product development, good product development, does take time; there's no denying that fact and I wholeheartedly agree with you. But given that BBX is already in development the real question is can they get the hardware to match - so, yes they already have something like this in development. Does the hardware have to have the exact specifications of the proto? No. But then again, what prototype is ever what meets reality.

However, a product can be successfully developed, planned and soft/full-launched in 3-4 quarters, obviously dependent on complexity; it's not impossible, it just requires more cash to enable the shortened time and increased quality. Plus, honestly what does RIM really have to lose at this point? Push out some BBX devices Q3/4 while losing market share in the meantime?

I really like the slider form factor. My old eyes appreciate the large screen and my tactile thumbs like typing on a real keyboard. Not sure I dig the curve but the ultra thin sleek minimalist styling would rock.

I believe that the curved body will actually work better for the pocket. But it would have to be very slight.

I love it and want it!!! Let's cut some sh!!ttt up with our BB Blade.....! Like right know!!!!! Let's kick some a$$ :) I 'm willing to up grade again this year, I mean my kids won't be getting any new phones this year only mama (again) sweettt phone....please place this phone for sale A.S.A.P

A few thoughts:

I'm not much into slider phones but this concept is positively mind blowing! It would be hard for me to resist seriously considering a real life device like this if it actually made production. RIM really should pay attention to this concept: They can't afford NOT to!

The LED strip around the edge is definitely groundbreaking. RIM had better look at this concept seriously.

If a production model came out with even a slightly reduced curvature, I'd see absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. It would still be very pocketable.

The specs, as proposed here, do seem to be a bit out of line - even in comparison to competing devices coming out later this year, IMHO. I will concede, however, that a high resolution screen will be a must. I refused to consider either the Torch 9800 and 9810 at all for that very reason.

Screens larger than 4.0 inches are just too freaking big! Definitely a pain to try to put in your pocket. The impact on the weight of the device would be unfavorable as well.

To all the idiots here whining about the first ever BB 10 device being touchscreen only: With all your catastrophizing and panicking, you make it sound like RIM will never, ever, make a keyboard device ever again. OF COURSE THEY WILL! An all-touch device has to be out to market first, though. Keyboard devices *WILL* come later on, count on it!

As much as I'd like to see RIM keep the physical keys and trackpads all the current devices have, it seems inevitable that they are on the path to extinction. I can make do without but I'll miss them dearly. Maybe a trackpad is a useless redundancy on a purely touchscreen device but I would still want the physical keys for SEND/END at the very least. It would be foolish to eliminate the trackpad on smaller devices altogether, regardless of if there is a touchscreen too. Selecting text via *touch only* is too much of a pain if the amount screen real estate is too limited.

I think you've captured the extreme marketability of this concept. It will make people pay attention and many buy simply because of design granted an equally well executed OS. It would tell investors that the company itself is still quite innovative and has the ability to deliver products to match.

It's unfortunate but left in the ether, the concept will end up being HTC or Samsung's next big thing.

Excitement followed by disappointment, this isn't a RIM phone this is just another concept. It is a great concept which I would buy in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I doubt it will be released, it's way too problematic. Physically the thin curved design with a slider would difficult to miniaturise and produce. The Quad core will cut up battery life. It is missing the dedicated audio buttons. The second B in Black"B"erry is not capitalized.

If anything RIM has found a strategic marketing partner in Pixelcarve. They sure know how to get people excited for new device.

this phone is way sexy! it would be even more beautiful if the keyboard slid out from the side so its a fully qwerty now that would be the ultimate BB phone!!!

It should curve around the other axis, ie, left to right, not top to bottom!

and the corners should be rounded off, not pointing like the pics are showing.

Imagine this thing in your pocket with the top and bottom edge jabbing at you all day?

I really hope this doesn't become a new phone. it sucks as is.

This would be a game changer for sure ... And set RIM in the right direction ... Heading UP to #1 spot. :)

I hope RIM will surprise everyone with a design much more appealing than that of Android or iPhone devices. BB10 phones really need to nuke the competition in terms of function, design, appeal, battery life and the "cool" factor.

Nice post.

They made their company on the keyboards, great that they will have one with this model if it is in fact a true model they are going to release. I like it. Definitely would give it a chance.

my guess is this is powered with a button battery, similar to that we can see currently in watches. We'll see a lot of those around 2050 in phones etc....

Honestly, not saying cos I love BBs but this is the one make me look every time I visited cb today. I will buy it as soon as it comes out..I am fallin in love with smartphone, I never have..I just bough cos work made me but this one will be game changer..
RIM, Are u listening ?


Blackberry London looks like every other boring phone on the market! RIM needs something new, something hip, something like this (BUT I would change a few things) LOVE IT STILL!!

- design: will be appealing to many
- keyboard: cant be without it
- screen: big (ger) and crisp, Blackberry needs it!
I can wait 6 months... but this could be it.. and I would buy it

Wow, if Alfa Romeo made phones........I hope this is for real !!! (fingers crossed) Not overly keen on slider phones but I may have seen my next BlackBerry.

Yea, I'd look so COOL with a 4.5" phone and my 7" tablet. Idiots. Keep it under 4. If anybody wanted 4.5 they already picked up their Android.

Props on the design for looking slick but the main selling point is the thinness, and if it were possible they'd have already done it. Everything else is already "BlackBerry."

The curvature reminds me of some brand of Bluetooth headsets

Loving the curved display! Looks like just a slight curve. Reminds me of an IMAX screen. I disagree that it would be any more fragile than if it were completely flat. It would definitely show off a flexible LCD screen. If the physical keyboard is exactly like that of the Bold 9900/9930, then I'm sold! xD

Hot diggety! I'm at work, booting my laptop and checking a few favorite sites. I just stared at that pic in awe for a minute there:O VERY nice!

This phone looks amazing!! Me being a long time BB user and a torch fan I've been impatiently waiting for the BB10 slider and this most definitely exceeded all my expectations !! I just think this phone would be a definite GAME-CHANGER !!!! Please RIM , I beg u make this a BB10 device bc if not after seeing this alot of people will b easily disappointed by whatever else u choose to put out instead of this. #BB4LIFE !!! And I really shouldn't have to beg its just painfully obvious that this is the nicest device I've seen in years from RIM ( BOLD 9000) .

amazing ! that's definately what RIM has to put on the market if they whant to take over Android and Apple. Nice slider in an all touch screen form factor. Come on RIM

I am really not a fan of a slider phone, as i feel that it wont lasts for a longer period of time. Blackberry is known for its keyboard, bbm, emails, and security JUST DONT EVER FORGET THOSE.

I don't mind having this as one of the blackberry models but RIM would be having an IDENTITY CRISIS if they are thinking that these would become their new identity.

Can we just have a superphone in the looks of blackberry 9900 and incorporate the newly approved patent :


RIM can you just focus!!!! There is no point in ROLE PLAYING! Be the Blackberry that you are and stop pretending to be an iPhone or Droid. #justsaying

This design still have a wasted gesture at least: you have to slide the top part (and slide back again, just small gesture but simply it's not perfect)
Unless you provide another touch screen on the back (for Media-favor fans???), i'll JUST recommend this design for BB fan.


I would definately be getting one of those if it ever came true !!!!! That would rock the phone world. I've some mates that are jealous of my old torch 9800 and the slider form WITH the keyboaard, but want a bigger screen like their " itoy's ". Showed them this and they're sold if it ever came out.
Let's GO RIM!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN..........

Definitely this one ! It's beautiful and with a real keyboard it's perfect !

I still believe that a real keyboard is THE big differentiator for Blackberry devices. So go for it Mr. Blackberry !

its a very nice concept. though its fake.

The Blackberry logo at the top of the image has a little glow effect.
many company's have a set of rules how a logo should be used, and never ever i saw RIM add outer glow to the blackberry letters. (The designer has done it to match the effect of the designed phone glow.)

Also (but im not sure about this) -> the blackberry logo on the display, is displayed as a graphic, because the bubbles flow behind it, but it still a part of the (DISPLAY AREA) meaning, the mainscreen of the display is showing the blackberry logo Softwarematicly. That wouldnt be practical, nor logical because all old blackberry phones have their logo as an imprint, stating the name of the product (blackberry) at all times.

(this would mean, when using an app the blackberry logo dissapears, or the app should also display the logo softwarematicly, and that would be stupid, it would take up a part of the display area that could be used for something else)


We need Crackberry to do a poll on would you buy this device, yes, no or hell yeah of course I will . Then hopefully RIM will sit up, take notice and build this beauty ;)

Simply put, that phone is exactly what I want in my ultimate handheld device. Large, high res touchscreen, track pad, keyboard, portrait slider, BB10 os.

Anything else (I.e. no keyboard or trackpad / hardware buttons) is simply too much of a sacrifice for me. I guess i'll stick with my Torch / PlayBook combo if RIM digs in their heels.

...and this mockup is beautiful, to boot

It must be admitted that the "London" (in either of the iterations we've seen so far) is rather boring in comparison to this one. RIM really should take a closer look at this "Blade" concept a lot more closely...

This design is exactly what RIM needs to launch and launch NOW!!! And again, disagree with Kevin in regards to the standard 4 buttons and track pad....they need to be on the device. This is a phone, not a tablet. The keys need to be there as does the keyboard. Even the new case for the PlayBook launching today (on my way to get mine after this post) has a trackpad now. The track pad and buttons are vital to a lot of dedicated BlackBerry users and would be a great disappointment to lose them. I have loved the Torch, both the 9800 and 9810 and this would be me next BlackBerry if it ever comes to market!!!

This thing is tight! I'm not too sure I like the slider and I think the corners should be a little more rounded but the rest of the design is great. The biggest thing is going to be OS and apps. I know the "qwerty" folks are frowning a bit but lets face it, Android and Apple are cutting RIM's market share by the day as the latest Canadian market share results show. RIM is going to have to come full force with its first BB10 device and get a few light years outside the box. I say forget just stopping the bleeding! They are going to have to go full on "Six Million Dollar Man" on this deal! Build it and make it better!

RIM please pay attetion to this design, we need phones like the blade.
So we can keep supporting Blackberry.

Blade All the way.

this is by far the best looking BB out there. if only it was true and on the market right now! RIM would regain its #1 position!!!!! this would totally monopolize the market out there. sadly with the way things are going around right now i dont see this phone being released before 2013-2014 for sure!!! Sportin a 9630!!!

The first BB10 phone should ABSOLUTELY have their signature physical QWERTY. Not sure why the first one would be otherwise and I would be quite disappointed again.

DAMN, this caught my attention at first glance, this device would be SWEET (as long as if has an auto focus camera) LOL

Long time Torch user.....and this is exactly the new phone I am looking for.

Frankly, I am trying to hold my current phone together in anticipation of the BB10 OS and a phone without a keyboard will probably cause me to jump to the join the legions of iPhone users including my wife and son.

I have hung with BB because of the keyboard and the volume of emails that I have to read and respond to every day.

Build this phone or something like it!!!

OK I'm a realist... I doubt RIM will invest in that device. They don't even have dual core, let alone quad. They don't even have an 8, let alone 12 megapixel camera. They don't make screens that big either!

I REALLY hope RIM does release this... This design and specs make me drool! But I'm being realistic, this is just a concept. I doubt this will come true in a 8 months. I really hope it is true though because I said I'd buy the first BB10 device (as long as it has either a huge screen, or a slider design).

I like this phone a lot..

Things I would change though firstly is the slider keyboard

That doesn't need to be in this particular phone

Make it fully touchscreen.

Secondly the curved shape, make it flat, not fully flat but something that when you grip you feel like your holding something solid

Thirdly It doesn't seem to have a power on button, now.. I looked at the picture and at the back of the device the blackberry logo is lit up, if that is the on/off button that will be very impressive

I would also implore that rim will also use that as a boot up timer, so when your device boots up the ring around the blackberry logo has a timer sort of effect, and when fully on, lights green, this should also be used to check battery life. When devices level is going down the ring around it goes amber, then red. And I also read something about fuel cell charging, if that could also be used as solar charging, that would be epic.

The PlayBook OS2 virtual keyboard is great soo I'm sure when making a fully touchscreen devices the virtual keyboard will be amazing.

Now for the specs

Beautiful fusion of aluminum and acrylic

Blackberry 10 with cascades for new UI experience

Legendary BlackBerry security and PUSH communications

Next gen processor - Quad-Core 1.5GHz, Liquid graphics ( QNX are very good at handling cores, so each core will have its function, making the battery life last longer)

AMOLED display at 4.5 inches, 720x1280 pixels (whatever that is in PPI I just want it to be sharper than apples Retina Display on there new iPhone, not the one currently on the market)

2GB Ram

12MP rear camera, 8MP front camera with 1080p @ 60fps

BlackBerry Webkit browser with HTML5 and Adobe Flash

Dynamic color range outer LED strip

Gorilla Glass II, multitouch with trackpad and fixed buttons

Micro HDMI, Mini VGA Micro USB, Micro SD

3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi Hotspot, Worldphone


Battery life 2500MAH

Bluetooth 4.0 technology

you did't look very well then did you, the 'end call' button has been the power button also for many previous BB devices in the past. look at the picture again, you can see the power icon under the end call icon.

Well what I meant to say is, they should make a dedicated on/off button and leave the end call button just for that. ending calls :)

Nice concept picture. I'll wait for the official announcement and pricing. Don't want to be disappointed if the actual device doesn't meet what the artist conceived.

These phones definitely look beautiful. I, for one, would appreciate keeping the keypad. It's one of the many reasons I haven't gotten an iPhone. Also, I like the curved shape when the phone is open, it makes it feel more like a phone when you're talking into it and less like a brick. This kind of styling would definitely put RIM back in the running. The phones look way too thin in the pics to be functional.

As per the camera: the new RIM phones need to have a quality camera to compete with all the other great camera phones on the market. This is something I think RIM has put on the low priority list, but a great camera with video capabilities will draw in customers. I use my phone constantly and that's the little crappy one on the scrappy Bold 9650.

I really like the concave design. Whatever it may be, RIM's gotta get BB 10 out by late August or early September for the back-to-school rush and to beat the iPhone 5 release!

I've never owned a Blackberry. I've been a long time iPhone user. I'd ditch the iPhone for one like this but without the physical keyboard (I don't like physical keyboards. I can type very fact and well, even without looking sometimes, on a virtual keyboard). I think RIM should have three, maximum, models: touch only, slider, and regular physical keyboard. That would cover each demographic. Large screen, those specs in the photo (or as close to as possible), and designs and names to kill. The BlackBerry Blade sounds sick. I love it.
Please, RIM! Make me ditch this boring iPhone.

this would be the most amazing blackberry to have ever been built if it was true! my contract on O2 runs out in september and I am waiting to upgrade to the latest BB10 device, I am just hoping to god it isn't an all touch screen only phone. I dont like them! I have the bold 9900 which I love (until I cracked my screen dropping it last week) and I could never use a touch screen phone after using the bold keyboard. so RIM best make this happen!

Now that picture is really getting Blackberry some hype! It sure did get me excited! Wish I could have it right now!

I would buy one if they didn't release a qwerty "bold like" bb10 device. I have a torch and absolutely love the screen real estate but hate sliding the phone open to type. I vowed the next bb i buy would have a bold form factor but that may not be the case with rim only releasing the London this year, come on rim I'll wait till December to get my bb10 bold!

Love the concept as far as concepts go. I think it would be great if the minds at RIM could start dreaming up designs like this to keep them competitive. With that said, the slider doesn't work here. WAY WAY WAY too tall. That keyboard would be an awkward nightmare to type on. Doesn't matter how light the device is. It will be top heavy when you're using the keyboard. Keep these design lines and make it the all-touch Storm-like line, rethink how to incorporate the keyboard into a different model.

Is this the first article where no apple fanboy sheep post their comments? I haven't read all 350+ posts, but haven't seen any on the first 4

I think both designs are good. The names of the series Blade. The touchscreen should be called the Samurai and the slider called the Switch Blade. Or go for cross marketing and call it the Swiss Army. Is anyone at RIM paying attention? Let's Be Bold and take a page from these must have designs.

holy cow! If they have something like this, what are rim doing keeping it from us!
pre-ordering right away! :D

Nice looking device, not realistic. But a GREAT CONCEPT!

a few notes:
-The LED strip would drain the battery: too much for a fancy, cool looking feature.
-Thin is nice, but too thin and you start to lose features (auto-focus camera, battery, hold-ability)
-Buttons, while I personally would keep them, wouldn't and should be there. All functions would be cleverly replaced by gestures.
-The device has a nice curve to it, but what if it's face down and you apply pressure on the back, against the bend?

Looking at this i just thought of a must have feature on this phone. where the convienance key is should be the activation key for opening the slider. so cool to push the button and the keypad come out.

this is what they need to be building, those don't necessarily have to be physical buttons, doesnt have to be quad core, come on RIM.

Right now I'm in the market for a new phone. As a Canadian, I would love to support RIM and purchase a BB, but the current offerings aren't exactly what I'm looking for, and I'm considering going for the Galaxy Nexus. My current phone could definitely last until the BB10 phones launch, but since there are no announcements about them, I'm feeling a bit uneasy about sticking to that decision. If RIM were to come out and offer something like this, even give a sneak peak at a phone that looked or operated even remotely like this concept, I'd absolutely stick it out and wait for the new phones.

Edges needed to be curved no need for keypad make it just touch screen must have an integrated pin video call to call all bb and PlayBook. Must also support Skype and I'm sure this will kill all phones on market

I wonder if forwards all of these concepts to RIM. I mean take a Look at this device. its super sexy, pure awesome.. my eyes bleeds bec. of it's nice sharp edge design...



I am a Bold Fanatic. However, this would be my next phone forsure. I love the way it curves like a blade. I would call it the BlackBerry Ninja or Kitana or something.

Why must this be to good to be true? Can't they just make the thing like now?!

If RIM doesn't immediately hire (or already has) whoever is responsible for this, they are WAY WAY WAY out of their mind!! Even if "THIS" one can't be done - that kind of creativity and innovation needs to be wrapped up into A HUGE PAYCHECK!!

This would be a MAJOR game changer in the smart, errr, SUPERphone market.

I can just hear that phone saying , in a dead on FatBSTRD voice "I'm dead SEXY"

That is the BEST concept BB phone I have ever seen. I truly hope RIM is reading Crackberry this week. This is a phone worthy of the BlackBerry name and 'Blade' seems fitting. It is also a design that is best kept uncovered... It is THE word in style and class - and I wish one for myself. Very nice indeed.

That has got to be the coolest blackberry phone concept yet. I would get one of those if it ever came out and I'm not one for rushing to get the latest blackberry. I would stand in a long line like the ones that iphones and ipad get on there devices first day out just to get this new Blackberry marvel of a device.

This is my next BB. I don't want a touchscreen only phone because no matter what, nothing beats a keyboard.

I wouldn't mind if it was a bit thicker for better battery life.

I've read many comments here about battery life and the fact that being so thin one would get a very limited battery. I would remind those individuals that batteries have been reduced to wafer thin dimensions for various applications. There is no reason to assume that a thin Blade would be wanting of battery life.

And I do want to see this concept put into production. Great design.

I have to say, this is off campus for RIM. I really hope this is a glimps into the direction that they are going. Even better if this is the next phone. Don't know which but I do know that I want one!

If Blackberry made this I would run to the store NOW! I am due to part with my 9650 soon and this will definetly make me hold on a little longer to wait for THIS replacement. Not really sure price would matter too much to me, this thing LOOKS HAWT and Blackberry knows how to make a business tool. SOLD!

Come on BB lets make this happen, I and a loyal BB owner. Waiting to this. will be the 1st to order.

come on RIM , make it happen all the specs are sweet , plus i dont like iphones or androids devices ive will stick with blackberry

Dear RIM Social Media Team:

Take the following message back to the head office:

1. DESIGN: Use this design for the 1st BB10 phone!
2. KEYBOARD: The 1st BB10 phone MUST have a keyboard
3. SPECS: Use these specs!

This is the first potential design (seen the London, Milan and other possibilities) that I IMMEDIATELY was like 'Wow'! This design will make even the casual/everyday person perusing BestBuy (or whatever) stop and look twice!

The first BB phone needs a keyboard! It has to say "RIM rocks and here is how we are *DIFFERENT*". RIM won't be able to win on their software ecosystem (yet), so they can't afford to throw away one of their MAIN POSITIVE DIFFERENTIATING factors!

Remember how the media bashed the PlayBook at launch for not having email, when email was what supposedly differentiated BlackBerry? Are you ready to tread those same waters again? You only get ONE CHANCE for the big launch of BB10. No one is going to remember the amazing BlackBerry Blade that comes out 6 months after the touch-only London. You will never get the same level of free press that will reach as wide and deep an audience as you will get at the launch. Don't give the media the tools to BASH you AGAIN! (See point 3 as well for more on bashing).

The first BB10 phone must have AMAZING specs. RIM cannot afford one more NEGATIVE REVIEW. Most people make purchasing decisions based 1. word-of-mouth, and 2. reviews! RIM must take away the common "GO-TO" points reviewers will be waiting like sharks to bash RIM with! Don't let them.

OMG...this is my dream phone. I could not have drew up anymore perfect than this. I want one now..I been babysitting my old torch 9800 with os6 for too long holding off for a BB10 device so as not to waste my upgrade on a OS7..I want this nowwww

I wonder if this is a design firm hired by RIM to bring there product line into the world of main stream?

I showed to 2 apple biggest fans, my teenage kids, they are also impressed. Let's build this.

I wouldn't want buttons to disappear. That's why I love BBs. They have keyboards and buttons :) it's good to have a touch screen but when you are rushing, buttons will save you. at least for me this is the case.

I really like this concept. hopefully it will look pretty much the same when it will appear.

i wish they would release blackberry 10 in the summer. my contract is over in july and dont wanna wait in the fall to get bb7

I'd like to see this with a 4.7 OLED screen, 1280x800 resolution, unlocked penta-band and LTE radios. Basically the Samsung Galaxy S3 guts, the battery life of the Motorola Razr Maxx and the OLED screen of the Samsung Tab 7.7. And I do not want to see ANY carrier logo anywhere.

The problem with the slider is the weight. I say two models an all touch model with huge screen and a 9900 with a much bigger screen .

Doesn't any designer think of putting the buttons and track pad above the keyboard on the slider portion, then you have everything and the larger space on the front for the touch screen.

I thought the same thing as you at first. But upon more inspection, it seems that the track pad needs to be placed on the same surface as the touchscreen so the user would not need to slide out the keyboard just to use the track pad.

Imagine this scenario, you're navigating the touchscreen using your right hand fingers and you would like to use your left hand thumb to select with the track pad. The original Blade design would allow you to do that seamlessly. I think the design has been well thought out and serves its purpose perfectly.

I seriously think this device would attract user's/purchasers like flies to honey!!!
IMPO, in a short amount of time, would put BB back in the drivers seat.

Well I'm not going to be upgrading my 9800 unless it's to a BlackBerry 10 slider, so I guess I'm in for a long wait.

sweet; even if this is just a concept it's ok as everything on the market started out as just a concept.
For RIM to remain contenders in this market they would indeed have to come out with something radical and 10 steps away from what is currently offered so the specs are a good possibility if they want people to even stop thinking of iphones and androids...
personally; i'm about battery life. I once had and android phone with an 8mp camera and after taking 5 shots with flash the battery was gone about half way...To this day I still sport a Bold 9700 and as outdated as it is I still prefer it over any android or iphone out there...hoping these BB 10 phones come out sooner than later as i'm due for an upgrade and don't want to use it on anything that's currently out.

This design looks incredible. I want it! I love my Blackberry 9900. I don't see why the push for an all touch phone. touch is great for simple tasks, but if you want detail or the ability to actually select a point in the middle of a sentance, the touch method leaves much to be desired. The touchpad and menu keys offer a quick method to do common tasks. Keep thre trackpad and keys that make it a Blackberry.

This design is elegant and sexy.

WOW. If RIM puts this on the market I will have one the next day. I get warm and fuzzy thinking about how awesome this phone coupled with my PlayBook will be. Let's go RIM.

I just nearly cried. Yes, please. The design alone can save RIM.
The trouble with this is... Now no matter what other design they come up with, they'll be compared to this design, which could very well be mechanically impossible. (Can you see that body supporting a quad-core, all those outlets, and a decent battery life?)

I think a crossbreed would be great. Overall the "London" looks much more functional, but a hardware keyboard cannot be beat. I love the idea of getting rid of the trackpad, it's pointless on a touch or swipe UI. The "London" does kind of remind me of the MS ZuneHD.

I am using a PRE 3 WebOS phone. I want a phone like this and so do the majority of people. We would like a physical keyboard!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Holy crap, I might have just peed myself a bit. This phone is HOT! I want one! Big touchscreen AND a keyboard? Say it isn't so. Love it.

If they add some thickness to this for battery life reasons i wont mind at all, they need to make this, if this was real, i woulda ran to my broker and bought a mess of rim shares.

This is even iPhone 5 and SGS 3 killer! If it was real, it could be THE BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE PLANET! The way is looking is unbelievable.
But I dont really think that the Blade will come true soon or the next year. Also I m pretty sure that RIM is reading this, but not sure if they can do a lot about making this treasure a real smartphone. Any way, I hope I m wrong and we will see this beauty on the market december 2012. :)

WTF is wrong with the back button, trackpad and menu button??? Millions of BB people have this in their dna at this point. Great idea, now let's get rid of it... WTF. Classic RIM move...

I'm a Big BlackBerry fan I can't wait for a new BB. We don't need physical keyboard. This was good 5 years ago. Completely touch screen is much better. This is the future. I want more screen so please 5-inch it's what we need. I saw BB London and this BB Blade. The Blade is the best. London looks like a Samsung. Samsung and Android are very miserable, pure trash, so that we don't need to copy those. About camera 12 megapixel is what we need.
Please a better Browser . I have a BB Torch 9850 I love it. But when I browse in Internet through WI-FI in my house or in some store the phone is ok. Using the carrier connection I have hard moments. Please a better browser. Thank you

2 phones, 2 phones in 1! This would solve the problem of which phone should be introduced first. QWERTY or full screen phone.

Love the look of this phone, 4 months and counting.


This came across my head earlier today but..

What blackberry device do the majority of blackberry users own?

Because I want to assume that it's the BOLD...which boggles my mind as to why have we not seen ANY real device with a keyboard? I understand the dev phones may be cheaper but what if some of those devs want to create something that can be utilized with a keyboard?

They should be getting input from the consumers before designing these phones. That TK Victory would have been by far the sexiest blackberry of all time. Still get sad seeing the ones that sre actually coming out. WAKE UP RIM!

I am just seeing this. This needs to be the first blackberry 10 phone. It would sell!!!! Does RIM realize there are some of us who basically have a blackberry phone because of the QUERTY keyboard slider! I have a bb torch and love it! I would part with it if I had this phone. Please release in January 2013 and surprise us :).

Dear RIMGod, PLEASE get on with bringing your Loyal Followers a new amazing BB10, hopefully sooner than later> the one with a Real KeyBoard...AND a Snazzy-Jazzy new 64GB (or better) Playbook with Skype Access. I guess it would be too much to ask You to make these in Metallic Candy-Apple Red, right? And, RIMGod, can you please do this before our 'Loyal Follower' beards get any longer, because they have gotten SO long while we've been waiting for '10' that we are tripping over them...even your women customers!!

The Blade looks amazing. oh ya, hey APPLE, why don't you stick to building your silly toy computers and leave the cell phone industry to the Business professionals like RIM.


Every time I look at the picture of the Blade I get weak in the knees. I'll be getting the full touch at launch but the day ever comes that this bad boy hits the store shelves I'm so getting it.

Im using a Torch 9800 at mo done so for last 2 waiting to see what the new slider will be like when it is launched.I am hoping it will be like or similar to this one.Thats a awsome looking phone.Makes all other phones look so dated.

Torch10 - T10 ?

I love the design... I know it would be thicker but still looks like the best of all worlds.. Same size screen as the z10 yet it has a hidden keyboard and a TRACKPAD!!!

BB DEFINATELY need a slider. I own a 9800 and its actually a brilliant phone. With all the new high spec, massive screen phones on the market, I still think nothing atm compares to my slider. I just hope they bring out a slider as part of their bb10 release. Surely if the design is right people are going to buy it. It seems like a no brainer. Where are the quality slider phones? If they don't bring out one by the end of the year, I think the Q10 will be the only option. Also where is the trackpad? There must be something wrong with me, because I think its brilliant and even with a touch screen, I always use it.
We live in hope.

Just saw this article posting and was almost fooled by the year ('12 vs '13). So its one year later and what we are being offered is nothing near this concept phone. Still hanging on to my Pre 2 for now. Am hooked on the Pre's slider keyboard. Z10 is nice and is my first choice once the ole' Pre kicks the bucket, but it is hard to imagine life without a keyboard. Q10 has too little screen real estate. I'll have to play with the Z10 once it hits Verizon day after tomorrow. We'll see how my fat fingers can work on that little screen.

Even though this concept BB 10 phone is a year old, it
Has the right elements for us old Torch users who want
The awesome screen landscape of the Z10 + a bit more
And the essential physical keyboard needed by a BB
Power user.
I am getting a Q10, but my wife is holding onto her trusty
Torch until this baby (or similar) is hatched.
Of course with OS 10 the command keys are redundant.

The device is the best of both worlds!

Bring it on!

OMG!!!!! O_O This really is too good to be true. But, I hope and pray it comes true. I love this phone. In all its physical QWERTY glory! Please BlackBerry! Make it come true!


It's a beautiful device and I love the specs, however I would be perfectly content if they would JUST GET THE Q10 TO MARKET!

No smartphone should EVER be toting direct VGA connectivity of any kind~ maybe via the MicroHDMI port with an adapter but not directly. YUCK that is one technology that for some stupid reason just will NOT die !!!

Liquid Graphics ... no thanks .... that is based on old hardware accelaration from ancient BB7 chipsets. You can keep that.

Sharp edge design looks too Sony Xperia Z to me. I really hope another Torch doesn't roll out from BlackBerry, I was an early adopter of that device and still have sour grapes about it.

I definitely think this BB Blade is the best design yet.
would for sure buy this slider. The square looking versions are too old looking and fat.
bring on the Blade asap........

Mmm yeah . . . such a Top Notch Design just can" t be designed by Humans. So does it speak our language? Well, it touches our hearts, our souls and therefore should be exposed as eternal standard
of sheer and utter beauty, not to be used or even touched.
. . . . However, sold. Three, please.

Dealing with BlackBerry now is like dating a woman that you know and really like, but she never seems to be available when you want to see her