BlackBerry Blade: a BlackBerry 10 phone that's too hot to be true!

BlackBerry Blade - A BlackBerry 10 concept
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Mar 2012 05:22 pm EDT

Wow wow WOW! Just wrapping up the day and this came across the old CrackBerry Tip line. The image above came from Toronto Design Firm Pixelcarve and totally made my day. Seen here is the BlackBerry Blade - their idea of what the first BlackBerry 10 device could look like. Though with a trackpad and BlackBerry menu and back keys this feels more like it should be a next generation BlackBerry 7 (or 8) Smartphone than one running on the QNX-based OS. I'm don't think we'll be seeing these buttons on BlackBerry 10 phones (like the PlayBook, BB10 phones will likely be more focused on the swipe experience and touch UI).

Regardless, as far as concept sliders go it's totally hot. The concept features an amazing 4.5 inch AMOLED display, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, Gorilla Glass and a 12MP camera. While the latest rumors are that the first BlackBerry 10 device won't have a keyboard, this slider is still pretty awesome.

What do you think - should the BlackBerry Blade be RIM's first BlackBerry 10 device? Or do you want something else like the BlackBerry London? Sound off in the comments!

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BlackBerry Blade: a BlackBerry 10 phone that's too hot to be true!



OMFG !!! I want one NOW !!!
Rim really needs to push this to market. Screw the London.... This is the phone they need.

Umm where do we pre order ?

Agreed! They need to put this up on pre-order now. Sadly though the pessimist in me says even it did go on pre-order today it may not see light of day till this time next year.


I'm with you there, I don't mind if they have some all-touchscreen phones out there to attract the "touchscreen phones are cool" people, but they really need to keep in mind what makes Blackberry DIFFERENT from the rest of the herd. I also love the physical keyboard and will only buy a new BB if it has a keyboard and the physical keys. If they turn into just one of the crowd of all-touch phones, then what's the point of buying Blackberry? Might as well go Android... I have no brand loyalty, I buy whatever is the best fit for my needs. Right now it's the Bold 9900 because it's best of both worlds, but the important thing is the keyboard. If they get rid of that, then between that and Android, might as well go Android since they are the best all-touch phone OS out there now...

I whole heartedly agree with the "no physical keyboard, no new BB for me". It is the one feature i will not live without on my phone. That being said, the comment of there probably wouldnt be a track pad or menu button on the BB10 devices would be a crime in my mind. Again, they can incorporate the "swipe" interface, but those buttons are dear to me and have become a part of the BB experience for me.

How do you know that the Androids have the "best all-touch phone OS out there" if you haven't tried the BB10 all-touch phone?


You know, if you're going to quote me, try getting all of what I said. You conveniently left out one very important word that would answer your question without having to ask it. This is actually what I said: "best all-touch phone OS out there ****NOW****..."

Yah... Good job on the quote fail, lol.

I completely agree. In fact, opened this account just to agree. Hopefully Blackberry gets some sense and try's to push something like this out to launch Blackberry 10. Retaining the functionality of a blackberry that most of us still want with the form factor of an "it" phone (more razr than the new razr) would make this a must have. I would buy this phone even without the supercharged specs and pay a decent premium too!

This phone is too bold for RIM. If they were going to continue making slider phones, this would be the ultimate torch for sure.

I still think the first BB 10 device should be the iconic form factor (Bold 9900) with a 3.5 inch tall screen, keyboard always exposed (no slider).

I agree! This is a awesome design. And Kevin I must disagree with you. It's the trackpad and buttons that make Blackberry different(hardware wise) from iphone and Androids. I loved that last image of a Blackberry QNX phone(the one that look like a smaller PB). The only problem I had with the image was the lack of trackpad and buttons. The buttons could be virtual. That would be real nice. But back to this design. If they were to create a new Torch, it should look like this. It has that Porsche design to it.

Hey Kevin - I, too, must disagree with you. I have been hoping that BlackBerry/RIM would bring out a BB10 model with a TRACKPAD. I have a white BBq10, but never use it
because I miss the TRACKPAD. :-(
I will be the first in line to get a BlackBerry BLADE!!


I agree 100%. I love not having to do anything before I start typing. Having a fixed keyboard is just so fast and convenient. Sure I don't have a big screen, but when will that be a big factor? When I decide to watch an entire movie on my phone?? How often would that be???

Definitely fake! The specs are too much of a leap. Single core to quad core? The new PlayBook is only going to be dual core. Gorilla Glass?? The still unannounced Curves will still have that awful plastic screen design and this has Gorilla Glass? Best camera on any BB product is 5MP and they're gonna jump to 12 and throw a 5 on the front? Even the best Android phones don't have 5MP cameras on the front. I'm as big of a BlackBerry supporter as the next guy, but this has to be a fake. Unless they've been listening to the consumers, then this would be the SICKEST F#*KING PHONE ON THE MARKET!!! Go RIM.........!

No one ever said this was from RIM. It's a concept from an outside firm. My gawd do people even bother reading the article BEFORE they post?!

Why bother reading the article when it's so much easier to go straight to the bitching part; gives you more to bitch about that way.

No S#!^ Sherlock.....if you had read the description and article that Kevin wrote you would know that this is only a concept drawing from a Toronto based firm

well if this is the path RIM is gonna be on well They have the full backing of the All of JAMAICA'S BB supporters only thing i wud say is that they need to release the new phones like yesterday ........ not to mention the new PB............... We the BB public are tired of being behind Blackberrys in my view can be and should be the worlds best line of mobile devices..... RIM i support u and so does the rest of the Caribbean

As far as I note RIM in the last three years, they will oversleep also this way of innovative design and functionality. They will jump on the mainstream and will offer a "classic" touch-phone (BB10) for the mass-taste. It will be to late (in comparision to android- and iOS-Phones) and probably confusable with all the other average touch-garbage. In the meantime other producer will notice the signs of the market and will relaunch physical keyboards (like nokia and motorola currently do. Motorola copys the keyboard of the 9900!)). I´m sure, that RIM is still too conservative and to fearful to build something like the blade. The PR and Marketing is (especially in europe) the worst thing you can imagine. I´m sure that I will keep my 9900 for a long time although BB10 is released- I hate pure touchphones!!!!

BTW- @Kevin: take your Berry, dial Thorsten H. number at RIM and tell him what to do (build the blade, build the blade, build the blade!!!)! Otherwise I will arrange it so, that Thorsten will never set foot in germany again for the rest of my life... He has also to bear the onus to have broken a german BlackBerry-heart... And my surrounding knows what that means!!! :-)

Is possible for RIM to build one without keyboard for those don't like keyboard, and build the keyboard separately as accessory. If you want keyboard, you then buy one and snap on.

By far, the best design and concept for any phone. RIM, get it done. Pay whatever royalties you need to, but get it done.

The device name reminds me of how bad ass I felt when I was one of the first with a Motorola Razr back in the day.


Not I, I thought the Razr was a gimmicky POS, and I still do. Why do I need it to be that thin? So I can slide it under a door? Freakin' wow... I felt like I was putting my wallet to my face when I used my friend's Razr... It was pretty retarded...

Looks amazing. Especially with a 9900 fretted keyboard!! My question, is the battery removable? I would pick this up if it was available regardless.

Who cares if the battery is removable? I love this concept. Its simply amazing! But i would change some things. Dual core instead of quad. More battery life, and a dualcore arm can support enough power for the QNX OS. 4.5" is too big, i would rather welcome 4". Its big enough, but it can still fit into your pocket. They keyboard is amazing. Where Bold meets Torch, the Blade is born! GO RIM

If they can get quad core and LTE with the same battery life of current devices, and perhaps a close to "retina" display I think the market and the haters would be far more forgiving to RIM. I think that is what it really comes down to unfortunately.


Honestly, it doesn't look like it has the space for a battery at all, much less a removable one... It must use that new system of stealing wifi signals to power up the phone, lol.

First off, I love the name for this device. Second, I could see myself using this. while I prefer more of a bold form factor, I could definitely see myself using this form factor (especially with that 9900esque keyboard I see there) :)

IF this were the actual phone, it would KICK A$$, as would that cool Anastasia design during the design contest period.


RIM needs the phone to be ACTUALLY COMPLETED BEFORE REVEAL. Being able to ship the phone to market a week after unveiling.

That's how Apple does it. More importantly, that's what people want.

HOT HOT HOT! DAMN hopefully theyre doing something like this....RIM would be looking down on everyone from Everest lol

sick sick and more sick, i would pay full price for this. if this can come out b4 iphone 4.4g RIM can win a lot of its customers back. BTW you know Kevin nows if this is true. lol

The curvature obviously introduces manufacturing (the type of battery and general internal packaging) and usage (it would not sit well on a desk) problems in real life.
That said this is - yet another - indication that there should have been one top end OS 7 device before BB10.
RIM could have made an LTE, dual core OS7 phone with a Front Facibg Camera that was to be fully upgradeable to BB10 to avoid losing customers enmasse.
The promise of an upgrade to BB10 would have been enough to keep most, whilst up-to-date hardware could have won back some who were undecided about choosing other platforms. This could have done something to RIM's North American problem.
Just how hard would it have been to release this hardware on OS7 optimised heavily for battery life?
BTW, the mock up is awesome.

OMG I WANT THAT :O!!!!!!! It's like milan and london merged.
1. I don't like that bend look to the device
2. The fixed buttons shouldn't be their and if they are they should be virtual (even the track pad)
3. A slide out or haptic touch keyboard should be on blackberry devices
Thats all the bad points but I would honestly buy that if there was better with more that AMOLED maybe SUPER AMOLED or 'Liquid effect' with liquid graphics blackberry solution to Retina display all with great battery life

I couldn't disagree more about the trackpad. I despise the touch interface on the playbook without a tp. Fine detail is impossible.

I agree with you. Anyone who has owned a Torch and a PlayBook knows the value of a physical keyboard and TrackPad. The Blade looks perfect. The only thing that makes me nervous is the QNX OS, it is still young and not as dependable as the BBOS.

what would be the point of having them fixed virtually rather than fixed physically? I don't see any. everyone that is for those buttons gone always wants to have the same buttons there but as touch, it still takes up part of the screen that you use for the phone, so why not have them buttons?

and what's the point of having a slide out touch keyboard> touch keyboards are terrible to type on, if your going to have a keyboard on a section of the phone that will always be used for keyboard functions only, I think they should have a physical one.

This is the type of device RIM neeeds to be a player by the end of the year! The specs seem to be what other platforms "will have" by the end of 2012

I love the name... What I cant under stand is why a 3rd party company needs to come out with hot phone designs, instead of In-House companies.. Phones like this should be the standard in 2012!... But I like it - minus the menu buttons, I'll rock it with a physical keyboard though :)

In-house designs need to consider mundane issues like cost of materials, antenna performance and including enough room for an actual battery.

It is easy to design nice concepts where you throw specs at a design when somebody isn't going to turn around and ask you to actually make the thing.

I may be just a huge BB fanboy right now but honestly, would that not be the sexiest phone out? iPhone4s huh? No that's too ugly for me, I want style!

I am not a fan of sliders at all but damn this looks hot!! I would rock this in a heartbeat!!!

I am not a fan of sliders at all but damn this looks hot!! I would rock this in a heartbeat!!!

sent from my olskool os5

Looks great but also looks unbelievable ..its just a little to thin to have everything it needs inside.

That is the first... and I mean first slider that has ever even tempted me. Love my 9900 form, but that is incredible. A phone like this brings RIM back to the table. QNX inside, I would seriously be very, very tempted. Wow, something like this is what they need in 2012 STAT. Also having like only three models, Bold, Blade & Beast haha I don't know, but make it simple.

This made me really excited until i read the article that said it was a concept by a different company. This is a beautiful device, if it existed i would get it.



I say that if the bridge game controller turns out to be true, then I'll definitely want to upgrade. As it is I have no use for the larger screen real estate, so I take the 9900 keyboard. If that keyboard is seriously as good or better than the 9900, I'll gladly buy it right away instead of waiting for the 9900-like BB10 phone, but if it isn't then I'll stick with my current setup: 9900 for communication, PlayBook for gaming/media/browser or anything that requires more screen size.

Dear Research in Motion,

If you make this berry, and I mean this exact berry, down to the last specs, I will gladly pay the price of an iPhone for it. Contract upgrade, no contract upgrade, I don't care... I will buy it. Period. Thank you.



This looks awesome. Although the curved design would make it vulnerable to being crushed when sat/stepped on no?

Not to mention unwieldy for most people's pockets!

Still, it's a very sleek design. Nice job!

OMG! Did you all see it said "dynamic range LED strip"? With how addicted we are to our tiny LED light, imagine having a huge strip all the way around the phone?!?

Yeah, Then someone (or RIM) would make an app to make it flash differently depending on whether it's a BBM msge, an email, FB message or twitter message. Or even for key contacts.

I don't want to be the bad one (It is definitley looking very hot!) but 12MP cam, as just a small point on the back and I see no LED flash light, nah, that will never be a real device. (or a lot who complain about 99xx cam will even complain more ;p )

You know it's getting desperate at CrackBerry with Chris U comes out with 2 articles without much beef (number crunching) and Kevin comes out with some BB 10 prototype. Good grief! CrackBerry has become another cog in the rumour mill vs. effecting any kind of change at RIM.

RIM, just look at the reaction to this. Why the heck can't you see that this is just the sort of thing BB die-hards are aching for.

I know jack cr*p about marketing and mobile phones but a dipstick like me knows what people want.

The thought of a blackberry without physical keys made BB10 not exciting for me, but this would just change everything if it was real, awesome!

Damn Freak'n skippy! I'm in traffic at the moment in Northern VA,...and the specs have me freek'n salivating over the delicious specs! Damn!! This sooooooo HOT! I want two!!! However, if it doesn't come with a Trackpad (aka, Blackberry mouse) and Keyboard, I make as well go with an iphone or Droid.

C'mon RiM, right by us loyal BB users!


Oh my god this just made my year! Don't care for the buttons/trackpad and the curved screen and body design, but i absolutely LOVE the idea of fusing aluminum and acrylic for the body. Only feature that would be cool, but i would never use is the MiniVGA. if i stick to microHDMI then i'm set. Really what needs to happen in terms of hardware for the BB10 devices is to way outpower current BBs and have a gorgeous screen. Oh yeah and the cameras have to be amazing. Oh and LTE. This does all of that. I think i may just have to send this to some RIM employees

Very Awesome!! This is by far the best concept I have seen. RIM take note, call this company and bring it to production!!

all i wanted was a bold 9900 that has BB10...but now, i might want a blade instead.
this is one sexy phone. gorilla glass, 1.5ghz quad-core processor and 12MP camera is just too sweet!

4.5" is waaaay too big and too close in size to the Playbook. Personally I think 3.7" is the perfect size, just barely bigger than half the size of the playbook. It doesn't look very ergonomic though. Good work all around though.

This phone isn't ALL SCREEN...close but no cigar

The slight curve is great

I think it should have speakers top and bottom like the playbook.

The 4 keys at the bottom should be implemented with software. Ex. when you open the slider they show-up, when you close it it can be something else.

The keyboard looks like it's too small.

They made this in a CAD program without making a physical model - BIG MISTAKE. It looks like it's NOT comfortable to hold.

The phone in the picture is standing on edge because it's curved (I guess). This would be cool if a virtual keyboard appeared in front of it on the table.

This design is mostly style over substance.

Well, one things for sure. You can tell that this wasn't made by anyone actually at RIM - the design is way to progressive and revolutionary.

Personally, I like it and would gladly stick it out with RIM if something like this came out.

OK, now we know that CBerry is R.I.M's number one site, with that being said... RIM I hope you see this and our comments and learn from this. This is how you keep your fans and create new ones. If this is not what you have in mind for the bb10 superphones then it should be, as well as the specs if not totally at lease be very very close...

Love the look of this device!

Peace & Love R.I.M!

You should edit the poster. Capitalize all the second "B"s in BlackBerry and add the (R) for registered after the words BlackBerry, Adobe and Flash.

That phone looks out of this world... RIM should really look into this concept, hire the designer and mass-produce this phone NAO! I'm 95% sure that this concept if seen and taken into reality would push RIM really far and take a BUNCH of iOS and Android's users...

Kevin, call Mr. Heins and show it to him!! :OOO

This is really a sweet looking device and I agree RIM should make something close to this. However, 4.5" screen on a slider like the 9800/9810 would be even more unstable all that extra height.

I agree with some people that the buttons on the front should be virtual buttons that can change depending on the situation, however I think the trackpad should stay (even in a "virtual form too) because the precision you get for editing notes is great.

Dell venue pro anyone???

sexy yes, original no chance.

but the design is x10 better than anything RIM has done.
if only they could put out decent hardware. pipe dream i know.

This is like a dream!
I really hope the first BB10 looks like this one. I do love the back and menu keys, I actually feel like the PB should have at least the menu one.

Doing a little bit of research on Pixelcarve, and it looks like they've actually done real work for Blackberry. Maybe this is more real than just a concept, they could be the ones working with them.

I'm hoping this is true!! I'd line up for one!!

I know it will probably happen, but the trackpad is one thing that I'd hate to see go. I use a 9850 now, so I'm all about the touch experience, BUT for fine selection, clicking buttons in web browsing, the precise control of the trackpad is far better than my big 'ol sausage fingers on the screen. I even wish the'd put a trackpad (and a menu button) onto the playbook - I'd use it there too!

think he's mentioning that because quite a few people have said they want to see the trackpad and physical 4 buttons gone, which I find dumb, for sure for the trackpad.

GO BIG! or go home.... If they come out with a phone like this.. they will definitely be back in the game! Sweet phone! #BLACKBERRY

NO. I probably stand alone here but i want a BB10 Bold device. I love my BB for the AMAZING keyboard. I agree that the masses have been sold the idea of totally touch devices but thats not for me.

Still that is a sweet device kind of like the Matrix Nokia meets Tron legacy.

Dangit! It TRICKED ME! I thought when I saw the picture that RIM had just announced it as a surprise, early on in the year... I was starting to get really excited, and then I read the article... Oh, it's a "concept" phone, not even released by RIM... Nuts. I guess judging by my reaction to the picture when I first saw it, and the specs, I would have been all over that like white on rice! I like the gentle curve to it, and the fact it is a slider. I still like the phys keyboards, though it's not bad typing on my Playbook, I still prefer the phys one.

The phone looks great...but why the trackpad & buttons? I thought RIM (or QNX) was moving away from that. I would still throw down $300 for it. BlackBerry 4 LIFE!!

If this is what rim is gonna release this and put in better apps like what android and iphone have then I would get this phone or else then I would get the iphone 5

See......even design firms understand the allure/need/desire of a physical keyboard on the new BB10 devices...... LISTEN UP RIM - MAKE THE KEYBOARD VERSION FIRST!!!!!....please???

See......even design firms understand the allure/need/desire of a physical keyboard on the new BB10 devices...... LISTEN UP RIM - MAKE THE KEYBOARD VERSION FIRST!!!!!....please???

I agree 100%

I love my PlayBook, and am mostly ready to go in that direction with a phone. BUT, I want one-handed functionality. I really think it would be a mistake to give up the trackpad. The keyboard on the PB convinces me that we are ready to give up sliders, but gotta have that trackpad RIM! I would love it on the PB.

OK, so by now we all realise this is just a concept. But WOW, what a great design!!! That being said, If RIM can produce something like this (anything like this) then I'm in.

I think these types of innovative designs and coupled with the HW specs and BB10 could only produce a sure winner for them.

So, the challenge is for RIM to put something this impressive together and get it in the hands of the consumers on time.

If they can do this, I'll sink all my investments in shares of RIM and retire early. If they can't do it, then they're doomed.

What a beautiful device! Of course it needs a slide-out keyboard.

If there's enough of a curve to let it stand on its own in landscape mode, that would be amazing!

Now this is how you stand out. And look good doing it.

However, RIM will never put out something like this themselves, now that this is out. Because RIM (or any other tech related company) will never take what an outside group did and actually run with it.

But, if they did, I'd get it in a second.

This would not be a bad decision for the design of their first phone. I however would shy away from the buttons and stick with the swipe gestures like the playbook does. The name isn't all too appealing either.

This is really what RIM needs to come back with. Their "re-entrance" into the market needs to be a punch in the face. It needs to give everyone a wake up call. A phone that looks like this with these specs would do it. It needs to be beautiful, and fast. By the way that LED around the whole phone is so necessary.

Slick! <- cool name too! Already saving the pennies (OK... dollars). Bring it on but with slider to get best of both worlds (touch and keyboard). Personally, I like all of screen space while typing.

Wow. That looks sexy. I would pay outright for that one no matter what point I am at in my contract..

This looks and sounds good...the concept is good. I would hold my breath for d battery life; it would take something really special to power this device...but if a way could b found to properly power it then no doubt it would sell like hot bread!

That is the hottest sexiest cellphone I ever seen in my life.
RIM find a way to make this phone a reality I don't care if its $700 dollars
I will buy it ASAP

If RIM doesn't make something along these lines, and release it THIS SUMMER, then they are done for. We need these kinds of specs, and cool factor.

If RIM doesn't make something along these lines, and release it THIS SUMMER, then they are done for. We need these kinds of specs, and cool factor.

Oh my!!! That phone is so damn sexy!!! I look at it and then look over at my Bold9900 and the two are not even in the same ballpark. If thats the new Blackberry 10 phone it will be mine.

if it have a slider and the "5" physic buttons like the photo......i 'll buy one the day it's release

too hot? no yes nothing is too hot but this one is really cool

All I know is that if this phone becomes available in the real world I'm getting at least one of them.
That just totally rocks!
Looks and specs are out of this world.

What kind of case comes with it? I'd like to see the Otterbox case for this babee. HAHA just kidding. This is drop dead damn sexy and i would love to have this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hawt and great specs. I don't like the P'9981 anymore......sorry Kevin. I will take one of these.

The perfect phone, flash, HTML, I love bb's track pad, hard buttons are not over rated and a kb. Where is the pre order?

This is the best desgin I ever seen comparing previous concepts BB10 phones, RIM please finalize this, it will be hit.
There should be 3 version, one to repalce bold
one to replace Torch with slider
One just pure touch only..
no more than 3 models

This phone is amazing. Quite brilliant.
I am more then confident RIM will blow us away with what they design for BB10. Don't soon forget that they created the PlayBook which by far has the best feel and the build quality is awesome.......minus the physical buttons, they could have been better.
RIM knows they have to have great specs and a unique design. RIM will make us proud.
Again excellent design! I would sell my wife for one of those i does look pretty snazzy though ;-)

This phone is soooooooo sexy and it reminds me of the old Matrix Nokia 7110....I wanted one of those badly, but could not on my provider (Sprint), but if RIM put this phone I would forgo the upgrade and just buy this

Its sleek, slim, cool-looking and it would have ppl talking all about it until the cows come home

This should be the direction we are going to and still keep the original form factors that we are accustomed to

P.S. RIM do not even try to place this in the torch line, let it be its own entity

Now that's INNOVATION... I will sell my gf and get this baby... Lolz its ok she's an apple fan anywayz.. Hehehe..

Like everyone else has said, the name is killer cool and the form factor rocks not too mention the specs. Auto focus cam? I'd abandon my 9900 for this in a snap!! Cool cool

RIM does rock!!!! I want one, like right now. Come on RIM show the world you got what it takes to floor the competition.

Wow, thank you, I needed that. Just some kind of hint that the BB10 phone was still in the works, makes me feel so much better; even if it's just a designer's conceptualization. As for a keyboard, or not, well not being a thumb typist myself, it doesn't really matter personally, but there are an awful lot of people out there that probably choose the Blackberry for the keyboard alone. I don't think RIM wants to be alienating any particular group at this point, so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw two phones at the initial release. I will say that the designer's concept doesn't look to be well balanced for the dedicated thumb typist, but without actually holding one it's just an impression on my part. Impressions aside, it's one sweet looking phone - definitely a BlackBerry.

WOW, that phone is unbelievable! I'd buy that in a heartbeat for sure, it looks amazing. The one thing I can say about sliders because I do love slider phones is please add a small assist bar, a simple (small) raised area that you can catch with your finger to slide it open with so you're not constantly pressing on the glass & getting prints on your screen! For those who think it'll ruin the look, it won't & there's plenty of room under the screen & above the trackpad to put a small ridge for this addition. Other than this, the phone is beautiful.

Other than the preference to have it flat - I like everything I see about this phone. Would be a great first step with the software to go with all that computing power - oh la la!

That's definitely the way to go!

While I love the keyboard of 9900, the size of the screen always make me feel something important is missing. And in fact, Samsung's Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note are selling like wild fire (at least in HK and some other part of Asia), people are actually dumping their iPhone 4s and 4Ss for those, so if 's hard to deny that screen size isn't important.

May be RIM is secretly exploring a well design of virtual keyboard? I found that the keyboard of 9860 in landscape mode is highly useful, the keyboard of OS 2 is also much easier to type than OS1... It means that virtual keyboard isn't a curse but actually still an area that's still not explored completely.

I like it,however I am no longer hung up on a physical keyboard.I have even learned to use the Torch-screen.
So, go with the Laguna, as I guess they're calling it here.

They are just playing with us.
This can't be true ..... can it?
100% ... I would get it. ......

I need the keyboard though

Awesome device. I don't like a real keyboard. Anyway its features are what we should enjoy now to make a big difference in comparison with an iPhone. I am a very HUGE BlackBerry fan and I am going to buy a PlayBook in few weeks. So GO MIKE Lazaridis GO!! make us dream with this phone in our hands.

This is exactly what RIM needs if they want to catch up tech wise and sell phones to those seeking high tech.

I absolulety love my trackpad and my physical buttons and my shortcut buttons. I don't want an ALL touch phone. I want the option of using one or the other, or both, so I would more gladly throw money at RIM for something like what is pictured above than for BB10 in Android/Iphone clothing (which seems to be where they're headed. I would love RIM to say we're making 3 phones instead of the crazy lineup that they currently have.

1- Physical keyboard
2- All touch
3- Slider.

Oh well, no sense in getting excited about this.