BlackBerry discusses Blackphone and why its consumer-grade privacy is inadequate for businesses

By Bla1ze on 11 Jul 2014 03:18 pm EDT

After gathering some hype following its announcement, the Blackphone has started shipping to customers who pre-ordered the device. For those who aren't familiar with the Blackphone, it's a result of a partnership between Spanish manufacturer Geeksphone and security company Silent Circle and uses a specialized build of Android called PrivatOS, which the company has dubbed 'an unparalleled product ideal for information workers, executives, public figures, and anyone else unwilling to give up their privacy.'

The key audience target for the Blackphone, despite some of the language used in their marketing, is consumers and it offers up the ability to make and receive secure phone calls, send and receive secure messages, transfer documents privately, browse through a VPN and more. Things that have become of high interest in light of the Edward Snowden revelations surrounding the NSA.

Possibly as expected, after the device was announced some in the media made the comparisons to BlackBerry. For their part, BlackBerry never said anything about the device and its offerings but a new post over at the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog shows BlackBerry hasn't been ignoring it and highlights the key differences between what BlackBerry is doing and what Blackphone is doing noting 'the similarities we share with Blackphone end with the name.'

Blackphone's go-it-alone approach to security contrasts dramatically with BlackBerry's end-to-end enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) platform provides IT with a single console for managing corporate-issued or personal BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices. BBM Protected also enables CIOs to rest assured that their workers are messaging each other securely and privately. By infusing security and control within every segment – device, EMM server and network – of the end-to-end digital journey, BlackBerry has attracted the business of some of the most security conscious and highly regulated organizations in the world.

Everybody should be confident that their electronic communications are kept private and their mobile devices safe from siphoning by malicious hackers. For individuals, a costly Blackphone may fall short of delivering the desired peace of mind.

For enterprises, security that stops at the device isn't secure enough. When it comes to enterprise security – in a Pre- or Post-Snowden environment – the protection offered by BlackBerry's end-to-end EMM solution makes the most attractive features of the Blackphone superfluous.

Honestly, I've been waiting to see if BlackBerry would even bother with discussing Blackphone anywhere so I'm glad to see they finally did. On top of that, it's nice to see they didn't go on an all out attack either, because really a lot of BlackBerry's values when it comes to security and privacy are notably shared by Blackphone. It's even mentioned in the post that 'BlackBerry welcomes the attention the Blackphone brings to secure communications and digital privacy.' Its just that BlackBerry and Blackphone are on two different playing fields right now and BlackBerry has been proven.

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BlackBerry discusses Blackphone and why its consumer-grade privacy is inadequate for businesses


I find it hard to believe anything that's related to Android would appeal to people looking for the highest security.

These people are most probably using the "Black" name trying to steal away BlackBerry users IMO... it's all a gimmick.

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The next step for BlackBerry would be to offer BES for consumers (i.e. BIS but better at handling the data rich experience BB10 provides)

Do you mean a cloud? the thing every company has moved to or is moving towards... Just look at how well Office 365 is doing with both consumers and enterprise.

I too remember the talk of a hosted BES, even T-Mobile offered it to the business clients (including myself). The sad part was that the T-Mobile business reps lack the education to see the transaction through. Soon after the option went away, even on BBRY website. Of course then TMO got the axe.

I would like to see the option come back around soon.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

And here comes the android supporters saying otherwise, smh. Very good that BlackBerry is now being vocal.

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BIS as people previously known has changed, but portions of it are still very much alive. BIS on the grand scheme is part of the BlackBerry network. It will never go away, it'll just be used differently.

Is there something out there that shows what BIS benefits are still part of consumer headsets so us uniformed can know how much protection we have and what is actually protected?

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Well I know whenever I connect my BB10 to my router thru BIS. I can't sniff the traffic using tomato+tamosoft. Seems like it's all secured thru port 443 apart from occasional app leaks

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Look at Secure messaging on your BlackBerry. That data is encrypted end to end using the NOC aka BIS. The way it is done is different where the normal data is not touched. Only some of the data is.

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Cleveland will be so excited to be a player in the playoffs again that they will quickly forgive and forget. They've gathered a nice young nucleus of top talent over the last 3-4 years (most of it Canadian!) for LeBron to come in and lead things should be really interesting!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Part of the Deal for LeBron to return to Cleveland, was that the owner of the Cavaliers had to buy LeBron, and all his homeboys and associates, BlackBerry Passports and Classics!..Lol

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I hope that the only thing Blackberry holds tight to doesn't fall out of their hands to some phone that is built around an OS that was mainly built to tap into people's lives.

Well, I think that if BlackBerry doesn't do something good, and stops focusing only on offering security, then they're going to lose again, but now for ever.
Android has big possibilities to make a system more secure, and if that happens, then blackberry will be completely lost.
As a fan, I wish this won't happen, but blackberry must do something good about it. Not only words, but facts.

Bigger screen (passport), bigger battery (passport), utility belt (Classic), Android games (Z10 and Z30), and cheap phones (Z3).

What is missing in your opinion?

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Here is what I don't get about the Blackphone:
If you want to make calls, you can't alter its way of transmission (encrypt or something) as it won't be understood by your carrier and/or the called person. You could possibly make a call over IP (over wifi or 3G/4G) and encrypt it, but it would require the called person to be on the same system and be able to decrypt it. Isn't it true?
Same with sms. You can't encrypt sms. It has a set standard (format) of how your phone HAS to send it for the carrier and the addressee to understand it. Sure you can use IP-based messaging services, but you don't need a Blackphone for that. They already exist and you have to pick one that you decide to trust. The only thing I can imagine blackphone brings to the table is its creators swear that there is no backdoor on it (like, lets say it keeps track of your location and sends it to a 3rd party - and God knows what Android does). Otherwise, everything else has to be done over IP and be encrypted end-to-end and only you can have the key, and then MAYBE you can start entertaining the idea of SOME privacy...

+10. Here's someone that shares my exact thoughts. No matter how secure the hardware is, it's the software that will decide the fate of how secure the device is. That being said, I feel like Blackphone is another project that is subsidised by Google catered to those that actually and wilfully care about their privacy.

"uses a specialized build of Android called PrivatOS"

Sigh. Android. Keep dreaming it's not, but it is.

Honestly, the 800 lb gorilla in the room is the telecoms - THEY are the ones doing the tapping and passing on of info. Merkels BB10 got tapped AT THE PHONE COMPANY. Unless/until you AND the person you are talking to each have a scrambled phone (and hopefully not back-doored tech doing the scrambling) the phone companies can see/hear what you are doing.

Trying to get my head around this. Does this mean you must have blackphone to blackphone in order to have security?
Is that realistic in today's world ? I don't think so. Thanks for your response it helped clear it up for me. Go BlackBerry.

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you can do it with normal SMS if both users have an app that do it.. this is what text secure does on android and could do on blackberry... the only part failing now is the verification because that part does need Internet... but if the users verify the keys same has pgp otr etc do.. then after that what the app does is change the text...
A normal SMS app would receive the text encrypted but text secure in the q

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(pressed send by accident)
As I was saying only textsecure app and only the person the message was send too can read it... cause only that app will have the keys needed to do it.

Now for calling you would do it using voip.. csip simple connects to a sip server and some support zrtp which means the same thing as above happens.... only the the apps at each side are able to decrypt the data.

Btw most of android is open-source but some part which might have a backdoor is not... but why do some people blindly trust blackberry? couldn't you consider the same?

We should stop being so fanatic about a certain brand and pressure everyone to use end to end security...

Consider BBM example... is it encrypted? Is the connection is... but so are xmpp chats or say the Facebook chat app.. but that's why your data is not safe... it can be decrypted on the middle.... why can this data be access by nsa? because it's on BlackBerry servers and not Google? And what about the data stored by isps in both devices or iPhone...

Wake up people it's the same shit... and even if you trust a brand there's always the change server might be hacked...

You data is only safer if it's also encrypted end-to-end... if someone gets the data on servers it's still all encrypted...

So in the end it's about what we do not so much the device we use...

I use both android and blackberry and android Btw.. both are very good. I prefer bb10 but there's stuff I can only do on android atm, but many private data is very safe on android.

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it uses Private OS not the regular Android..Blackphone does not have access to Google Play or Amazon store both are unsecure.

Silent Circle provides Only P2P encrypted services (except their old email service) .

And the encryption can go through Wi-Fi or through 3G/4G.

Indeed there are always other service providers, but here there is a whole set of services in a single subscription, I guess th is is what differentiates Silent Circle.

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Good article to fill us in on this Blackphone.. I've heard people trash talk Blackberry's security saying it's not what it was and that this new Blackphone is superior..

Q10 on T-Mobile

Again they've probably just read garbage from the media. I read an article last week about how wonderful blackfone is..most secure phone out there apparently - there was no mention at all of Blackberry in the article as if they don't even exist.

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While the focus on Enterprise side of the argument is good. Sounds like the whole point of the Black phone is to offer a more secure device for those that don't have the luxury of a BES configuration. I have a Z30, but since I can't buy into any consumer-grade secure BES network then it's pretty much just a normal device since none of the security and privacy elements attributable to BES apply.

So, unless BlackBerry steps up their game for independent consumers (BlackBerry Personal Service?) then blackphone has a very easy opening.

Oh... and apps.

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Blackphone does not have Google Services so its Android app selection is not much different than the Android apps available to BB10.

Z10STL100-3/ | Bell | CB10

I think your point (a good one) was lost in the shuffle. Everyone seems to have missed it. Without BES, a BlackBerry might as well be an iPhone.

Nice read, Bla1ze. I like how I read that here first, before I saw it on BBRY blog.

Blackphone may catch a small following, but my opinion is that it may not last very long.

No bullshit shall be taken to face.

Zero fucc given to blackphone.

If its something that starts with black its BlackBerry not some weirdo brand.

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I am glad to see BlackBerry politely but firmly set records straight. I am just not sure their blog reaches average consumers & small business owners. They could do so much to provide better security to those two groups and find ways to do inexpensive promotion!

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I believe the blackphone will not be secure enough. I mean the subscriber still need to provide the information to sign up for a carrier.

The information provided can still use to track or link with the browsing history(cookies) and compromise the security. Meanwhile, the subscriber will have to use computers from time to time. And based on the history it can track back to their phone again. And based on the apps they are using their phone can also be hacked.

Their are various loophole and threats with the apps/os/real environment.

If a hacker wish to hack them....

Anyway, stick to BlackBerry if you think of have concerns about mobile security. Trust the only brand.

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No it does not. I have mine hooked up to Net 10 and did not provide any info + it does not have access to Google play. Do not comment on a device you do not have.

Linux is actually one of the most secure kernels out there (next to bsd, qnx etc...). I wish they built their BlackPhone around the linux or bsd kernel itself, and created some sort of userland of their own. Or simply used gnu and tweaked it BlackPhone style. Canonical did it with Ubuntu Touch for phones and it works perfectly. I personally love my BlackBerries for robustness, security, and ease of use! But since I'm not a corporate user who takes advantage of BES, Ubuntu Touch for phones seems pretty awesome to me as well.

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P.S. And let's not forget Replicator (a fork of Android). It enhances your privacy by not being directly overseen by a commercial entity.

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Got Ubuntu on my Nexus 4.

More apps added every day. Browser is ok. Interface is fun. Pretty happy. If I wanted, I could even run BBM via Android compatibility on it...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Awesome! I think Ubuntu is great! I would actually love to have a Nexus 4 or 5 with Ubuntu on it, to play with it at least.

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Blackphone, with its marketing, has made people stand up and take notice about user privacy and security. This should have been done by BlackBerry long back. Given the fact that BlackBerry and Security are synonymous, whereas using Android and Security in the same sentence is a joke. :-D

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I agree with most of the post but I also think what backbone brings could be done by BlackBerry easly and even without bes...

In fact I have an android device which is not backbone with encrypted and anonymous sip calls... encrypted SMS... otr chat... encrypted mails with pgp and if I want even tor for browsing.... and ofc the files are encrypted too... and all you need is a good rom and the correct apps...

And some of this is already possible in blackberry phones by using the android apps...

Ex k9+apg for encrypted mail.. and chat secure for otr chat over xmpp servers... and csip for encrypted calls although the last one gave me some problems...

Anyway the point is that it's more about how any of us use the device.

But.. say blackberry integrates GPG into Hub and OTR into BBM, this are open source libs that work on qnx and I would be are easy to bring into native apps.

Encrypted calls would be more tricky I think... for true p2p sip encrypting we would need zrtp support and both clients... while a srtp sip server would simple provide server encryption....

I think the problem is that we as users should not be asking for bes offers to the end users but rather native in device encryption without bes being involved... I for once don't want a server encrypting chats.. I want my chats only to be decrypted by the person I send them to.

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In your last two lines you perfectly described BBM and eBBM especially where each message has its own key, set by sender that only recipient can decrypt. Encrypted on sender's phone decrypted on recipient's one unique message with its own unique key at a time.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

That only happens with bes and it's a new feature, also I asked in the forum of those keys are still saved in the server.. because bes logs the BBM enterprise chats, I got no reply so far... we are talking about none bes here.. as this post explains well it has nothing to do with bes.

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Hope BlackBerry can find a simplified way of monetizing a "modified" BlackBerry Balance in all BB10 phones.

Although I agree with you, I can't help but wonder if BlackBerry said the same thing when Apple started making phones. I think.... I hope that they have learned a lesson not to dismiss any competition. Judging by their response, I think they'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

Well put and by recent actions it's clear BlackBerry is not naive and arrogant anymore. They know what we have in bb10, and they appreciate and respect other OS's.

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How does it differ to my Z10 that isn't connected to BES? Is it more secure than a non BES BlackBerry device?

Posted via CB10 using my Z10STL100-2/

I kind of have to agree with AnimalPak200 - in that as a company - small one at that - with the 7 of us - everyone using something different with no 'central server' or IT department - unless BB can offer something through their own cloud or through something else - my BB 10 is just the same as everyone else - right? Maybe if I could convince me team to use BBM more - then maybe - but am I secure sending e-mail to my colleagues through my Telus and my MS Office 365??? Thanks.

That's what cloud will do, it already being tested. No hardware to install, management of all platforms done securely on Cloud.

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By naming it Blackphone, it looks like these guys are trying to ride the coat tails of BlackBerry. If they're so confident in their OS then they should give it a more original name.

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When I Black phone's official website using my BlackBerry Browser, it throws me a security warning "Site contains contents from provider who are not using secure connection".

What an irony...

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"Its just that BlackBerry and Blackphone are on two different playing fields right now and BlackBerry has been proven."

Anyone comparing the two only needs to look at this quote to make a decision.

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The most important thing that blackberry lags in using the Google. Services it's much needed for many important apps which needs google services to run the apps and the maps are not soo great when compared to google maps and the weather. Widget every time if u want to see the weather data u need to open the app it's. Better to have home screen...

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Wow, yeah Google to the rescue to save our privacy and security on the web and on our phones.

Sorry dude, but your statement is missing a few bits. No offense.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Agreed, it must be a very limited amount of apps and even then any going onto the phone would have to be developed inhouse to guarantee the continued "security" of this phone.

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and @AmoghTeklar . F*** Google. Too much too soon from a company who made its living on ads and now os that uses ads. At least skynet didn't care where I looked for used books.

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Rock ON! If iPhones weren't so boring I'd like them more than Android phones. Still wouldn't buy one. Go Skynet!

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As I mentioned before, it just only a matter of time and BlackBerry can no longer claimed about "security"... and that is why BlackBerry should continuously compete with other aspects such as apps and specs... they shouldn't be complacent with "security" alone...

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It's all about top 100 apps. The rest is about getting niche developers making apps for niche customers. Iphone craze happened same way blackberry craze happened - a good bit of innovation and more so "cool" people using it. Android was the middle ground which is "cool" I guess if u r not an artist or a business man

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So the main focus is on the enterprise end. Is blackphone more secure for users who aren't on the enterprise platform?

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Why isn't BlackBerry focusing on exposing the software rather than the hardware? Wouldn't that trigger a big pile of food for thought for those that use android-run devices?

Yes, blackphone is more secure for those not on an enterprise platform. BlackBerry non-enterprise email has poor security design, even during the setup process.

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Its built upon Android so it can't be too much more secure than it really, even knox came up with vast number of problems.

BlackBerry + iPhone = BlackPhone. Nice. How about iBerry instead? *giggles*

Sent from my sexy white BlackBerry Q10

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Let's look at it this way. Blackphone may well be more secure then your average consumer BB10 device not running through a BES server but at what cost are you willing to incur for this? (and it is not proven to be secure with Android backbone).

Ok, first, it would make sense that to get such security between two devices BOTH would have to be Blackphones. Seeing that communications with another brand of "unsecured" phone would be the weak link. So, all parties would have to use this device for "security" (Strike one)

Second, any apps used on such phones would have to be Blackphone developed and lock down secure. With this and the very limited selection of apps that would be available, I can foresee the quick death of this phone. (Strike two)

And last but not least, how secure can an Android based phone truly be? (Strike three)

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I'm glad BlackBerry is becoming more engaged with the media - it's refreshing to witness, even though the fact check blog could be a little more robust (don't say you're better without explaining why!!! Lol)

That said, BlackBerry could do well by offering security consumers could use. The dev portal has a whole mess of open requests for blackberry to allow openvpn to be used on their platform. BES isn't exactly consumer facing. Etc.

When I think of a stable, secure platform BlackBerry is what comes to mind. But with some tinkering, root, some rom and mods installed, android can be made very private.

Being able to use encryption protocols easily available to consumers is a good move.

That Blackphone has some value in that you're paying silent circle for their services.

Absolutely, these features may not be good enough for enterprise deployment. What about if you're a consumer - just someone privacy conscious? Consumer grade vpn support (openvpn) would be a boon...

Consumers are not buying bb10. Maybe offering them a real privacy based alternative might help?

I really hope that passport comes with these features. Openvpn at the least...

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Now it's time for BlackBerry to strike. Blackphone can be used for comparison. Something like looking safety communications idea, but look professional in this business that is not other than BlackBerry

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Hahaha so what school do you have to go attend to learn that their video even says it's using a modified version of Android? Derp

I wish BB10 came with a few of those private websurfing features of the Blackphone.

Just to block those pesky Scroogle trackers.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

What a load of bullshit from BlackBerry there.... A user leaks more data from a BlackBerry than from a carefully configure Android device.
BlackBerry's argument regarding how they protect consumer's privacy is weak.

Does BB come with a firewall you can manage? No
Can you install one? No
Can you randomise your MAC address? No

Does the browser let you easily turn off scripts which track you? No, it's all or nothing. Nothing breaks a lot of sites.
Can you block ads and advertising networks? Yes, through a 3rd party browser.

Can you surf the web via Tor to protect your anonymity? Not on 10.2 you can't.
Can you connect to most consumers VPN services? No, OpenVPN and PPTP are not supported

Does the browser come with the most secure encryption ciphers? No, 10.2 only supports TLS 1.0

Can you manage granular permissions on Android? No. You'll then tell me to not install any Android apps, but that would mean carrying a 2nd phone at all times
Can you send mock data to apps which insist on reading your contacts list in order to load properly? No

Does a BlackBerry prevent GSM Baseband attacks which take over the phone (ram dump, listening in, data interception)? Doubtful since they're using the same Qualcomm RTOS as everybody else for the radio.

You can answer YES to all these questions when using a properly configured Android using Cyanogenmod, although you'll have to go for a low to mid-level device if you want to use a safe baseband OS. Best to never use 2G.

Android is more fragile and more vulnerable to attacks from apps you install from random sources, so yes, BlackBerry is more secure in that sense, but it doesn't do much to prevent data leaks. And it's the same for BES users, the burden is on the enterprise to filter everything out and to put policies in place to protect the user. It goes only so far, because most enterprises want to protect work data and don't care much about what you do with the personal side of balance if they support BYOD.

Great post...
Some of that however needs a rooted device.
However, I have an Huawei which in fact brings some nice features with stock firmware such has blocking apps access to wifi or 3/4g, which is a simple firewall in some sense.
Also it comes with something close to cyaonogenmod's "Privacy Guard" where only the apps you want access you're contacts and other private data, its not a full permission manager but its nice to have on a stock ROM.

I also think blackberry needs to do something about Android runtime permissions...I hope 10.3 brings something new to that!

"Android is more fragile and more vulnerable to attacks from apps you install from random sources, so yes, BlackBerry is more secure in that sense, but it doesn't do much to prevent data leaks."

very well said too...

We as users must understand whats good and bad in all OS's rather than saying "mine is safer" cause none is by it self!

And BES can't be consider to this discussion cause that's not what Blackphone is about!

Like I said above I've used BB for year and I still do, but I also use Andorid and I feel like most people that say BB is more secure never really use another device...

In general I think a really good configured android can be very safe and it is safer than a BB10 (none BES users, and even in BES personal data is not safe), and Blackbphone is not needed at all, its just another brand, so I'm not sure if it will stick... not because of BB or iPhone competition but by android it self, this is all stuff you can do with you're rooted android already...

That's where I think they're completely misleading readers
"BlackBerry’s similar preoccupation with protecting user privacy is apparent through features like BlackBerry Balance and BlackBerry Guardian."

That's not protecting user privacy...
Guardian just makes sure the app does what it says it does, it doesn't prevent an app which asks for the permission to have access to the user's data.
Balance is just segregating the data and network. It's very nice from a usability point of view, but it does nothing to protect data leaks through trackers.

Very well said!

BlackBerry is great for enterprise but the consumer facing side - well you just nailed it.

There are so many requests for something simple like openvpn. I understand that goes against the BlackBerry sales model but consumers are not (generally) going to make use of all the enterprise features, are they.

The Blackphone is not for enterprise so this is a little off base - BlackBerry is missing a trick in not offering in the least what Ofutur has listed.

That's the truth of it and not amount of cotton wool or blind zealotry is going to change that. Only BlackBerry can change that. I think they should. Consumers are becoming more privacy conscious. Perhaps BlackBerry should think about that. Might add some sales.

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Completely agree, and I do see a lot of BB users blindly falling to this.... Several comments just say BB is more secure but probably they have no idea why or if its indeed true.

Wake up people its not because a brand tells you "we're adding this cause its add security" that it is! A both Blackberry and Google and Microsoft do this all the time!

Its the same thing with eBES... All they say is there keys are used to encrypted the conversation... and so only the users with the keys can decrypt it, but are this keys really safe? I've asked in the blog post how the keys are saved and if the server has a copy of them and got no reply.... other posts were replied... I got to say I did not feel safer!

DaedalusWren I agree with ofutur, altough he doens't provide any details...

But I think what he means is the same I said before.... Its how you use the device...

But its not fair to compare a BlackBerry with default config to and proper configure Android...

Compare both with default config and I would say android is not has safe has Blackberry.

BOTH are unsafe if not configured properly!

We need to stop saying "Google" is safer then "Blackberry" or the contrary... none is safer then the other guys, nor is Apple witht IOS (by far).

Lets just ask both companies to deliver native P2P encryption and even than in both OS there's a lot of parts that we don't even know what's there's.... Even Android has some closed source parts... and I can see why, but in both cases we might ask... what are this system really leaking?
I mean really can't we ask the question for EVERY brand?

Still speaking of just the OS and native apps, none of them offer P2P encryption, but Android is really far more annoying when it comes to ads and tracking... both browsers come with google/bing as default SE's... gladly BB10 browser lets you add "" - the android native browser not so much.

Anyway the main point is that none is really safer in the end... its how you use the devices, and in both cause that means installing 3rd party apps... in BB10 it also means most are Andorid ports :(

Ofutur, well you just laid out everything I was trying to say!

Yes, BlackBerry is great for enterprise but the Blackphone is for consumers. Within that sphere android can offer much.

Basically everything Ofutur said.

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Blackhead (to be popped) phone? No thank you! I'll stick with blackberry! Good job telling them how it is blackberry!

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

"BlackBerry is the best!"

There are lots of fervent supporters, but they don't understand a dime. Keep praising a second class company, you'll see the motivation they have to become a "first class" company againe.

BlackBerry without BES is zero in security.
Blackphone on its own is much more secure for a consumer customer without BES.

Blackberry's statement regarding Blackphone is misleading, since it does not mention that BlackBerry only with BES is secure, and shows a desperate company loosing ground in front of more and more rivals. Now, BlackBerry lost its place as a secure phone for consumer market in front of another new kid on the block.

So, you fans praising BlackBerry aren't helping the company, instead you are digging its grave.

No consumer market=no appeal to the masses=no push from the employees to the company to buy BlackBerry phones= BlackBerry will die as a hardware company. I give Chen with its faulty strategy no more then 5 years before BlackBerry disappears from the hardware market and another 3 years from the software company.

You would think that they would pick a name that differentiated themselves from the number one in phone security.

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So sad. All of a sudden everyone thinks they can overthrow the king of security. Good luck with that. #TeamBlackBerry #SecurityKings

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Where the hell have you been? They were overthrown years ago. If they weren't, BB wouldn't be in this game of Musical CEO's and making square phones.