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BIS Roadmap. 2.6 and More.
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Feb 2009 10:43 am EST
A slightly old BIS Roadmap - a little behind schedule, but upgrades are coming...

Over the past few months we've dropped word of a few of the BIS Roadmap goodies coming our way, including Facebook 1.5 (still waiting on 1.5, nevermind 2.0!!) and a much improved native Gmail client targeted for July '09 and slated under BIS 2.7 (probably coming later than that). But before we get to BIS 2.7, we have to see BIS 2.6 get rolled out, and we have it on good word that BIS 2.6 will make itself known in March / April (exact timing of release will vary by carrier and NOC). 

Now that we have a good idea on when its coming, it seems an appropriate time to take a look at what's new in BIS 2.6. Be sure to check out the slide after the jump for the details. Highlights? I'm most excited about the end of the annoying duplicate message issue when sending emails from device. The ability to edit your signature from the device's wap email settings is a nice addition too. Other subtle changes include visible password entry (less mistakes!) and error messages that are more consumer friendly. 

BIS 2.6 Feature Overview

BIS 2.6

BIS 2.6

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BIS 2.6

BIS 2.6


BIS 2.6 Gmail IMAP Integration 

BIS 2.6

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Anything upgradeable sounds good to me


can somebody translate? will i be able get/file gmail labels/folders in BIS now (using IMAP)?

Kevin Michaluk

posted on this back in december...

Coming from RIM's BIS Roadmap, the good news for Gmail users is that a major update is scoped under BIS 2.7 (target launch in July 2009) that will bring a Desktop like Gmail user experience to the BlackBerry. It will be a Gmail client, with a Gmail icon and the proposed functionality includes Starring, Labelling, Contacts sync, Calendar sync and search.


There is no "update" here. People have been using IMAP for years now, including me. I don't know what all the hype is about. The duplicate email issue is not an issue. It's POP acting like POP because of the way Gmail works in its conversation caching.

While GMail keeps every email in its inbox as a conversation your blackberry downloads your sent message as a new inbox email. This can be fixed by switching to IMAP and you will not have an issue.


How does one go about knowing which BIS version your carrier is using in the first place? I'm on Sprint.


bassichonda96, I completely agree. I've been using Gmail's IMAP for a while now, and it's been available ever since Gmail made IMAP available.. which was last October, I believe. Anyway, this is not new technology; it is merely changing the default protocol from POP to IMAP. The sent duplicate message thing is fixable and only happens if you don't setup the correct filter to stop it.

The only possible improvement here is for Gmail IMAP users who suffered the 15 minute polling interval. Even now, this can be fixed simply by removing the email account and re-adding it.

What it really needs to be considered an update is TWO-way sync.

"The only possible improvement here is for Gmail IMAP users who suffered the 15 minute polling interval. Even now, this can be fixed simply by removing the email account and re-adding it."

Could you elaborate on this? I hadn't heard about it.


Improve the mail fetcher. IMAP works fine on GMAIL. I agree with both of you!


"What it really needs to be considered an update is TWO-way sync."

Definitely. It is annoying when I delete messages on my GMail but they don't get deleted on my handheld, that I do agree with you.


I'm on VZW and I recently switched from using the gmail app to receiving gmail through BIS. (to take advantage of HTML email) When I first set it up, by default, it sets it up as POP even if you have IMAP enabled in gmail. Here are the instructions on how to set it up using IMAP.


The big issue I've experienced with setting it up this way is that you don't get real-time push for e-mail. The last time I "tricked" gmail into using the imap settings, it returned to the old style of fetch every 15-25 minutes. If you use the default settings, you get your e-mail pushed instantly, but you don't get imap functionality..

If you've recently set up gmail with the trick for imap, can you confirm if your e-mails get pushed instantly?


Yep, Using the "IMAP Trick" from the website above, I do get instant email on my device.

The ONLY thing I have noticed is that if I mark a msg read in gmail, it does not get marked on my device. But it does work from device to gmail... Go figure. Doesnt bother me, just as long as I am not waiting the up to 45min that I was getting on the gmail app.


What I'm really looking for is true 2-way (push/pull) sync for gmail on my BB. What I read or delete on gmail is not sync'd with my BB at this moment...but it works from my BB to Gmail. Unless I'm not reading it correctly, this problem is not fixed in version 2.6. Do I have to wait until summer and version 2.7 before the following 3 items are corrected?
1. On BIS: Fix the true 2-way push/pull syncronization between Gmail and BB.
2. Ref: Gmail App - The app is very slow in notifying of new email. It's fast on BIS...but not on the app. I guess with the major new release coming...this will be corrected? Hope so.
3. Fix the contacts feature on the gmail app. I want to have auto-fill for "my contacts"...not anything else or use the BB address book.

I'm sure many others have similar issues....but at least this is the first time I have heard that a new Gmail App and updated BIS is coming soon. I have hope!


Hmmm, what do you suppose that is for? Does that make it easy for our service providers to nit pick our network usage or something? I thought they could do that fairly easily to begin with.



If you want to have the real 2 way sync deleting from your BB or Webmail then you may want to use Yahoo.


Will the FirstClass Email Client be integrated?

Jai Manny

What about exchange mail.. will it work better on 2.6?


Editable. Thats a word?


All I can say is new Facebook (twice), ticketmaster (awesome!), app center and prepaid (reduce my bill!) all by March? Good job could even say it's a good RIM...ok that's just too easy I won't make the joke


2.6 doesn't seem like a big deal to me...all it does is fix some Gmail things, why isnt it like 2.5.1?


Instead of fussing about BIS flaws with Gmail, how about using something that does work, like everything else.


Because we don't want to compromise what we love about Gmail (clean and fast interface, top-notch spam filtering, etc...) by succumbing to [in our opinion] a second-rate email service--not to mention going through the hassle of changing a primary email account.

What we want has already been done for Yahoo!/AOL/Hotmail for a while now, so we just want ours to be equal in terms of functionality; we are all paying customers for BIS and should not have to switch to something else.


i am really annoyed. All they do with gmail is make it possible to set up IMAP without doing the round about way we all already know (the one where you type a fake password or no password at all then type in the settings manually)

i really wish they would come out with instant 2 way sync in bis 2.6 instead of 2.7. =(. I am annoyed that this phone is undeveloped for and underestimated, while everyone updates, and makes sure everything work with the jesus phone first


...I'm just waiting for facebook's new application, my gmail is a bit slow though, could improve that...


Anybody else notice the OS 5.0??? Does that mean a whole new reworked OS just for the Storm?


BIS DOES NOT WORK when a company has an ISA Server in front of the 2007 Exchange Server. RIMM knows this, why isnt this addressed in the update?


why can't they increase the file size download limit for attachments and web-downloaded content :(


I noticed that too. I also saw a stock app for it right under the 5.0 OS text. I am excited about that. That will mean it be free right?


So if I read this right it will not only limit sizes of emails n remove attachments but kill html mail as well? Grrr that y I got bb in the first place.


So if I read this right it will not only limit sizes of emails n remove attachments but kill html mail as well? Grrr that y I got bb in the first place.


Yo mntowguy, read carefully. They're introducing a new economical option. You get to keep what you have...


Why am I stuck with gmail for imap?

I need folder support in IMAP... ChatterMail from Treo kicks butt...

I wound up setting up BES just so I could get subfolders...

Arg... a great IMAP client would go a long way!

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I love this, it's helped me streamline my online business (the advanced Gmail feature)