BlackBerry Beta Zone updated with fixes for OS 10.3

By Bla1ze on 29 Aug 2014 11:56 am EDT

A small update to the BlackBerry Beta Zone app has now started appearing on devices. According to the change log, it should fix some issues anyone running BlackBerry OS 10.3 was having with surveys. It also has some broader changes for everyone pertaining to how discussion boards within the app are laid out so, even if you're not on 10.3 you should still update the app.

  • You can now view the message you are responding to from the 'Reply to Post' page. Long press on a post to reply to it specifically.
  • Posts submitted to the website will no longer show HTML code in app.

To update, you just have to open up the BlackBerry Beta Zone app and will prompt for the update from inside the app. If you've not download the BlackBerry Beta Zone app yet, you can grab it via BlackBerry World.

Thanks, Jared!

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BlackBerry Beta Zone updated with fixes for OS 10.3


Good fodder,
want my brother to get BB10, I might end up buying it for him

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Thanks will update now. Hopefully that fixed the survey issue I was having.

Flicked with my BlackBerry z30 did you feel it's power /QNX POWER!!!

Still has some load time issues. Fix coming soon.

Flicked on my Zed30. Did you feel it's power BlackBerry / QNX POWER!!!! Z30STA100-3/

Surveys are now working for 10.3.

Flicked on my Zed30. Did you feel it's power BlackBerry / QNX POWER!!!! Z30STA100-3/

Hi there.

Is there anyone who succeed in updating a Q10 to 10.3 via Beta Program (in the Beta Zone app) ? I Always have an error when it's almost done (about 80% percent).

Ensure solid connection or go all wifi

Flicked on my Zed30. Did you feel it's power BlackBerry / QNX POWER!!!! Z30STA100-3/

when it happens
- Do not cancel the download.

- Restart your phone. After it reboots go to Beta Zone app and re-whitelist.

- Software Updates will launch again and you should be able to resume the download.

Does this have a security token to blacklist and brick your device for running leaked builds?

Posted via CB10

October to December depending on carrier time.

Flicked on my Zed30. Did you feel it's power BlackBerry / QNX POWER!!!! Z30STA100-3/

Technically never. 10.3 is not coming to any of the current devices. It will however get 10.3.1 at some point closer to the end of the year.

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Thanks beta testers for reporting issues, when I get the official build, it will all just work...

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Couldn't open

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

If only they fixed the ridiculously long load time they implemented a few updates ago. I have no idea why it's like that. The app used to boot within seconds.

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10.3 running well so far and the beta zone app updated with no issues.

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Got it, but by opening app, not from BlackBerry World. When opened Beta zone it said update available. Slow load time ( over 30 seconds). Otherwise seems to work on my Z10.3.0.1130.

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Hi any 1 can tell me I have Q-10 and my current version is 10.2.1 I want to download 10.3 where I have get update

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Another useless article claiming to fix the issue. I run the upcoming and still experiencing the same issue. Anyway these guys are not journalists, so there is no standard and they cannot be held accountable for their crappy articles.

Just waiting for 10.3 update to be officially rolled out after the release of Blackberry Passport...

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Hi im new to blackberry. purchased a z10.
have side loaded snap as there is hardly any apps in bworld.
but i think it has slowed os a bit.
will this 10-03 update speed things up a bit?

I hope that 10.3 had data using options for selective from which we can only use or data plan on only important apps.

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HELP!!! I'm stuck with 10.3 apps on a 10.2 OS + Radio. i did a non-destructive via sachesi 1.9.4.
update OS would not install. possibly because i'm on an enterprise device.

i need advice on how to get it functioning again. sachesi doesn't seem to allow me to put the old (10.2) apps back onto the device. It gets stuck on the first app install @50%.
And i keep getting the message in the log
"Communication Error: 2 (Connection Closed)"

i tried using BB Link to do a restore. didn't work.

any suggestions?