BlackBerry Beta Zone rolling out new program for 'pre-release BlackBerry products'

By Bla1ze on 28 Jul 2014 04:37 pm EDT

If you've signed up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you might want to check and make sure you're not missing any emails. Members have been receiving emails letting them know about a new, exciting program for pre-release BlackBerry products is coming soon and folks are being asked to reply to a survey to show their interest.

We're excited to announce that in the near future we will be initiating an exciting new beta program for BlackBerry 10 devices! Based on your participation in past betas you look like you would be a good fit for the upcoming program. If you are interested in participating in a beta program on your BlackBerry 10 device please take this quick survey to indicate you're interested and to help us select individuals who are suitable candidates to participate.

  • What kind of beta is this? - This beta will focus on pre—release BlackBerry products. It will require the use of your BlackBerry 10 smartphone in order to be eligible to participate. Participants will be expected to engage in regular activities such as software upgrades, sharing feedback, and submitting bug reports.

  • What happens if I am selected? - lf you are selected to participate we will contact you with more information about next steps. Only those who are selected will be contacted.

Interesting. Considering it says it says it requires the use of your already existing BlackBerry 10 smartphone, it's not devices but that makes it all more interesting. What products is BlackBerry working on for phones that haven't been released yet? There's BlackBerry Blend, which is shown off on official BlackBerry images for the Passport and the Classic but other than that nothing comes to mind right now. Have you been invited?

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BlackBerry Beta Zone rolling out new program for 'pre-release BlackBerry products'


I wouldn't get too excited. It clearly states "require the use of YOUR BlackBerry 10 device "...

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that's why the post clearly states it's on already released devices the users have. Is not devices, clearly.

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Awesome, the more we can participate, the more BlackBerry feels like it's ours!

Exclusive club with benefits that gives us what we want. :-)

BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenominal!

I wasn't. I'm never in the betas and I've been part of beta zone forever including legacy phones ;(

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Maybe they will open up OS beta testing?

Unfortunately for us overseas I always have a feeling only Canadian/US residents ever get to take part in these extended Beta programs. At least I have not seen one European member here who has been part of one...

BlackBerry beta tested a German CEO and that didn't work out so well. :(

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I'm about one of the only Canadians that doesn't get selected to participate in anything lol

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Nope. I'm in same boat. Been registered for beta since came out. Basically gave up on it as have never been selected or invited to participate in ANY programs or surveys except FB and a bunch of apps I don't use.

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Snap... I wonder if the new beta program has anything to do with the fact that the beta zone appears to have become a chat room for some people and there's a lot of people slating but not explaining themselves clearly or how to replicate bugs or what exactly they would like fixed.

Maybe BlackBerry has looked at who provides constructive feedback to open some more efficient closed beta testing...

Getting the email to complete the application survey doesn't mean you are "in" though!

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Well it is good to see people from different regions being invited! I hoped that would be the case, just had not seen confirmation.

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Darn wasn't invited. How can I get selected for these beta programs like this and the BBM one?

So is it too late now? If i start doing surveys now, is there a chance I will later be accepted?

Anyone in UK get an invite? Just wondering if it's market specific as I've used beta zone from the start and have done nearly all surveys yet no invite so far.

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I'm in Bristol UK, didn't get an invite either - I don't even get invited to the BBM invites ;) Ah well; I'll just carry on writing way to much in the surveys I get asked to fill out =D

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I have a feeling it's got something to do with surveys filled out and maybe discussions as they mentioned bug testing in the email

Hahaha that's what I'm thinking too... ugh.. I was awful at those I must admit :(

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however it's weird as I've never been invited for a bbm beta only on my legacy device (Bold) would be interesting to find out selection policy however sure many would try and exploit it, everyone wants new stuff to try first don't they..if it was random selection based on your profile probably the best way and also like it's been said still a chance of not being accepted for this after you've filled out the survey..

No invite here. I'm signed up for both personal and business beta zones. Have yet to see any activity in the business zone since signing up in April. I read it as they are referring to Blackberry 10 "software" products. But, I hope I'm wrong and more invites go out and it does indeed include hardware.

I got an invite. I am an active participant but somehow didn't get the last few BBM invites.

This one sounds intriguing.

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I do pretty much everything available in beta zone but haven't gotten an email. From Canada. Not disappointed, just making a statement

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I've given up on Beta Zone. I was involved with Beta testing previous to the app and always tested products, even if it didn't appeal to me I still tested it and filled out survey after survey. Since the Beta Zone app launch I've had one invite to a BBM test and that's it. Everything else I've seen through the app has been public testing and nothing that ever interested me. I watched test after test after test pass me by and no invite. Now this. I have no idea what it's about but it seems interesting and something I'd love to take part in. Problem: No invite once again. It's not the lack of participation that bugs me, but the lack of respect shown to someone who has been a beta tester ever since it was first possible to take part.

Could be for many reasons. Have you been participating in the latest surveys? Have you updated your Beta Zone profile to indicate you have a BlackBerry 10 device?

Jonsey-same here. Kinda disappointed especially since I've been beta testing (both HW&SW)since the old "9XX" days.....

Plus 10,000!

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I'm in Canada, got the email and I have submitted the survey. Hope I am selected, sounds like it could be pretty cool.

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No email for me. I always submit feedback and fill out the surveys. Oh well always the next one right?

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It says it says it requires the use of your already existing BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Possibly tethering with a new tablet??

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I got the email and done survey. Can't wait to see if I get through the next selection process and get to ply with new stuff.

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I´m invited too and already made that survey. man, I´m really excited.
Survey closes on 05. August, If they tell me I can "test" 10.3. from the 06. August it would be a nice birthday present :D

Can anyone comment on what the survey was like? What kinds of questions were they asking?

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Was just 1 Page with
* what OS Version is currently installed
* What BlackBerry 10 Devices you use
* If you use the Device for work, private or both
* Do you (and if how often) do you use social network stuff, BBM and similar things.

Nothing too fancy this time.

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LoL don't say for private use, even John Chen wants to get rid of us regular customers. Enterprise, Enterprise those with suits and phones big as the German Travel Passport you know.

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Hmmm... so what about us millions of self employed individuals that will never connect to a bes server but still want some of that BlackBerry efficiency and goodness in our lives! ;)

I think people need to be careful distinguishing between business users and enterprise! I know quite a few small business / self employed BlackBerry users... but no enterprise users. I also know a lot of IT professionals that swear by BlackBerry even though their firm supplied iphones!

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Yeah invited and took the Survey. We will see if it's worth all the "trouble". I hope it's not another Meme Generator App or something similar BS in the end lol

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I got an invited, but once I logged on to the beta zone it tells me that I'm not required to fill any survey. Wtf...

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I did, it didn't work until I remembered I had a second beta zone account and that's the one that I actually got invited on. The only issue I still have is if I should tell them i'm running 10.3 or not lol

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:( I didn't get an invite but would like to participate. I checked within the BZ app as well. Any links or other options to join?

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Hmmm...come to think of it, I remember filling out a basic survey (like the info mentioned above) a month or so ago. I wonder if it's the same survey...?

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I got an email saying I was selected to beta test BlackBerry Glass. It's like Google Glass, but with a physical qwerty keyboard that I can type on with my tongue.

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I hate beta zone. I was a beta zone participant since it's inception. I use BlackBerry devices exclusively and often. My last beta zone invite was the open beta zone channels invites. I participated, created multiple channels and after that Nothing. Zilch, Zero.
No BBM invites and now no invite to this latest beta program. #BummedBetaTester

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I was invited, and i believe it's for software updates, and some could be selected to actually receive hardware but would require further contact and NDA's signed. However i wouldn't hold my breath on hardware, they do most of that internally. I have been trying to test hardware devices for years now. Just have to keep trying is all:)

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BlackBerry you want my opinion...bring back music/videos to BlackBerry World!

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

Maybe beta test some future OS updates or features. It's a cheap and effective way to pay for beta testers instead of hiring employees

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Got this invite. So I have that going for me. Lol - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

I was invited for survey too. Will see if I get picked in the end. Kinda hope so.

Reg Q10SQN100-1/

I hope I'm picked. Looking forward to their software products and hope I can help make them better. It's not always about getting a device for nothing. It's about being a part of the turnaround of this company. I want to be a part of it. Devices I will pay for; input in the building of cool software I'm happy to provide for free.

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I'm not part of the beta program, I don't have the application installed either.

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The last email I received from BlackBerry was last week. They were kind enough to tell me about double space to get a period. They also told me how to change my settings by swiping down lol. There was a picture of a bold 9900 with os7 on it

Does someone got the invitation email to take part in the program. The deadline was August the 5th.

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