BlackBerry Beta Zone opens new program to BlackBerry 10 owners

By Bla1ze on 17 Jul 2013 05:04 pm EDT

A new BlackBerry Beta Zone program is being rolled out to owners of BlackBerry 10 devices inviting them to sign up for "Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10". Sounds a bit weird, right? Sign into the BlackBerry Beta Zone to sign up for Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10.

Well, Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10 is actually an app itself that offers OTA downloads of BlackBerry Beta Zone apps. As an example, I can install BBM Channels directly to my device using the Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10 application. No need to run the autoloader or have a PC nearby, just grab it from the app. It's like BlackBerry World only for beta apps.

BlackBerry is currently sending out invites right now so be on the lookout for it, if you're a BlackBerry 10 device owner. Also, a good reminder to go ahead and update your BlackBerry Beta Zone profile with your new BlackBerry 10 device if you haven't already. You're not likely to get an invite for any BlackBerry 10 betas if you don't have a BlackBerry 10 device on your account.

Learn more in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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BlackBerry Beta Zone opens new program to BlackBerry 10 owners

120 Comments Register your BlackBerry 10 there and you Wi not only get an instant invite to BlackBerry Beta Zone you will also be eligible to win a lifetime supply of insanely funny stuff

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I can confirm this : I've been on this program since 1988 when apple released the first BB10 device in association with Microsoft. I loaded it into my 5.0 Android phone from blackberry . You guys need to catch up !!

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Hm, no email yet and I am registered with my Q10 on their site...

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Yep! Got mine; signed up immediately! As many times as I have loaded a leak on this thing, it helps to be able to reload Channels without having to run that .exe.

This is phenomenal news! Awesome move. Now where's my email?

Also (for Alec) can we open this up to third party developers so developers can push out beta software to a small subset of users for testing purposes?

Hopefully BBM is gonna be next then FB... can't see it go beyond those 2 though

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*email check* still waiting for my email *email check* dang where is it *email check *

10.2 what's your 10-20?

This is fantastic. I was looking for this exact functionality. Now I need to wait for the email. I logged into the Beta site to see if I could find it as an eligible program but it's not there yet.

Everyone saying they haven't gotten their email yet, have you gone into beta zone on PC and requested access to the "beta zone for Blackberry 10" and updated your profile?

Just want to make sure a bunch of silly geese don't come on here losing their minds that BlackBerry failed again considering the details are in the write up

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It looks like you DO have to wait for an email that invites you.

I've been in the Global BlackBerry 10 community program for months on the Beta Zone site and the Discussion board there is now full of people asking how on Earth you join this new Program! Nobody there has an email yet either.

There's no new BlackBerry 10 program showing as available for me, my profile has been set as a Blackberry 10 user since April.

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Awesome! Can't wait for my email! Will it show up whether i get the email or not? I just updated my account earlier so it should be fine in that respect... This is a great idea though I'm so happy BlackBerry thought of this. Smart move thanks!

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Finally!!! I've been wanting to download BBM Channels since I got my Q10. Thank you for posting this!

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Sorry to be the one to tell you that : NO.
We had this with the legacy devices and couldn't have OTA os release over the carrier. Good idea though...its just not possible at this time.

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Great since the autoloader of BBM Channel is basically bar installer and now we will have beta zone apps installer that might mean that maybe in the future we will have an app that convert apk to bar and install it directly from the phone itself

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I believe someone on the forums is already working on this.

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Hmm...signed up but couldn't specifically find "Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10"...closest was "Global BlackBerry 10 Community". Is that it? Link?

The other was "(Consumer) BlackBerry Beta Zone" but nothing specific to BB10 other than that mentioned above.

Help? lol

Verizon Q10 (SQN100-2), (stock), r10.1.0.2039

I'm on a Q10, on VZW, and living in the US. Don't see any options to sign up for "BlackBerry Beta Zone for BB10" either. Maybe not available for everyone or for Q10?

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That icon for the app.. reminds me... mmm never mind I do not want to recall that..

Happy that the app is coming though!

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That's what I'm talking about!

BlackBerry has some great programmes. They need to take advantage of them more in order to improve their OS and devices.

Update your profile. Complete your profile. Answer all the questions they ask so you get selected for new programs.

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Every time I try to log into the beta zone I get this error message
"An account with the specified email already exists and is linked to another BlackBerry ID"

Does anyone know how to fix this? Unfortunately Blackberry does not respond to customer emails.
I know they have this email address setup if you have problems logging in but no one ever answers
jeez How do they expect to keep customers if they won't even respond to the happy ones

Woops... filled up the big form and couldn't submit!! I can open all other websites though...

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Do those of you who've received the invite email have the profile question "Would you also like to receive information about RIM and/or BlackBerry products and/or services from RIM or authorized third parties selected by RIM?" checked YES?

Anyway to rush then up on sending me the invitation?

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I'm assuming it's connected to your pin....if not would it be possible to load it and then extract it as a bar file....
I'm wondering? I'm patiently waiting for that email....honestly I'm patient :|

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Was able to register without waiting for the email invite... have been a member of the beta community for awhile now but updated my profile the same day I got my z10... now running the channels program... easy... :)

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looks like my suggestion posted to beta forum was actioned. good work guys;)

question is - if beta zone and blackberry world have the same authentication, why not just to show beta section as a category in blackberry world?
why separate app? burden

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I will wait for it, sounds great.
But I think, it would be no surprise, when here in germany BlackBerry users have to wait for a year or more, like the beta access before ;)
It's strange, that BlackBerry will handle the country's so extremely different.
The best is, when you will travel around the world every day to get all features...


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I like the update, I was finally able to download bbm channels. Looking forward to more!

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I haven't received invite anyone know how to make that happen, just post the link so we can download.

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Still nothing! Waiting for email, anybody still waiting or I am the only one?

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LOL Gotta love it! Got the email about the BBM channels Upgrade Available and the instructions tell me to open the Beta Zone App on my BlackBerry.

OK genius how can I open the Beat Zone App when you didn't send me the invite to download it?

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Same thing happened to me! Soo frustrating! I would really like this app. Although i was still able to download channels update through the autoloader this app is much simpler and nicer i hope they open it up to all beta zone members like other programs! ASAP

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Without you notify still, without mail with invitation, I continue waiting¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ :( :(

Same here, registered and updated all my info on BlackBerry Beat Zone.
I keep getting emails on updates to BBM channels.
But no link yet or instructions on downloading Beta Zone app.
Wait continues........... as usual :-))

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I Had the Bata on my os7 device .... but i cant seen to get it in my Z10... this is Aggravating me went to the site and nothing ... thought maybe i would once i signed in get the icon for the app on my Z10... any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?