BlackBerry Beta Zone opens to all BlackBerry developers!

By Bla1ze on 29 Apr 2014 05:21 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Beta Zone has been up and running for a long time now and with the exception of MockIt, it has never been open to anything but internal BlackBerry apps. That has now changed though as BlackBerry has just announced they're opening the BlackBerry Beta Zone to all developers.

We are pleased to announce that BlackBerry developers are now able to beta test their BlackBerry 10 apps through Beta Zone. Very soon you will start to see new "Third Party" beta programs available to you, which will be posted and fully managed by the developers themselves.

We are quite excited about this and expect that it will go a long way towards improving the quality of the apps available to you in BlackBerry World. We hope that you too are just as excited as we are, and that you will provide developers with the same amazing level of support and quality feedback that you have provided to BlackBerry over the years.

For end users such as yourself reading this, nothing really changes except you'll start seeing new apps in the BlackBerry Beta Zone app for testing. The process is the same as with any other apps, download, install, test them out and of course, offer up feedback to the developers on how they can improve their apps.

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BlackBerry Beta Zone opens to all BlackBerry developers!


Great news! It only makes sense to give developers this extra tool so they don't have to go hunting around for Beta testers...

Awesome decision.
Simply wow. Keep doing such things, BlackBerry will beat all.
Keep moving makes sense now.

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Whatsapp beta available for everyone but when BBM is in beta only selected people get it and we own BlackBerrys but what can we say.

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Ya know. I thought the same thing. Obviously. Whats app has been waiting. And was first. Lol. Not going there though. Love me some BBM!

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Make "leaks" leak here, so they have testers before it goes official.

Then a leak is no more a leak, but does the same trick. That way the whole unofficial leak stuff will simply evaporate.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

"The BlackBerry Beta Zone has been up and running for a long time now and with the exception of MockIt, it has never been open to anything but internal BlackBerry apps"

This is not true.
iGrann was approved to have access to it, but I never released a version yet

Lol maybe they forgot because you never released an app into Beta Zone.

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It was always my idea. But never had a version with sufficient changes that requires testing using Beta Zone

Maybe make a few changes put it in beta zone. Keep doing what you're doing and see if people have problems. Then update and out back in beta zone. What so you thik gasp?

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Maybe now we'll see some actual activity in there, rather than the occasional twitter beta and super exclusive BBM beta that I'm never invited to (do I sound bitter?)

Any word on if the developers can make surveys for the testers in the same fashion that BlackBerry can?

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This is what I been calling for....

BlackBerry needs to triple the amount of apps in BlackBerry World.

50 million apps Mr Chen

This is just the start....

Netflix and Instagram are watching closely.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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We need more recent CB10 versions there, supported by community developers using the github.

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This is truly great news. With all the banter surrounding BlackBerry apps, or lack thereof, every little improvement helps. It will take some time, but I'm sure this will help in the creation of more QUALITY native BB apps. Exciting

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I installed the BBM messenger beta from PC now my BBM turned into old BBM from late 2013 i don't how to turn it back all the new feature are all gone I don't even see upgrade in bbworld please help

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This is HUGE for developers and testers EVERYWHERE!! No more side loading!!! :D

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I would like to see a comparison of blackberry world versus the Google play store and itunes within the first year. I.E., number of apps when starting, adoption by major app developers and overall growth, also contrasted with the OS user base. I bet the results would be pretty good!

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Only exclusive for BlackBerry Elite Developers at the moment. But everyone can apply now.

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I haven't ever beta tested apps, I might very soon, this way, any bugs that drive me up the wall can really get crushed! :D

Maybe we can finally get those big namers on blackberry world and get their apps in by linking this to them! :D (eyeing YouNow, Ustream, Tinychat, Microsoft, android-only developers, apple-only developers, BRING YOUR APPS TO US!!

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I'm not a developer, but I sure am excited. I get to test apps before they appear in BlackBerry World, whoo hoo!

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Great! So let's put Viber developers in a cage and put the cage there, maybe they learn what "Available for BlackBerry 10" means. :-D

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Great news! I always wondered why it wasn't open to third party developers as well. Will be interesting to see how much it grows in the future.

I guess this means Crackberry will be able to post articles about more apps in beta as well. Sweet! This will do tons of good for the BlackBerry app ecosystem.

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I like the idea, but don't like the idea of us making what's app better considering there the competition and they can probably implement the improvements faster than bbm.

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The WhatsApp has got some installation issues on my Z10! It downloads and installs, but can't launched

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It's not true. I am still not able to login to BlackBerry Beta Zone
"You will be notified when BlackBerry Beta Zone becomes available in your country."