BlackBerry Beta Zone app updated to v10.0.0.26

By Bla1ze on 20 Nov 2013 08:38 pm EST

If you're making use of the BlackBerry Beta Zone app, you'll want to load up BlackBerry World in order to grab the latest release. This time around the app gets bumped into version and brings along with it some small but great changes, especially for anyone who has in the past hated visiting the BlackBerry Beta Zone site in order to fill out the surveys:

  • Surveys - Complete your Beta Zone surveys right from the app. It's never been easier to tell us what you think!
  • Self-Updating client - The Beta Zone app can now update itself. You will be prompted to update whenever a new version is available.
  • UI Improvements - Including a new tabbed layout.

I'm not really sure why the UI Improvements mention is there considering it's really just related to the surveys but alas, it's in the change log so there's that. In any case, the update has gone live in BlackBerry World so you grab it using the link below.

Download the BlackBerry Beta Zone App

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BlackBerry Beta Zone app updated to v10.0.0.26


Haha I was guilty of forgetting to do them and then like once a month, I would log onto the beta zone and complete 3 or 4 at once. X_X

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

You first need to Login in the Beta Zone and participate from there. Like with every other Program / Test. Let's hope this Feature will come later. After that, it should show up in the Beta zone App. I don't know if Evernote is only available in some countries as it does not show up for me (Germany).

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I have now included in my feedback in this, we need to have the ability to enroll to programs or the beta access from the app

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Like the update and potentially what is coming based on the survey.

Taking the pain away from having to login to a computer is really welcome.

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Only Problem is: When you wrote more than 4 Lines in The Input Fields for the Surveys, the Keyboards is overlaying beginning on Line 5. Have already reported this in the Survey for this Version :)

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If what you say is true, blaize it means that BlackBerry has really read my intensive survey responses with much attention .
I asked for the survey feature many times, plus the auto update feature.

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Can you imagine self updating is a beta in itself for what may be to come with BlackBerry 10. Not that I like that but meh

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Thanks for reminding me. I forgot to ask about a Option to DISABLE the Auto Update Feature in the current Survey. So I did this quickly with the "Send Feedback" Function.

I want to wait to update some Apps as they always bring (potentially) more (and more serious) bugs.

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So true. And it can be jarring when you don't expect it when it just updates and your left wondering what's going on. A reason why I gave up on Google Chrome a few updates back. They took away a few features I liked among other things.

Give it a few more hours to populate and try again. I already updated (Germany). Took some time til the App store is synchronised worldwide.

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Lol! Yeah, that icon has bothered me from day one.

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Cool - just completed two surveys.
Just need bug reporting and the ability to enroll in new beta programmes.

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In-app surveys are a great idea. Much easier than the browser, that's for sure.

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Just filled out the survey on the Beta Zone app itself! Very painless, except that one point about more than four lines in the comment box and it doesn't allow you to see what you are actually typing. Lines are covered by key board.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

It would be awesome that when apps needed to be updated, a spalt shows up on thenm and you could just do a 4 second long press on them and they would update without having to go into the store.

I dont agree with being represent by a ladybug..
Do you want to have a bug in your BB?
also i dont see any really improvement, i try to take a survey.. i cant..
This app should be more like a bbm channel to really be interactive.
This 4 me its obius, but i don't know why its a app that doesn't do really anything, only reminds me that i have a bug in my BB.
That only say thank 4 your feedback and they dont even know who send it.. o r cant even know if they like my opinion or hated or applying the tip and see a change in the app, since its a BETA 4 testing they should have a better comunication otherwise this app, works a 40% and i am going to rated 2 stars. For mediocre UI

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The survey option was something that the app was really missing, I'm pleased to see it on this update

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They are taking this mobile first thing seriously. I support it. We'll see if they make the surveys just link through to the website or if they really put the effort in here to do it right.

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