BlackBerry Beta Zone app now available in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 30 Aug 2013 01:09 am EDT

Previously released within the BlackBerry Beta Zone itself for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the BlackBerry Beta Zone app has now been posted to BlackBerry World for everyone to download. The app, when coupled with a BlackBerry Beta Zone account, allows you to over the air download BlackBerry 10 beta releases of applications posted to the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

As an included feature of the app, you can also now create a BlackBerry Beta Zone account on the go, which ties directly into your BlackBerry ID. If you've been having issues loading the app from the beta zone or are a new users, you can grab it from the link below to get started.

Download the BlackBerry Beta Zone app

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BlackBerry Beta Zone app now available in BlackBerry World


If you're testing BBM Channels, try this one: C0006BB16
A new app announcement will be posted on there very soon! :)
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Wohoo.. I have BBM channels now... I've been away from a Windows PC For quite a long time :)

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all the apps of the BetaZone programs you are registered in.
For example some people are part of the BetaZone program inside the BetaZone, and they could test the app :)

Epic fail. I'm registered for more than channels, actually everything :). This shows me channels only. Must explain why it's not yet "rated for BlackBerry " haha

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currently the app will only display available downloads for your betazone programs for your device.
So if you are part of the Global BB10 betazone, that does not feature any download, you won't see it in the BetaZone app.

This is perfect. Hopefully there will be a new BBM Channels update released this friday. BlackBerry has been releasing Channel updates roughly every two weeks since July 17th. Can't wait to see what new features get added.

There most likely will be. The screen shots in BlackBerry World for the Beta Zone app shows BBM with a release date of Aug. 29, 2013.

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I like the name Research in Motion... wonder why they dropped such a nice name...

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You have no one else to blame but CMO here. If you are going to change your name make sure it changes every where. How else do they plan on changing their image??

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I was so sceptical of downloading beta app on windows and then installing it on my phone. This has made it very easy. Enjoying bbm channels :d

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The authentication key was also crazy long. Although it was only a cut and paste job but still, we are not unlocking a bank vault.

Awesome! Will make it easier for BBM Channels installs, particularly for friends who don't have PCs.

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Awesome! Now I only have one reason to touch my laptop... and that's to install leaks!

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This will make things easier. The legacy days of ota installs right from the website were easy.

I still don't get the ladybug icon. Oh wait...looking for bugs! I get it now!

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"I still don't get the ladybug icon. Oh wait...looking for bugs! I get it now!"

I still think it's crap, lol.

Nice, I don't use my laptop a lot so this will get me the updates of Channels and such much faster!

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Blackberry beta zone, helps u get apps that are still in the beta stage (not yet completed). Nw we have an app for it meaning we can download over the air nw.
Bbm channels is a social thingy from bbm that is still under development and u can easily get it, by downloading the beta zone app.
Are we clear nw?

They need a feedback option or something in beta app. I have noticed my BBM is slower to load and so are chats. I'm sure it will be fixed asap.

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Wait. This is an app created by the folks at BlackBerry and its not rated "made for BlackBerry " hahaha that's funny!

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you mean "Build for BlackBerry"?

I think it is normal. Among the requirements, is the ability to share things from the app. And the content of this app cannot be shared (since it is based on being a member of a given program within the BetaZone)

That's the thing. I'm a beta for beta as well as twitter and Facebook. Lol. On pc log in I have everything. Here just channels :/

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If you do a search on all apps created by Research in Motion, none of them has the built for BlackBerry label. It is just a given.

The built for BlackBerry label is awarded to third party developers.

Check out my "Facepalm" channel: C0001F676

Funny thing is someone likely could take apart the app and find out how it works exactly and replicate it, I'm sure.

Iis it me? But some channels are not loading and I can not search for specific channels.

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Also comments don't show up and likes as well

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I'm just thinking out loud here but, I'm assuming that the reason it is only showing BBM Channels is cuz it's the only beta available for BB10.

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Fantastic and I'm happy to finally be able to try Channels, but as above, search for channels or popular channels aren't loading at all?
Hopefully just a short term glitch...

Yahy!! Now the channels are slowly loading/showing up :)

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I've downloaded this, however, what does it do? Can I get latest twitter etc? Or is this just BBM?

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This us for updating the beta version of the apps by BlackBerry which us usually done thru their website.

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I've been always trying to join the Beta Zone, it kept telling me to come back again when my country(Kuwait) is supported. Today, somehow I managed to join the Beta Zone through the application and now through the website. Anyone can confirm that more countries are being supported now?

it was always available for other countries. It was just a glitch. When it gives u that error. Try it on a pc instead and it would go through

Well, I lost my channels after upgrading... even after restarting the phone (Q10), still "0 channels"...

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Cool! Now they need to integrate all the functionality of the website (i.e., surveys, programs available, etc.).

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It says "unavailable for this device". My device is running on the latest official os and I'm a beta zone member. Why can't I download the app?

Tan Okan Z10

Can anyone help me out I downloaded the betazone app. First thing I noticed that on my BBM contact list it no longer displays my video camera on right top side and now it shows BBM logo with plus sign. When I press that logo it only brings me to the BBM list I already have? I will post pic so you see what I mean. No longer any video camera up on right hand corner. Can I change this back to video camera? Also I tried to add stations on my phone just to see all I get is nothing found. Any suggestions? Ok won't allow me to post pic on here

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I've noticed the new icon in the corner for a long time, but only installed the Beta Zone app this morning. So I don't think they're related in any way. The icon may have changed with the latest version on channels but I'm not sure why. Maybe when the cross platform bbm comes out we will receive an update that puts this function back

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I just downloaded and was disappointed with the white theme'd BBM. One of the things I love about this phone is the dark theme and it seems like we are slowly losing that.

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This is great, I have been wondering when Channels was going to be available to the masses and this does it until an official launch. One problem, I enter the channel codes for say Kevin of Crackberry and nothing comes up in the search, any suggestions on why?

This I like. I'm normally participating in one program or another and was hoping for a way to download apps without a pc.

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Great news. Now we can get more subscribers for Channels until it gets out of beta.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels


Seriously, I don't have a PC kicking around anymore, so reloading BBM Channels was too much of PITA when I swithced phones so I haven't been on the beta lately. Just installed this and was back up and running in six seconds. 


It ia a shame, that for many people (like me) it shows, it is not available for the device meanwhile I have (and some other people with similar comments above) a Q10, which SHOULD be compatible. So long nobody gave an answer to any of us whyyyyyyyy??????

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I thought I would have to go through some kind of configuring process and/or email confirmation, but it just works!

Thankfully they have this now! (I still have a PC, but this is SO much easier!)

With all due respect, this should have happened ages ago. As a long time member of Team BlackBerry, I've been honoured to have a part in beta testing. I think it's great to be apart of the big picture :)

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kinda odd that a native app, doesnt have the cascades part in it. you know the page swipe to the right to go back to the beginning of the app.

Long overdue. It's barebones, but at least it's something. Really, this should just be integrated into the BB World app itself.

"Previously released within the BlackBerry Beta Zone itself for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the BlackBerry Beta Zone app has now been posted to BlackBerry World for everyone to download."

Not quite for everyone...

"Required Device Software BB10 Smartphone: 10.1.0 or higher"

Sweet! I just scored a 50% off a Z10 charger bundle deal at Rogers using a BBM channels Canada deals coupon! :) Don't worry I checked your price first Crackberry...

Does the BBM download come from the moon or something? Been trying to download, without success, for 8 hours!

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Fantastic. Beats the old update method by a long shot. Delayed upgrading last time 'cause it was a pain. Now, no probs!

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Can't seem to find it yet - Am in Thailand - will keep trying and see if it eventually pops up...thanks for the headsup Bla1ze