BlackBerry Beta Zone accounts to be merged with your BlackBerry ID in the coming weeks

BlackBerry Beta Zone
By Zach Gilbert on 28 Aug 2012 10:09 am EDT

If you’ve been a BlackBerry Beta Zone member for a while now, you probably noticed that changes have been made in order to make the beta experience smoother. Today another new change has been announced and that is single sign in with your BlackBerry ID. We all know that using multiple user names and passwords can get a little cumbersome when it comes to remembering which one is for what. Today RIM has announced that they are fixing that for BlackBerry Beta Zone members. In the coming weeks, BlackBerry Beta Zone will now be using your BlackBerry ID for your login information.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be integrating BlackBerry Beta Zone with BlackBerry ID (BBID) to create a more streamlined login experience for you. If you do not currently have a BlackBerry ID, not a problem, you can simply create one here!”

If your BlackBerry ID name is the same as your Beta Zone account no changes will be required on your part, RIM will handle the migration for you. If your Beta Zone name is different then you will need to assist in the migration process, but its actually quite easy.

“Upon logging in to BlackBerry Beta Zone with your BlackBerry ID, you will have the opportunity to link all of your existing BlackBerry Beta Zone programs and profile information in one simple step. “

RIM has stated in the Beta Zone email that these changes will be taking effect over the coming weeks, and that you will be notified when the changes have been made. Hopefully RIM moving to a unified login on the Beta Zone and BlackBerry ID shows signs of things to come for other BlackBerry services like the BlackBerry Music and Video store, one can hope.

Reader comments

BlackBerry Beta Zone accounts to be merged with your BlackBerry ID in the coming weeks


I was just talking about this only a couple of days ago that BBID should be merged with everything. Can't wait for this to happen!

That's the plan, also unified BBM across multiple devices with same bbid. This is just the start of something awesome.

1less thing to worry about.

They said nothing about BlackBerry Messenger being cross-platform. And it won't be. It is a BlackBerry exclusive.

I talked with my coworker yesterday at length. He has [everything] Apple. I mean everything you can think of from Apple TV to to the MiniPad. He has had all iterations of the iPhone, etc, etc. Even his security system is integrated with his mini Apple ecosystem. One big thing I took away from our conversation is the way all his devices seemelessly integrate with each other.

Yes, it is sort of a pretend world where one has a mini iPAD before it has been released for sale. Yeh right. Oh love the security thing, that was new 3 years ago. All major security companies cover all major devices with Apps. It's not rocket science.

As to the ecosystem thing, it is part truth and part myth. Compatability between Apple devices is actually quite poor and unlikely to get much better with the current versions of iOS. Apple gets the whole whole mess to work by running a giant server over top of every device (the iCloud). Worked for a while but inflexible. They still have trouble sending an attachment.

You couldn't be more wrong on some of your points. He has had all of this going for years and had no issues. All told he has about eight Apple devices and his entire entertainment sytem is linked; even his PS3 and his wife's Wii are all a part of his elaborate entertainment system. He did an amazing job integrating it all. Pretend world? Try again.

Of course they are linked but so are my devices. It isn't all that hard and regular people like me do it all the time. Why are you pretending that only Apple has this magical feature. It is simply marketing nonsense for the uninformed.

Keep seeing what you wanted to see. Keep pretending the BB ecosystem is all that and it's on par with Apple. That's how BB they got into this mess; a failure to see beyond what is the obvious and think things are A-OK.

You commenting on this blog means you are no more of a "regular person" (regarding technology) than I am. Most regular people do not keep up with what's going on on sites like this. That "marketing nonsense" works. Most people don't care about the in depth things CB blogs are about. Had RIM done some of this "marketing nonsense" the company might be in a different position. The "uninformed" that you seem to dismiss have driven sales of Apple and Droid into the stratosphere. AAPL $670; RIMM $7.

Got the email, but didn't have a chance to read it, so thanks, craxkberry! Lol this is good. Looks like they're working on making everything uniform with the BBiD. I like :)

Anyone can make a beta zone app for playbook? Or atleast an icon linking to the webpage? I don't visit beta zone much because I use my playbook more than my torch now a days.

im glad that BBid is finally moving about hope this is a major good sign

I got the email a few days ago

Does this mean I will have to have a complex password for my Blackberry ID just like Beta Zone requires? That may be a deal breaker for me.

But this will be handy if I jump in and try things after the merge/migration is fully completed for everybody. :)