BlackBerry beta OS now available for developers

By Adam Zeis on 29 Aug 2013 03:20 pm EDT

Developers rejoice! OS has now been made available in beta form. This is a developer build for dev alpha devices and is a beta - so that means if you don't know what you're doing and/or have a use for it, steer clear. There is most likely a good amount of stuff missing from the actual OS as well, so there's that too. 

If you're a developer and want to fire up this beta, you can head to the link below to download and get your groove on. As usual you'll need a Windows PC to run the autoloader as well. 

The build is listed as being available for all BlackBerry 10 devices (not just the dev alpha) but we don't recommend giving this on the daily driver treatment.

Download beta OS
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Fidel Mercado

Whats changes are in the new beta OS?


Those release notes are still for


But they'll eventually be updated and that's where you can find them.


I think Bla1ze is just giving you the location of where the change log will be when it's updated.

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I tweeted @BlackBerryDev, and they're apparently working on fixing that.

R Field

lol just realized the Candy Crush reference...


Does this mean the actual 10.2 OS is around the corner?

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Coming soon... I think at the latest the end of September.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


Verizon will launch it mid 2013 prob :(

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Mid 2014?

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He surely meant 2017... ;)

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Well, we know the OS is coming soon, this just means they are still moving at a pretty steady pace.

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What r Dev alpha device?

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More than a 'leaked OS', does this 'BETA' mean that OS10.2 will bring many new surprises not just repairs?
I hope so.


No. In fact, it will bring you less features/apps than the leaked OSes as these are dev builds. Which is why it's recommended to download this only if you are aware of the differences and for development, not as your daily driver.


So, are you saying, the released OS10.2.xx will/may have more than the Dev Beta?


Of course. Dev Betas are supposed to be limited versions of the OS.

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Yay alpha bits :p

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Nooo......beta bits....

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Bacon Munchers

Also, hard pressed STL-001 users should be able to get this too, correct?


Yeah. But will have more features since it isn't a Dev OS so may as well stick with that.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...


Yes it will be for all users on BB10.!

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Time to update the devalpha; with the new SDK, I can't debug applications on a device running a leaked OS due to missing debug symbols. #PITA

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Wasim Raza

If I download this, where I can learn how to debug the apps?

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I already tried this update on my Z10 Stl 001 but the search icon dont worken the alarm dont appear
anyone have the same problem ?


Why is it taking so long for the update to release, it's not like they releasing a new phone, for a10 it's fine, but update should be out asap

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Sancho Zarraluqui

Hi all, any idea about how could i downgrade to 10.1 ?


Simple! With link, just reload OS!

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Sancho Zarraluqui

I tried to do it too many the end my cellphone start in 10.2 again, it seems to be as with some ios from iphone!!! i tried to restore through bb link...and nothing, also with another autoloader....and nothing.


I did down grade with the following ceremony, Full Charge Battery > Security Wipe > Flash with Autoloader you wish to flash for your device i.e 10.1 > Finish. I'm on now I have been hunting best battery life. my STL100-2 the best is with but I want to givbe try this cripped OS I dont use social app. 1445 very minimalistic, Just OS, BBM, Email, Hub, Text, Browser. No social app, NO CALCULATOR and the new loading animations is awesome

Sancho Zarraluqui

Thanks buddy, in your opinion, which is the the os for STL 100-1? I tried the awful for me, I mean best os totally complete or official.
I use it for work and not for fun. I'm living abroad as a ex pat in Colombia...and the last os released was


It seems like every other week there is a new beta being released, but I see no completed updates. What do we 10 OS's sitting in Beta?

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When is os 10.2 coming for the uk

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