BlackBerry begins testing promo codes for BlackBerry World

By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2013 02:55 pm EDT

A few months back we first saw a hint of promo codes for BlackBerry World. While nothing really came of it, it appears that now BlackBerry may finally be putting coupon codes to use. 

According to a forums post, emails are being sent out for a new program in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for coupon codes. The email states that testers are needed to "help validate promotional codes for music". The users will each receive 5 promo codes which can be used to redeem free tracks from Jay-Z, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey or Robin Thicke. 

It looks like the testing doesn't extend to apps or games yet, but we expect that in due time promo codes will be made available for all music, movies, TV shows, apps and games across BlackBerry World. 

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BlackBerry begins testing promo codes for BlackBerry World


The point is they are testing promo codes, and IF it works, they WILL come to apps too, and this will be HUGE, especially when Developers can give them out.  :)

Does promo codes also mean "gift cards?" I really think BlackBerry needs to have an option for gift cards if they are serious about the consumer market!

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It's a promo code, it could be distributed in a number of ways including gift cards for sale, or as incentives for whatever. They are testing the process and this is a good thing. Remember back in the day when CB would give out codes for apps ALL the time? Developers had this option at the old store mobihand, and they could offer CB codes to give away in contests and get featured on the blog. This is a GREAT thing folks!

No, promotion codes mean promotion codes, i.e. what a developer or company would offer to their customers as a reward/incentive/promotion to enter into a field in BlackBerry World to redeem a certain digital item. Though gift cards can work in a similar fashion, they're not limited to this functionality.

I do agree though that as we've seen with the Google Play Store, BlackBerry would be wise to start rolling out gift cards.

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Wow this is awesome news and let's keep moving BBRY........
Very good and spread the word team BlackBerry......
Let's tell all our friends and family.......lets share the positive news

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

Have not received the email but I wonder if this testing could reach out to former BBM Music subscribers? Just a thought...

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That's my screenshot. Finally something I posted gets into front page. BTW my gf received the same email too but she's not using a BlackBerry phone anymore. Shld I replied using her email and stole the promo codes from hers? Just kidding :P

I hate the beta zone. . . the only invites I get are for surveys and no matter how many times I change my device info it still shows I have a 9900 . . . lol. . .

oh. . .ok . . . ha!. . .so I've always had the profile question right . . .just the forum avatar won't change. . . carry on . .lol

As usual what's new to blackberry the competition has had for Years! About time they operate in the 21st century.

Did the competition have promo codes 6 months after their respective operating systems were released?

Like it or not, BB10 is a new OS and (while very surprising for some), it doesn't have every feature and every app that the other mobile OS's have compiled in the 5+ years they've been around (or 10+ times longer than bb10).

We're all early adopters.

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I guess now we know what PlayBook owners can expect. You get a coupon! And you get a coupon! etc.

Nothing is free in this world, you still have to pay for the data for the items you download

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this is very true even if you have "free" unlimted data you are still paying for it if you didnt pay anything to a carrier you wouldnt get the data

As a developer I would love to be able to give my application away for free with a code or also give a 50% code. I have high hopes for this...

Same here. It would be great to be able to give out a promo code now and then. It could also make it easier to get apps into the hands of reviewers, rather than using the sandbox.

I'm actually stuck on the idea that they're testing promo codes... WTF took so long to begin with? Blackberry should change their name to Afterthought, LIMITED. Jeeeeeezus..

How about BlackBerry World cards that you can buy for your kids to add to their BlackBerry World accounts so they can buy content. Ridiculous that you still can't do this!