BlackBerry 6 to be available on the BlackBerry Torch, Pearl 3G, Bold 9650 and Bold 9700 - Where do you stack up?

By Adam Zeis on 4 Aug 2010 02:16 pm EDT
BlackBerry 6 

Tons of news an excitement from yesterdays Torch and BlackBerry 6 announcement. In the midst of all the chaos Inside BlackBerry posted a blog from Mike L himself who is obvisouly very hyped about the latest device and newest operating system. In the post, he finally let the BlackBerry world know just what devices will be seeing BlackBerry 6. Included in the list are the BlackBerry Torch, Pearl 3G, Bold 9650 and Bold 9700. Still no word of just when the OS will hit these older devices, but it shouldn't be much longer now. So how do you stack up with BlackBerry 6? Will your device be getting BlackBerry 6 or are you left in the dust? Excitied? Pissed? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know.

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BlackBerry 6 to be available on the BlackBerry Torch, Pearl 3G, Bold 9650 and Bold 9700 - Where do you stack up?



Blackberry is losing its faithful followers...this update better be competetive and reach current devices or I am following suit of droid owners and jumping ship

I own a 9700 and I THANK CRACKBERRY for giving us a forum and a voice as a dominant Blackberry owners community to talk about how pissed we'd be if we did not get the BB6 upgrade. I am not sure how or why, but I'd like to think RIM took some well needed advice from the CrackBerry community and did what was right!!! Now lets just hope it doesn't slow this 9700 down too much!!!

***BTW, months ago this was all said by CRUCIAL_EXTREME***
thanks for the quick and extremely ACCURATE info C_X, i did doubt you, i now know the error of my ways!!! LOL!

Thanks alot guys!!!!!!!

I have the original Storm and it doesn't qualify but who really gives a ****. As soon as I see an android Phone I like I am gone like a mean streak.

There's talk/rumour that the blackberry storm 3 when that eventuates will have a new graphical interface tacked onto OS 6 i.e all the goodies of OS 6 like webkit browser but with an interface UI that suited more for the storm.

This will hopefully mean the storm 2 at the very least may get a whole new upgrade! probably why they never mentioned it because there are minor differences between the storm and the 9700 and that being really the lack of hardware keyboard on the storm!

for those not able to get it because assuming the reason being hardware, surely they will bring out the webkit browser to 5.0 users?

everyone of you anti rim/blackberry thinking life is great with assdroid you'll be back hahaha. if we proud blackberry user allow you..

I rode out my storm 1 and almost upgraded to storm 2. But when I found out the 9650 was coming out.. I waited. Couldn't be more happier! I got tired of the touchscreen experience anyway.

I don't know why there's talk of people going over to iphone/android.

sure they are getting updates but have you seen 1.6... it was sorely needing an update and there are many android phones that will not and can not be upgraded to 2.0 without you 'rooting' the phone. another hassle that some consumers cannot fathom having to do for risk of bricking their phone!

iOS 4 gets pretty slow on iphone 3GS and dont think you can get iOS 4 on the original iphone either.

android phones come a dime a dozen nowadays and there are so many variants that also rely on the manufacturer to keep up with the updates. some have been quicker than others to get the update but luckily its open source community have been able to help, mixing sense ui, motoblur, touchwiz onto other devices.

android still has a bit to go assuming by its latest updates and turnarounds. don't get me wrong its great but dont for a second think older android phones are just going to magically get updates because it should. i swear people are so spoiled by mobile now that they do not see the bigger picture. some advances are needed that cannot be done on slower hardware and if your fine like my mate who has a htc magic then go right ahead and get it rooted and wait for the community to hack on as many features that the new androids give.

blackberry webkit is a very important update and so is OS 6 and hopefully some of those updates will trickle down to 5.0 and onto the touchscreen enabled devices when the eventual storm 3 comes to fruition.

but yes i can understand your frustration but i just dont understand those who recently bought the phone should be so upset. you got it for what it was and that was a fantastic phone - it does not become useless because of this.

Im looking forward to seeing windows mobile 7 but i have my doubts about its integration of social networking. I feel they've gone overboard but i do like the new look.

I'm still laughing at the previous post from the person who was bragging about their Palm Pre. I had that phone and dumped it as soon as I could. What a cheaply made pile of plastic. If you're unhappy with RIM, I'd suggest iPhone or Android, but don't go backward, lol.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I walked into my carrier, Sprint, in February of this year and told them I wanted the best phone they offered. The salesperson told me it was the Palm Pre. I bought it and returned it within two weeks as I thought it was of low quality in several key respects. In its place, Sprint only had two decent phones to offer ... the BB Tour 9630 or the HTC Hero. I checked them both out and the Tour was the better of the two, in my opinion, so I bought it. When the 9650 came out only a few months later, my Tour became a dinosaur. But that's the way it is with electronic devices.

I enjoy using my Tour 9630 very much and it performs great for me. When my contract runs out in a year and a half, I will walk back into my Sprint store and I will determine which is the best phone at that time. I hope it's still a BlackBerry and if it is I'll buy it. But I must say that if my contract were over at this moment, Sprint's best phone, by a mile, is the HTC Evo. It'll be interesting to see what is offered when my contract is up. I like RIM very much & I will continue enjoying my Tour, but I'll pick the best phone Sprint is offering at contract renewal time, whether it's RIM or not.

I see all these posts about memory, ram, and rom...bottom line is RIM screwed this one big time!! I love my blackberry tour, the international calling on it is great. When I heard about BB6 I was very excited. Researched it, loved the features, the interface, everything about it was awesome so my fingers have been quivering with anticipation to upgrade. But suddenly not available for my Tour! Heartbreak!! So now I move on to a Droid phone. Loved my blackberry but cannot stay with a company that doesn't love its customers!! You screwed this one RIM!!

BB6 was the only thing that was going to have a chance at keeping me on my Storm2. Now I'm just waiting until January when I'm switching to the Fascinate. Good job dropping the ball RIM.

We'll see when those who are getting OS 6 new phones and 6 months or 1yr later you guys won't be getting OS 6.5 or OS 7.O and no updates or support for your new phones because RIM moved on to the 10K Series. I'll be laughing then just like you guys are laughing at us with older recent phones.

I bought a Tour knowing that it had 256 of Ram after grabing a Storm. Holy Fk I am so mad mad mad. Does anyone have a really good reason as to why I am left out. What if they will upgrade my OS just after a few other phones use it for a while ?

This is typical RIM, not caring about the consumer at all. The Tour 9630 is basically a 9700 minus WiFi and the trackpad...and even has the same 256 MB of why is the 9700 getting 6 OS, and not the 9630?

The fact that the device is EOL is irrelevant. It is just over a year old. RIM should be aware that many people purchased this device and they are being left out in the cold. And for everyone pointing out "if you want an up to date OS, you need an up to date phone" and similar BS, I'd like to make a few points:

1.) My 2nd gen 8GB iPod touch is currently running iOS 4 without a hiccup. Really, the biggest loss is I don't get custom wallpapers and multitasking. That isn't a big deal to me because a.) it's an iPod and I don't care too much about multitasking, and b.) I can still use folders and the unified Email inbox, which is incredibly useful. At least Apple found a way to get their most recent OS on an older device in some form.

2.) The Droid is also nearly as old as the Tour....yet it is still getting the Android 2.2 Froyo update. Explain that.

But really, I shouldn't be pissed off. Even 6 OS is nothing more than an incremental upgrade that contains features that nearly every other major smartphone (iOS, Android, webOS) has had for quite some time now. Let's face it and be honest with ourselves...BlackBerries are really nothing more than really nice feature phones at this point. BBM alone is not enough to keep me anymore. I look forward to November when I can dump my 9630 for an Android device.

I have the BlackBerry Bold 9700! And I'M GETTING THE OS 6 UPDATE! But not only will those devices will be getting the OS 6. Of course Bold 9700, 9650 and Pearl 3G will get the OS 6 update BUT! The Storm 2 will be getting the OS 6 UPDATE! NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT! SO ALL THE STORM 2 USERS DON'T SLIT YOUR THROAT OR THROW AWAY THOSE BLACKBERRY'S KEEP THEM BECAUSE YOU WILL GET THE OS 6 UPDATE!

...but not pissed.

I just want the good bits to trickle down - the browser for example. I don't need a UI refresh.

Another question is where will the developers go - especially if the OS is not backward compatible (if its not then I wonder why it has got bloated so much).

Can anyone hazard a guess on the world wide RIM phones break up?

Whenever OS6 comes out and I figure 2 years before Tmo gets it ready to download. I would be astounded if it happened within 3 months. If an OS6 download is found some where I wouldn't wait for Tmo, as I would try the wild one.

I am extremely disappointed that RIM opted to go only with ATT.

december 09, i jumped on a 2yr contract w/ my 8520 (upgrade from a pearl 8100). the phone is fine. but, to think that OS upgrades are not available even within a year ... that's just pitiful.

come december 11, we'll see where i stand on the "loyalty" front. considering how mobile technology has been jumping over the last 3 months, there may be totally different choice to make in 2011.

for now, i am not pleased w/ this BB6 news. at the very least, RIM should provide webkit for recent models.

I'm happy to learn that my 9700 will get the upgrade. I must say, however, that I don't think I'm as tech savvy as so many of you here appear to be. I have checked out other phones such as iphone and Android and, while they were impressive, they didn't capture me like BlachBerry did. Then again, I'm looking at everything from my limited knowledge of smartphones and I certainly can't claim to know the complete capabilities of the competition. It's more important to me that my phone does what I want it to do and my 9700 does just that.

If someone developes a Hybrid, would it pretty much do what the real BB OS6 does? I have the OS6 theme and I really dont see the big deal. The search feature is kind of cool. I dont know just asking

I was going to get the Droid 2 but needed a phone asap and I couldn't wait for it's release. My friends are always playing around with their Droids when we hang out, I always end up with one of the phones in my hand. I thought with the new OS 6.0 I could show off all the new tweaks for my phone. Now I laughed at for telling them Storm2 isn't on the list. I think I'll wait for the Droid X to be available so I can finally have one up on them.

Thought everyone might find this interesting. The Wall Street Journal quoted the following speculation today.

“The Canadian phone maker unusually made no mention of upgrading either the Storm or the Storm2, leaving both phones out despite their touchscreens. RIM hasn't explained why, but their use of the now discarded SurePress click-down screen may prevent them from using BlackBerry 6 properly.”

Link to full url of article. Cut / Paste into your browser.

Some things just boggle my mind - a 500+ MHz processor and 128 MB of ram were enough to run Windows XP, but Storm series cannot run OS6... These are supposed to be phones, dammit!

My storm 2 isn't getting the upgrade; but the Torch comes with it, and I'll be standing outside the ATT store when they open Thursday morning.

I don't understand why the upgrade is only available for three phones. The Pearl, and the two Bolds (9650 & 9700). I have the Tour since the Bold wasn't available to me then, and its a 9630. Its pretty much identical to the Bold. I wonder why its not going to be upgraded. I think the Droid is lookin better every day.