BlackBerry 6 to be available on the BlackBerry Torch, Pearl 3G, Bold 9650 and Bold 9700 - Where do you stack up?

By Adam Zeis on 4 Aug 2010 02:16 pm EDT
BlackBerry 6 

Tons of news an excitement from yesterdays Torch and BlackBerry 6 announcement. In the midst of all the chaos Inside BlackBerry posted a blog from Mike L himself who is obvisouly very hyped about the latest device and newest operating system. In the post, he finally let the BlackBerry world know just what devices will be seeing BlackBerry 6. Included in the list are the BlackBerry Torch, Pearl 3G, Bold 9650 and Bold 9700. Still no word of just when the OS will hit these older devices, but it shouldn't be much longer now. So how do you stack up with BlackBerry 6? Will your device be getting BlackBerry 6 or are you left in the dust? Excitied? Pissed? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know.

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BlackBerry 6 to be available on the BlackBerry Torch, Pearl 3G, Bold 9650 and Bold 9700 - Where do you stack up?



I'm getting the BlackBerry 6 OS upgrade!

But I'll definitely be getting the BlackBerry Bold upgrade when that comes out!


considering the Storm series is the most popular line of BB phones, and how well OS6 applies to a touchscreen device.

This omittance only reconfirms a potential Storm 2.5 release in the coming months.

I bought my Storm 2 with the expectation of getting at least the webkit browser, if not OS6. At this point I've decided to switch to the Droid X.

When it posted a couple weeks ago that Storm2 testing of OS6 was stopped by VZW, I ordered the DroidX and put my S2 on Ebay. BEST decision I have made yet. Got 260 for the Storm while it was still a desired phone. Now that OS6 isnt coming to it officially, Im sure I could not get that price this week.
Very glad I went Droid

Nice move, so that means I can at least get $250 if I sell my 9700 since it will be getting OS6. Torch is not impressive (I mean, it would be if this was still 2007) and I'm looking to buy a new phone, but I'm not really a fan of all the touchscreen only phones that are being released. Guess I'm gonna have to wait for HP, well if they decide to expand on their acquisition of Palm, to see if they come out with a better Pixi!

Goodbye RIM... I bought the Storm2 less than a year ago and for them to not be offering a Webkit upgrade much less no OS6 means I'm jumping ship. RIM has been behind the curve for almost 2 years now and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon.

Definitely moving to Droid... good riddance RIM

I'm dissapointed with RIM. Because RIM doesn't provide OS 6 for STORM 2 fans!!!!!!!!!! maybe I'll switch to the iPhone soon!!!!!!!!!!

Man, can you imagine how much better the Pre would have sold if it had had hardware even close to as nice as what we're seeing in the 9800?

do you mean the measly last gen 624Mhz processor, or no front camera, or good looking but not beautiful screen, or no hdmi port, or no mobile hotspot capability? just to name a few..

They could have beat everyone with a punch if they brought out dual core chips and 1GB of RAM; also up the ante with internal storage, 4gb is not enough.

Also, Their app development is measly compared to Android.

Rim has disappointed me with their hardware offering for this new "cutting edge" phone of theirs.

I have a 9700, i am happy that the upgrade is coming to my device but i will have to say, this is my last RIM phone. As much as i like to stay with a Canadian firm, the Koreans along with Google have a far superior product.

RIM, good luck competing with your four banger against Ferrari's and Bentley's of the phone market.

Everyone please remember that is 512MB of ROM! NOT RAM! The 9700, 9650, 9800 etc all most likely have ONLY 128MB of RAM. Flash memory is your ROM. RIM has been sleazy and stopped showing RAM since the Curve/ 8800 series which had all of 16MB! Yes when others had 64-128MB of RAM RIMs devices had 16MB. Now they don't show it officially, and show the ROM/Flash memory.

Fuck Rim?

9800 has 512 MB of SDRAM and equal amount of ROM
9700 has 256 MB of RAM and equal amount of ROM


Anyhow, i was spewing some wishful specs to better contend against a growing armada of powerful Android phones that are currently out there. Now there is talk to multi core phones with dedicated gfx processors (i think Droid X already has that)

I don't understand why they would recycle old hardware specs for their flagship phone when their adversaries are already ahead of them.

Boy would i be pissed if i owned RIM stock. lol




So I guess that means no OS6 for me - unless the rumored "refresh" comes out, but that would most likely mean I'll need to pay for the same phone I already have.

Same boat here. I'm not buying a Storm3 that is reportedly so similar to the Storm2. Already ordered my DroidX and my plans right now are to alternate that with the S2. Maybe I'll be back fulltime when the S4 rolls around.

Yeah I'm moving on once I get the money together.. I get annual upgrade within a month or so. I think I've narrowed it down to the Droid 2 and Droid X. I'm a bit sad that OS 6 can't be run on the Storm2, but life goes on.

No way I'm paying for another upgrade. At this point, it's probably the best idea for Storm 2 owners to save the cash of an upgrade and see what hits next. In my case, that's October, 2011.

"All ye who bought a Storm 2, abandon all hope"

This is total BS on RIMs part. Hope they are ready to bleed customers, just like Sprint did. Everytime they come out with an OS upgrade, you have to upgrade the handset as well. The sad part is, they are barely keeping ahead of the OS requirements with the new handsets. Enough of this crap, I am ready for a departure to android.

really? almost 30% are pissed? people, your devices aren't getting OS6 because they don't have enough internal memory! wtf do you expect?

Dude, the Curve 8900 has 256MB of internal RAM just like the Bold 9700. That's not a good enough excuse.

The processor isn't as quick though. At 512Mhz, and a different CPU altogether this might be one of the reasons. The 8900 was released 2 years ago, I'm not really surprised to hear it won't have OS6.

My Storm 2 is 9 months old. I got it the weekend it was released.

It's already outdated. Don't give me BS about how it's ancient, the Droid came out about the same time and is getting Froyo. The 3GS came out 6 months before that and received iOS 4. There is no reason that they shouldn't release a Lite version of BlackBerry 6, or offer a free upgrade to those of us who just got new phones.

Keep in mind there is a big difference in the OS. Froyo has a JIT(Just in Time) compiler that makes most devices scream on speed. Also the Droid came with 600MHZ processor, which is actually a throttled back 800mhz for battery life.

But in the end I would be bothered if I wasn't getting it. However, I have the Droid X so no big deal for me. I am glad RIM backed off unlike 5.0 and not allow it to devices that experience issues.

My curve 8530 was released like 5 months ago, 256 mb memory, open GL, trackpad.

But it won't be supported, I'm not pissed off though.

its said that Research in Slow Motion develop blackberries thinking 3 years ahead. Now seriously??? 3yrs ahead??? crappy ass cpu, low ass memory and outdated phones. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Sounds about right... 3-Years ago nobody really knew what and iPhone was and an Android was what one of the characters from Star Trek was. RIM probably had 85% of the smartphone market and saw no end in sight. So they figured they could coast for a while with a few small changes every year and that would get them by.

Of course the future rarely turns out as expected! And while competition is great for the consumer, some companies have a hard time with change...

The 9800 OS6 is a 170-180MB file, while the 9700's is more like current OS 5 builds in size.

I feel for ya, as I am super-relieved to finally ooficially hear that my 9700 gets 6.

I don't understand why the Tour 9630 isn't on the list though...

The 8900 is still a rather neat device, I've been extremely happy with mine. If it had 3g I wouldn't see any need to upgrade it for another year, but edge is getting old and a little frustrating.

The Storm 2 isn't even a year old and yet the hardware wasn't developed to be in line with OS6? Not smart! Android phones will get a serious look from me BEFORE another Blackberry.

From what I heard it was developed to work with BB OS 6 but as it turned out the OS6 for touch screen ended up taking up more room than first thought and in testing (with Verizon I beleive) they felt it wasn't smooth or fast enough so the said no OS6 for Storm2.
Could be wrong, that's just something I read from BBOS or BB Leaks or some site.

I 90% toward dumping BB... My storm2 is about 10 months old! I will just put in a drawer and pick up an Android device..

The questions are bad. Both the last two should have been one. If you add the %'s that is 46% almost half that are upset. That is the point. Not how upset.

I didn't see the sense in splitting the last 2 options on the poll either. Oh well.

I have a 9530 and I'll be eligible for a new device come November, but since A) I don't like the traditional keypad on most BBs and B) the Storm 3 is no where in sight... I've already decided that the Droid X is going to be my next phone. I can hardly wait.

And besides my hate for tiny keypads, the Torch doesn't interest me because it's on AT&T first. I hate AT&T's packages and service.

As a Storm 2 user (abuser), I am not going to be happy if we get left out of this upgrade... guess we have to wait for Storm 3 or Torch to come out on VZ... And by the way VZ, I am not happy that you didnt get the exclusivity on the Torch.

Oh before i forget; AT&T, you SUCK!!! The only chance I will ever switch back to you is if you carry the only BB in this world.

Jumpin ship if the refresh doesnt hit the market. I got the storm 1 first day. Storm 2 first day (w/o renewing my contract) thru my verizon connect. Droid X may be in my near future :/ make it seem like OS6 is amazing.......its laggy as hell on the 9800 and it will probly be even worse on the older blackberry's good luck with that.....

Excited the 9700 is getting it :)

Also, it's amazing how many people who are sporting PoS devices from rim are complaining they are not getting a new OS upgrade.

Did you honestly expect a Curve or Pearl from the 1st gen to get it? LOL, give me a break...

Hey (snide, offensive name),

If the 2nd Gen Curve, which is just 8 months old, and has 256mb of memory, then why not?

If it's a memory issue, why would the 9700 get it and not the 9550? They are both 256MB. I'm guessing it must something related to the SurePress tech on the Storm2?

They both have 256MB but I think OS 6 requires more memory for touchscreen devices. That's what I've picked up from Kevin and Sal.

Why bother with a refresh of the 9700... I mean instead of "refresh" come out with a better successor to the 9700. Oh, and i own the 9550, I would just like the better browser, not much of a media phone person or phone games.

While OS6 look a lot better than OS5, RIM has really fallen behind in the smartphone race. I'm up for a new phone in a few months, and I seriuously doubt it will be a BB.

I was secretly holding out a little hope for my 8900. Oh well I guess, this is the news I was expecting.

As a happy and satisfied Blackberry user I'll likely pickup a newer model sometime soon. Probably the Torch, if it passes my playtest in the store.

I am one of those "pissed" off. I've had three blackberries (Pearl, Storm 1 and 2). Great for corporate email; but a PITA for my personal email, calendar, etc using google. I was hoping that the Storm2 would be upgradable to OS6 and fix many of the UI issues. When I learned the 9550 was not included, I sold it on eBay and bought a Droid (the original). After using the Droid for 2 weeks, I have absolutely no regrets.

RIM, what a huge mistake. Storm 2 should never have come out, if it wasn't in the OS6 roadmap! Glad you're thinking about your customers!

I'm so pumped that it was finally confirmed that the 9650 will be getting Blackberry 6! It kinda sucks for my friends (all of which have the 8530). You'd think since the Pearl 3G and 9700 have 256mb that the new OS would work on the 8500 series, right?

AT&T never updates BB OS's. They just sell phones and forget their customers. My Bold still has OS 4.6, so the only way to get OS 6 is to buy a new Torch.

Unfortunately, as a current AT&T 9700 user, AT&T'S refusal to officially update the 9000 to 5.0 makes me wonder if they will officially update the 9700 to 6.0. Not that it matters to me personally, since I'll happily load a leaked version, but still, it's the principle.

I got my 9000 almost 2 years (well, 20 months) ago. I'm eligible for an upgrade, of course, and will be taking it with the Torch. So why don't you? Unless you had the misfortune of waiting to buy your 9000 until shortly before the 9700 came out.

The 85xx have a much slower processor. Not surprised by this at all. I am surprised that the 93xx apparently won't support it.

I still wonder that how much the OS6 will practically operates on non-touch screen devices ,such as 9700, with its new fancy functions. Because those shown in the vids. are for touch-screen devices.

As I've only owned my 9700 for about a month now, I am super excited to find out my phone is eligible for os6... Now hopefully it doesn't take months for the update to be released...

Storm 1. Not getting the new OS. Not surprised at all. Kind of surprised the Storm 2 isn't getting it, and also quite surprised that the Storm 2 is reaching end of life without a replacement device on the market.

Without a Verizon touchscreen Blackberry running OS 6, I see no reason to stick with Blackberry.

Also using a Storm 1, also not all surprised its not getting the new OS, considering it barely runs 5.0. The difference is I'm on Telus so I will be having the Torch come my way, or maybe I'll just go with the Pearl 3G for a bit cheaper and smaller - touchscreen isn't a big deal for me.

Now that I think about it, it seems to me that the Torch is replacing the Storm line. I mean, it has the touch screen PLUS the tiny keypad (which I hate). I honestly don't see why RIM would make a Storm 3. Either way, I won't wait around long enough to find out.

i think im missing something here, oh so many people going `im leaving` an stuff, whats up with that? your device wont run BlackBerry 6, but it still works just the same as it did yesterday before they announced BlackBerry 6 yes? so why the big comotion.

and all those saying they will upgrade to this or that or whatever, there is that Torch you could upgrade to as well ya know :)

as for me, im in both worlds, me 8500, 8900 and 9520 wont get it, my 9700 will. im not unhappy, as they work how i need them to right now, and thats the most important thing to me

For me it's the promise that was the Storm 2. For those of us that have it, here are some of the issues: 1) We upgraded less than 12 months ago, 2) the phone should have a developer life cycle of more than 9 months. 3) I won't go to AT&T for the Torch (have to have coverage, Verizon is the bomb!) 4) How do you not consider your "advanced touch screen phone" i.e. the Storm 2, intended to battle the iphone when it's not part of your OS upgrade path? Iphone 3G/3GS included in Apple's plan.

It's simple. OS 6 uses more memory for touchscreen devices. That's why the Storm 2 won't have it. Useless to have OS 6 on it if you're left with no memory.

Having been a Bold 9000 owner for a year and a half, I can tell you that having a device with the best hardware in the world is still the most frustrating experience ever if you don't have the memory to make use of anything.

Then make the soldered on memory a non-issue and allow people to load apps to the SD card. It's in the Android Froyo 2.2 roadmap. Let me choose what I want to run fast and let me park that in the on board memory. All the other fun and interesting crap I have can go on the massive 16gb card they gave me when I bought the phone.

Actually he isn't. For example on Palm devices you loaded your apps on your memory card. And for the record, it's SDRAM on the 8900 or 9800 for that matter, not DDR2 or 3 speed ram. So I'm sure SDHC Class 6 could be fast enough to run the apps on a card. It might take some figuring out. But I'M SURE RIM COULD DO IT!

What you're missing is that "just the same as it did yesterday" is just not very good anymore, if it ever really was.

The reason I bought a Blackberry in December of 2008 was a) I needed it for work, and b) I wanted Verizon. a is no longer true now that work supports ActiveSync devices. There's still b, but I can get a phone with a more advanced OS than Blackberry on Verizon now, which I couldn't do then.

The BB Torch does not have b, either. It's on AT&T. If I'm switching to AT&T, I'm getting an iPhone.

while i see your point, my personal view is you should always purchase something for what it DOES, not what it MIGHT do at some point down the line.

dont get me wrong i get your point, but imagine if they slimmed it down a touch and left you with say 30Mb memory? think back to storm1 situation then realise its all about the user experience when 6 is on the device, if it bugs out like the S1 firmware did at launch then they`d have huge problems, im sure they took the past into account when deciding what they were gonna do

Let's go with your first statement, you get phone for what it does, not what it might do down the line. In this screwed up world of carrier exclusivity and phone network compatibility, you don't necessarily get choices to pick the right phone for your needs. So, when your upgrade date comes available, you start evaulating what is available on the market then and make your decision accordingly. The fact is that Verizon users now have a choice to pick a better smartphone experience than a BlackBerry. Another concept not mentioned in these forums is how the economic recession may have reduced many smartphone users' needs for a secured business device like BlackBerry because the job they have now will support the Android or Iphone just fine. Your needs change over time, and it's becoming clear in all these comments and threads, that the Droid will satisfy the needs of many Crackberrians more than the BlackBerry.

If I am going to switch to ATT, I am getting an Iphone!!

Completely agree with your comments about Verizon and the choices we now have. I think RIM has one major problem going it for right now... it doesn't compare good. The phone by itself is pretty decent but when compared to other smartphones priced similar, it's falling behind big time. I think RIM is going to be playing the BOGO game for a long time if they want to compete in sales figures with Android and Iphone, if they don't start updating these phones with today's technology instead of yesterday's technology. For a BB lover who wants to stay BB, the Slider is going to be fine. But for others who want a state-of-the-art smartphone, RIM is going to lose sales.

I wouldn't mind sticking with RIM/BB if the tech and support was up to par with the Android and iPhone market, but such is not the case.
Besides, as stated, there are better options on the Verizon network these days. So there's no need for me to limit myself to BB tech like before.
The only thing I'll miss is BBM.

RIM, Figure out how to store Apps on the MicroSD card and make this available for the Storm 2. It's on the roadmap for Android 2.2 which means we should have it for BB in 2015!

I bought the Storm 1 first day and suffered through all the BS that came with it. And being truly dedicated, I bought the Storm 2 shortly after it came out. Now, less than a year later, the new operating system coming out isn't compatible. No more dedication to me. My next move will be to a Droid, or maybe an iPhone if the Verizon rumor mill is right!! But NEVER again will I buy a Blackberry.

I have an 8900...don't really care that my device isn't getting OS6. Frankly I haven't been impressed with its features...and not only that, I don't really have a use for them. Once my contract is up I will probably look at other phones, anyway.

If people dont like the fact there device isnt getting it and are leaving let them, thats why there is a poll to ask how people feel ...before that it was a bunch of nerds like you saying quit crying. It matters to not only RIM but the the guys on this site.

Stick with your stone age model phone...its okay.


Tour owners getting f'ed in the A again, thanks RIM for rolling out a crap phone for 6 months then shafting everyone who bought one.

^THIS!!!! Augh, not even an explanation as to why the Tour won't get OS6, and support for the Tour has disappeared from Verizon's website, as well as in-stores. It's pathetic.

I am super excited that I will be able to get new OS6...I'm on Tmo but I will def get the 9800 if it comes out in Tmobile. Just wondering if the 9700 is getting the new OS then what is the point of 9780? It's the 9700 with OS6 right? So will the 9700 be limited access to the new OS6?

No storm 2 well that's just stupid some flagship phone. Soon as I can in jumping ship. Not sure where but I know most companies don't say screw you after 9 months and kick you to the curb. Droid or maybe even an iphone. Never thought I would say those words. But RIM you just put that final nail in your coffin. The touch isn't going to be your saving grace. Seriously a slider. Get your shit together.

I am done supporting a company that doesn't stand by devices that are not even a year old. RISM can go to hell.

Can't wait for the upgrade to come out for my BB9700. No puedo esperar a que salga la actualización para mi BB9700!!!! :)

Listen, all you people quit crying about your WHACK device not getting OS6.

There is absolutely no excuse for having a BB that doesnt support it (except storm 2 - tough sh*t!!). The rest of you who have 85xx or the 8900 quit complaining. If you wernt so quick to get a device and did you RESEARCH in the first place, you would have realised those devices are a pile of crap anyway.

I have a 9700 im getting the update MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I have a Curve, and I would like to know what you mean by "crap". The funny part was that just last week a bunch of you 9700 users were complaining and crying that you would leave RIM if your phone wasn't supported. Bottom line, I liked the Curve because it was a good phone for me being that its not even 2 years old I think it should have been supported or at least built with the requirements to hold it.

I am so sorry for that, I know it was totally uncalled for. I hope you enjoy OS6, it looks promising:)

I am so glad to be getting OS6 for BB9700 however I am concerned how much memory will it occupy.

I am most surprised when I learnt that Storm 2 wont be getting OS6, truly shocking!

As sad as I am to say, my next phone will NOT be a Blackberry. I've been a huge fan but I'm jumping ship. Hello Android.

I am pissed that my storm 2 won't get the new OS. after seeing the best blackberry to dates hardware, it has me switching to android and possibly iphone. if the slow processor and lack of memory is the best RIM can do, then they are WAY behind the competitors and i feel for them. I am sending my buisness and my money to a company that is at least with the times and not playing catch up.......

I am pissed that my storm 2 won't get the new OS. after seeing the best blackberry to dates hardware, it has me switching to android and possibly iphone. if the slow processor and lack of memory is the best RIM can do, then they are WAY behind the competitors and i feel for them. I am sending my buisness and my money to a company that is at least with the times and not playing catch up.......

Luckily i own a 9700 so i guess i'm quite happy with the news... On the other hand i'll probably only get the os6 in half a year or so since BB is a bit overlooked here in Portugal concerning these critical updates. But at least i have the chance to try it! But...i feel quite suprised that RIM "forgot" all the buyers of the storm and seems a bit of a strategy to force people that like touch phones to change their equipment! Not sure they're going to get the right end of the stick...

Hmmmm...guess I'll install it on my 9700 and hold off on the Torch for a minute...if the browser is all its hyped up to be, I may stick with this phone...

Being a 9650 owner, I've already seen some nice improvements of 9650 operations with Dripher's OS6 hybrids. So looking forward to the real thing.

after reading these comments... i had many laughs of joy. The Bold 9700 will be gettin OS 6.0 as i been saying it will most likely receive it. I'm happy i was right, i do feel bad for those who aren't getting OS 6.0... but heres a solution, either switch over to that whack driod or iphone... or get a new blackberry. Don't bash RIM for their decision on what they believe will uplift their company.

P.S. what if this poll was to see which phones they shouldn't leave out??... think

I can deal with the 8320 not getting but pearl 3g gets its and the 8500,9300,and storm 2 plus 8900 won't get thats not right so all these phone are outdated no webkit browser is whats gonna really be painfull people!!

This OS is built for touch screen, it would push sells for Storm 2. Oh you guys waiting to release the CLAMSHELL

GTFOH....Research in sloooowww motion

DROOOIIIIDDDD will be happy to have all those who have been burned by RIM and Apple too for that matter or even Samsung Galaxy S.

Please go enjoy your phone for all its worth, you will never look back

But Apple and Android have never looked as good as they do now! I'm even considering a change to them.

And I'm happy with that! After using RIM's watered down browser for last 2 years I've come to realize a HTML browser will do just fine. And actually a few text alerts is all I ask anymore, just feed me scores and breaking news! Just saying!

Aww I hate to be Party Pooper here, but I dun see no reason to get excited here! Does anybody remember what RIM said about these UPDATES? RIM sends the updates to the Carriers, its up to the Carriers when they wanna send the Updates to the Consumer! So for all those people with 9700 expecting to get OS6 on the phone? You'll be seeing it alright, in about a year from now! Lol Hell some Carriers still haven't even pushed out OS5 yet and how long has it been out?

True, but at the same time it could be possible that those carriers holding off on OS5 was because OS6 was coming. It could be possible that RIM has given OS6 to carriers and they have already been testing for weeks/months??? Not to mention we should see leaks as well and you don't have to wait for your carrier for that! TMO would only have to test for 1 device (9700), not all BBs they carry. Same with other carriers. If the Torch was announced with working demos yesterday, that means this OS has been ready for awhile now. I see no reason for RIM to have withheld this OS for that long to allow the carriers the ability to test and distribute shortly after the Torch goes out.

I understand what your saying and your right, but think about it, you think the Carrier is really gonna wanna push OS6 out right away? Think about what it will to there sales! The Carriers have a new device to sell, the carriers are gonna try and milk that device for ehat its worth! If the Carrier decided to push out OS6 right away, you think anybody with 9700 is gonna run to the store to pick up the 9800? NOPE! Why spend money for OS6 when you know you can it for free? And I'm sure there's a good chunk of people out there with a 9700 including myself! As for leaks, you right about that, just hope we see them soon!

I see and I agree. I think over all, we WILL see leaks. doesn't matter carrier approved or not. AND RIM is the one who we'll be getting those leaks from. So again, they are holding up their end of the bargain. Now for TMO or ATT testing BB6 and giving it to us. I'm not holding my breath! But I do know that they have it, and they all should have had it for at least the past few weeks. But again, don't care about the carrier, I'll get mine either way ;)

RIM should at the minimum release some kind of statement as a gesture of good customer service for Storm 2 owners.

I also agree. I don't have a S2 but BB6 should have been in mind and planned for this phone at the time of manufacture. I would be upset if I were an S2 owner!

I wish my wife would let me upgrade. (Pick your battles, right?) I bought the S2 in November and am keeping my options open for when I do upgrade. I just downloaded Kik Chat in hopes of getting some BBM users to start using that. That way, if I do decide to switch, BBM isn't the only thing keeping me here.

Yes I Like many are un-happy about No up-grade for Us Storm Users...Hopes are we get somewhat of a slim version of the OS..I think Blackberry should contact there vendors for new customers upgrades for less then a year running contracts,.Or else they will just continue to loose there Consumer grip.

9700 owner. Excited 2 get BB6 & try it out! I can understand those who have a Storm 2 being upset about not getting it. I would expect it. Those who are talking about their phones also having 256MB but not getting it. I think that's also a processor issue. Don't know 4 sure but the 3 phones listed all have the same processor? Also, I expect that the BB6 for non-touchscreens will be significantly lower in size cuz no coding needed for all those swiping gestures on the screen. We'll see!

I'm willing 2 bet the 8900 can run OS6....they won't tell us because it does not have a trackpad lol. Imma try it out. Fuk the dumb ish.

My Storm isn't getting Blackberry 6 but I'm frustrated with that. In the long run I don't care though, I'm getting a new Windows Phone 7 device when they come out in a few months.

My device isn't getting it, but I'm okay because it's a Pearl 8100. I can't get anything newer than 4.5. Not getting 6 is just more of the same for me.

Waiting for AT&T to get the Pearl 3G, then I'll upgrade since I've been out of my original 2-year contract for almost 2 years now.

RIM is not accountable, nor do they have any obligations to us, the BlackBerry customer--they exist to make money for the shareholders. RIM does not currently, and would never offer any guarantees that a device you purchase today will support any future developed software, no matter how soon released. We are all at the mercy of a corporation. RIM is NOT customer oriented. RIM does not care what's best for you, the customer. Do you think anyone at RIM says, "Why release device "x" right now, when we know there is a big change coming very soon. I know I wouldn't be happy if something like that happened to me." They do it to stay in the market; to keep us buying devices; to make money for the shareholders; to keep the carriers happy by keeping new customers coming in; the list goes on...

Summary: RIM doesn't care about you.

Actually they are accountable. It's a 2-way street my friend. You gotta retain the customers you have. If you distance them, they don't buy again, and share with others not to buy. What happens then? The company doesn't make money. Their shareholders don't make money. RIM cares a great deal about the end users of their products. The only phone I see that should be getting BB6 that isn't is the S2. But since RIM IS making it available for in-market devices, I'd say they held up their part of the bargain. Just maybe not so for the S2.

RIM can't afford to keep pulling stunts like this one or its always going to be playing catch up. They should either market their phones as corporate devices purely, or fix the issues they have with their consumer base. They can't expect people to keep upgrading every 8-9 months when contracts bind you for 2 years. It's illogical.

So the first Droid gets the latest and greatest Android OS, iPhone 3G gets the latest iOS but BB users get a big kick in the face.

They should have put 512MB of ram on their devices a long time ago. I have a storm 9550 so i won't be getting the upgrade. Verizon gave all their tour owners free upgrades to the 9650 so I hope they give storm 2 owners a free upgrade to the refreshed storm 2 rumored to be released later this year. RIM is always stubborn when it comes to putting the latest specs on their phones which makes it difficult for people to get updates. Even the torch should have a faster processor.

No, they didn't. That was a short-time deal because they had no Tours in stock. They now do, and they're sending out refurbs to Tour users. No free upgrade.

I left Blackberry I wasnt waiting around for another faild OS. Androids cupcake 1.5 is superior to the new OS 6.0 what a shame Rim has become such a failure!

What do you expect, RIM to provide this update to everything from the last two years? I'm sure they could meet that request but then you'd be bitch'n cause the experience sucked and it was slow or this feature didn't work. Technology changes and sometimes you can take part with what you got and sometimes you just need to upgrade. At some point you have to commit to something and your not always going to have the next best thing.

Then buy and Android or Apple device and join their league.
No hard feelings, don’t cry.
Instead of deciding the latest and greatest, you should decide on latest obsolete device made by RIM, it wont hurt that much.

Ok they might not go under just yet... I mean ill be able to save room on my bb with web apps with the "Add to home screen button" I saw this is great. We will have to see how it runs but if its slow that will disappoint

For all you p1ssed off Storm2 owners, I ask, why did you buy the Storm2 in the first place? I assume you bought it because it did what was advertised, had a touch screen interface that you liked and the phone basically performed as expected.

If so, why are you so upset that OS6 won't be available? Did RIM advertise Storm2s as "buy this touchscreen smartphone now and we'll give you a completely new one a few months from now"? Did you buy the Storm2 with the expectation that you would be replacing the OS soon anyway? If so, why? RIM certainly never said that Storm2 would get OS6. Until today they were quite quiet on the whole thing.

So you bought a Storm2 on the merits of the model as it was the day you bought it. What has changed?

Rim also didn't say that the tour owners would get a free upgrade to the 9650 either but it happened. My point is that many phone manufacturers put the latest specs so that they can get updates later on. Im sure 512MB of memory was available when the storm 2 was originally realeased. The iphone 3gs got iOS 4 and the droid got froyo update well after they were released. Manufacturers are suppose to look out for their existing customers.

Nope, that "Tour upgrade to a 9650" did NOT happen. It was a short time deal because they had no Tours in stock, not a permanent deal. I know because I've gotten two refurb Tours in the last week when I keep sending my broken ones in.

Would someone tell me exactly why the new os6 is better than os5? Doesn't it take a ton of memory? And isn't that a disadvantage?

Please give me some solid reasons why I should upgrade from 5 to 6 when it is offered to me!!!!!

1. Cosmetic enhancements to UI (home screen/whole OS as such).
2. More preinstalled apps/games (podcast/RSS/sonic/etc).
3. ** web kit browser **
4. ** web kit rendering engine for html email **
5. Universal search, search even exists on OS5 with options to search
6. Revamped media functionalities.
7. **** RIM’s belief i.e., it will beat iphone/android/others. ****

I wonder if the people doing all the whining do the same thing with cars? I can see it now, the 2010 model JUST came out and now the 2011's are out and it gets 50 mpg MORE than the 2010's! I'm buying !

Want a Droid? iPhone? Fine, take your behinds there! Phones are like computers. Buy one, it's ALREADY obsolete because a newer faster one is ALWAYS in the pipeline. Hell, that goes for just about any consumer goods!

Personally, I don't like touch screen phones, but if the 9800 was coming to TMO, I would have tried to get one. Having the keyboard is a BIG plus! :)

Sorry, but your comparison completely fails, and on multiple levels to boot. No, cars are not the same, and the model doesn't even work. Phones and computers, now there's a better comparison.

Here's your flaw. It's not about speed, duh. It's about the OS. My Macbook is 2+ year old and runs Snow Leopard like a charm. My friend's 5+ year old laptop runs Win7 beautifully. Why? Because the computer manufacturers actually built the damn things with enough RAM to RUN. Apple and Android support their older devices amazingly, and they're the competition, meaning RIM has NO REASON not to do the same. RIM consistently puts out devices with the bare minimum necessary to barely stay afloat, while the competition releases new technologies and innovation at every corner. RIM doesn't support devices less than a year old with their new os, while the competition supports devices two years old and more. RIM has no excuse; they failed.

Don't hate on the people who are rightly mad they're getting shafted by their phone company, and don't be bitter that your opinion isn't shared by everyone. Just because you wouldn't do it doesn't make everyone else wrong.

I'm kinda worried about how smooth it'll run on the 9700. Also, I kinda sympathize with S2 owners. I think RIM really shit the money bed on that one. I've been a bb user for 4 years ( 21 and still a college student)and am extremely loyal to RIM but even I can't totally disagree with Android users... The internals on the torch could be a hell of a lot better. While I'm sure it's more than enough for a corporate user who only uses it for work, typical consumers who don't use BES are going to be left wanting more... And with all the competition, I don't think that's a risk RIM should be taking.

My BB did everything I wanted it to do with OS 4.x, it works every bit as well (but no better!) with OS 5.x and I'm sure it'll work with OS 6 (if I can turn off that awful tabbed browsing!) so why the big deal?

No, dead serious.

If my BB hadn't done everything I wanted with OS 4.x I wouldn't have kept it. Ditto OS 5.x.

I'm currently running an OS 5/OS 6 hybrid and my BB runs just like it did with OS 4.x, I don't see any of the changes as improvements. It did what I wanted it to do and still does.

NOTE: I'm typing this on an Intel Core i7 PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. It does what I need done, so did Windows 3.0 on a 386. The current PC is much faster and I appreciate that but I'm typing at EXACTLY the same speed as I did on the 386! ;-)

I didn't whine when I found my 386 wouldn't run later versions of the OS, I just upgraded but only when/if the new OS offered something I needed/wanted. Ditto my BB. IF my 9700 wouldn't get OS 6 I'd consider that a MAJOR "who gives a rat's rear end" as OS 6 offers nothing I want/need for my use.

From what I have read of the press conference and blogs, it appears it's really up to the carriers to release os6 for older devices. Will verizon and sprint owners have to wait for an official update for their 9650 on either carrier or will we see a leaked version? In my experience verizon isn't exactly on the ball when it comes to these things, so I'm not expecting my bold to be running 6 anytime soon...

I'm rock'n a 8900, and the thing hangs like a mofo these days. I hope they have a reasonable upgrade path for me at Rogers. God knows I'd like to be hooked up with a 9800 (or 4 since I'm on a Blackberry family plan)! Otherwise I might need to look elsewhere like Wind Mobile perhaps?

I love my bb storm 2 running on Verizon, but please please please RIM...If we can't have BB6 on the Storm 2 at least push another update that gives us a the new web-kit browser.

I was hoping RIM would wow us with their new phone and OS 6. They sadly, have not impressed me. I'm still holding out hope that the reviews for the Torch and OS 6 are fantastic and change my mind. Unfortunately I think my next phone won't be a Black Berry. Sorry RIM.

If it takes 3-6 months or longer...never fear Storm owners you probably wouldnt have missed anyting and be able to upgradce to a Droiiiddd or even a new BB

RIM sucks for that, but for as long as it will take them to release it, the 9700 owners will still have to have there device while the storm owners will be able to get something NEW


I am bummed no OS6 for my S2 BUT do want RIM to move ahead and do look forward to my next phone being awesome. Also, getting the Torch and OS6 out has used a lot of RIM resources, but it does not mean there isn't something good out there to help the S2 along until we can upgrade. The last Verizon upgrade did make a pleasant difference in the functionality of my S2. So I plan to sit back, let others wrestle with working all the bugs out of the new OS and then stepping in to goodness as soon as I can. (OK, that was my mature answer. My inner child is screaming for OS6 *N*O*W!!!) I feel better now ... ;)

Go on, compare the devices 8900 and 9700.
There are only a couple of differences aka 3G, trackball and battery life.

i'm about to start adding 9700 users just cause we are the future of berry and not them old devices thats complaining about keepin the phone for another year. Get a new one... driod or iphone... who cares?

I understand the realities of major software upgrades, but ending up only supporting such a limited set up devices will hasten RIM's demise.

It's simple.

In order to get vastly improved browser support, most of RIM"s current customers will have to buy a new device. Once they need to buy a new device, most people will consider all options at that time. And, while doing this, Androids and iPhones will peel off a bunch of RIM's installed base of users.

Very unfortunate that they can't get it fit on more of the really popular devices like the 8900 and others.

Only one reason to bother. If my pearl 8120 would start pulling its own battery!
Sure hope something good comes to Tmobile. ATT is a no go.

I will continue using BB til my contract ends. I would of stayed if OS 6 was supported, but unless the so called "refresh" Storm comes out freely to current users or even with minimal costs then I'd stay. Now, if it costs a substantial amount and I have to renew for another 2 years then count me out of BB world and onto the Android world. Of course, if some how Iphone does happen to come over to Verizon then it'll be interesting to choose from the 2. RIM is starting to look like Palm, they will need to up their game drastically, especially when half of BB users are losing loyalty over to an Iphone or Android phone.

Kinda sucks RIM is going through this because most Storm users are beyond pissed, but honestly it is the carrier Verizon who didn't like how it ran....probably due to sure press or something else to where the OS didn't run properly...would you all like to have it and it run like pure crap? So there it is, you will be just as mad if it ran like poop no? So get it out in the open...It is a winless situation unfortunately...I do think this problem would never had happen if it wasn't for more up to date specs then it could handle it. RIM will lose quite a few customers because of this...:( With that said, I can't wait till it comes out for my 9700!

So sick of getting screwed by RIM. I bought the Storm 9530 and got screwed out of OS updates and then I upgraded to the 9550 and now I'm getting screwed again. Next phone is going to be Android OS phone :) :) :) Thanks for sucking RIM

Although this is nice to hear news that the 9700's qualify, I do feel for the Storm II owners out here. Yes I understand all the tech related reasons why it won't receive it but for a young phone, I can understand the frustration for sure. Maybe there will be some revamped 6 os for it or to make the webkit work for it, they'd have to do something soon!

Now for me and my beloved 9700? Well of course I'm happy about it, however, I am taking such a shine to the 9800 too that I may just upgrade to that thing...once we get an actual release date for CANADA!?!?? I think that's pretty weak to be second in line for at the very least, a release date..RIM is :P It was all over our local news last night asking why we are left in the dark for a date release.

Annnyway, yes the 9800 looks great to me and I want one...BUT I'd like to see real reviews of the released model in action and what kind of bugs we're looking at. I'm not being negative in the least...I just don't want a
Storm 1 fiasco with the 9800. So much hype both ways about it....I just want to walk in my BELL store and play with one for 20min like I did my 9700 to see how she responds.

I just hope a couple things that also will help and not worsen RIM's marketshare. 1) Release date for CAN already! 2)OS 6 for the currents already! Patience?....I think we've been patient.

Crossing fingers. ;)

I got my Storm 2 9520 back in Nov thats only 7-8 months ago and my device is so called too "old" for this update?! Thats major BS!! I knew I should have never bought a Blackberry but it was the innovative screen that grabbed me. I think its a disgrace how RIM goes about with their customers.

PLUS! If you look at the OS you can see it was build for a touchscreen! The touchscreen makes this OS so WAOOOWWW! I saw a vid of the OS running on a nontouch and it looked very plain.. it just was visual better nothing more.

Aah well.. you learn from these things.. I know I wont be back at Blackberry from coming Nov. I have no idea what will be next but an Iphone 4 is starting to sound more interesting.. (atleast I know I will be able to upgrade to IOS 5 next year with it LOL)

I get to hold on to my 9700....super!

It really sucks for the Bold 9000, Tour and Storm users though.Sorry guys and gals

I have a Bold 9000, so no OS6 for me. Thats fine, Android and Windows Phone 7 are looking really good right now.

No OS6 for me yet, but i'm cool with that as i will be upgrading my phone as soon as the 9780 comes out! That's what i'm waiting for. I can't wait to check out the Torch 9800 though, hope it comes to Canada soon!

I'm mostly frustrated with Verizon because I've had my Tour replaced twice in one year now and didn't get a Bold when they were out of stock of refurb Tours. If Verizon had just given me a Bold, at least I would have the option to upgrade! I'm a fan of Big Red, but after this and the fact AT&T has the Torch, I'm beginning to get pretty upset!

Same here! Except I've gone through FOUR Tours :I The thing is such a hunk of crap, you think Verizon'd just give us the damn Bold to shut us up ;D

This shows everything about RIM's commitment to the Storm brand. I probably won't leave BlackBerry, but I'll never buy another Storm.

But I'm glad I left RIM and Blackberry. I got a Pre Plus and I couldn't be happier. The 9800 does look nice but I hate the network it's on. But I feel like RIM may do only OKAY with the release of OS6. Everyone else has already had what they are now implenting. They need to get new blood in the offices of RIM and bring something really exciting. And they are only hurting their loyal buyers by not allowing some devices to have OS6. When WebOS 2.0 comes out, my Pre Plus (even the original Pre) will be able to have it and it's an older device...

I'm disappointed to not see the Tour on the list. I know the Bold 9650 has come out, but that doesn't get me past my 2-year contract. Sad to think the 9700 (with similar specs) does get it and the 9630 doesn't.

I'll have no problem holding on to my Tour for now. I'll just have to decide if I want to move to another BB later.

Yup, just like all the other Storm owners, I'm pissed as hell!!! RIM really messed up with the Storm. I was an original Storm owner, too, and then upgraded to the Storm 2 going on the notion of all these "rumored" things to come only to find out that they only stand as "rumors." Sadly to say, my wife and I will probably be leaving our BB probably for a Droid because we don't want to leave Verizon. We won't be suckered for money a third time! The only way we would probably stay besides a OS6 release for the Storm 2 would be if a refreshed Storm 2 was offered at a dirt cheap price which we know really wouldn't realistically happen. If Verizon didn't like the way OS6 worked on the Storm 2, there really must be good reason for it and it still means that RIM messed up.

It's frustrating, but I saw it coming, so I was prepared. I'm getting the 9800 anyways, so the biggest issue is that the eBay price will go down :/

I recently picked up a Bold 9000. While new customers get a break, the bread and butter customers get a kick in the head. Very nice. :((

I know nothing formal has been announced, but wondering how long some of you think we may have to wait for 6 to be released for the 9650 and other devices - couple of weeks, couple of months, many months??

I'm a lil pissy...why is it that AT&T always get the good phones. I don't like AT&T and it doesn't work that well in our area. I have been a loyal customer to Sprint for many years and they lag behind with Blackberry. I have wanted a bigger screen with a pull out keyboard for a while but I wanted a BLACKBERRY. My luck it's on AT&T. I have a Tour 9630 and not due to upgrade till December. If Sprint doesn't get a move on with Blackberry...I'm moving to another phone!

Time to take all my friends advice and look at the iPhone. I'm not pleased that RIM screwed so many long time customers.

I'm only pissed because we're not getting a decent browser! The rest is all fluff as far as i'm concerned. The browser was always horrible on the Storm series. RIM neglected the browser on the Storm1 and Storm2 and jumped into another OS leaving Storm owners hanging. Not happy about it, but oh well. Hopefully third party devs can offer something better....

Are you serious? Why buy another Blackberry only to go through the same process when they release OS7, and our year old devices won't be able to support it!

It will take years to release OS7.
RIM spend hell lot of money on development of OS6 and webkit

You can make sure that you won’t get major OS updates like this one.
Only concern is BB hardware’s.

God give some enlightment to Mike Lazaridis, Douglas Fregin and Jim Balsillie.

You cannot possibly be serious. Yeah, okay, I'll take your advice and fork up six hundred f*cking dollars for a new phone out of my contract since it's under a year to buy another phone from the company that shafted us in the first place? Grow a brain, idiot.

Clearly the Bold 9000 will be lacking RAM to work with OS6. And i'm ready for un upgrade the moment the Torch 9800 or Bold 9780 will hit the street in the Netherlands.

I'm happy with what I have (9630)and I know my phone can't handle the new OS. I get an upgrade in March so maybe any bugs will be fixed by then. I played with all of the droids, and one I had for a week before I gave it to my ex. It's fun but I still love Blackberry. I have an iPod touch so I use that for my touch screen fix. RIM is behind for sure but if you just want a device just for apps then yeah, get an iPhone or Droid. If the next Berry I get runs smoother and lets me watch some Youtube without problems, I'll be happy. Also, anyone know why the apps on the Berries are so much more than on the other devices? I'm a little uneducated in that area as to what the difference is.

RIM's decision would be easier to swallow for me (Im not getting 6 on my device) if they didnt pick and choose phones to support. The phones that wont get it that came out in the last 12 months have the same specs as the 9700, 9650, etc. But yet (Unless I am wrong spec wise) RIM chooses not to support these devices. I am still shocked that they took 4-5 devices and EOL'ed them in less than one year. Now, I am fully addicted and am not leaving RIM - (yet), but this does leave some bad taste. Some kind of word from RIM on this issue would be appreciated.

So happy that my 9650 is getting OS6 but f¤¤king p¤ssed that my parents with their blackberry storm 2's won't be getting it. WTF!!!

Come on guys!
One year ago the 8520 was not getting OS 5.0 and now everybody has it so I really think this is a matter of time and 8900 and the rest of the BB units will get OS 6 one way or another.
This is logic Rim want to first sell new units and make you buy the top of the line.
Thats why we have to keep it cool.
That's my tought and we'll just have to wait a little more

It would be so nice if the ppl that say they're leaving BB would just leave so the rest of us could enjoy Crackberry in peace. Isn't this site for 'users and abusers' not criers and bitch-ers??

I'm sooooooooooooooooooo sorry my being left out in the cold (along with all of the Storm 2 and Tour and any other device less than/around a year old) is ruining your CrackBerry experience.

Oh, wait. No i'm f*cking not. One, I'm still currently a sh*tberry user, and thus still have a right to post. Two, you're not God. Or Kevin. So who are you to dictate who gets to post what here? If you don't like the disappointment and anger at RIM, move on. You're the one bitching about people bitching, am I right? Hypocrite, much?

Luckily I have the 9700, even if I didn't I wouldn't jump ship and curse RIM. People love to hate when things don't go their way...SO funny yet sad. For a blackberry "fan" website there sure are a lot of Android and Apple lovers in here. When you bought your phone you could have chosen those other brands then! If you have anyone to blame it's yourself haha.

Cheers to all the true RIM fans and good luck to the rest of you..

Only ignorant pompous fools think that being a fan of BlackBerry means you have to hate Android or Apple, or vice versa. I'm sorry, your choice isn't everyone's/right. Just because you wouldn't do it doesn't give you the right to ridicule and act superior to those who would.

Man, and people say APPLE fans are arrogant? Jeez.

While the Pearl 3G and Bold 9700 are going to see OS6 released by RIM. Still have to see if it is released by the carriers (yes there will be leaks, but the majority may never see those). And then see how well it really runs on minimum hardware... with a few applications installed. For many existing BB users I think OS6 is just going to leave them felling left out... and with 58% already wanting a different platform....

Im not really mad my storm2 isnt going to get it, blackberry 6 doest really amaze me at all..... neither does the 9800 lol the only reason why im with blackberry is android and apple phones are like yay OS 5! LOL

You don't get more business-like than accessing MLS and doing real estate contracts. Iphones can access MLS now and be used with an accessory, just like BlackBerry, to open real estate lockboxes for open house listings. Android can't be too far behind. Iphones aren't toys anymore and that could be a reason why more people are considering leaving BB to become an Iphone or Android user.

AT&T said, They were not going to put out an official 5.0 OS upgrade for the Bold 9000 because they were going to go right to 6.0 OS. What a bunch of BS. Talk about being screwed.

RIM needs to get their act together they are getting passed by. Android and Apple blow BB out of the water. The only thing i miss is BBM but that was not enough to keep me. Research in slow motion. Droid X is a Bentley and BB are like a ford escort.

I have a 9700 and an 8900. The 8900 is my primary phone because the 9700 is junk. So unless RIM decides to release OS6 for the 8900 no OS6 for me. Am I sad? Not really. Not sure what all the fuss is about anyway

there is a simple reason why some devices are NOT getting 6.0

storm is not getting it as there will be a new one soon and rim doesnt want people to just upgrade OS's and not devices and they wont make any money that way!

9700, 9650 will get it as there isnt a new qwerty super phone or a while so no need to make these users upgrade just yet

9100 gets it as no other phone like it coming out any time soon!

8500's etc wont get it as there will prob be a 9380 in 6months time which will defunk the 9300! thats what rim tends to do, hense the 9780!

if all phone got 6.0 on one would upgrade ! meaning no money! SIMPLE!!

The O/S should work on all current BlackBerries ,including storm/storm 2- maybe. will have to wait a bit and see.
There might be a partial o/s upgrade that'll work with some slightly older devices. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Meh...not overly thrilled about it. OS6 looks a bit better but it really doesn't appear (from what I've seen) to make the device function better. I love my BlackBerry but I'm not thinking this is much more than cosmetics.

Apple and Google caught RIM with their pants down and RIM is scrambling to try and catch up. Three years ago BlackBerry was the only true business device to own and RIM got overconfident IMO. They lagged while the others innovated. Now they're paying the price.

At some hopefully not too distant point RIM will innovate again and stop being reactionary. Hopefully they'll still be solvent when that happens.

It's getting harder and harder to argue with people's desires to switch devices since it seems the other guys are making leaps and we seem to get...well, a prettier interface. Sad

I am dumping Blackberr anyways, so I don't care my Crapberry 9630 won't get it. I am so mad they won't do anything about us Tour owners suffering with these craptastic devices. I am so over RIM.

Time for WP7.

As email gets better and security gets better on other devices, I'm pretty sure that my Storm 2 will be my last Blackberry. Something pretty drastic will need to change. I'm with Verizon and I can hear the call of the Droid X. Now my preference is to stay Verizon, but another carrier is not out of the question. I've been with Verizon for 13 years, but my son is with AT&T and he doesn't seem to have any problems with coverage where we live.

I understand that RIM doesn't want to push an OS onto a device that just doesn't have enough memory, but to keep putting out devices that don't have enough memory for future expansion is short sighted on their part. For a phone these days to last the full two year commitment means that the only thing you can look forward to is an OS upgrade. Not going to happen here it looks like. Droid phones on the other hand look to be able to take on any OS upgrades for years to come.

Still happy with my S2, but lusting after a Droid X, gotta think about this one to see if I want to jump. Going to be a big decision, but one I'm going to make soon.

Anyway, OS 6 would have held me in place for another year and probably another discounted Blackberry, now that's slipped away, so I've got to change my thinking.

So there you have it, my comment.

Well I guess I can count myself among the fortunate ones, as I own a 9700. I'm not eligible for a phone upgrade for another year and ¼ so the upgrade to OS 6 will keep me satisfied until then.
It's too bad that owners of the non-eligible phones won't have access to this though. I'd be pissed if I were in their shoes. But then, that's the way of technology. You buy something today, tomorrow it becomes obsolete. Can't do much about that.

But my guess is that alot of Storm users are gonna be pissed about 6 not being available to them. I agree that another touch screen will most likely be coming out before long. Thats too bad, too, because by then some of our BB friends may have jumped ship to something else.