Now Shipping: BlackBerry Battery Door for Bold 9930 and Bold 9900

By Adam Zeis on 21 Aug 2012 02:40 pm EDT

Over time the battery door on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 starts to wear down. The edges get worn and scratched and overall it just starts to look beat up. If you want to get your device looking new again, the OEM BlackBerry Battery Door for the Bold 9930 and 9900 is the way to go. The battery door is the same one that comes with your device and will give you a fresh start when your old door just isn't cutting it. Keep reading to see it up close and personal.

The BlackBerry Battery Door for the Bold 9900 and 9930 really does get your device looking fresh again. My door has started to wear down quite a bit around the edges, so dropping $20 for a new one is really an easy way to kill my OCD. The new door is the same as the original (including NFC) so it's really a no brainer. If you've lost or broken your current battery door, or it's just too scratched up for your liking, pick up a shiny new one and have your Bold 9900 or 9930 looking like new again.


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Now Shipping: BlackBerry Battery Door for Bold 9930 and Bold 9900


Mine is looking considerably worse than the 'old' one in Adam's photo. I might just have to drop the $20 and get one.

Rockin' the 9900

No, beyond repair means it is in condition that is much too poor for repair. The word repair as a verb in this statement indicates that someone would otherwise repair it if it were in better condition.

rubbing compound could "repair" a door with minor scuffs but if your door looks anything like mine it's definitely beyond "repair" would probably need a wetsand and re-clear and who knows what else lol

The wait for Blackberry 10 is agony, but really guys -a review of a Battery Door? ..really? Hey, maybe this calls for an unboxing video?? :)

There's no retail box, just a plastic bag. So if we did one it would be an unbagging video, and that's just weird. (I did contemplate it though).

You can buy a white battery door on ebay for under $10 if you really want one, white housing and white keyboard for cheap there too.

OMG.... People are really, really getting desperate...
What's next? A review of the plastic bag it comes in?

Besides ads, CrackBerry (and other Mobile Nations sites) rely on e-commerce to keep it running.
It seems pointless to do a review. They could've just informed us about this new OEM battery door that is now available through their store, right?
Wrong. From time to time, even though it's stated as OEM, many users will ask about the small details about it.
So instead writing or answering replies to potential customers, they did a 'small' review of it.
Cheer up guys! I know u all been eagerly waiting for BB10 to be released. (And seeing that it's getting closer, I hope for more "leakes pictures").

PS: call me a fanboy, suckup, or anything. But I have ultimate respect to all the guys (and girls) behind CB.

Hmm... yeah.. Adam probably could have just done a quickie post here saying it's available vs. a "review format". Kinda overkill. I think he just wanted to take some sexy photos of it to show off his photo skills. Ahh well.. really.. overkill is better than underkill. We live, we learn. Carry on folks. And at least if you want a new battery door cover, you knows we gotz them :)

LOL I must admit he got quite a skill then.. or he just had a great camera? XD

PS: Looking forward to the white version of the backdoor. Not that I have a white Bold 9900 (mine is black), but would love to mix-match it and see people's response. LOL

There are a couple of replacement battery doors available - different colours, nice texture. I bought 2 of them because I wanted to have the old leathery feel of the 9780. Surface was ok, but both doors were so thin and weak, they hardly offered any this would be a useful "review", to tell the user community if there are any GOOD replacement doors out there, that fit well, are protective and NFC capable.
...and, some time would go by to shorten the wait...

Speaking of the 9780, a replacement battery door would be much more useful considering those often get worn to the point of barely staying on.

thank goodness for this exclusive hands on review. Suprised there isn't a rating out of 10 for this part considering some of the articles lately. "why im still holding onto my 9900" etc.

I bought a red one off eBay for about $6.00. It looks like the glass-fiber weave on the original door from far away, but at a closer look you'll see it is just painted on. It looks like it has an NFC antennae too... I have no idea if it works though because I'm on AT&T where it is disabled. Very nice too!

f me... cant believe i am posting to this, but had a glass of wine and need to vent...huge bb fan and cb fan, to those who have nothing to do but criticize every f'n post...get a real job!!! - get out there and work 60+ hours a week and see if you have the energy/time to criticize everything to death... wow what a waist of time... Go BB, Go BB... The original post was fine, CB is advertising and providing information... if you are not interested don't friggen read it...end of story.

yes, yes, yes, please, with that, RIM would get business from me, before BB10 gets released.
(tiny little business, ok, but hey, who wants to be picky these days...)

Agreed with many on the defensive side to the post. This is actually informative and welcoming news. I thought these were already available given the 99XX has been out for quite some time. Never had to check until today as I accidently got paint on mine earlier (latex paint as I realised later), but problem solved. Thanks for the heads up though for my future shopping needs! Love the sarcasm Adam!

Nobody is commenting on the price... It is just plain ridicoulos!! 20$? I would prefer not to have a door before I pay that money. (20$ is just the product but shipping is added probably)

I love my phone, but the battery door is not worthy of $20. The OEM holster mine came with scratched my battery door from the start. They should send me a free door instead of trying to get me to spend $20 after paying full price on launch day.