The Battery Charger Bundle is the must-have accessory for BlackBerry Z10 owners

If you're a power-user on the go, you're going to want back-up juice for the BlackBerry Z10. 

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Feb 2013 06:20 pm EST

I used the word "great" 57 times in our BlackBerry Z10 Review to describe the phone. That's a lot of greats. One section of the review where I did not use the word "great" was in describing the Z10's battery life. 

Having used the Z10 for a few weeks now as I'm writing this, I'd say the battery life is OK-ish. There are some days when I make it from morning until bed without needing to top up (check out these tips to maximize battery life on the Z10). There have also been days under heavier use where the phone is running low on juice before dinner. The battery life is on par with a lot of other LTE devices out there, but for power users who have experienced amazingly-long battery life on older BlackBerry devices in the past, you'll find yourself wishing you could wedge a bigger battery in under the removable battery door (I tried it. It didn't work).

The good news is that BlackBerry has created a GREAT solution to help you keep powered day and night via the BlackBerry Charger Bundle for the Z10. The Battery Charger Bundle includes both a spare LS1 battery and a clever external mini battery charger with a built-in cable. The design allows you to charge both your spare battery and your Z10 at the same time. And if you don't have time to swap batteries or are using a case on your Z10 that's not easy to yank off, you can also plug the portable charger into your Z10 to keep the power flowing.

The Battery Charger Bundle has an MSRP of $49.99 (you can get it for less at ShopCrackBerry). Considering the LS1 battery by itself retails for $34.99, picking up the bundle is a no brainer. For the extra $15, the added value is more than worth it. Be sure to watch the video below to see the clever design in action.

The battery charger has a slim profile and narrow footprint -- it's small and easy to carry around -- and has a compartment in which you place the spare battery. There is a Micro USB port on the bottom right side of the device. This is where you plug in the Micro USB connector from your standard wall or car charger. Doing this will charge up the spare battery. However, the brilliant part here is that from the right side of the charger you can pop out the built-in cable that ends in a Micro USB connector. When you plug this end into your phone, you'll be charging both the spare battery and your Z10 at the same time. I've already made it habit to always charge this way when I go to bed each night. Also, if you ever want to recharge your Z10, you can simply use the battery bundle as a portable charger for it. With the spare battery charged and in the bundle, you can plug it into your Z10, hit the small power button and it will charge up your Z10 quick (30 minutes gives it a good boost!).

If you find your Z10's battery is running low during the day, you can always pop in the spare. What I really like about the charger's design thoughts that it's also comfortable to hold and use while attached to the phone. The built in cable is positioned in such a way that the charger can flip around and hold tight to the back of the Z10. So if you're on a phone call and suddenly realize your phone is about to die, you can just plug in the charger and fold it around the back of the Z10 and keep on talking.

The Must Have Accessory for the Z10: With almost every BlackBerry device that comes to market, it always feels like there is at least one must-have accessory for it. Right now, that's absolutely the BlackBerry Charger Bundle for the Z10. Talking to our CrackBerry Canada e-commerce team, these are selling out as fast as they get them in stock right now (as I publish this), and right now it's hard to get enough of them. If you can get one, grab it. Hopefully as the Z10 gets ready to hit the market in the USA we'll see a full inventory supply - it definitely feels like this is an accessory most Z10 owners will want to pick up.

Bottom line, the Z10 is a great phone and the more I use it the more I love it. I can't help but wish it shipped with a slightly bigger battery, like the 2100mAH one that is in the BlackBerry Q10, but having the Charger Bundle available when I need it has prevented me from ever running into the scenario of being out and about with a dead phone in my pocket. Plus, we've seen over the years that battery life tends to improve as BlackBerry rolls out more software updates. In the meantime, this one is a no-brainer for Z10 owners to pick up!   

More info and purchase the BlackBerry Charger Bundle for the Z10
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The Battery Charger Bundle is the must-have accessory for BlackBerry Z10 owners


Awesome!!! Our Canada e-commerce team is hustling right now on the back of the Z10 launch. Our US-based team is working out right now... skipping rope, doing jumping jacks and wind sprints, getting ready for it to hit the US market. Things are going to be BUSY.

Z10 is really off to a great launch! 

Hi Kevin I've been reading a lot of your posts lately but haven't had a chance to speak with you yet. I heard some good news that T-mobile will be releasing Z10 earliest (by about 2 weeks earlier)!!

I live in Canada and haven't gotten my Z10 yet as I'm gonna wait a few more months for all the bugs to be fixed (if there will be any) ; p
Good things will come to those who wait ;)

I have folded one thousand paper cranes 3 times already for 3 very special people and hopefully I can share some of that experience with you one day and no I don't want to use any 1000 cranes like Hoang to win a Z10 because it takes me months to fold cranes about 1/4 the size of his because I cut those small premade origami papers into 4! Right now I'm satisfied with my curve 9320~!

I'll buy 2 if you select this un-lucky guy for your next Z10 contest lol. My friends on Facebook hate me because I'm constantly posting Z10 vs iOS videos lmao. BLACKBERRY IS BACK WHOOO EAT IT Bitches!!!

I tried to order, but because the bundle contains a battery the postage to Australia was going to be over $50.00. That's crazy.

So funny to read this! I was just on a call while sitting in a waiting room, and my battery was almost dead. Connected to this little bundle of joy, and kept the call going! After the call, I swapped out my dead battery to the fully charged one, and off I went! I love this little charger bundle of joy!! :)

Please Troll somewhere else, or accept the fact that todays bigger screens, running BlueTooth and LTE use up battery life. AND be thankful that we BB users, CAN in fact swap out our batteries....

I think this is a legit comment and not a "troll". The immediate attacks reek more of "fanboy" than the comment does of "troll".

agreed also. I'm not a troll, I could not live without my BB curve, I love it, and will be getting a Q10 as soon as they ship, (if the battery lasts a day). however I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I read the praise in these comments. do you really consider having a second device dangling from your phone by a cable is a great solution??? the Z10 was a huge event for rim, and failing to provide a device that can last ONE WAKING DAY is a disgrace. this goes for all the other manufacturers as well. rant over


Some of you die hard fanboys have such low expectations and standards. I'm all for BB, but they are still struggling. It's not very efficient having to carry another piece with you around where you go.

Mine arrived from late last week. I actually bought another at a Rogers store while I waited, so NOW I'll have to make the wife switch from her personal itoy to a Z10 :-)

your US team better be ready! im going to get quite a bit from shop crackberry when the ZED10 (ive gotten very very used to hearing you say it, and now i am too) Hits the US! now i just need to try and get a white one..
great coverage, im really excited for bb10 and it hasnt been waning all due to crackberry. thanks guys.

I'd buy one right now if they sold the phone here in the US. Maybe I'll win the phone from the fine people here at Crackberry, hint, hint...then my order would be placed instantly! :)

arising from the ashes with a new song

You should look into the Powermat 1850 Dual...
It's a battery backup that works on the Z10 as well as the BB9900 and the Playbook...
One battery pack for all your needs...
It carries an emergency charge of 1850 mA (enough to fully recharge the LS1-1800 mA) and connects by USB to the Z10 and will charge it without having to pull the battery...(thus uninterrupted service...)
I know that BB/RIM had plans for a pouch charger...but this already exists as a portable 2.75 inch square battery pack...handy and universal...
No need to buy batteries for each type of phone...In fact if you own an Iphone/Ipod/Itouch as well..It will even charge fact depending on battery limits, one could charge 2 phones at the same time...(see reviews on the net)
This is a Battery backup...not just a charger...One Device..One Expense..
I have one and travelled Europe using it to power up my BB9900 and Playbook when access was inconvenient such as on trains and planes...

Actually, this kit can actually perform as a "backup battery" for any device that takes a microUSB plug-in. That's part of the beauty of this charger: once the spare battery is charged, it can either be swapped into the phone, or if you're, say, on a call and don't have time to switch out you can just leave the battery in the charger and plug it into the phone's USB port to keep it juiced. Pretty slick, actually.

What is the point of this? Just take out the charged battery and replace it... If you have a removable battery, why not just replace it with the charged one instead of holding two devices and looking like a fool?

Maybe I'm in the middle of an important phone call and I don't feel inclined to tell the person I'll call them back in a minute while I swap out phone batteries?
Maybe I'm been put on hold for 45 minutes and don't want to start over from the beginning of the queue again?
Maybe I'm watching something and don't want it to be interrupted?
Maybe I'm in the middle of a game?
Maybe I simply don't care about looking like a "fool", rather than being a fool who doesn't realize the practical benefits of not having to replace the battery?

Maybe one day you will move out of your parent's basement and stop drinking breast milk?

Maybe one day you will realize that women are the reason for life.

Maybe you will realize that you are a troll.

Maybe one day you will realize that the things you see on those porno videos you can really do with an actual girl and not your blackberry.

Maybe one day you will realize I could care less about you and I wish you nothing but failure .

Maybe you will realize that the battery in this phone is god awful and carrying two batteries is the equal of a full day's apple charge or windows phone charge. But hey, BB is preying on you to be stupid, so you buy this crap.

I was enjoying your reply until the second line. Women are the reason for life? You're a moron and a machista.

Posted via CB10

ordered. Im getting about the same as my 9900 with all attempts and conserving battery. Where as with my 9900 I didnt care what I was doing. If I do lots of activity on my Z10 I can kill it in 4 hours.

What would have been clever is blackberry should have built a mophie type phone case with extra battery power built into it it was stupid of blackberry to build a phone with such a small battery people stop making excuses for blackberry im sick and tired of basic blunders.

Ps. Typed using my pb

I assumed you received one of these with the purchase of the phone from the unboxing review Kevin did...wishfull thinking I suppose

I will buy one when they make it in white!

White accessories Pleaseeee!

My USB, Plug, and Earphones are Gray no Otterbox Defender in White and now you want to sell me a Black Charger thing!

Yuk Yuk Yuk! White White White!

Although I really need one using fast charger from my Playbook at the moment!

I think the biggest plus with this charger hasn't been mentioned yet, at least from what I could see. I have a case on my phone that is difficult at best to remove. However, the spare battery will fully recharge my phone battery. There is mention of using it if you're on a call and about to run out of power. There is mention of replacing the battery with the recharged one. But where I think the spare battery really excels is that, if my phone battery is getting low, I can plug the spare battery in my phone and recharge my phone's battery. It takes about 30 minutes. Then my phone is fully recharged although my spare is depleted. At the end of the day, plug both in together then to your power source and both are fully recharged for the start of the next day.

Best money I've ever spent.

Yes! I love that about it too. Thought I worked that in there, but in re-reading what I wrote that message about portable recharging wasn't as clear as it could be. Thanks!

Now *that* has just added another level to this charger thing. I didn't realize that you can charge the battery in the phone with the existing battery in the charger. I always thought it just charges both and you could feed off the spare while plugged in. That's awesome! :)

What I can't understand is that the Q is physically smaller than the Z and yet it has the same internals but a larger battery. That makes me think that the Z could have had a larger battery as well.

First thing that I ordered when I got my Z10. Great product and great service from CrackBerry Shop.

Also, what about the Scosche goBAT II backup battery/charger? I was about to buy that in the crackberry store, and then the next day it's missing from the site. Can someone fill us in??

The 5,000 mAh would be perfect for long weekend camping, long road trips, certain times during vacations, etc...

Better than doing battery pull.
thinking again, 2100mah for 34.99 + shipping is pretty expensive when you can get 4000mah external for same price + free ship..

Too bad they couldn't have figured out a way to make this clip onto the back of the phone.

I love the white... granite in the photos, that is.. not the phone so much.

I remember seeing a patent for a case that holds this and can connect to the phone while in the case. If I remember correctly that is, lol.

I want a couple of these. Going to buy a couple ASAP.

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

US is still pre-order. BlackBerry isn't shipping yet to US distributors. Available in Canada store now.  

Hopefully US will get some supply soon too.  

What case is that? I have the transform case which looks great, but I'm also looking for something that may provide more protection. Thanks...

BTW, I'm finding the battery life to be pretty good (for my usage -- 65% left after ~9h used for tons of emails, checking calendar, and some web browsing. LTE, wifi, nfc on; screen at 35% brightness). May pick up this gizmo for traveling, tho.

I like how you can charge the battery and the phone but this isnt how mobile communications should be to slap a loose battery onto your phone and have that flailing around. Not a good look when z10s have a battery hanging off the side

Know what would be a great idea? Build something like this into a holster case and use wireless charging for the phone. It'd be like always having a spare battery without having to carry an extra thing around.

Seems kind of clunky compared to battery pack cases. Who knows... maybe Mophie will make one for the z10.

I think this accessory is great in at least seven ways:

1) It charges up a spare battery.
2) It comes with a spare battery included.
3) It charges your phone at the same time.
4) It works as a a portable charger.
5) The connector is microUSB, so you can use this as a portable charger for ANY device with a microUSB port.
6) Related to 5, ít's a bit future-proofed too, as you will continue to get value out of it (and your LS1 batteries) as long as there are mobile microUSB devices around.
7) You can get multiple portable charges out of it by carrying around multiple LS1 batteries.

I really like where this technology design is going. In the next generation, you could package this into a special case design. That way you could go forever without having to plug in your phone. You just swap the case battery all day long without ever having to plug in your phone or reboot due to swapping batteries.

OK, thanks for the correction. The PlayBook is a beast whose thirst for power cannot be satisfied.

That being said, I have used a BlackBerry phone charger on my PlayBook before, gotten the error message, and it still trickle charges overnight such that it has a full charge in the morning. Not recommending it, but just saying that even with the error message sometimes it still takes a charge.

I would be interested in finding out of if this charger extends the life of the PlayBook in a pinch. You might get an extra 30 minutes out of your PlayBook with this?

I do intend to get one of these units, but don't have one to test at the moment.

Love my Z10, really do however the batty thing is a big issue.
Can't go 1/2 a day with it.
Not a heavy user by any means.

Last night with 80% battery, I went to bed, this was 11:30pm. I woke up at 6:45am and guess what. My Z10 isn't on. hrmm?? whats going on.
Try turing it on and nothing, I'm freaking out going what is happening.
Ok let me plug this in for a second..... guess what, the red no battery juice is flashing.
Really?? I did not use it at all and in 8 hours it shut down due to no power left.
8 hours of no use, just sitting there.

I am guessing an app is leaking or I have a bad battery?

beside this issue, i really do like this phone, I am BB for long time and still supporting them.
Yes it has smaller other issues but this is my biggest problem.

I'm sorry...I'm not going to spend any extra on a battery charger accessory. Blackberry needs to work on the power consumption/management of this device or redesign it to fit a larger battery. I've been waiting on this phone for so long and Crackberry is telling me that I NEED a battery charging accessory? SMH. Unacceptable! Seems my waiting continues...waiting on the Q10.

I am a moderate-heavy user of my Blackberries. When I unplug my phone at 5:30am, the battery lasts me until about 2pm-ish. Even with previous Blackberries I've owned. Having this charger pack means I don't have to carry around a twisted up charging cable, search for an outlet, and keep an eye on it (so no one steals it... it has happened to me in the past) while waiting for it to charge. I can just plug that battery pack in, throw it in my purse or pocket, and away I go. I like it. :) I work in a hospital, where theft is very prevalent, and having to plug my phone into an outlet and wait for it to charge is just a nuisance. So I am glad to have this compact battery bundle.

Oh, and if having a more hefty battery life means a thicker phone... I'm out. I like the slimness of the phone.

bundles are nice but why didn't they include the 2800 battery w/ the Z10??? are they the same dimensions???


Wow ... some things never change. Having to carry a spare battery/charger for my 9900 is a nuisance. It would have been better for the new phones to have a 1 or 2 mm thicker dimension but is able to make it through the day, than to have to deal with a dead battery.

I'm sure the CrackBerry solution works as well for this phone as it has for my 9900. I've had no problem with CrackBerry products.

Bought this charger along with the red flip case from Crackberry. Unfortunately have not been able too use either as my phone bricked on the same day. That was Monday. Today is Thursday and Rogers still hasn't shipped my new phone.

I am sure I'll be using this daily once I finally do get my phone replaced/

Certainly a must have. I wonder when they will release a dock for the z10, I can't wait to get my hands on that!

I'm a but confused on the what the button on this charge is suppose to do. The "manual" that comes with it doesn't explicitly say either.

So from the read, it sounds like the button is for "quick charge"? So if plug it into my Z10 it will charge at it's normal rate but if I press the button it will do a quick charge?? Did i understand that correctly?

I ordered it Monday and it said it was supposed to ship Tuesday but I didnt get an email saying it had. I hope it does as I really want this for my vacation.
My sister got it and it really is a no brainer

Cool solution.. but again, WHY they make such a bone-head move?

Q10 comes with 2100 battery, it has keyboard and smaller screen, so less battery strain, while getting a larger battery? WTF?!

I just don't get it, they should have at least put a 2000 in Z10. Why? Who knows... why can't they just get things right?! There's ZERO ROOM for error!

Ordered two of these bundles already. Waiting for them to ship from CrackBerry! (Will need to order two more for the Q10 when it ships... ;)

I use mine regularly. Then I'm a HEAVY user right now whilst I put my Z10 through a testing stage to see what it will really do.
I love this accessory almost as much as I'm loving the Z10. It's sleek and unobtrusive with no annoying cables bunching up in my pocket...just the battery-length cable that plugs into the phone and tucks away neatly into the side of the charger when not in use. It will be stowed away for emergencies when I need it once BB gets things ironed out with BB10 in updates to come but it is still a must-have partner for the Z10.
Nothing sucks like losing power when you absolutely need it. With this, I never have to worry about my battery dying.

Every smartphone out there can't last 4 - 5 hours without a recharge. A must-have indeed. It wasn't too long ago that my iPhone 5 friends got their mophie juice pack air. Please somebody make a battery-case for the Z10 and have it sold on Crackberry!

This item is so awesome. I always put it as 'BlackBerry own power bank' really helpful. Kevin is right, it is very much recommended

Posted via CB10

The battery life was never so bad for the vast majority of people for this to be a must-have for that reason, it was a must-have because of the multiple ways it could be used made it so handy to have even if rarely needed.

I love this charging bundle, I don't have my Z10 yet (Verizon US). I received the charger from CrackBerry store last week and I have been able to use it to charge my PB and my Storm. Thanks for showing this Kevin, it's Awesome, a really Great accessory, I won't leave home without it!

Hi.At first, thank you for all information about Blackberry.
When The Battery Charger Bundle will be in stock again ?

I definitely agree. I own it and find it awesome. It also recharges your BlackBerry battery even if not plugged ti the wall! A must a have.

Posted via CB10

I definitely agree. I own it and find it very useful. It even charges your BlackBerry battery when not plugged info the wall! A must a have.

Posted via CB10

I saw it, I own it and I dig it! A must a have for all power users, therefore... me too, I suggest it!

We need tools, not toys.

Kevin where can i get the CB sticker for my Z10? I can't find it on Shop . Why would there be Lloyd gear for Android but no CB? I just picked up a clear frosted tpu case and the BlackBerry logo is visible l, would like to add the CB to the back.

Dang, I should have ordered it before it went out of stock. I hope to be able to order it soon.

Posted via CB10

I will be ordering one very shortly through crackberry!! We have to keep up the support!!! Has anyone found a F1 shirt with the BB logo on it yet?? I keep checking and can't find one!!!

An F1/BB shirt would be nice! I wonder if CrackBerry will start carrying them? (hint hint crackberry people).

Just picked one up!!! Couldn't be happier....good to keep in the briefcase for those times. Excellent for traveling..if you travel, on the road this is a great item.

I know I tried to order from CrackBerry but they are back oredered. I got mine from BlackBerry web site showed the US out but Canadian in stock. Ordered the Canadian version and bam got it in a few days. I guess the only difference is the instructions are in French and English. It a sweet thing to have Get one!

I wanted one of these but i aint getting my glasses out to order it.

Can you sort out your site... can one of you clever buggers make an app where i can see the predictive tx without my glasses.

Posted via CB10

@Kevin Michaluk
i wants to order BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10 is it in stock? it comes with one battery?

My battery charger bundle arrived a while ago and its been working great. Definitely a "must have" accessory. Being able to charge the Z10 and "battery bundle" at the same time is slick!!

One question though about charging a Z10 and "battery bundle" at the same time.
If I use the 1.8A USB charger from my PlayBook instead of the Z10 USB charger will the recharge time be reduced?


Agree this is a MUST have... if you want to be able to use your phone all day. BlackBerry should have included one with each Z10.

I love this charger and it will be useful for nigerian's because we don't have stable electricity here.....

Posted via CB10