BlackBerry Balance made simple

By James Richardson on 24 Aug 2012 11:26 am EDT

BlackBerry Balance is a product that we have covered a few times here, but it is also one of those topics that many people may not have actually paid too much attention to as it doesn't affect us all. For business users who supply BlackBerry smartphones or tablets to employees, BlackBerry Balance is the perfect way to keep business and personal content separate and the above new video from RIM demonstrates this in a simple fashion.

The application allows IT managers to partition the BlackBerry so staff are not able to copy and share work data to their personal applications. There is also a big advantage to the employee with BlackBerry Balance - using the app will allow them to still use all the personal apps they want, such as social networking, therefore eliminating the need to carry a second 'personal' device - everyones a winner. BlackBerry Balance is all about giving businesses peace of mind and from an outsiders point of view it looks to be the perfect tool.

Coincidentally I got the following quote from Alexandra Zagury today who is the Managing Director for Research in Motion South and Southern Africa:

A major headache for CIOs and IT managers is preventing the accidental leakage of data from smartphones and tablet computers when employees use these devices in both their personal and professional lives. RIM is helping managers address this with tools such as BlackBerry® BalanceTMtechnology, which enables businesses to protect their assets while letting employees install their favourite applications. BlackBerry Balance is designed to separate corporate and personal data within the operating system of BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. This ensures, for example, that a user can't copy and paste data from a work app into a personal app. This prevents accidental or deliberate sharing of company data through the user's personal email or social media accounts. 

Mobile devices can be easily lost or stolen so companies need to take steps to secure data stored on the devices and prevent unauthorised users from accessing corporate networks. Companies need to look for end-to-end solutions, from on-device features to centralised management of end-user handsets and tablets. Some features to look for include the ability to protect corporate data stored on devices using strong encryption methods; IT controls to remotely lock, wipe or de-register devices in the event that they are lost or stolen; and the ability to wirelessly adjust security levels up or down or implement new policies without needing to touch devices.

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BlackBerry Balance made simple


Love it! This is where RIM starts to edge out the competition in the corporate environment. Hopefully it will translate well to the BB10 platform.


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Playbook, the one and only

And that RIM's strength.. security and flexibility... all-in-one-solution.. and that's where they beat the competition.

Actually IT needs these type of solutions to allow the competition to thrive in business.. if you don't have it you just open up your company to potential and necessary risks.

Great Ad btw

this was an amazing new tech when i was taught it before by far thought it was the coolest thing ever as RIM gave me a heads up on it

One aspect of BYOD that doesn't get much mainstream coverage is that in cases of data leakage, the personal information on the device can get wiped as well. Having BlackBerry Balance combined the friendlier environment for consumer apps on BB10 is a good move.

Question: Does BlackBerry Balance have to be initiated by IT or can it be driven by the user? For example, in the BYOD case, employees might want to separate their personal and professional apps/data even if their employers don't think it's necessary.

It would be nice if the dialogue around mobile security and privacy included a user-centric perspective in addition to the enterprise-centric one. While somewhat of an afterthought with general consumers right now, I think security and privacy will become more important to users over the next several years as we see more high-profile cases in which user data is compromised.

if BlackBerry Balance can bring Twin Hotties to your company it will become mandatory for everyone

Innovation? Check. Security? Check. Solution? Check.
2 hot chicks for the price of one device? CHECK!
BlackBerry...what's not to like?

For those who aren't aware of the full context, the two twin girls are "Helena Maria," a duo of amateur musicians with a popular geek following on YouTube. They are eye and ear candy for millions including more than a few IT guys who should watch less YouTube. I'm sure IT pros appreciated their online geek celebrities showing up in the add and the musician reference at the end. Special kudos because their use and placement was subtle and not self-referential. Very, very good marketing!

Edit: For some reason, I can't make links clickable here on Crackberry in edit preview. That may be the browser I'm using or it may be a heavy-handed approach to minimizing spam. Anyway, just in case other people are having clickability problems with my post, here's the links from above comment for your copy and paste pleasure in the order referenced:

And why cant they make ads like this that are to the point and show bb advantages for their phones....get those two on the bb10 ads asap!

The problem is :
1. Balance was about 2 yrs too late.
2. It is pointless unless it is forced on admins... Make it optional and BIS Admins will turn it off to lock down the device... a lose lose for BB as users will continual to buy an Iphone as a 2nd device

I just bought a new Q10, can anybody help me in activating blackberry balance, do I have to go to my service provider for that or can it be done in my phone settings. Please help