BlackBerry Balance coming soon - Headed to PlayBook as well

BlackBerry Balance
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jan 2011 01:21 pm EST

The rumored BlackBerry Balance looks to be on its way to public release. The product looks to separate your work and play life on your BlackBerry Smartphone, keeping your personal info private while IT can still snoop on the buisness side of things.

"There are two fundamental use cases on the smartphone - enterprise and personal. The problem is that they are conflicting," said Jeff McDowell, RIM's senior vice-president for business and platform marketing. "We just wanted to create an innovative solution that allows enterprises to manage the corporate data side while at the same time give their employees the freedom to use Facebook and browse the Web and get their Internet email at the same time," 

BlackBerry Balance is said to be in carrier testing at the moment and should be available for public consumption in about two months for BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook. We don't know any more specifics on the product just yet, but it looks like we shouldn't have to wait too much longer to try it out.

Source: Reuters

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BlackBerry Balance coming soon - Headed to PlayBook as well


So.. what's it do again? Oh right, stops all those lawsuits from people suing their employers cause they work too much from home via their BB.

It'd be nice if said balance was available on a Sprint Torch2. The picture got my hopes up - then I remembered what Balance was/does. Darn. Reading too fast and overzealous.

Its a good concept though - I'm a BES user and will be glad to have it. Good work RIM. Now get me a "CDMA Torch 2" and my PB asap.... Thanks!

If this does what I think it does, I think it's a great idea! I've been at a few companies now where you are required to have a company BB on a BES. But what if you already have a BB you like to use for yourself, do you really want to have to carry both your personal and the company BB at the same time? I don't. If this will somehow allow you to logically partition your phone, and maybe somehow silence one side at a time even, that may be a great thing! For example, what if over the weekend, you don't want to have to hear or notice every work related email or phone call coming in? Is there a way to silence this, and just allow your personal stuff in? If so, that would be awesome!

All RIM needs to do is integrate this with Blackberry Connect and they will have a great way to extend Blackberry to the iPhone and Android device.

They have talked about support for other devices in their discussions about bringing BES to the cloud. While they wouldn't be able to bring the same functionality, it is a good way to make money managing non-BlackBerry devices.

The next step is convincing corporate IT departments to allow BB Balance, and relax their "no personal BlackBerrys on the company BES" policies.

I like having a BlackBerry, but the company-issued devices are often a few generations behind the state of the art (i.e., Curve 8310 and Bold 9000). It'd be wonderful to be able to choose my own device and apps, yet still be able to get company BES integration.

Doesn't this defeat the purpose of IT policies? Menaing if BlackBerry's are company issued then they have all right to control what the user does with the phone. Hence why implement BlackBerry Balance. @BobG If employees want the latest device then they can go out and get it and pay their own data charges