BlackBerry is Back

BlackBerry is Back!
By Chris Umiastowski on 1 Mar 2013 11:14 am EST

In case we haven't officially said it yet, BlackBerry is back. It's game on in Waterloo. The company that many left for dead is very much alive. One month into the commercial launch of BlackBerry 10, I think they've proven at least that much.

What's happening with BlackBerry is a lot like the girl who dates her high school sweetheart. He's a bit chubby and a bad dresser, but he's great at conversation. Eventually a new kid comes along. He dresses better, looks better and steals her heart for the moment. But after a while, something just isn't quite right. The girl isn't able to communicate with the new guy like she used to communicate with her old chubby boyfriend.

Summer holidays come and go, and the girl goes back to school in September. To her surprise, the once-chubby kid has been working out, and he's dressing a lot better. Yet he's the same sweet guy that communicates with her so well. Her heart is captured again, and she's back to her first love.

BlackBerry has been working out for nearly 3 years while the QNX-powered BlackBerry 10 platform has been painstakingly put together. And one month into the launch, we're seeing good evidence that people are loving it.

Not everyone is loving it, mind you. There are a mix of reviews out there, and quite often you see people who write something along the lines of, "Why would anyone want a BlackBerry Z10 when it isn't that different from an Android or iPhone?" The logic works both ways, folks. Why would anyone want an Android or iPhone when the Z10 does the same things? Of course the Z10 is the once chubby but newly fit kid who's great at conversation. Peek and flow, and the BlackBerry Hub make it easy to talk.

For every reviewer who says people won't want the Z10 because of some supposed lack of differentiation, there are obviously orders of magnitude more people making the switch. Just look at this story from Fierce Wireless which references BlackBerry EVP of Global Sales Rick Costanzo. While not providing exact figures, Costanzo said, "We're actually getting roughly speaking about a third coming in from outside the BlackBerry community". He went on to clarify that this figure is consistent among the 50 markets the Z10 has launched in so far. Other sources, who normally would not be bullish on such stats, have further confirmed it.

I have to say ... that is HUGELY significant news folks. Just think about it. Six months ago we had people saying BlackBerry 10 wouldn't even make it out of the gate. The company would die. They had no chance. Then the launch happened. Lots of people loved the device, while some thought it wasn't a big enough deal. So while not everyone was sold on the potential of the Z10 and the BlackBerry 10 platform, people pretty much stopped writing about the death of BlackBerry. Instead we heard statements like, "Oh well BlackBerry 10 will really just appeal to the 79 million people who have stuck with the platform this far. It's not going to win people back".

Sounds like Rick Costanzo would beg to differ. And assuming they actually have some kind of quasi-reliable method of getting these numbers, how can we argue with facts? People are coming back to BlackBerry. That's a huge deal.

This is still a race. But six months ago people said the race was over. They said BlackBerry 10 would be dead on arrival. Today the situation looks vastly different. BlackBerry has made it out of the starting blocks. They're in the race, and they're looking like a serious contender for the bronze medal at this point in the global race. In more specialized races like enterprise mobility they've still got a shot at the gold.

It feels good to say it. BlackBerry is back.

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BlackBerry is Back


Kevin.... I ... Love ... You .... lol

Great story, I would agree they are back! I am awaiting mine from Verizon as we speak!

Sooks, there's a blast from the past. There used to be a time where you couldn't read a Storm thread without seeing that name! :)

Lol, As soon as my Z10 gets here you might be seeing a lot more of me :). I have mellowed out over the years though, not as fun as I once was haha.

The carriers know when a subscriber switches devices, so why wouldn't carriers give this info to BB? It is an important data point for the carrier AND BB to know so they can plan joint marketing activities etc.

Carriers would rather of course have new customers switch to a device and sign a contract.

My question is that if a subscriber switches carriers and devices (was on an iPhone on Rogers, and switches to Koodo and a Z10) would / can the carriers know that? Maybe when a new subscriber is signed up, there is some data that is entered 'current platform / new platform' perspective.

I really would like to know where all this data is coming from, and how it is accrued.

No need to. Existing users will more than likely carry over their existing BBIDs, while new users from foreign platforms will sign up a new one. I guess we'll hear a few figure bout BBID numbers development on the call next month.

I would guess that the Carrier would know where you came from because they would ask. Also in the credit check. I dont know how it works in the rest of the world but in the US you can keep your same number. The new carrier has to port it from the old carrier so they would know who your old carrier is. Chances are they know from many different sources as well what device you were rockin. .

Great! Now I can't wait for the next post by Kevin titled "CrackBerry is back" announcing the new redesigned look.

With an ac/dc cover band singing, "crack is back! Its just a fact! Flew under the radar with a surprise attack..." We all know how the song goes...

I concur. I was amazed at the accuracy of Kevin's Playbook estimate, based on his website hits and perhaps a few other secret metrics.

I would really like to know his Z10 estimates using the same sources as reference.

The real proof to determine if "BlackBerry is Back" is to see how sales fair against other product launches. How well will this phone sell 6 months from now, that's the real test. More evidence will be in the numbers reports on March 28th, and can RIM actually report sales numbers and not shipped numbers...

What may be significant here is the channel checks. There has been a lot of attention paid to individual dealer sales.

The Nokia 920 sold really well for about 6 weeks, but we're not really sure where those sales were. Dealers generally reported anemic interest. With the Z10, we've seen really broad interest.

My own personal opinion is that the Z10 makes friends as it goes along; much of its appeal lies in overall usability and doesn't become clear until you've been using it for a few days or so. While this doesn't make for great "in-store demo" moments, it should generate solid word of mouth over the long run.

I agree with your statement it is way to quick to say Blackberry is back. In 6 months after the new Samsung and Iphone we will see how the sell is going.

There should also be a new Blackberry by then as well, if they are back in the game.

Also, you can say the new Samsung, but iPhone come on? That hasn't updated since iP4

Kevin's new name is now SPIN because that's all this blog post does. USA hasn't even started yet, I'd wait till that launch before I start making claims. Remember when BUSH in the USA said mission accomplished........yeah not so much. AND BTW, where are the numbers? No one is giving numbers so it's all heresy at the moment.

Lol @ SPIN. That's kinda cool sounding for a nickname actually.

Did you actually read the post Umi wrote before you commented though?? I don't think that was spin.

Look, bottom line from my perspective is that BlackBerry is BACK IN THE RACE. BlackBerry has crossed the STARTING LINE. Rewind six months and the company was proclaimed dead. That's no longer the story. They're back. They're competing. To me, that's BlackBerry being Back. 

That's not spin. That's the truth. When official numbers start getting announced, absolutely that's when we'll know just where in the race they are. But from most people's perspectives, they weren't even in the race anymore.. and now they are. BlackBerry is back in terms of mindshare... that's not heresay. Of course, that all said, I want BlackBerry BACK IN THE RACE in the USA next.


Remember your post 'Taking out the Trolling Trash'? Crackberry has a few hard-core trolls hitting the site pretty hard.

Instagram at launch or I'll give someone a car - Kevin
Instagram will be on Blackberry 10 - Kevin
Instagram will be on Blackberry 10 soon - Kevin
Welp. - Kevin

a spin, how do you figure, a number has been stated its not an exact number but a number was given! do you think that the number of 50% of Z10 buyers are from iOS and Android? a lie like this is a lie to their investors and its false information and illegal, they have also stated that they had to increase production because of un forseen demand and that many stores were sold out. things were told to the market weather they choose to face the facts or not the Z10 is making waves its a good seller and a great device. do the numbers say about 200 million active smartphone users in the USA transfer that to the rest of the population in the world and you have a grand total of 3.3333333% of the total world market now we can only assume that this is nowhere near the smartphone market world wide. the world is much larger then the US even if tehre is only 15% total smartphone users in the rest of the world then that is close to a billion users, that right there is alot of market not only for iOS and Android but for BB and even microsoft to be players.

why do ammericans insist that they are the only god damn people on this planet and that people follow them, they don't its time for the bears to face the music and understand that blackberry is back, maybe not in the USA but the rest of the world still has strong love for the brand

i've said it in a thread on the main boards, shut up if you have nothing good to say

I have read and agreed with many of GTiLeo's post since I joined CB Dec 16 2008. I usally agree with him and do agree with some parts of this post. I really don't like the fact that all Americans get lumped together as one. I for one have not been whining and crying nor do I feel like we are the only people on the face of the earth. I am lucky to have traveled many places across the globe and have a healthy respect for all cultures and peoples. I am waiting for BB10 without tears or whine. Maybe some wine but no whine. Peace out and look forward to more civil stimulating conversations on CB

Too early to make the claim that BB is 'back'. Many very strong competing product launches coming up in about the same time as Z10 launch in the US. Galaxy SIV, HTC One....going to be tough sledding for Z10 in the US I fear....

Time will tell.

Ya Baby... I am so proud to be sporting my Z10 and I am starting to see them everywhere... 2 in the theater ahead of me last night and a few friends have switched.



"Yet he's the same sweet guy that communicates with her so well. "

He's also kind of a douchebag now that he's good looking, he forgot to do some things that he used to be so good at - like contact charging, mapping (Google Maps on BB7 is far superior to BB Maps on BB10), profile management.

Funny post, but little more than a "rah rah BlackBerry" kind of thing.

Right now I am preferring the new maps over OS7 maps. I don't know how this phone locates me so quickly but it is amazing! and accurate! and the search is SO useful. I did not like the old search, it hardly ever found my location that I was looking for.

I miss being able to turn the cache to unlimited so I could essentially load maps before I traveled.

Pros and cons.

Charging contacts were one of my favorite features as well.

Looks like not many people notices that article is not written by Kevin ;) The reason could be the picture used in the post ;)

They're back in the US? Great, I will go get a Z10 today.

What? They're not available?

Not back yet, kids.

Riiight...Cause Canada had no major role in WW2. You probably think we had no role in helping the British burn the Whitehouse to the ground in 1812 as well. You should go watch Argo too...

I Bleed Black & Berry

Hear hear! Maybe he meant Japanese -- the U.S. wasn't too interested in the war in Europe for some time, if I remember my history.

Chris, I agreed with with you 100 percent. They have been saying BlackBerry DOA and look what happen now people who have their hands on this device loving it. I'm waiting patiently to switch from my Iphone 4S to BBZ10.

My own personal experience is that they have a long, long way to go. After having a Torch 9860 for nearly 18 months and never understanding why it behaved as it did nor what the commands were supposed to do, it finally had a hardware failure that justified dumping it. I got an iPhone and immediately saw how a smartphone was supposed to work - easy to use, instant understanding of how to use it, the total opposite of the BB experience. I went from hating the BB device to loving the iPhone within days. I doubt BB will ever win me back.

"immediately saw how a smartphone was supposed to work."
Old BB to iPhone: this comment is absolutely true (I say that from first hand experience).

iPhone to Z10: I now make the same comment w.r.t. Z10 vs. iPhone (first hand experience, again).

When it's time for a new phone, check out the Z10 or whatever BB's latest is at that time. So far the "worst case" comment that I've heard from people who try my Z10: "it's just like the iPhone." Use the Z10 for a few days then try to go back to the iPhone. That's when you'll say, "the Z10 is how a smartphone is supposed to work."

Hope to get you back to Black some day!

C'mon....finish off the sentence:

I doubt BB will ever win me back.....but that won't stop me from hanging out on a Blackberry website and spreading doom and gloom - I just can't seem to let go. Help?

Hey, I read the story because someone posted a link on Twitter to it. I haven't been here in months. I remain amazed at the difference between my BB and iPhone experiences. If using the Z10 is like the iPhone then I understand why so many BB users have gone crazy over it. But for me I disliked my old BB so much that I can't see them winning me back any time soon.

Such a great post! I can't wait to get my Z10. Thanks for writing this. It's nice to see some love from other BB fans.

I'm so sick of all the BB bashing. A lot of my friends have iphones which break if you even look at them funny. NOT recommended for klutzy girls like me. I've dropped my BB about 1000 times and it still looks brand freaking new!

And BB security is the best. I've read so much on BBC about security flaws with android, but it doesn't seem to hurt them at all...which honestly baffles me. Why is that? Why does BB get flagellated for minor little things, but enormous security flaws with the other guys are treated like no big deal?


I guess people who use Android are casual users to whom a security issue doesn't matter. Most iOS and Android users I know don't use most of the features of their phone - not even Bluetooth. They give their $700 product to babies to keep them quiet. Blows my mind.

Great analogy and article. The negativity was at a fever pitch with antagonist asking our Blackberry Nation "What would you like on your tombstone? all over the globe, now with the launch and devices available in parts of the world the diagnosis has changed from " Imminent death " to "The patient is stable".

Living Bold-ly!

Sorry to say it doesn't. Why do (some) americans feel that the whole world will crash if it's not approved by americans? Not meant to bash ALL americans, but some of you really need to get off your high horse.

It's not an issue of being on a "high horse" (although admittedly sometimes it is :) )but to say that BlackBerrys, or for that matter, most global smartphone vendors success doesn't greatly depends on the American consumer is off base. If it flops on release in the states its a helluva bigger setback than if it fails in other markets. Say what you will about the American ego, or perception of self-worth as it relates to the rest of the world, but there's a reason its there.

This is not a feeling. It is a fact. When RIM's share of the American market declined, it went from being a profitable company to being an unprofitable one.

It is certainly possible for a company to be profitable and still not do well in the US, but that is not a nut that Blackberry has cracked.

Wow...Lots of successful worldwide products don't have much, if any, of a U.S. presence.

It would be great if BB recaptures double digit sales in the U.S. market, but it won't be the death of BB if it does not.

Some very successful brands here in Mexico have avoided the American market completely.

The U.S. is no more important than any other market...
EXCEPT that the U.S. makes the most noise.
Having said that, I hope you get your phones soon, American BlackBerry Brothers and Sisters...


This is a really naive thing to say and I doubt that anyone at Blackberry would agree with you. The American market is big and rich. Some markets are bigger. Some markets are richer. None are as big and rich.

Europe is kind of a single big rich market, but Blackberry has not done that well historically in many of the markets that comprise Europe.

I think Blackberry thinks it is easier to recapture American mind share than it is to capture European mindshare for the first time.

Yep. The Jews sold 'em to the Arabs, who turned 'em over to the Japanese, who sold 'em to the Koreans, who got pushed out of the way by China...
But it's all cash in hand... ;)


Do not assume that the BB10 software cannot compete with Android and IOS. Let the consumer and business community make the judgement if the BB10 will succeed or not. Give BB10 6 months to a year and let see who is better. With features like, HUB, FLOW, camera TIMESHIFT, virtual keyboard TYPING and BBM video share Screen BlackBerry can be on top within a year or two.

Got my BB Z10 in afternoon in today. Many people in here India criticize it because of the price. But I must say, Z10 worth every penny. Amazing device and astonishing OS. So much to learn !!!!...Seriously, BlackBerry is Back....................

The chubby kid should kick that shallow chick to the curb. He doesn't need her. She was too stupid to realize what she had. Later biotch, don't get hit by a truck. That's right, BBM also stands for Big Beautiful Man!

In about one week time, here in Singapore will launch and hope I can quickly get my hand on BBZ10!

Having said that, most of those who left BB for the past 6mths to 1 year will find it difficult to switch back to BlackBerry 10 due to contract, this condition also apply to those using iPhone 5.

Well, just hope that in the next 6 to 9 mths, we will really see the Rise of BlackBerry and witness the fall of Oldest OS around!

You can definitely feel the excitement in the store clerks at MTS here in Winnipeg.
I have been dropping into MTS stores whenever I went by one in the last couple of months and asked about the new BlackBerry 10 .

At first they looked at me like I was from another planet and wondered what the hell I was talking about .
I would also get that look like ,there was a piece of food stuck in my tooth or I had just told them their favorite pet died. It was a little Odd.

Not anymore..
Now I am getting great big smiles and oh yes, its coming soon.
They are asking about which one I want , the Z10 or Q10

So yes, BlackBerry is most definitely BACK

Nice article except that Blackberry will not be BACK until there is total global access to the phone. At this point it is partially back for sections of the globe. Being back means that anyone and everyone can have the option to select it over any other brand of phone. Currently that is not the situation until all countries have a least one carrier selling the phone. The world does not revolve around the US but the american stock market does play a major role in the financial impression that the world views concerning communication companies. Until an American carrier establishes a firm date of availability then it is not back in the USA. Call it spoiled or self-centered or whatever the view from within the USA does influence the future of Blackberry. Waiting for CRACKBERRY to put up the headline " NOW AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES"

Dear crackberry, can u plz add a link while browsing on a mobile device to share ur articles with fb. I don't see one and I want to share ur insight with my friends! Thanks

The only I wish is that they would have a lot more free apps to compete more with Android and iOS. I think even Windows 8 OS has more free apps than Blackberry.

want to here a little secret, our wonderful neighbors just south of the border love money and what buzz comes along with it.once they feel a tidal wave of advertising money going their way all the broadcasters are going to jump on the story in a huge way..a comeback story.everybody loves a comeback story,My Z10 and i are best friends right now and i only found her feb.5 ,i show her off and people say she,s real sharp.isay u bet ya.they say thier iphone can do all the things my Z10 can do,and i say ,much more, u haven,t had a date with her yet, lots of people realize they will change over but they can,t afford a divorce right now this new bb will snowball

Could you write something about "shorting" the stock and how there are many analysts that really NEED Blackberry to fail? I know very little to nothing about the stock market but I picked up on another article that was describing the whole thing with "shorts" on a stock.

I had a quick note come up on a market news service today that stated there was a ton of 13 puts on BBRY. That explains why we see the analysts come out with there trash when the stock climbs to high above 13. They need the stock under 13 in order to get back some of the premium the paid for there option.

30 day put/call ratio is .7 - which means that a lot more option players are betting on a blackberry turnaround (makes sense because of the binary outcomes/risk to reward ratio with options). I am guessing that a lot of hedge funds shorted the stock and bought calls to cap losses if there is a huge spike and short squeeze.

"Why would anyone want a BlackBerry Z10 when it isn't that different from an Android or iPhone?" The logic works both ways, folks. Why would anyone want an Android or iPhone when the Z10 does the same things?"

Probably has something to do with the 600,000 more apps you get from Android or IOS. Just a guess.

I'm leaving overseas today but had to write my last comment here. Still don't understand the skepticism here about the slow rise from death that was is blackberry. This post is actually pretty good. Forget the numbers for a second n take a good look around. Blackberry is alive people. Why focus on the US when the global launch is much more critical to the real growth of blackberry. I have used ios and android but blackberry is truly a global communicating device.

As stated, mindshares have to grow before profits are even possible. Even if the numbers are small compared to ios n Andriod it doesn't matter cus people are noticing the blackberry. I think if the supply chain was comparable to say apple, I believe blackberry would be in a much more advantageous position than it is now, and move the devices faster. This is a version 1 of a brand new os competing with a more evolved os, and yet blackberry is able to hold its own. How powerful is that? That's huge deal in my mind.

Think of where blackberry n qnx will be with future versions of its oses compared to android n ios. Both camps are proud to have half a billion apps under their belt but what happens to those billions of apps when comes time to rewrite a brand new os. No one knows but I'm sure its not going to be a smooth transition. Anybody remember the headaches apple had transitioning from pwerpc to mac os. And that was a small disruption compared to what google n apple is going to face with a billion devices circulating.

And that is why I bought a crap load of shares.


You're probably only saying that because they never once failed to grow their subscriber base year-over-year. If you ignore the persistent growth in the number of people using BlackBerrys around the world it was obvious they were dying. *sarcasm*

Look I want this company to succeed as much as anybody but this brainless cheerleading is so pathetic. This stock is still down 90%, yes imagine if you guys lost 90% of your assets before you start tearing me apart.
If everything is so great then lets see you cheerleaders mortgaging everything, maxing your credit cards, and investing everything in BBRY stock. Nah I dont think so, so that makes cheerleaders mere paper tigers.

The stock price is determined by buyers and sellers in the stock market. Do not make the mistake of letting the stock price inform your perception of the company, its products, and/or management - that's letting the tail wag the dog. In other words, it is possible for a stock to lose 90% while at the same time have its operations thrive. This article makes no mention of the stock price and was obviously about BlackBerry's product/marketing/operational/etc. success so I am not sure how bringing up the share price is relevant.

Thank you. Very well put. Besides, when you buy stock in a company I believe a lot of it is based on faith. I'm still kicking myself for not buying into apple in the 90's. With blackberry I'm in it for the long haul as I have a lot of faith in qnx.

Stock market is the perception. The shares going down since February 7 when they traded at 16.96 USD. Om February 28 they traded 13.36 USD. 26.9 % drop for 3 weeks. Constant drop. Because there are no positive news at all. Whatsoever.

"How long can you hold him?" asks Bill.

"I'm not as strong as I used to be," says old Dorset, "but I think I can promise you ten minutes."

"Enough," says Bill. "In ten minutes I shall cross the Central, Southern and Middle Western States, and be legging it trippingly for the Canadian border."

And, as dark as it was, and as fat as Bill was, and as good a runner as I am, he was a good mile and a half out of Summit before I could catch up with him.

Basic rule of investing, Only invest what you're willing to lose.

Sorry to hear about your poor decision to invest borrowed money. You chose that, not us "Paper Tigers"

In the mean time Rah Rah Go Berry!

I Bleed Black & Berry

Apple stock is down almost 40% in the last six months while BlackBerry is up over 100% (was almost 200%)... your point is? Apple's and BBRY's stock are almost exactly inversely proportional... when one goes down, the other goes up... guess who's stock has been dropping like a rock lately?

"What's happening with BlackBerry is a lot like the girl who dates her high school sweetheart. He's a bit chubby and a bad dresser, but he's great at conversation. Eventually a new kid comes along. He dresses better, looks better and steals her heart for the moment. But after a while, something just isn't quite right. The girl isn't able to communicate with the new guy like she used to communicate with her old chubby boyfriend.

Summer holidays come and go, and the girl goes back to school in September. To her surprise, the once-chubby kid has been working out, and he's dressing a lot better. Yet he's the same sweet guy that communicates with her so well. Her heart is captured again, and she's back to her first love."

:'-) {sniff} Welcome back BB...though you never really left!!
You had us at hello.

Nice illustration. This girl sounds a little fickle but maybe she'll settle down with her new trim beau.

Now that BlackBerry uses the BB ID to link with devices it should be easy to see who has upgraded to a new device and who is creating new BB ID's.

Not a foolproof method (because you could always create a new BB ID), but most of us would have just carried forward our old BB ID.

Of course it could just be carriers transferring phone numbers onto the new devices.

That was a better love story than all the Twilights combined! love this man, love crackberry cant wait for my Z10.

yea, but once the girl is back in school, she's got gonorrhea and nobody wants to have anything to do with either her or the now slim and gorgeous former boyfriend. He actually took the time to come out to his family and friends. There just isn't any spark left and they are fundamentally incompatible. BlackBerry is not back. BlackBerry is dead.

@Kevin: great story..... I wish im the girl... moved away to android very recently, only this summer is going to have to last a 2 year contract long.

Unless some one offers mr a million bucks for my 9800 and 9900. In which case ill pick my new z10 the very next second.

HELL YEA Blackberry is back and it feels good...I can't tell you how many times I been a champion for blackberry against people who were just sheep and bandwagoners. Now the talk switches from the company is dead it won't save them to, " ok the phone looks nice but its not a big deal" can't wait for the US launch so I can get my own. And further stick it to the haters

This is anecdotal, but I ride the commuter train to and from Toronto everyday, which gives me a good chance to scope out the phones people are using (It seems like everyone has a phone or tablet in their hands for the ride)...

Anyway, a month into the Z10 launch, I already see as many Z10s in the wild as I see Playbooks (That might not sound like much to folks in the US, but in Canada we actually bought the Playbook). Today, I saw two obviously unrelated people in the same group of four chairs using white Z10s. I know it's anecdotal, and that this is an hour from Waterloo, so there is added incentive to buy the phone. But I see it as an encouraging sign.

I totally don't understand this "wait and see BB is going to fail" They have launched a phone like no other in their history and people are still wondering if they are going to make it. I thing this just goes to to show how stupid people have become this day and age. I am a born Canadien and love my BB. I live in the states now and from alot of people who have moved away from BB the last couple of years are all coming back for this new Z10. I'm going to try the Z10 to see if i can get used to being without keyboard. If i don't like it I'll get the Q10. Simple as that. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these

And STILL the US waits. You can't be back if you are not in the US market. Yes, 50% are leaving form other platforms......because BB was dead for 5 years. They had to move on. Late March is a joke....first quarter 2013....cutting it as close as you can. #latemarch #bb10fail

I have my 9930 and Playbook.....hope to upgrade but could be too little too late.

I have both devices as well. My 9930 works great and is still a great phone. My contract is up in a month so it works great. I'm wondering about comment "but could be too little too late" If you would be using a 9650 then I would understand your issue

I reckon the Z10 will launch in the US before Australia's launch on the 18th of March (deduct a day of travel for Thor and team and that makes it before the 17th in the US...that is a few short weeks)...not late March

Kevin. I am glad BB is back. It is good for competition. I am without a phone and can't get one here in the US. So no good to me at this time and potential lost opportunity.

Great article Chris! I have to admit CrackBerry did its part promoting the Z10. There is so much good in the Z10 and the future of BlackBerry that I want to do all I can to help promote it. I have been supporting posts and also post some of my own and sure hope people check my links out to keep the positive momentum.
I can't wait to make the iPhone my ex and start my new relationship with the Z10.

coming soon.............................................................................................

I think of this article like the Overeem/Silva fight. Overeem was like Apple, on top and the "new" boyfriend while Silva was like the chubby kid taking on the #1. The first couple rounds were tough for Silva, but when the only round that mattered came a long then Silva pushed forward and beat the shit out of Overeem. Blackberry is now going to beat the shit out of Apple.

Well, to follow up on "The logic works both ways, folks. Why would anyone want an Android or iPhone when the Z10 does the same things?", very simple answer:
Because Android and iOS devices do everything better at a sometimes lower price tag (Android) and there are TONS of GOOD apps available, also media content like movies, tv shows and music, available for buying directly through the device.
So why would I go for the Z10? I remember the whole "there will be all the good apps available soon..." promise when the Playbook showed up. Now look where the Playbook is...selling for 160 the 64GB version over here in Germany.
I am sorry but Blackberry is NOT back...yet. This was a nice try and it may keep BB alive for another 12 months or so but if they don't come up with something REALLY interesting and MUCH MORE apps (which will be difficult since programmers and software companies have to earn money with their stuff and less customers also mean less money, so OS10 isn't that interesting right now), BB will be history. Blackberry still has cash reserves but eating from the savings want save BB. They need a breakthrough product and unfortunately, the Z10 isn't it. Yet.