The BlackBerry Avengers, take 2 - Now starring Dan Dodge as Hawkeye; but who will play Nick Fury?!

The BlackBerry Avengers!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 May 2012 06:33 pm EDT

Last week when we posted version 1.0 of the BlackBerry Avengers, we had Hawkeye taking the photo and out of frame. This week he's in with the rest of the BBAvengers... played by QNX Founder and RIM's lead BlackBerry 10 software architect, Dan Dodge. Now we just need to figure out who to add as Nick Fury into next week's version... leave your suggestions in the comments!

Coming Soon... The BlackBerry Avengers starring:

  • BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins as Thor
  • CrackBerry Kevin as The Hulk
  • Bla1ze as Iron Man
  • Adam Zeis as Captain America
  • Michelle Haag as Black Widow
  • QNX Founder Dan Dodge as Hawkeye
  • Nick Fury... TBA!


Umiastowski for Fury!

big bb

I agree. I would have said Kevin because he started CrackBerry like fury starts the avengers, but he's already the hulk.

Kevin Michaluk

Yeah.. my traps are just too big to play Fury. Paint me green and piss me off and I'm totally the Hulk.

We could put Umi in as Fury, but he's a little too green on CB still. Needs another six months of posts under his belt. But *maybe* that could work. I'm open to it.

Maybe a RIM employee? Michael Clewley of the PlayBook team perhaps? Or Andrew Bocking? Hmm....


Alec Saunders, Anders Jeppsson, or Chris Umi


My vote is on Alec Saunders


It's gotta be Umi! : )



*Bla1ze approved


Just add spandex...story of my life


I could be wrong but I would it fitting if it was someone who has been with the company for a long time or someone who created it *cough cough*....

Kevin Michaluk

Hm... so Mike Lazaridis or Jim Balsillie. Interesting.  But the "Avengers" kind of need to come in a post Mike L / Jim B world I think.  Maybe. Maybe not. So many options.


It's true Kevin... So many options! I would personally think Mike L. for some reason.


The ever-lovin' Alec Saunders!


Either Chris Smith because he always assembles the group from TAT...

Or Vivek because he looks closest to Samuel L. Jackson lol


I was thinking someone who brought a team of misfits together to accomplish something... who does the fate of the BBWorld rest on? The team backing up the Avengers? Devs!!! Alec Saunders as Nick Fury! :D



How about alex kinsella?


So why can't all the avengers actually be working for RIM and include the new CMO and COO

Thor = Thorsten
Hulk = Alec Saunders
Capt America = CMO Frank Boulben ... lets face it he'll have to be capt america to bring back the US market
Ironman = COO Kristian Tear .. hes gonna havce to operate RIM like Stark Industries
Hawkeye = Dan Dodge .. needs ot be on te mark with BB10
Black Widow = Robin Bienfait .. only female with a C level title

Director Fury = CrackBerry Kevin .... ed look bad ass with an eye patch


Great casting! Couldn't agree more how this really should have all the key RIM people involved. And your reasoning for each character is spot on. Alec as the hulk - I can just see him with his Keep Calm and Be Bold Shirt (shredded of course when he failed to keep calm with all of his BB10 excitement and went all hulk). And Kevin as Fury - the one really pulling it all together behind the scenes. That's why he couldn't take the CEO job - he needed to stay incognito. :)

But we'd still need our CB team in there so why not expand the Avenger clan:

Human Torch - so clearly Blaze
Wolverine - Umi...let's face it he looks the part
Spiderman - Adam Z - he does have a Peter Parker thing going on
Maria Hill - Michelle - something tells me she is actually the one running the show at CB anyways :)

But more importantly which character is eating Apple for lunch, and who's smashing the Android robot? And I didn't see a Windows flag burning in the background...


How about forums mod BigBadWulf as Wolverine? ;)


Frank Boulben is def doing something good, cause Engadget has been giving rim good reviews as of late. that and a nasty 8 page hand written letter i sent them detailing how their trashing of the bb devices reduces marketshare and that its detrimental and immoral for them to make a great product seem like trash just because apple paid them to do it.


I like the original team, but I think Alex Saunders should be in there. The guy is a workhorse, and I think is fitting for a role. Just my opinion.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins as Thor
CrackBerry Kevin as The Hulk
Bla1ze as Iron Man
Adam Zeis as Captain America
Michelle Haag as Black Widow
QNX Founder Dan Dodge as Hawkeye
Nick Fury: Alex Saunders



**It would be great if I could be but if not then definitely Alec Saunders!!


if no one is nick then ill be nick fury. i got millitary background


No important black people do anything BLACKberry related...


Have Obama be Nick Fury. I know he's not important at all, but he loves his berry....

Some comments in here... ¬¬


That is actually a very interesting idea, it should happen, but it won't.


I always thought Vivek was a pretty cool dude. He was going pretty furious at the BlackBerry party at Universal Studios.


Is that Kevin as the Hulk crushing an iPhone with his hand?


It would have to be Mike L as Nick Fury. He created RIM and recruited Thorsten and others. Now he's on the board of directors guiding and watching them while they "fight battles"


I saw an awesome redraw of that Avengers image of all of the male super heros posing like Black Widow, to humorously bring to the attention how stupid women are portrayed in media.


I think you need to re-cast Iron Man


hahahahahahahahahah HA cause he's iron man.


I look like Nick Fury in real life so it should be me, naturally.


what about someone from TAT for fury cause cascades is going to look so cool like nick fury

Detective M Downs

CB needs some brothas on staff!


Wow. After this, no more making fun of ifans is allowed.


Cisco's Chambers: BlackBerry Looks Very Attractive

May 18 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "Movers & Shakers" Bloomberg's Betty Liu reports that Cisco CEO John Chambers states that he would not give up his mobile device #1! - BlackBerry, which he considers his most important technology.

*New BlackBerry Avenger - John Chambers values BlackBerry more than iOS or Google.