The BlackBerry Avengers - Coming soon to a carrier store near you!

BlackBerry Avengers!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 May 2012 02:29 pm EDT

Coming Soon... The BlackBerry Avengers starring:

  • BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins as Thor
  • CrackBerry Kevin as The Hulk
  • Bla1ze as Iron Man
  • Adam Zeis as Captain America
  • Michelle Haag as Black Widow
  • QNX Founder Dan Dodge as Hawkeye (he's taking the photo!)

Reader comments

The BlackBerry Avengers - Coming soon to a carrier store near you!


seriously? how can you miss one of the best characters from the movie? Where's Hawkeye? (other than that, i gotta say pretty sweet!)

Umi still needs to put in another year of CrackBerry service before he makes a BlackBerry Doodle :)
Now... Dan Dodge on the other hand... he would make a great Hawkeye. Maybe we'll get this baby updated for round 2 for next week featuring Dan.
Stay tuned!

Can we get this sized for all BB devices so we can make them our wallpapers?? I'd love to have this on my 9810 and PB!!

Guys pleas make it all RIM employees in the doodle. Include the new CMO, COO. I think it would be cool. We can have a separate for all CB team. What do u think.

err..guys, what is this? some promo for a roadshow or just a doodle that is gonna be displayed at the carrier stores?

Nice doddle and all... but blaze would be akin to the Black Widow or even Praying Mantis! LOL just saying! BOTH Marvel Character's are insanely BORINNG :)

Kevin is the Hulk? Please, he's more like that gelatinous monster in the kid movie. Ugh, Kevin really annoys me.