BlackBerry Avatar Builder is back in App World with v1.0.1

BlackBerry Avatar Builder
By Michelle Haag on 18 Jun 2011 07:13 pm EDT

A few days ago, we let you know about the free BlackBerry Avatar Builder that RIM released into BlackBerry App World. Shortly after its release, the app was pulled from App World with no explanation, leaving many people wondering why. After all, it was an official release from RIM, and it didn't have any obvious glitches or bugs, so it was a bit of a mystery to everyone. Well, not everyone... the app was brought up on the last CrackBerry Podcast, and Kevin mentioned it was likely pulled because, unlike all other apps developed and released by RIM, the Avatar Builder didn't make you agree to a lengthy EULA before using it.

Lo and behold, the Avatar Builder is back in App World today with an update to v1.0.1. I installed the update, and fired up the app, and guess what? Kevin was right, as usual. The miles long EULA popped up right away. So for those of you that tried to download the application and couldn't because it had been removed from App World, go ahead and give it a try now.

Download Avatar Builder Guys Edition
Download Avatar Builder Girls Edition

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BlackBerry Avatar Builder is back in App World with v1.0.1


So a US only app with a lengthy EULA all for an avatar builder?

I think I have found part of RIM's problem...

Why in the world would they require you to agree to a EULA? Geez/WTF, we cant be expected to download any little app without signing our lives away, freeing these companies from who knows what legal mumbo-jumbo they put into these EULA's. Its a sad state of affairs we're in.

I tried to download it before, but when I would go to open the app, my device would reboot.

Anyone else had/has that problem? I'm going to re-download it later.

I know it took an enormously lengthy amount of time to finish loading onto my Torch, but that's about it. There are some changes inside the app too.

Where they used to have the 3 BB chains to access some accessories, now they're gone. Maybe BB got a little too urban for some big


With the US not showing bb much love I'm surprised that bb doesnt return their focus back to Canada, Europe and Asia. Let the US drowned in their debt using their google and apple devices.

As someone that downloaded this about ... 5 minutes after the news story came to my BB News Feeds app - I went back into App World following the provided link in this article figuring there was an update to the program - however App World tells me I have the latest version of 1.0 already installed. I'll wait and check later on tomorrow if that changes.

I'm in the UK and I downloaded the app as soon as I read about it. This morning I had the upgrade icon. Clicked on the link in my emails, installed the upgraded version, and it's working no problem. The long story to skip at the start of the app is the only change

I'm UK too and not had an update about it. I was able to download 1.0 yesterday so I'm not sure if they even removed it here

Anyone really see other than EULA difference?
Take closer look. Some items are missed. So you might want to keep v1.0.0 ;)
Ah legal suff...

I'm in Canada and had no problem downloading and using the app after it's second release. That said, it's a very lame and under developed app. I'm not entirely sure why they even released such an app. Furthermore, why on earth would they release it as two separate apps rather than allowing you to select the sex of your character within the app. Granted it may save you a bit of memory, but still, it's not the end of the world. I'm underimpressed.

US, UK, Australia and caribean only app, WTF, why not for the rest of the world, why caribean and not all Europe, I don't understand!!!!

RIM is hiliarious!!! Software is struggling, hardware is behind the curve, and these guys are worried about avatar builders??? Who the hell cares if you have a cartoon picture of yourself when your phone can barely pull up a webpage? LOL, Fix what really needs to be fixed RIM, this is just getting ridiculous.

it was too hot to handle. another known app-maker uses a clone of it in their free app. Users had serious hacks/data breaches from it. RIM pulled it and the renewed (fixed) free app is being touted as much as Rim's app. Routine bug-fix. No need to complain...just think thru legal liability...

Um...remember how Dodge was the test-run dvn for new ideas that, if they sold well, went to the car mfr's mainstream sales and if they didn't take off, went in the books as R&D tax write off status? Same thing.