New Official BlackBerry Avatar Builder lets you build custom BBM Avatars - Available for Download in Guy and Girl Editions!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jun 2011 06:02 pm EDT
BlackBerry Avatar Builder  BlackBerry Avatar Builder

Coolness! I didn't see this one coming. Research In Motion just dropped two new fun apps into BlackBerry App World for us to install on our BlackBerry Smartphones. Avatar Builder Guys Edition and Avatar Builder Girls Edition allow you to make awesome avatars on your BlackBerry. If you want a custom sweet BBm avatar, look no further.  Here's the official verbage:

Want to create your own BBM avatar?

Create and customize an avatar to look just like you or anyone you want it to be! Choose your eyes, hair and your go-to outfit. Then throw in a few accessories, such as your earrings or yoga mat. Feel like you need a change? That's just fine. Edit your avatar anytime to match your mood or style. Have fun with thousands of different looks, right at your fingertips.

When you're done, save it, share it, set it as your BBM picture then make another one.

That's it! The cost is free, so what are you waiting for? Go and download it at the links below. We'll follow up soon with a hands-on video look.

Download Avatar Builder Guys Edition
Download Avatar Builder Girls Edition



Says that the app is not available for my device or operator, bummer can't dowload


3MB?!? Eeeehhhhh...Perhaps if it can be uninstalled after creation and still use the images.


Thanks for this tip, I'll give it a for the size...yeah 3mb, but I have the available memory :D

Thanks Crackberry!


Good app and funny but too big


Darn - Not even RIM wants to provide apps for the Playbook.


YES. Good 5 mins of work time waster.


Can someone take a screen shot? I just want to see how this looks.


Played with it for 5 minutes and I deleted it. Its really slow and there isnt a huge selection of items. It doesnt support Asian folks lol


Since this is just a release, I bet the 3 MB and selections will improve over time. As of now, I am downloading it and trying it out, as its a cool idea.

After trying it out, I can agree that it is a bit laggy, but for a start it has a good selection. Can't wait for updates on this one, its pretty awesome.


Yeah, 3MB is definitely a downside. On the other hand, how cute is this? Hopefully improvements will come with time. I've come to realize that when RIM releases a new app, it's usually half ***.


Great app idea , needs more items to be added. but it is good over all


Pretty descent app , considering coming from RIM . Oh and you can uninstall it and still use the images .


Not available for me and my country?! Can someone upload it please? ;)


Not available for my country (india) and carrier (vodafone)!


Suggestion: Apps like Wallpaper Switcher (Changer, whatever it is) and Font Collection are connected apps that retrieve requested items from a server. Perhaps this Avatar app could be done the same way, reducing size on the device, and simply retrieving and caching elements as needed, or in waves, then clearing the cache, or storing the images on the media card.


Do you guys think this will be available for the playbook?


Not available for my device.. Joy!


Today, I just learned a valuable lesson... Just because its official, doesn't mean the app is for me and that everyone should enjoy. I don't like it and uninstalled in seconds.


how about a web-based version from which you can just send you creation to your phone.....


What a waste of developer resources...
They can focus on more useful apps!!!

I really dont understand their priorities sometimes...


Can't download it. Seems this app is not available for my device, my country, my carrier and my OS ! I've the Torch 9800 which lis listed in the supported devices. I'm really disappointed. How RIM can release a such app only for a few customers !


downloaded it.. initial boot-up is slow but after that its not to bad. I'm on a 9550 so the swiping is nice and smooth. Definitely needs more options but its a good jump off point...the fact that he can carry a mini BB or PB is fun.


They killed the links maybe some one can post an independent OTA


Head over to this chinese site and look for the OTA download link for both versions.


thanks for the link, i caught hell from the wife for not downloading the girls version for her, lol


It says it doesnt exist or it's not available.. guess not in my region!


Not available for Brazil..... that´s incredible......


I downloaded the guys edition the day I saw the post on CB...i decided to download the girls edition, now its not available in Canada. this sucks!!


Its not available in all countries, look at the App World webpage on and it will list the countries supported. Canada isn't one listed

Quiet Genius

That's very strange!!! I'm located in Aruba & was able to download it.

bbm animated

I used a free app from it has loads of aninated avatars

keeps me busy on bbm :)