BlackBerry automatically updating some developer created apps with BlackBerry Q10 compatibility

By Bla1ze on 3 May 2013 09:25 pm EDT

Remember back when BlackBerry was getting things ready for the BlackBerry 10 launch and they updated some specific PlayBook apps for BlackBerry 10 without any need for developers to make changes? Well, they're doing it again only this time around it's BlackBerry Z10 apps that will be automatically updated with BlackBerry Q10 compatibility. According to the email sent out, specific apps that have been tested will be marked as supported on the BlackBerry Q10. 

Your app works great on BlackBerry Q10
We tested your BlackBerry Z10 app and we'’re happy to report that it doesn't require any changes in order to run on the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Q10 smartphone! We are going to automatically port it over so you can get it in front of app-hungry BlackBerry Q10 users. If you don'’t want us to automatically port your app over to BlackBerry Q10 right now, please let us know by filling out the Opt Out form. You must opt out by May 15, 2013 or your app will be automatically ported.

Again, just like before and as noted, developers do have the option to opt out should they already be working on a BlackBerry Q10 compatible version or otherwise not want their app changed over. If you're a developer and fall into that are, now would be a good time to make sure to check your emails just in case it ended up in spam.

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BlackBerry automatically updating some developer created apps with BlackBerry Q10 compatibility


BlackBerry is doing a great job in working with developers; They certainly seem to be gaining traction in attracting solid, well conceived applications from great devs.

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Yay! Got my Q10 today and was a bit disappointed a few of my favorite apps weren't supported on it. Hopefully some of them will be included in this!

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It's cool. But painful to get your apps omitted (they require you email every apps id# you want omitted)

Not the end of the world. But when you have 70+ apps and you don't fully trust their testing. It is painful to have your apps omitted.

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Wow that's sweet! BlackBerry's gonna make a lot of developers happy and save them a hella time =)

If you're an app developer and you oppose to this idea please raise your hands up! ;)

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It's not cool because 90% of the apps don't work properly on the Q10 and yet they approved it. There is no porting. All they do is check the Q10 compatibility.

I got the same email when they were doing it for apps for the PlayBook. But my PlayBook app was never ported over.

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Their entertaining the carriers at best. I got my update without carrier support. Once they have established there is a massive market. OS releases will come from BlackBerry Just like the playbook. Radio stack System releases have to come from the carrier though.

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Main issues I see are:

1. Widescreen app where right half is cropped off screen on Q10
2. Games depending on orientation for accelerometer/tilt sensor are 90-degrees off

One thing that may be possible is have a setting in the app config that allows "auto-fit" with or without stretching or squashing the app resolution horizontally, so at least it still fits on the screen, although it may look bad...Either will look squashed or letterboxed... At least you can access all the buttons. The other is to have a setting which rotates all tilt/accelerometer input by 90-degrees.

For example, Beach Buggy game can't use tilt control to steer on my Dev C because it is 90-degree off, and there are many others that are having same problem and cropping half the app off the right edge. If a resize or squash resolution and rotation was implemented at a higher level (like in the core draw routines and inputs code), it would go a long way to making the apps usable and not simply compatible. Some setting variable that could be added to the BAR config.xml file that would be like a "compatability" hack setting parameter.

They said this for my app from PlayBook to Z10. Never happened. Just more broken promises.

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One problem on our end - we received the same email for our CB10 app, but it's already available for the Q10! I hope they don't auto port a Q10 version over the one we already have in there.

Also kind of strange as our Z10 app wouldn't straight up port and work on the Q10. We had to make quite a few changes to get it working 100%. So again, shouldn't have received the email based on that.

Though I do like the initiative!

Will have to check my email too now... I've ported most of my Z10 to Q10 already and worked hard to get the resolution working well.

Smart move! The person at BlackBerry with that idea deserves a pat on the back. That kind of thinking us sound business

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What about updating some of the BlackBerry 7 compatible apps for BlackBerry 10. Like Myfitnesspal. And how much longer will the wait be for Skype and Shazam. Samsung is looking awfully good. Come on guys. Get with the program.

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