BlackBerry Atlas Video Walk Through And Spec Sheet!

Atlas Spec Sheet
By Bla1ze on 1 Oct 2009 11:26 pm EDT

Salomondrin has got a new video of the BlackBerry Atlas in action for us all to have a look at coming after it's first on screen appearance. This device is running platform 6.0 and all signs seem to point to the fact it may not even show up on the US market if it indeed shows up on any market at all. The folks over at BlackBerryOS also got their hands on a spec sheet (after the jump) for the device which when reading it, makes it sound like RIM is even unsure of what to do with the Atlas, or that it's geared for markets in Asia as noted in the Bluetooth section where it notes China's no WiFi requirement. Have a look at the documentation and video, be sure to post your thoughts on it in the comments or in the CrackBerry Forums.

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BlackBerry Atlas Video Walk Through And Spec Sheet!


I dont understand how the Atlas is GSM. The Atlas is CDMA, it cant be another bold, thats why there is the 9700. In BGR it stated way back in Verizons new phones road map that the Atlas is CDMA.

I bet this will sell like hotcakes in China or India and South Asia. And besides, CDMA is on it's way out I think. Even Bell and Telus are debuting their new GSM networks up here in Canada.

Maybe there will be another version of Atlas for CDMA Verizon users.

Please show me the proof. I'm not attacking here or anything, but then what you are saying is that there is 2 blackberry Atlas?

No dude, what im saying is that the Atlas isnt GSM its CDMA. If you say its GSM & its another Bold like you say, then the 9700 is another bold too? it cant be. It will be Verizon Bound followed by Sprint. Remember there's other codenamed rumors like the Dakota. So my guess its the 9020. But heres my proof:



No bashing here either dude, but i have a feeling its CDMA

That phone says Atlas on the info screen, and is GSM, therefore Atlas = GSM... thats a FACT, b/c we just saw it

The phone we thought was the Atlas, and BGR referred to in those articles as the Atlas, is actually the Essex...

I was shocked myself b/c of all the prior info, but thats what happens when you get a lot of rumored info, some of it isn't correct. As it seems this is the Bold that will go to Asia, if it is actually released. Many codenamed phones never see the light of day (unless Sal gets his hands on them)

Thanks Sal for bringing out the FACTS, BGR is fun for Quantity, but you have the Quality stories.

I know that right now BOLD is imprinted on the back, but since RIM doesn't even know what they're doing with this thing yet, anyone else think there's a possibility this could become the new next-gen Curve? It's got a keyboard just like the 8900 and it's EDGE, 3G. Either it's not US-bound or it's another low-end BB...maybe???

Ok so all of a sudden this dude is god?. But if this is true its not fair for us CDMA users. I own a Tour and wouldn't mind getting the atlas but quote on quote is a GSM ill wait for the Essex.

Reading all of the comments above, I've come to this conclusion; BB's newest devices are so similar to one another that it's ridiculous. Each post is dissecting Atlas, Onyx, Essex, CDMA, GSM....enough already. Unless the software is dramatically different, the phones are all pretty much the same. We all mocked the iPhone crowd when they got excited about finally getting "cut and paste" when we had it for years. Now we get excited because this phone has a Curve keyboard and Wi-Fi? It's still 95% a BB Tour. At least change the stock theme on the phone to pretend its a least somewhat different. I love my BB Tour, but I'm just not seeing a lot of innovation here. It's pretty much just a slightly different shape and size. The OS is still the same. Until they improve the browser dramatically, integrate some sort of touchscreen with the current Tour/Bold/Curve layout, then the only difference between a Tour and an 'Atlas' is Wi-Fi and some molded plastic pieces.

Blackberry mainly targets a demographic that does not expect innovation, rather stability, consistency and ease of use.

So what your saying is that innovation is an afterthought? BB targets users from all demographics (ok, probably not the retired and senior citizens). I'm very glad that you don't actually work for RIM because I would be eagerly anticipating my color screen to be released tomorrow.

You are a quite the rude one. You contradict yourself after that long diatribe by sarcastically mentioning that for RIM innovation is an 'afterthought.' Maybe it is like you clearly point out.

Not everyone is out to get the next new thing. Many people business professionals or not like something that they can become accustomed to, something that's not always drastically changing, something that doesn't have a high learning curve, but also something that delivers consistent performance and does what we need well - mainly email/messaging. Maybe a better camera, faster processor every once in a while, but that's about it for now. If you want innovation perhaps BB isn't for you. Check out the qualcomm snapdragon or nivida tegra processors. Maybe you can even find a phone that makes coffee in japan.

Not every device is meant to be top of the line. This phone seems more like an upgraded 8900 than a Tour clone, due to its lack of 3G. Now, with that lack of 3G comes better battery life, and you could probably assume that this phone will be cheaper than the 9xxx phones as well.

It's all about choices and options, and RIM gives you plenty:

- SureType, QWERTY (Curve style or Bold style) or touch screen with both
- Wide price range
- Size ranging from Pearl to Bold
- Trackball/Trackpad
- With or without WiFi
- 3G or EDGE
- Screen size, resolution and quality
- Camera quality (flash, zoom and autofocus, etc...)
- Processor speed and memory size
- The list goes on...

It's a lot better than having one phone that's only touchscreen and only on one network.

the posts above clearly state that there is some confusion among BB customers. I like BB and have a Tour that I love. The stability and consistency with BB is something that I appreciate with RIM. RIM is certainly trying to move into the consumer market and compete with the iPhone whether you like it or not. I am a business professional as well who relies on messaging and email. The smartphone market changes at such a rapid pace, that I don't want to see RIM move too slowly. Apple has taken the app concept to another level. I'm not a fan of WebOS at all since i've tried a Palm Pre. I've also had an Ipod Touch. The "that's about it for now" concept will not succeed in the long run in the ever changing smartphone market. RIM doesn't need to change a lot of what they have, but they need a "wow" factor. Maybe its just a new browser. But something dramatic needs to change.

Minor innovations are currently being worked on by RIM. Generally speaking they're probably working on refining and improving the design and ergonomics. They'll reach a threshold point where not much more improvement can be made and I think they're very close to that in reference to the front facing keyboard devices (not touch screen). The different design styles like that of the curve, bold and tour are all superb.

Palm's legacy smartphone the Treo before its collapse and rebirth is a perfect example of what I think you're trying to say. Unfortunately, after Palm perfected the design (with the treo 700 series they did not tend well to the Palm OS effectively killing the Treo franchise and having to start anew with WebOS.

I believe RIM has many things under its belt that will make it a formidable competitor even with all these aspiring competitors (apple iphone, Windows Mobile Pink Phone, WebOS)

1. Improvement in area of the browser. Can't really call it an innovation because we haven't seen anything particularly novel in the area of mobile browsing. RIM recently brought bought Torch Mobile and so we might be seeing better and more satisfying browsing experiences.

2. Slowly but surely releasing new APIs and tools for third party developers. We'll see new and better apps that utilize BB OS more effectively. We'll see more apps that are cohesive with BB OS.

3. More powerful and innovative chipsets/processors that will allow for improved battery life and enhanced multimedia experiences. Other mobile software platforms will be getting this too so competition should stay interesting.

4. BIS. This is something that no other smartphone competitor has - a proprietary data management and dispensing service and intranet (if it can be called that). As BIS is continually improving we'll see more features and security offerings that you just won't be able to find with the competitors. This is what sets RIM apart from Palm. Palm Treo was geared towards business users but you could do anything PalmOS could and more with Windows Mobile. There just wasn't this defining feature of Palm that could keep it competitive.

I agree RIM is competing with the iphone. Many iphone users are beginning to realize that their high end, "innovative" device just does way too many things variably and not a few thing very well and so they're beginning to make the switch to blackberry. I think RIM will stay in the game. You'll always have these powerhouse devices sporting apps that can do whatever the hell you want, but at the end of the day there will be a huge demographic that wants the tactile feedback of a hardware keyboard coupled with reliable push email. Everything else would be an extra perk to them.

Very well said. I don't completely agree with your analysis of the iphone, but you have made some very good points about RIM's market advantages and possible future directions for them to move in.

my friend you have it all wrong RIM has no competition with apples IPHONE apple is playing catch up.the curve 83xx out sells it all the time and thats just sad. your better off with a feature phone then an iphone.

so all i have to say is booooo!!! all of these blackberries coming out every few months is a bit ridiculous if you ask me..i think they need to put more money into a decent browser bc im running .230 on my storm and the browser still sucks..the design of blackberries is nice but i do think they need to change it up a bit..add some versatility..RIM still doesnt have that ONE phone that is the sh* sticking with my storm until a decent blackberry comes out for vzw or the iphone gets there first...but i really want buttons lol

I am tired of people saying RIM needs to invest money in a better browser or a new OS. I have several things to say about it. First of all, RIM is investing money in a better browser. RIM has been steadily improving the browser with each new release and they are still making improvements. Also they are most likely working on a new OS or a new look for their OS as well. This is based on rumors of what is currently known as OS 5.2 and from RIMs hiring patterns.

For the people saying they need to put more resources behind the browser or they need to put more money into developing a new OS, there are limits to how fast a product can be developed. Just like adding extra engines to your car will stop making it go faster after a certain point, adding more money or people to a product's development cycle will stop speeding it up eventually. There is a limit on the speed a better browser, or a new OS can be developed. We have no idea how close RIM is to this limit.

For the people saying RIM needs to stop putting resources into hardware development and focus on the OS, this does not make sense. RIM can work on both hardware and software at the same time. These are two independent units inside of the company. Development of new hardware does not slow down development of new software. The people RIM has working on hardware most likely cannot do the job of the OS people and vice versa. It is not a matter of moving "resources" around. You could argue that they need to spend money hiring more OS people rather than hardware people, but RIM probably has enough OS people already.

RIM caters to select markets and users. They are not Apple and their "one size fits all" iphone.

Salo said this is for the South Asia/China market.

I'm more curious about platform 6.0

Also, these are the current gen of devices. You wait till you see what RIM has in store. There is a Bold-sized device that will have an upgraded camera and touchscreen meant for pinpoint navigation and flick-scrolling along with a trackpad.

As for the guy saying this isn't a GSM phone, you just saw video proof from a very TRUSTWORTHY source. Until I see ACTUAL FOOTAGE of it as CDMA, I'm going to say it is GSM.

hmm... will this be the so called "Bold 2" or "Onyx" exclusive for China?? It's a massive market over there... I'm sure RIM would like to have a piece of the cake!

Wow, where does Sal get all these BB's from ? Surprise RIM Secret Squad hasn't burst in his door ;) hee hee

whats different between that and the 8900?

why are ALL blackberrys the same now??

slight differences like wifi, no wifi, 3g no 3g, 2mp cam, 3.2 mp cam!

same phone slightly different - pointless

granted this phone is for china but still, they need a new design!

Great Phone and like the others, a really good Video. Thank you salomondrin. (Dont drink and drive)

McD Tour...Haha... :-) I dont know, how you could come to this Idea. ;-)

lol, please don't get a cat. I hate it when people have obnoxious cats roaming in and out of their videos. Maybe a dog, but never a cat.

In this day and age I can still see the exclusion of wifi, no matter what anyone says it is not needed in most phones. Having said that, why bother not making 3g phones that have internet support? The fact that mine has evdo has saved my butt on many occasions when I needed a fairly quick internet connection. It just doesn't make sense to not include the best available technology when it comes to these phones.

With the kind of BBs that are being made today, like the one shown can you not have 3G but have wifi? Okay so maybe it's for South China or whatever like everyone is saying...if that's the case, why did he even go through operating the phone? He should have just shown off the hardware and that's it because what I see from this point with all the comments is frustration and confusion, lol.

It would help if you watched the video before posting,the video shows platform 6.0 and Sal asks the crowd for help explaining.
Salomondrin nice video how you get away with this with out the RIM police coming for you we will never know.
Keep it up!

What's so great about this video?I don't get it. Show me a working phone actually doing something and stop having Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons do the voice overs.

Would anyone actually buy a phone like this that is as under-featured like this one is? i.e. no Wifi, no 3G. Who cares about a piece like this. Seriously it probably costs more for BB to develop, test, and market a phone like this rather than simply selling the Tour or the latest Curves overseas.

And if I'm not mistaken everything online says that the Atlas is intended as a world phone like the Tour and the Storm, so how can anyone here say that it is definitely a GSM phone and not a CDMA phone if it's actual capable of both.

I am a BB newbie w/Verizon (works where I live) to release a a BB with wireless and hardware buttons. Am I understanding that this is not going to happen anytime soon or not w/the Atlas? I was holding off getting my 1st BB until then so I'd love some advice.
Any thoughts about when they might be releasing a BB world phone w/camera and wifi? I'm looking forward to starting a long and satisfying BB love affair!