BlackBerry App World webstore gets a UI overhaul

BlackBerry App World Webstore
By Adam Zeis on 6 Jul 2011 11:29 am EDT

We knew this was coming thanks to some tipsters who let us know about the BlackBerry App World 3.0 update yesterday. It looks like now the new App World webstore is up and running for the most part. The webstore is sporting a totally new UI that looks a bit better than the clutter we were growing used to. The main page as well as individual app pages are all shiny and new and much easier to get around. A bit of clicking around still gets you a site maintenance message at the moment but hopefully things will be fully up and running before long. Here's to hoping we'll see a new version of BlackBerry App World hit devices as well. Keep reading for some more images and hit the link below to check out the newness for yourself.

Check out the new BlackBerry App World webstore

BlackBerry App World Webstore


BlackBerry App World Webstore

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World webstore gets a UI overhaul


So people from RIM do monitor this website!! That's great to see. Now we just have to get you to monitor the playbook forums, so many good ideas over there.

Looks better. Still takes forever to load the initial page. Awaiting next generation devices and the launch of Android apps in App World. That will really be ground breaking!

just gone to app world on my device and it says that there are no items being featured at this time INTERESTING maybe somethings coming soon to our devices?

On the main top carousel, if you click on the right for next app, works fine. If you click on the left next app, it goes crazy fast through like a million apps, then finally stops. LoL !! im running FireFox 5. Anyone else got that? lol

Yup! Seriously messed up. It's like a roulette wheel or something. Apps scroll by at 60mph for about 15 seconds and then it stops. Maybe they think you'll just buy the one that it lands on.

I had problems in Chrome too. The website was loading without any CSS. I cleared my cache and now everything looks awesome.