BlackBerry App World Version Now Available For Download

BlackBerry App World Version 1.1. Launched!
By Bla1ze on 31 Jul 2009 12:47 pm EDT

*UPDATE* Changelog information is now available, new locales have been added such as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and the Channel Islands and is now available to download in five languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish).

We posted about some of the upcoming changes to BlackBerry App World just the other day, now you can grab the latest version from the BlackBerry App World website. New features include:

  • Archive applications (free or purchased) to the external MicroSD memory card.
  • Enjoy quick re-installation of applications.
  • Choose to browse free or paid applications when viewing catalog.
  • Users now will be alerted through an icon on their screen of app upgrades.

Anyone who has app world installed should grab this update as it corrects a lot of issues, and users are reporting it is working much better. Plus, the new features are a step in the right direction. Sadly though, "BlackBerry App World" still does not seem very worldly but at this point RIM has not provided a full change log or updated

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BlackBerry App World Version Now Available For Download


Surprised it doesn't work on my Storm w/ OS 5.0. Guess RIM will be making another update to it once 5.0 is official.

Seems good on 4.7...images still load quite slow though. I've read that you can now find the new apps...which is something that App world should have had from the start. Can't figure it out though...has anyone had any luck?

Archive? That doesn't mean what I think it means, does it? As in... if you put them on your SD card, you won't be able to use them?

Looks like RIM added support for free trials and separated the paid and free top applications lists. THEY ARE LISTENING!!!!

Running on the Curve 8900 and updated via direct BB connection to the BB website. Clean install and the app is running just fine; in fact the images are loading much faster than they ever have. Definitely worth the update.

Just download it and its nice it slid off screen like iphone must be what the new os 5.0 is going to work like

I have OS 4.5 on my Verizon Curve 8330. Just d/l the latest version of App World, tried to connect...Fail


Same here, Verizon 8330 curve, v4.5.0.160. Everytime I try to connect there is an "error connecting to the App World server".


I've done the same. It would freeze my phone altogether when I first installed it. It still won't connect. Maybe it'll be better later on in the day?

"It would freeze my phone altogether when I first installed it. It still won't connect."

same issue for 8330 curve riding sprint??? does this thing not like curves?

I have a Curve 8330 on Bell. Same "Cannot connect to App World server" issue. It seems this is an issue with this phone.

Upgraded to this version on my Curve 8330 (4.5) and it freezes up my BB. had to do a battery pull. Tried other apps, all is well. Try App World, froze everything again! another battery pull, then uninstall! forget it.

Think I will wait till they smarten up and provide a desktop version also.

Same problem with the BB-Pearl Flip. Tried all the usual things, uninstall and reinstall, check permissions, data services are on, and other data intensive apps work (email, Google maps, etc.) - nothing worked. I just called Verizon and the tech-support guy said he'd have to look into it - first time he'd heard of such a problem. He's supposed to call me later today - I'll post an update when I get an answer. I agree this is annoying, but as others have mentioned, we're not missing much not having access to the AppWorld since the apps are limited at this point. Have faith...

I have a curve 8330 (sprint) and new ver of App World will not connect. It says cannot connect to the app world server and to check network connections.....those are fine, still wont connect. Whats gives???

I've got a 8330 (USCC) and I've had no problems connecting. Actually, I finally am satisfied with this version of App World. I haven't really gotten too far into it yet, but the updated UI is much smoother, and everything seems to load a lot faster, where as the old version felt really sluggish... Couldn't be happier, now I will keep App World on my BB!

Oh yea, I'm running

says it is having trouble connecting the appworld server. I know that im connected im getting email, SMS, Calls????? Help...

This is a huge improvement from the old app world. I can finally sort out the new from the old. Now bring on the good apps.

I gave up on the original App World as it took years to load pages, but this one works rather quickly considering my curve is only EDGE speed worthy. The top free apps is a nice improvement.

Thanks RIM!

Finally the Appworld started in a view other countries to! Free App download successful here. Thanks RIM!

The program is running a lot smoother than before its GREAT!!!

All that RIM needs to add is
1. Add a category for new apps that are just released
2. The ability to LOAD directly from a memory card.
3. Ability to pay with Card not just paypal

Those are issues that I'm sure will be dealt with in time except for number 2 not to sure about that one lol.

But I must say this is defiantly a step in the right direction!

I have a 8130 Pearl and I also cannot get the app world to connect even after a clean install. Something must be up with the App/Sprint network.

is anyone else getting the spanish elua on a 8330 curve (sprint) after downloading the english language client?

Why in 2009 does anyone design any web page to work only in IE? Are current BB users so unsophisticated that they cannot use DM to install software anymore? Ugh!

I dont know what you guys are talking about it works on my phone 5.0 is only the DM not on the phone. My phone still says 4.7 running recent Verizon's recent update.

You may need to wait a few minutes. I did the same when an earlier version of App World did it to my 8330 Curve. And lo and behold, it took the same amount of time for this version as well. It should load much faster when you open it next time.

What's the difference between App World's backup feature and Aerize Card Loader (other than the fact that you can't back up programs with Aerize through App World)?

My VZN 8330 Curve is freezing up also after the installation of the new version. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and have the same problem.

its really slow on my .75 slow..otherwise its cool especially the memory display bar however its weird that it doesnt show the apps i downloaded off the old app world...

I really hope the reason it's not connecting to the App World server is because it's a server-side problem, not a client-side software issue. Overall, with the waiting 5 minutes, the Spanish EULA screen, and this problem, the launch of 1.1 has been an epic fail.

I've waited a little more than an hour...Don't know if it's a Verizon issue on my end, but it is already an epic fail to me...

Is there anyone with Sprint that is able to use the new version? I can't even check to see if I lost my old apps because it just says it can't contact the App World server :(

working great on 8900 loaded no problem renders all pages very fast and smooth, tried the archive option with my youmail worked as suggested (i suppose)after archiving my youmail, icon on homescreen had a green arrow on it when highlighted it said
youmail visual voicemail-archived - when i checked media card it was in folder marked app_world w files(rem) from youmail. i deleted my youmail and reinstalled from archived files and all went smooth and still working (had to reset up )so far good on memory as well(my main concern) holding steady

I have a 8330 (VzW) and I too had a hard time connecting to App World. After a clean install, I still go the error. I tried a few more times and it finally connected and I'm in. However, I can not view Categories and every app I can see so far gives me this message and NO Download option: "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier." I get that error on EVERY app I browse to - even ones that in My World that are already installed and working!

Suddenly, I miss the old App World!!

Free apps are still predominantly apps you have to pay for after a trial.

Search still doesn't work. Searching for "opera" brings up everything except the Opera Mini browser.

Been screwing around with this for a few hours now trying various things to get to run on my 8330. Finally gave up and deleted it for the final time. Since the EULA was in Spanish even though I repeatedly downloaded the English version, I felt a few Spanish swear words were in order as well!

Word to the wise: if you're using an 8330, don't bother with this and keep the old version of App World... at least until the fix appears-

How are these guys ever going to compete with Apple's App Store at this rate? Sigh...

you cannot use the app once archived. this is retarted all it does is save you from downloading the app again. this was a major fail rim! whats the point of archiving if you have to then reinstall it to the device to run the app. not taking care of the memory issue at all! WTF RIM u fags.

Sounds like it works the same as Aerize Card Loader. I read somewhere that running apps off the card is not an option at this time for some stupid security or stability reason.

Hey RIM? How about getting it right BEFORE you release something. You guys suck A@$! Don't give me crap about device either. Did on a Sprint 8330, and a new Sprint Tour with no success. And the damn user license in Spanish!? W.T.F.!?

Seems like everything is running like it's supposed to.

I just hated scrolling through the long EULA :) It does seem a bit faster than the old App World.

It has a nice feature that tells you there is an updated up.
It is up by the message indicator.

Problem is, I updated the app, AND IT WON'T GO AWAY!!

How do you choose to archive it on the sd card? mine archives it automatically to the onboard memory on my board

everything is working perfectly on my bold and my lisence agreement is in english... so don't know where u guys getting this spanish version.. hopefully it get resolved soon its soo much faster than the old version.

Can't add much that hasn't been said. Uninstalled it from my sprint curve 8330. Not waiting "5 minutes" to see if it will load. Seemed fully frozen to me. RIM you really blew it! and you think you will compete with Apple? LOL!

There appears to be a problem with the install on 8330 models. Others are reporting the same issue on the RIM forums. 8330 models get their EULA in spanish and it gives an error that it cant connect to the BB app world server.

Maybe BaldSillie should stop trying to steal hockey teams and actually focus on putting out good software. I cannot imagine the app developers being happy about this.

I have a BB Storm running .148 and app world 1.1 runs fast. I have had no problems. I am really happy with it. I think RIM did a fantastic job!

I dl'd Spanish version and got the EULA in English, who cares, who reads the EULA anyway? Ya'll just love to complain, the app works 100 times better than before and will just get better, but you bitch about a stupid EULA and that it doesn't work on 5.0, get over yourselves already!

Still not working on my VZ 8330. Getting error message cannot connect to servers.....check connections Is there a fix out there?

Is not working on my 8330 with OS says the same msg.. that it can't connect to the App Worl servers...i talked to a Rep from RIM since I work with a Carrier here in Puerto Rico and she told me she's having problems as soon i have more info I'll post it...

quicker, loads app pictures quicker (especially on wifi), the archiving feature is pretty cool although only being able to store it to your SD card instead of storage and RUNNING it off the SD card is pretty retarded.

I still think RIM is light years behind Apple with apps. HOW ABOUT A DESKTOP UI?? What's this shit about running and storing everything on your phone? Ridiculous.



I have the 8330 with Verizon and it is not working. Says it cannot connect to the bb app world server....Can't go back to the old version either. Not happy about this.

I downloaded App World 1.1 today and had the same problem, but I was able to get it working.

I just went to Manage Connection clicked Turn All Connection Off, wait 5 sec, turned it back on.

Then I launched App World and was able to connect.

I hope that works for you.

Tried turning off all connection, did not work, tried turning off just Mobile Network Verizon, and that did the trick, I was able to get pass the connection issues, BUT the app is still buggy...I can fast scroll through the "featured items" but Categories and Top Free menu selection give me a blank screen, while the Top Paid selection gives me, "Paid applications are not available in your country" (Really? Are you kidding me?) and finally, Search menu finds absolutely NOTHING...can't get jack when trying to search. Did I already posted someplace else in the comments...FAIL! UGH!

this actually worked for me. But the frustration over trying to connect to App World over past year has spoiled to joy of getting through. My Blackberry days are numbered.

Ok I know with the New Blackberry World App Update it now gives to updates. Today on my Storm 9530 it popped up with the Number 2 on it. My Bank Of America program and bartender porgram we available to update, so I updated both of them and the icon won't go away. It's stll on my screen? Nothing else shows for an upgrade.

Any Idea? I've done a restart twice

I tried deleting the 2 programs; that didn't work. It archives them now. So even you delete the programs it keeps the icon on the screen with a Green Arrow. The update notifacation was still at the top of the screen.

So then I deleted BB Appworld as well, the notifacation symbol went away. The minute I reinstalled BB Appworld, the notifacation symbol was right back and the programs with the green arrows.

Aughh. So now I am lost. I think this is a programming flaw.

I have the same problem deleted and reinstalled all the apps and appworld no avail. A much smarter person than I figured out that it is in your messages folder. I am not going to try to figure out why, I'll just appreciate that it is gone.

Finally App World in Germany :-)

And it runs quite well on my Bold, not as smooth as the AppStore on the iPhone, but it could be worse. But it only shows around 1,500 Apps? Thought it were more than 2,000 in the US, seems to me that RIM sorted out some Apps?

Just as eveyone else with the VZW curve I downloaded the new Appworld and am still trying to get it to work. NOTHING helps. Seems like maybe they should have tested it a bit more..or maybe they will just tell us "upgrade to the Tour"...Oh well, no app buying for me. Don't trust 'em!

How about leaving that crap alone and not download it. Again, this is a joke. I can live without this update. So can most of you. All the headache is not worth it. Freezing apps, unable to download error messages etc. Let it go. I Have. I'm much happy now. Get it together RIM.

I don't need any upgrades or any apps from RIM as long as they use Papal. How Lame to only have one method of payment in this day. Really sucks! Ill get all I need from the Crackberry Store.

I love my Bold. But this is the final straw. I have the Loading screen on for past 10 minutes. Nothing happening. On WiFi also.

RIM's attempt at Applications has been an epic fail. They cant get a simple app store upgrade to work on their devices?

This proves RIM, its software, and browser are stuck in the 90s and will eventually go the way of the Palm Pilot.

Going to AT&T and getting a 3GS today. Sorry crackberry, but I can only defend mediocrity for so long.

After first struggling with the network connection error and Spanish EULA experienced by many fellow Curve 83XX owners, I eventually was able eventually launch the app several hours later, only to be told that these apps weren't available in my country, despite being logged into my PayPal account, which verified I was in the U.S. (oh, and of course, not to mention, my phone should've been a a clue, too!). The "Top Free" apps link consistently took me to a blank page. I was definitely starting to think I wasn't going to support RIM by buying my apps through their store -- partially because I couldn't!

Flash forward to this morning...the app loads fine, and I can even see the Top Paid Apps list now...and do a proper search as well. Still getting a blank screen for the "Top Free Apps", but it's a step in the right direction -- albeit a step with no rhyme or reason. Time will tell, I guess.

I know there are people out there who are probably just shaking their heads and asking why this is such a big deal since there are other places to get apps and since this is a free app itself. It's the principle. A) It's released by RIM, and like it or not, their reputation rides on each product they put forth -- whether it's the Tour or a seemingly simple upgrade to a free application, and B) as a BlackBerry owner, I should hope that an application released by the company that made my device FOR my device (whether I got it free or paid full retail or somewhere in between, I still increased their sales AND their market share...) that meets their system requirements will work. Just because it's free doesn't mean we don't have the right to be dissatisfied....or that we should rush out and "upgrade to the Tour."

I'm pleased to see that the functionality's appeared incrementally...don't know what to attribute that to, but I'll just hope the rest of the fuctionality shows up soon, too. Better late than never, I always say.

Why wasn't this the way they started? That was the question I asked as soon as they launched App World.

And yeah, it is much faster with much smoother scrolling. As for selection of apps, I don't really care, as I'm somewhat judicious about what I have on my Curve, if only b/c we can't run apps off the card yet. Does anyone know if Android phones can run apps off the card?

Doesnt seem to work with the Tour....Trackball on the Tour is hinky too, and the games and web pages are pretty small on the Tour, any fixes for these?

I downloaded this and not only is it working just fine i find it more visually appealing faster and it corrected a problem i was having with not getting my update notifications can't wait til RIM finally drops 5.0 to get the rest of the goodies

Well I just downloaded the new version of BB app world and every time I try to open it my BB Chokes and won't do anything. Had to do a battery pull twice in a row... Hey RIM get you got some problems to fix!!!

I sent a comment several days ago because i could not get this new version to work on my Curve 8330. It would say "could not connect to the bb server". I called verizon and reported it. Needless, to say a couple of days later it works great. I like it better and it is faster than the older version. No problems with it now and much happier.

OK, after a few deletes and re-installs, and a few battery pulls due to lockups, the App World app is finally starting to work. Everything is now functioning. What a friggin headache!

For those of you who still might have issues, just delete the app (reboot), re-install, turn the your "Mobile Network" connection off then back on after a few minutes, then do a battery pull and pray. If it doesn't work, then try it again...I did this about 3 times before the voodoo finally kicked in and the circuits made full connection...tada! just takes a little magic.