BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal improvements on their way, benefits developers and consumers

BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal improvements on their way
By Bla1ze on 7 Nov 2012 08:43 pm EST

In getting ready for BlackBerry 10, there is a lot of improvements coming to BlackBerry App World as a whole. Some of those improvements are consumer facing, some of them are developer facing and some of them affect both developers and consumers.

The most recent announcement fits under the last category and is pretty great to finally see implemented. Starting this month, BlackBerry App World will be able to support "Improved Relevance Marketing Meta-Data". You're probably wondering what that fancy wording means to you though, so let's have a look at what it means to everyone.

  • Developers - Will be able to provide device specific meta-data when they upload new apps. For example: When an app that supports BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets and BlackBerry 10 gets submitted, developers can do it all under a single application submission instead of three – all the while maintaining distinctive descriptions and screenshots for each platform.
  • Consumers - When you update from BlackBerry OS smartphone to BlackBerry 10 or buy a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, your apps can quickly and easily be reinstalled via My World when supported. In addition to that, as a customer you'll only see see descriptions, screenshots, reviews and more for your platform. ie: You'll never see a BlackBerry OS based review on a PlayBook app.

Overall, it's a great change for both developers and end-users. If you look in BlackBerry App World now, you can often see BlackBerry OS screenshots used for BlackBerry PlayBook apps. With the new changes this should no longer be possible as developers can provide seperate info for each platform, all in one upload. If you're looking to learn more about the improvements, you can hit the BlackBerry Dev blog link below.

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BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal improvements on their way, benefits developers and consumers


Hopefully this means that the app list on my phone won't be cluttered with Playbook apps that aren't compatible with my device.

I see that there is a Video option. Since 7Digital is doing the music, can we assume Rovi is doing the video section?

That is correct, no longer will you need sep. apps for it. It will all be integrated into BlackBerry App World.

Can CrackBerry do a summary post on all of the changes to App World that are coming to BB10? or if the articles already exist can someone point me to them.

There should be something that let's consumers know if the app is Android app or a Native Cascades app.

Being labeled as "non-native" (or something to that effect) may discourage developers from porting over their Android apps in the first place.

Although I understand why consumers will want that distinction but I have to agree with Masahiro that labeling Android apps, and Native apps, etc. may alienate devs who are porting their apps from Android or iOS over to BB.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

This may be the case but like with anything, if it's good, it's good and people will download and use it. For all other cases it just alerts the user what they are getting.
There are to many ports out there that just don't run that well or don't live up to their potential. This last is especially troublesome when you actually bought the app. When giving them a Android label it could hopefully motivate more devs to port the code and make it a native app.

As a consumer I would really like to know exactly what I am getting. I would know the app is android once I download it, why not put it on display ? Be proud that you can actually use apps from another platform without so much as a hiccup !

Its not like ALL android apps are unstable or badly ported, there are some pretty good apps out there that have been ported nicely and work beautifully.

1.) Android apps should be tagged with keywords such as Android, so that they are easier to find in the app world.

2.) Android apps should have an overlay to distinguish them from the native apps, like a small corner banner or a little green android mascot in a corner over the icon or image of the app. This should be implemented within the app world, and i would go so far to say the overlay should be there even in the app grid on the homescreen.

Again i stress having android apps is a good thing, it was only bad when the support for them was bad, once the OS was matured enough many of the annoyances have gone, and with BB10 we will see even better support for android apps, so they should run well.

Labelling them as separate shouldn't be a matter of negativity, it should be seen as more information for the customer.

Think of it like Labels on Food, if something has Sugar in it, doesn't mean the customer won't buy it cuz as a rule everything with sugar makes the customer fat ... maybe the customer is actually looking for dessert!!

There will be something called "Built For BlackBerry", which means that in addition to regular App World basic testing, the app has been evaluated by an independent panel for quality, usability, integration and many other factors.

Only BB-specific apps built with Cascades, HTML5, AIR and the Native SDK are eligible. As it stands, apps that use the Android runtime do not qualify, as most of the required features aren't available in the runtime yet. But if an Android port *did* manage to meet those criteria, I see no reason why they shouldn't qualify.

A good app is a good app, whatever runtime is used.

If it were not for reviews which I stumble upon, I'd never know what Apps are available in App store. Why, because the search ability is very poor. There needs to be some effort applied towards fixing that.

Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find a definitive answer... If I have purchased an app on my PlayBook when I get my BB10 handheld will it also be purchased for that (assuming the dev offers a BB10 version)... Or will I need to buy apps again that I have already purchased... Again assuming I use the same bbid on handset and tablet.

Basic English police here again. From the first sentence in this article:"there is a lot of improvements". Why didn't you go on to say "Some of those improvements IS consumer facing" in the next sentence? At least be consistent.