BlackBerry App World v4.0.0.55 now available for download

BlackBerry App World 4.0
By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2012 08:07 pm

Although the latest update marked v4.0.0.55 began rolling out to various regions last week, for whatever reason, it seemed to of have gotten held up somewhere along the line and as such we held off on posting it. Most folks who downloaded it, managed to grab it from the various OTA's posted in the forums but now it's directly available on the RIM servers. 

  • Integration with BlackBerry Commerce Payment Services for Credit Card and PayPal Purchases - BlackBerry Commerce is a payment service which manages all credit card and PayPal purchases and transactions made on BlackBerry App World 4.0
  • NFC Tag Integration - NFC tag integration will allow users to swap applicatons lists
  • Ability to Permanently Delete Apps from My World - Users are able to permanently delete apps from My World
  • Ability to Re-Install All Apps From My World - Users will have the ability to re-install all apps from My World
  • Automatic Find in My World - Automatic Find will allow users to search and find apps more easily in My World
  • SMS Authentication - Will allow carrier billing to function for certain carriers who switch from WAP to SMS
  • Removal of Gifting/Begging and Ringtones - Ability to remove ringtones when user receives a gift/beg

If you've held off on downloading the update, you can use the link below to download it. We've tested the link on two separate devices on two separate networks to ensure it wasn't just some sort of caching issue. Previously, folks had some issues with getting this version installed where it required the removal of the beta version, this doesn't appear to be the case now however. Thanks, @Maiev

Download BlackBerry App World




I love the idea of being able to delete youir deleted apps. I hope. They bring that to the playbook as well. Over the yrs I've tried many apps and some are complete garbage yet I still have to scroll through them. Now I can finally clean up the list and leave the apps that I truly enjoy!


Agreed. And one area where blackberry is better than the competition. Really need this on my android phone... Not that I use it much.


This was the very first thing I did. Satisfaction! I hope it cuts down on the SPAM ads/notifications from shady app authors.


can someone please help me?

Can I download 7.1 for my 9900 on ATT, OTA?

thank you


Yes. -


hmm not working for me on my 9900 (OS


That's a no go for me. Didn't get that update. :(


Downloaded and its wiped all my apps, iy says I don't have any wtf?


Battery pull, no luck. Any thoughts?


Yes. Download app world. Pulling your battery doesn't get you it


Mine initially showed that too. If it doesn't auto refresh, just hit the menu button and choose "refresh list" - your apps will all be there, promise.


I really like the deletion option in the updated BB App world. I have gone through and deleted applications that are either unavailable for my device or that I do not plan on reinstalling in the near future.


Downloaded. 45 ( I had this from beta zone). Keeping my fingers crossed


Phew, gotten all back. I will try this upgrade next few days, is it just me then?


Did it prompt you to download and update BlackBerry ID? In appworld go to my world. Press the BB button and go to refresh list. It should have done this for you but it happened to me after an appworld update long ago. Opening appworld and then pressing R, S, T while holding ALT will clear all appworld cache, force you to log back in and will to a refresh list. Worst case that will fix it.


now this is what i call an update......LOVE it


It seems to be freezing quite frequently. Locks up my Bold just trying to navigate through App World. Takes 20 sec to back out of the app.

Also, I liked the gifting of apps. It's how my wife and kids got some of theirs.


Downloaded & installed. After reboot & openng the apps it require keycode? Anyone happen have the same issue?


I've downloaded v4.0.0.55 & I'm prompted to install BB/Id for in order BB App World to work, BB/id freezes up my bb each & every time


Oh yeah i was looking forward to this update.
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Once I restarted after installing it, it said "you must install the latest version of blackberry I'd to continue" so I clicked accept then after 5 seconds I had to restart again. Latest version of blackberry I'd?? I thought it was an identification not an app/update. Is this a precursor to bb10 app world that users with a legacy I'd must do??


Since installing BB has been restarting every 5 minutes! :( hmmmm


I haven't got the notice for it yet. Yes I refreshed and still nothing. I think I will wait until it shows up and also after I have read a few positive experiences with this install before I attempt it.


About time! I have had to perform a 'Security Wipe' on a number of occasions in the past and having to manually re-intsall my apps was for me by far the single most frustrating aspect of owning a Blackberry. Also being able to delete old / unwanted apps is pretty nifty! Roll on BB10 ! Well done BB!


Pardon my ignorance, but what is this gifting/begging thing?


You can ask other users to buy you an app and they can purchase it on your behalf. At least that's what I think as I've never used it before. I imagine it would be good for parents with kids and BlackBerrys so they can monitor the apps their kids have. Or i guess if you have rich mates you can beg them all the time for apps you're too cheap to pay for :p


It this just for Blackberry smartphones or is it for ALL Blackberries? Please clarify.


I don't think you would understand an already simple question asked.


I think just the phones--haven't seen it for PlayBook yet.


I also lost everything... i dont get it. i cant see anything at all in appworld and the update seems to look exactly the same. how do i fix this?


I would go back to the previous version as it still appears to be glitchy


I have the Torch 9850/Verizon. I DO NOT SEE THE UPGRADE. i HAVE CHECK BBAPPWorld and till nothing. I refreshed the app, did a battery pull etc. Why hasn't anything helped? It must not be official no matter what Crackberry claims that they used it on 2 different networks. doesn't work for Verizon apparently. Please help if you know anything.


Same device and carrier here. Same result here.


the link they posted doesnt help either because it just takes you to the main app screen to download 1,000 diff apps. i dont want those i need BBAPPWORRL Upgrade!


This is truly a great update! As many have stated before one of my biggest frustrations was to go through all the apps when setting up a new BB. It also lifted an app availability issue for the p9981. Finally can get stuff like BBM Music and BB Traffic again.


Just download this upgrade on 9810 and it required a new update of BB ID? Odd as I haven't seen that before. Seems to work ok. I had the "delete all" command on my last version (3.xx). All seems like a go so far.

At last a good update from RIM! I still haven't updated Protect or Messanger due to the many issues with them. But this one is a good one.


i downloaded the latest BB App World version, and post its re-boot, it is missing. downloaded it a couple of times, but it doesnt show post re-boot.
there service executive dint have any clue, and said, could only send it to head branch.
any one knows how to fix it,
would appreciate it ...! thank you!!


I love appworld coz i get free appliacatins

young cross

Don't relli know mush abt this crackberry...

Tumisho Tlou

Oh no!!! I thought this website was going to send me a link to download the app world. My app world got deleted and I don't know what to do. Please reply if you know what I should do.

Lyn Azarcon

hi.....anyone can help me please how to update my BB app....because everytime i click the UPDATE it keeps on loading for a minute and then there`s a box that poped-out saying "an error occured while fetching the requested page"