BlackBerry App World v3.1.4.25 now available for download

BlackBerry App World
By Bla1ze on 11 Jul 2012 05:02 pm EDT

After having spent some time in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, the latest version of BlackBerry App World is now available for download. Getting pushed into version, this release improves upon some of the previous features added in 3.1 overall which are as follows:

  • Download all app updates with the new "Upgrade All" button
  • Share your list of installed apps using NFC technology
  • View lists of installed apps from multiple friends using NFC technology
  • Connect BlackBerry App World to BBM to display a variety of new BlackBerry App World actions in your BBM personal message
  • Finnish language support 
  • Various bug fixes

The update doesn't appear to be showing inside of BlackBerry App World as of yet but you can hit the BlackBerry mobile site and grab the download if you simply must have it right now. It will arrive within BlackBerry App World shortly.

Download BlackBerry App World v3.1.4.25

Reader comments

BlackBerry App World v3.1.4.25 now available for download


Yes I've been hoping for this feature for a while.

I have an OS 7.1 phone, but I worry if the older phones can handle multiple app updates. I remember everything would come to halt when downloading even one app update...

Thanks for the update. My concerns is now on facebook in which you can't connect with wireless onyl and can't view friends birthdays. Thanks anywhere. I also like the 'small font'

Rats. Doesn't open anymore when i click it, although it does show as "running in the background." Now I can't even use other versions as they have the same problem when i reinstall different versions! >:(

I have downloaded and installed but it looks nothing like yours Kevin. I have even gone to the link in this thread on my 9860 and tried to download it, my phone tells me its already installed. Looks like the download doesn't have all the features and interface the beta had.

Wow, "Update all" eh! Whatever next, installs that don't require a restart of the device - no wonder BB OS is going down the tubes if they can't even include 21st century features in 2012

Love my 9900 hardware, can't beat it for corporate email integration but it's just a shame it's running such a dated and terrible OS.

Roll on BB10

I don't think it's terrible or dated at all. It's a JVM based OS with a linux kernel running behind it, sometimes deep integrating apps need to reboot it for proper operation.

Can somebody tell me where this "Update All" button is located or can be found?
I have an AT&T unlocked Bold 9900 ( and upgraded the App World to this latest version
but that "Update All" button appears nowhere to be found.
Besides, I notice no difference at all with this version and the version I had installed before.
Any help, any idea?
Thank you in advance.

Downloaded it and now app world doesn't work now. Running in background but will not open. WTF now RIM . another update that doesn't work .

Try a battery pull or remove appworld entirely, reboot, try again. Shit happens. Don't blame RIM for this issue, or are you trolling? :S

I have done all the. Above and no luck ..shit always seem to happen to rim. I am not trolling ass wipe i have 2playbooks and 4 blackberries in the house. And if you read above i am not the only one having this issue.