BlackBerry App World v3.1.2.20 available through the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry App World
By Michelle Haag on 22 Mar 2012 07:27 pm EDT
BlackBerry Beta Zone members got a huge update for App World Today. This is one that many people have been waiting for, as it includes the ability to filter out apps you have downloaded on other devices that are not available for your BlackBerry. There is also a new function that allows you to share your app list with others via NFC.

Change log includes:
  • Find an app in “My World” by typing a keyword term
  • “Other Devices” filter view in “My World” allows you to filter out apps not available for your device e.g. PlayBook Apps
  • Announce downloads to BBM Status
  • NFC is now an additional method to share a single app
  • A new "Share" channel in the App World Home page allows you to share your app list via NFC
  • Various Bug Fixes

If you're a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you should be able to login and find v3.1.2.20 listed under your eligible programs. Sign up, agree to everything, and get to downloading. Let us know in the comments how you like the new features!

Check out your available programs in BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World v3.1.2.20 available through the BlackBerry Beta Zone


It does, doesn't it?

I am very happy with this build! RIM managed to give us what we have been asking for a long time: a way to get rid of apps we would/could not use.

Really nice. :)

EDIT: The version I was prompted to download was though.

lol i was going to beta zone to update to this version and i was just about to dl it when it told me that i was gonna replace it with the current app world installed on my phone and i think my eyes were going crazy but it seemed like i already had a higher version of it ( So i figured mayb i got that version because i just updated the os of my 9900 to but it turned out that it wasn't that one.

it made sense when i went to app world and i didn't see any of these features there

a bit snappier than the previous beta build, impressive with the extensive use of the NFC (oh yeaah..) and yeah, finally, the filter!

hopefully a better tweak will be out soon and it goes official!

I hope all the features they're implementing in BB App World cross over into BB10 right away....Let's hope the RIM Project Manager is thinking ahead as I'd like to see these new features available on BB10 launch.

Did they happen to fix the scrolling issue (I.e. When you scroll to the bottom and then load more apps, it takes you back to the start...and then you have scroll all the way down again)?

That happens to you tooo???????????????????????????? But for me it happens in the internet and everything too -_-

YOU CAN NOW HIDE APPLICATIONS YOU DON'T WANT ANYMORE!!!!! =D (in my world click on uninstalled or other devices, menu, scroll til you see hide)

Strange problem, maybe related? I'm using a PLAYBOOK and tried to log in to Blackberry App World right now (it's 11pm on Thursday March 22, 2012) and I am in Toronto, Canada.... I got the following message:

Blackberry App World
Blackberry App World is not currently available in your country. Please check for updates.

This is a weird problem, has anyone see this before? My Wi-Fi is connected fine, I can access my email and websites no problem.

If you are in CANADA please try to connect to AppWorld on the Playbook and reply to this message, let me know if you are able to connect. I wonder if this is a system upgrade or something new due to the upgrade of the AppWorld app in BETA, or completely unrelated.

I think you found a hickup. Calgary connected just fine.

Or its just Waterloo playing with Toronto peeps for fun.
I thought being from T.O., you'd be used to the rest of the country picking on you. (kidding, don't get upset)

Is it still saying that message?

Hi,I'm down here in NL and am having the same problem. I Google it and it seems a number of people are having this problem across Canada. The States has been affected as well. I wish RIM would put out a simple notice instead of leaving us all hanging.

what's wrong with EDGE? better to go with EDGE but you get a good reception & doesn't drop out on data rather than a mediocre 3G/H+ though.. horrendous battery gazzler!

Sweet update! They are finally organizing all the Blackberry software. Organization equals efficiency! Keep it up RIM!

Announce downloads to BBM Status --> hoping the social media can do this too like I have on my playstation 3. Announce dowload to my Facebook page..