BlackBerry App World v3.1.0.42 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry App World
By Bla1ze on 12 Dec 2011 01:55 pm EST

While the previous version of BlackBerry App World brought us such goodies as Gifting/Begging and WiFi support, it also brought along some bugs for a people. The BlackBerry Identity issue was swiftly corrected but a few people out there remain with the issue so, if you fit into that crowd you'll want to give v3.1.0.42 a go as it appears to be mostly bug fixes in this release. The download is available now in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

More info in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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BlackBerry App World v3.1.0.42 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


I posted this in the forums and on the beta website, but figured I'll try on the main page as well.

I'm running a Storm 2 with and installed App World this morning. However, after installing and going through the reboot process, I received this:

uncaught exception: java.lang.noclassdeffounderror

Does anyone know what this means?

I'm running the exact same phone and OS, this happens to me sometimes when I update apps from the beta zone, usually I have to do a battery pull twice and everything is fine. Adding up the reboot time for each pull and you will be waiting 24+ minutes. Jesus, can't wait till I don't have to wait that long anymore... These BBX phones better be as good as they are thought to be!

I'm running a Curve 8530 with OS5 and I have the same error. Tried all the usual tricks - battery pull, uninstall, reinstall, numerous reboots - nada. Hoping RIM is working on a fix.

Just got this loaded and haven't looked at it in detail, but there's now a Verizon section. So my App World "home" screen reads:
Games -- Apps -- Verizon -- My World

is there anyway sumone could provide the OTA link? i know i need a key code but i just need the OTA please.. thx

downloaded this and the new bbm 6.1 both from beta zone. Totally useless, has rendedered both my phones so slow that they are unuseable!! anyone else had this problem? using 9800's with the latest leaked software.