BlackBerry App World v3.0.1.29 now official

By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2011 12:45 pm EDT
BlackBerry App World

Looks as though a few days testing was all RIM needed for the latest BlackBerry App World update. After having dropped v3.0.1.28 just a few days ago, v3.0.1.29 is already available for download directly from the RIM website. The changelog has not been posted up anywhere as of yet but if it happens to appear -- we'll attach it to this post. For now though, safe to assume it is just bug fixes from the previous release which were the issues with the loading screen and freezing after loosing wireless connectivity.

Download BlackBerry App World v3.0.1.29

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BlackBerry App World v3.0.1.29 now official


First! the fix on the memory leak, ive seen my memory go low and after seeing that lil clock go back up....great job

He meant to say that in the description it says "loosing wireless..". That "loosing" should have been "losing".

installed, then phone froze about half way through reboot... is it cool to do a battery pull or would that mess something up?

What happened to it not suposed to jump back to the top when say I hide an uninstalled app??? Still does it on my aw. Still have to see if my hidden apps stay hidden and don't reapear after a reboot. Less of a memory leak would be great as well.

Not sure what I would do without RIM doesn't tell it's users THEIR OWN apps need updating! I as running an earlier version than and didn't even know anything was up. I've felt as though I was on a sinking ship before, and now I have that same feeling whenever I pick up my 9930. Think i'll go download the two free crappie apps available to me to shake the BB blues.