BlackBerry App World v3.0.1.28 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2011 02:15 pm EDT
BlackBerry App World

A new BlackBerry App World beta has just been released to the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The latest update bumps you from v3.0.1.20 to v3.0.1.28, although no change log is listed in the 'What's new?' section as of yet it looks to just be a maintenance release and doesn't bring any drastic changes to it. If you spot anything, be sure to drop some notes in the comments.

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BlackBerry App World v3.0.1.28 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


Thanks for confirming this unknownError! I went back to the public version the other day. Now off to download this.

Your Welcome,
I receive a email with the statement the Bug was fixed and soon all Beta testers will receive an email with the Beta zone Download.


Loading problem had to do with not erasing the old version before downloading the new version. The two were fighting each other.

Apparently these are some of the changes...
- Performance and speed enhancements across all BlackBerry devices
- Multiple translation/localization errors
- Multiple instances of UI lag
- Apps not appearing in “My World” for some users
- User continuously notified to update the same applications when on the latest version
- Memory leak occurring and taking up too much device memory
- Null pointer exception during downloads
- Escaping out of viewing app description returns user to top of installed/uninstalled list – App World should not go back to the top of list but return to the previously viewed app in the list
- Error when opening and closing some apps with the error message: "Uncaught Exception;Attempt to delete a field that doesn't belong to the manager”
- Unable to upgrade "Try and Buy" app after installing App World 3.0
- “OutOfMemoryError” when attempting to launch App World
- No "reinstall" button available for Facebook / BB Bridge / etc in App World after deletion
- The “Reboot” option is available in the menu of AppWorld 2.1.x.x and it does not show in AppWorld 3.0.0.x

I loaded it and it worked, but I had already gotten the previous glitchy one to load after uninstalling then re-installing. It is still a bit slow to load, though.

Hey guys, I was part of the BlackBerry BetaZone on this and I was very impressed with the project manager communication. v is a direct result of the problems experienced in v plus whatever else they wanted to put in there.

BB Development is looking like they're on the move, let's see this kind of effort across all projects now!

Just to be clear, you mean that they have responded to the fact that many of us couldn't get the last version to launch at all and have released a version that actually starts up on our devices? Wow, give them a big hand.

none of the main issues have been fixed since beta v1

= sms share icon doesnt change with theme
= when loading next 25 items in categories it jumps back to the top, which is annoying and means apps lower down the list never get bought
=searching a-z etc doesnt work as only searches between the 25 items which are showing on screen not the whole category

since appworld 3 launched myself and other devs have seen a 50% drop in sales! these issues need fixing asap!

Was one of the many to receive the email last night to please down load and it got past the loading screen without a hitch. No keycode required however even though I was sent one.

nice. hoping for much improved APP WORLD 4.0 before I bother with this again i.e sack the current designing team and rake in the old or add a new team. It's slow/laggy, has a poor homescreen interface, probably best suited to a larger touch screen device than one with a qwerty keyboard with a smaller screen. Do they actually listen to their beta users?