BlackBerry App World v3.0.0.71 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 25 Aug 2011 02:07 pm EDT

If you're a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone you should be getting an email soon, if you haven't already -- advising you that BlackBerry App World v3.0.0.71 is now available for download. No need to wait for the email though, if you have a login you grab the download right now. RIM has yet to update the known issues for this release, but hopefully that list will be short. If you grab the download, and spot any changes -- drop them in the comments and let others know.

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BlackBerry App World v3.0.0.71 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


This release features the following changes:
- Fixed bug where apps were not appearing in "My World"
- Further improvements to speed and screen transitions
- Various bug fixes


So glad they fixed the "My World" problem. I have like 15 upgrades available that I didn't know about.

It's even more smooth that it was before. The home screen is a little laggy when selecting around the different options but the scroll menu of categories is very liquid now.

My world scrolling has zero lag and response time after clicking an app for further info/download is instant.

Good update.

nice, i like the icons are just white instead of multiple colors. cool they are upgrading this so quick and fixing the bugs. weather channel app upgraded also as soon as i installed the new version of app world. get rid of multiple icons also, it erased the loaded icon of the weather channel app that stayed on the device since i downloaded the app from app world originally instead of the pre loaded icon shortcut.

This must be why it didn't get officially released last Monday like we were told it was going to be.

I think we'll all be looking forward to this when it goes public currently the app world lacks that certain BB touch to it and were all on the edge of our seats

1. They lost their color in the options again (I.e. My World, Games, Apps etc. 2. When you update an app and you must reboot, just tells you that doesn't give you the "Reboot Now or Later" option.

Seems OK, maybe a little less laggy when scrolling around.
I like the white icons.
In My World, didn't it used to show the count of things Installed, Uninstalled, etc in the title of the section?? Now it does not. I liked the count there...

not in rush to install after running the last 2 versions. no alerts for updated apps and if u got an alert u couldn't update the apps!!!!!!!!

All I've noticed is the change in icon appearance.

I'm really liking the categories at the top in app world 3.0. Can't wait for them to begin to fill out a little more.

The icons have lost their colours....not sure I like that
And now there's no option to "reboot now" or "reboot later" when you update an app that requires it :/ just get "requires a device reboot" :(
Last one was better than this

Theme as far as i know is not Compatible with OS7 they are working on it.

But about the rest of them i dont have any problem, and is better with the whiter Icons is loading faster.

Still major bugs on my Storm 2. Can't expand subcategories more than once and then can't scroll past No. 23 on the Top 25 lists. Tons of work to be done.

Does anyone else have the issue that only the "MyWorld" and "My Account" icon show app? Where normally the icons for Games, Apps Themes show up is just an empty space :(

VERY IMPRESSED...incredibly quick loaded in less than a second and i'm loving the new icons..the old ones were horribly bad.

One annoying thing is that "Payment options" is cut off on the screen. it just says "Payment Opti..."

that needs correcting.

In myworld there is a grouping in the drop down list for apps upgrades. The icons below the carousel are now white. In app world 3 I Don't see the option to archive the apps to yu SD card.