BlackBerry App World v2.1.1.2 now available for download

By Bla1ze on 20 Mar 2011 08:47 pm EDT
BlackBerry App World v2.1.1.2 now available for download

I was wondering why BlackBerry App World was acting a little strange today. As it turns, Research In Motion temporarily removed BlackBerry App World from -- well, BlackBerry App World and made it not downloadable during that time. Now that it has returned, users are getting the notification that BlackBerry App World v2.1.1.2 is now available for download.

At this time no change log is included with the release but if you all happen to spot anything beyond bug fixes then by all means -- feel free to let us know in the comments. If you've not yet received the notification, simply refresh App World and you may see it appear. If not, you'll have to hold out until it filters through the interwebs.

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BlackBerry App World v2.1.1.2 now available for download


"If you've not yet received the notification, simply refresh App World
and you may see it appear. If not, you'll have to hold out until it
filters through the interwebs."


Applies to the OTA as well.. :/

My step-daughter got a notification for the update, n I haven't lol even after refreshing app world n we're both with Rogers oh well

Did the reset but haven't seen the update...I don't wanna do a fookin battery pull :/ if there's no real difference then ill just wait

Whenever there is an app update people flood these with "omg its not showing" comments. Just be calm, wow. You will have it eventually. Its a waste of time freaking out like this each time. Never makes it appear faster on your device.

How will I be able to sleep tonight w/o the latest (minor) App World update??
Some people's children, smh.
Falls into my category of things I update when I get around to it not something I gotta have asap.

Only reason this time's a little different is that this is the 1st time for me that ALT+RST has NOT exposed an update available

Will wait till the notification arrives rather than doing any crazy stuff with my device. I know servers in US/Canada/Europe gets updated to the earliest. Its 08:30am here in india, and update should arrive later in d day.

can someone tell me if there is a way i can make the app world pick up my 3rd party apps so it can update those when needed.

I have never seen App World inside App World and have thus never received a notification to update. Is there something I need to do? On Rogers.

So App World knows it's updated without having it in the list of downloaded applications? If so then I guess I just need to leave it alone and not manually update and wait for it to notify me.

App World checks for updates on a regular basis like it checks for updates for other apps. Of course, you can mash on the Refresh option to see if the update came yet.

Carrier billing with Rogers is now an option, wasn't before this release, but it's been a month since i've checked, so it could have been there ;)

Go to My World, press the BB button and click "show keyboard". I use the SureType format for this: Hold the "!?123" button, at this point the layout will change to the number keypad, then press 1, ? and 2 in sequence while still holding down the !?123 button.

great to see a bit of humour on here about update yes we all like to be up to date
but lets face it it aint gonna be much different its obv just a wee tweak

I don't know what RIM did, but my 9000 used to leak memory consistently. As soon as I upgraded to this new version, I have not dropped a single MB in 6 hours since a QuickPull. Could App World have been the culprit all along?!

I have a question: I got the AppWorld V1 for my Blackberry Bold because I'm in a not supported country that the regular AppWorld does not work on, and when I try other versions I just can't open the program anymore, so my question does this work for the unsupported countries?

OH MY GOD MY UPDATE ISN'T SHOWING!!! Lol. Who cares. Its not like its an official OS ugrade or something.
P.S., AT&T get in the ball here. The official .246 is killing me. Make .4xx official already!

Just get a leaked OS lol. There is no difference between the leak and official OS, except the carrier name is embedded in the OS files.


Seems to me that only Canadian folks on Rogers are getting pushed this update to enable Carrier Billing for them......oh well

..And still no update...

I'm in the US, Vermont to be specific. Right under you Canadians haha. Anyway..

I searched App World...for App World and nothing. Couldn't even find the app, period!

I also tried the mobile site but no luck there either yet. I resfreshed the page a couple times lol :P just to be sure but regardless of what I do, still shows version, which is what I'm currently rocking!

I guess what it looks like is wait, wait, and wait some more. Getting my patience on as we speak haha.

I does appreciate the heads up tho as I will most definitely keeping an eye out for said update! Thank you!! :)

I'm in the same boat myself. Not that I'm losing sleep over not having a new app world, but just saying that I don't have it like you. :)

For some reason I have a theory that some people are not receiving updates based on OS.

I have a Bold 9700 With leaked OS, and my Mom with OS 5, non leaked. She received the update, I didn't. Could this relation be possible?

I'm on the latest official OS issued by Verizon for my Verizon Bold 9650, and have not been able to obtain the new app world version no matter what I may try.

So that alone debunks your theory, because if your theory were to be true, then I would have the new app world version.

9800/ on Rogers and I haven't got the push yet. I'm thinking the same as doubleaa25.


I guess then my thoughts on the matter could be possible. I am on Rogers as well. I will see if my dad who is on official OS 6 from rogers on his bold got the update and post what the results were later.

Been looking for this for a few days, even used my PC to go to BB but .39 is all that is available, wonder if it was only a figment of my imagination. (Verizon/Washington state)

day 3 since release. torch owner on att. was finally able to download the update via the bb app world like from the bb website. available memory was a 288-289mb prior. now at 292.5mb. haven't noticed anything else...yet.

App world keeps sending 2 apps that I'm not able to update. Whenever I click on the linking to install the new version its always telling me, "this app isn't able for dl on your device". Those being two of my favorite apps(Doodle Jump and memory booster) i'm hopeing this update will be then one that fixes this recurring erorr that I'm always getting. :/

/fingers forever crossed

Unless I have not been paying attention, all I can find is that Carrier Billing for Rogers is now available. I have no idea if this option was in older updates already. I cannot find any other changes except that the app does run a bit smoother now.

I just downloaded this straight from and it is fast as far as surfing through the app world which was needed. Very impressed.....

Just installed from the mobile site. First attempt showed 907 COD error. Refreshed the page and no problems after. I see no difference except that it is a lot faster to load everything when I open it or look around. Its OK I guess. Nice.

I'm curious if anyone can explain why I don't see App World as an app in App World? If I search in App World for App World, it never comes up. Doesn't that sound ridiculous, especially since BBM is always one of the featured apps?

Ok - I just got it on my Verizon 8530 but didnt get it via push from carrier - had to go to and download the app world app to my phone and it was the new updated version..

Two pages of "I still don't have it" points to an addictive CB user base. Got mine finally today- no visible changes, is a bit more responsive, that's all!

I loaded this new version of app world, reboot the phone, then went to bed. The next morning, when I got my phone, the screen was white and it had a error message on it. I had to pull the battery to get the phone to work and once it came up, about 10 minutes later, it had the white screen again with the error message. I ended up pulling the battery and when the phone came up, I quickly deleted app world and so far, so good.

Anybody else have issues with it?

And how would I download it now that I don't have it?