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BlackBerry App World version now available for download

BlackBerry App World version now available for download
By Bla1ze on 11 Jun 2010 01:02 am EDT

Hot off the tipline, users are slowly reporting the release of BlackBerry App World version being available for download. While I was not personally able to get it to show up in BlackBerry App World as a download, I was however able to directly download it using the BlackBerry website. As of now, I'm not exactly sure what has changed. I'm guessing it's just bug fixes as we are awaiting the release of BlackBerry App World 2.0 as the next big jump. Hit up the download in BlackBerry App World if it's showing. If not just use the direct link off the BlackBerry website. Thanks to everyone who sent this one into us.

Click Here To Learn More And Download The Latest BlackBerry App World Release

Reader comments

BlackBerry App World version now available for download


Hopefully there is more than just bug fixes. This is going from version to so it is not a major upgrade

This may be just me, but in "My World" I'm now showing ALL apps that I've downloaded ever, not just the most recent ones since after my last OS update.

This is one of the things that I was really hoping would happen soon... I never understood why the apps I had downloaded a while back were never in the My World section when I'd do an update...

ditto, plus being able to see reviews while on wifi and..... maybe it was there before but now I can click to run my apps from within the app world.......

the only thing I noticed that I'm able to view the review while on wifi now, with .33 it always crashed when I clicked on review

The Wifi Review Crasher fix is really the only thing I can see that needs fixing. It's such a pain to turn off wifi to review and then turn it back on to DL. The only other update I look forward to is the addition of apps that aren't completely useless to me. WTH do I need an app to tell me my battery status? I've gotta little status indicator in the upper corner that beeps and turns red! LOL. Oh yeah! IT WAS FREE!! (kicks the cat) where's my beer?!

There are plenty of awesome bb apps, so many that I can't even fit them all on my Storm1 and I have to choose which ones I don't need "as much." You should poke around some more... :)

I have been waiting for an update of any kind for this app

gee! anytime you goto a review it used to crash .. I hope this fixes that

Downloaded fine for my 9700. Unable to get it on my storm 2. It get this error: Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Blackberry App World.


RIM needs to focus their efforts on updating a useful app, namely the browser, and worry less about crApp World!

Before my upgrade App World showed that I had two apps installed. Uno and Flycast

After the upgrade, it shows 4.

Uno, Flycast, Facebook, Yellowpages/Canada411

Facebook and Yellowpages/Canada411 were installed previously with App World before I wiped the device and upgraded the OS and did a restore, so I'm guessing that it's now accessing logs from previous installs of App World that were backed up.

Just upgraded and using a Storm2. From what I can remember on the previous version of app world it required a click on the featured items to actually go into the item or scroll left and right using the right and left arrows (not swipe obviously). I can now select the arrows by just tapping (not pressing) and select the featured app also by just tapping. The bottom nav row still requires a click. Again not sure if i just never noticed before but i'm almost positive it did require it or it's possible OS 6 stuff, not sure!

**Ok it's 1:30 AM i'm upgrading apps and posting on crackberry, gf is right I have a problem**

Whens 2.0 coming out. I thought it was supposed to hit this summer. I really wish they'd drop their minimum price too. I think they'd be way better off if they had a 99cent section.

I upgraded to this on my Bold 9700 and then the icon dispread and I cant get it back on or working. :( just be careful people.

I had the same thing happen and it didn't show opera when I downloaded either. And it hadn't showed anything in myworld for a lil bit now either. Just time to factory reset and restore. And I'll try it again. Anyone else seen this?

The same thing happened to me on my Bold 9700 from Rogers.
I received the update notice so I updated from .33. After the download it prompted me to reboot. When the reboot was done, I lost my App World icon and couldn't find it anywhere. I tried to download it again but it prompted me to overwrite with Even tried a battery pull, still nothing. Hope they have a fix soon!

I have 9700 from Bell about 4 months old. Got update message, did the update, no icon now :( - tried deleting/reinstall/battery pulls - still no Blackberry app world .35 ... Jim

Whoa, this is the first version of BB App World I've been able to download and run. All the previous versions would install, but I could never find the icon...

Ah well, as long as I've now got Pixelated. :D

Downloaded it easily... and the only fix I can see is that I don't have to switch wifi off to read reviews now before downloading.. which, to be honest was a pain..!!

I upgraded my blackberry app world and now i can't find the icon. Can any one tell what should I do ? Appreciate a help here.

I am now able to read reviews on Blackberry App World using Wi-Fi...most welcome change ever. I'm now starting to use it again. Previously I just hid the icon and chuck it one side!

I'm with you on this one, I missed being able to read reviews on App World, and I noticed that even the Pearl 3G had that issue. Going to have to get my girl to upgrade it too (she's the one with the Pearl 3G) :-D

Okay, so wiped with JL_Cmdr. Got latest OS for Bold, also upgraded to Desktop Manager 5.0, reloaded everything WITHOUT app world.

Then after everything is up and running, went to on my phone browser, installed through that... same thing, no button, but says installed in options>applications. battery pull... and now i have app world 35.

too much trouble for... it just looks like the icons for the apps are a little bigger. haha, not worth it =(

I've tried several things, but lost the icon... deleted, reboot, reinstalled, still no icon, deleted, rebooted... I give up... looks like I'll just wait until they FIX this app.

now all they need is some decent apps to download from there.. god blackberry is SO BEHIND in the app movement.. can't wait to upgrade to a good android device

Maybe in 2.0 they can increase the horrible lag problems the BB AppWorld has. I cannot even use the official BB app store because of the crazy slow pace at which it loads up and moves through apps, etc. while browsing through.

This app still doesn't work for many people, including myself. All it does it show loading. If searching, you have to scroll to see results, they don't show up on their own. These bugs need to be addressed as to why they happen randomly. It use to work, then after the last update, it stopped working.

I installed the update, but now the AppWorld Icon is missing from the Home Screen. I tried to uninstall the App then reinstall it and still no icon.

after initial install and reboot required. I attempted to access BB World and it froze, had to reboot again then when I launched I got the EULA and it looks/behaves the same as before

If it weren't for CB, I'd never know when certain apps are updated since updating App Center on the phone didn't show that App World moved to .35 from .33.

Does BB World Show notifications when my apps have an update?

it hasn't been doing it for a while....



most devices/carriers have the BB app world icon on you device already and all u have to do is install it. If you dont have it on your device, just open your browser to and follow the links to the app world download to get it

So i downloaded the update on my 8900 then POOF everything was gone. Is this some kind of cruel joke...... anyone know how to get it back?

When I click the link to go download it, it pops up to promt me to download but it still says Version I don't see it in App World either..?

So I tried to upgrade but after reboot, App Wolrd Icon is gone!! Can't find it anywhere!! I tried to download again and it tells me that the version already exist! I click to overwrite , the reboot again, nothing!! Anyone know how to get it back on??

I see that everyone else is having issues.. Just for anyone still reading this far down the comments, I DL'd this morning and it is working fine on my Storm. Yes I had to wait for the dreaded EULA to load up. But when it did finally load, I got a bonus. 44mb of free space.. Prior to the DL, this phone wouldn't give me over 20 mb on a good day. I almost like my Storm again.. Now let's see how long this lasts.

This makes no sense. Downloading this app decreases your available memory as the old version was 700kb this one is 990kb (something like that). Did you do a battery pull after installation? That was the reason your app memory went up. Also, it probably was just misreading it...its not always 100% accurate.

But I have been checking periodically and my available memory now hovers around 30 instead of 12. And I had done battery pulls prior to the download and it hadn't been this high since I swiped and reloaded the OS.

This morning I read about everyone having problems dl'ing and losing the icon. Without thinking later in the day I went and dl'd the update and like many others, I too lost the icon. Reboot, remove and reinstall, and still no icon. I have read about these problems in the past but never had it happen to me. Guess today was my day. Uninstalled now. Guess I will have to try again later. If anyone figures out how to install WITH the icon, please post so we can get it too.

Same here!! NO Icon! "So I tried to upgrade but after reboot, App Wolrd Icon is gone!! Can't find it anywhere!! I tried to download again and it tells me that the version already exist! I click to overwrite , the reboot again, nothing!! Anyone know how to get it back on??"

Same thing downloaded on Friday @ 2:30 and no icon. Deleted, redownloaded same thing no freakin icon. Great, the app to buy apps is busted, good job Rim, really great work.

So by releasing an "updated" or new version, they scrwed themselves! I can't buy apps anymore!! Hahahaha!!! Anyone now of a fix so far??

The update nuked/bricked my storm 2... I selected upgrade, the update downloaded, and next thing I know it had an error and went into infinite reboot mode... Had to drive to 2 different Verizon Locations to exchange the unit for a working one.

That is tuff. You would think Rim would test these freaken apps before letting thhem out. What about all the time you wasted chasing down another phone. That is complete bull shit.

I am having the same no icon issues as other 9700 owners. How do I delete the e-mail sent by BBW informing me of the upgrade? I am unable to delete it.

Just like many of you, I downloaded this like 10 times, rebooted, quickpull, and I cannot find my icon anymore. When I try to redownload it say the new version is installed. WHERE IS IT? Thanks alot RIM.

BB Bold 9700 with OS 5.0

Downloaded BB App World and also lost my BB App World Icon, too. No amount of Downloading, Memory Cleaning, Deleting, more Memory Cleaning, Resetting, Re-Downloading, etc was able to resolve the issue. I have now completely deleted BB App World from my 9700 and am Standing By for RIM to fix this issue. I guess I'll just have to purchase any future Apps from Crackberry's App Store instead... Oh Darn ;-)

Same for me no icon after upgrade thank RIM for this !!!

Not abel to buy anything §§

Lets hav a corect new version

Hey has anybody got any ideas how to get the app world icon back? Tried everything from reinstalling to battery pull but nothing seems to be working! Its frustrating!!!!!!

Just to add in my complaint. Earlier I could not see reviews on WiFi connection. Now after the "upgrade" which I assume was to fix that, I can't even open App World- I know it is installed. I rebooted and tried battery pulls. No icon to launch. Good job on that one RIM.

Oh- I also tried to download the upgrade twice. Once from the old BB App World, and the second time directly from the website. No luck there either.

I've had to tell everyone I know that runs a BlackBerry not to install this update. I've reinstalled numerous times, deleted it from my 8900, all in vain. The icon is nowhere to be found. If I try to launch App World via QuickLaunch, my phone goes into square clock spinning hell. The whole system seems to be hosed up for a few minutes before it starts working again. App World never does launch. Jacked!

DO NOT download the if you have a Bold 9700 and running OS the app world icon disappear after rebooting the device.

DAMNIT!! Dl'ed the updated version before reading all this... And of course... the icon is missing.... is there anywhere you can go to dl the old version of appworld?

Come on RIM whats going on update installs great but no icon thats crap!!!!!
They must be loosing money like crazy.
Good timing as well just before the iphone 4 is released.....

Tried it all, still no app world icon. shows up in app list but thats it.
It's JUNK just like everything else RIM JOB makes!
2 more months and it's going to be INCREDIBLE!

Why don't you guys post a QR-Code for us to download directly from our Blackberry....?

I would love to see a QR-Code with every post that says 'go download this app' so i can directly scan it and download it from the go...

think about it :-)

I knew I should have checked here before updating! No icon and I cant delete the notification email either. ahhhhh

In an effort to help members who would like to continue to use APP WORLD prior to RIM fixing the current missing ICON problem, would Bla1ze or someone at CB please inform people on this post so they don't click prior to reading all the posts?


i upgraded my app world to this and my icon got lost and i had to call verizon and talk to a blackberry technician and then they transfered me to a high level technician at blackberry. he was lost at first but he finally figured out how to fix it

make sure u have ur contacts backed up
options-> security options-> security wipe-> then just make sure emails, contacts, etc. is the only optioned checked then go down to the bottom and type blackberry like it says then wipe

Updated on my Verizon Tour running OS and lost the icon. I re-installed / deleted / installed from desktop manager / deleted / re-installed ota / deleted over and over and over again until I was blue in the face. No matter what I do or try the icon will not show up period. Major bug!!!!! I would suggest NO ONE upgrade the software until a fix it released.

A couple of you said tech support fixed it for you. Would you mind sharing some details? It doesn't help the rest of us suffering from this problem by saying, "he fixed it."

For those of you who have the Tour 9630 with Verizon, I just updated to .732 and downloaded BB App World again and my icon is back and the app works. I hope this helps some of you out there.

I update my Storm 2 to .713 and on the install I choose to downgrade appworld...after install I went to RIM website sent appworld by email, download and install. Working now.
Don't know what I will do with my son's Storm 1 he is still mad at me for forcing him to upgrade not the icon is gone.

Works great on the 9650. Fixed the WiFi crashes with REVIEWS. Also seems to load faster. Also now displays all of my apps (before some were missing from the list.)

I guess no one knows anything new? I guess ap world missing is not a real big issue. Just annoying to know it is there and at the same time not there. Might as well delete it I suppose.

Same problem here, tried everything and still no icon - I am getting frustrated more and more with RIM. Might have to go to Android when my contracts up. Love Blackberry but they seem to be falling behind the times.

While it is true I did not have a good experience with BB tech support on this issue(needless wipe of phone and hours wasted for nothing- then they checked to see if it was a known issue- Oh, and it was) I would not quit BB based on this. BB can"t be the only one with issues.

Sorry to drag up an old thread here, but I used the browser to get the link for the PayPal app, and when it loaded, it loaded the AppWorld main program.

I re-booted after the install, and the AppWorld icon was back in my menu & loaded just fine (no wipe needed).

lost my icon about three weeks ago.
have carried out the following.
delete blackberry apps
back up to desktop programme through blackberry.
then selected security and left message and icon icons selected and then wiped, typing in blackberry.
went to desktop programme and selected backup to restore.
all ok.
then downloaded blackberry apps, ,
all working with now
icon showing.
took about 20 mins.
hope this helps

I had the same problem with the ICON APP World after the installation, I tried to reinstall, and nothing worked but after many times, I found a solution to me.

So what I done to solve this problem was very simple:

- I didn't choosed the direct download of the software APP World, instead I choosed the web browser in the blackberry, writing (French Site), I searched "App world", and then I started to download the file to install it.

In the language this time instead of choosing English or French, I've choosed 'Portuguese', I don't know if installing in english or french will works also, you can try.

And then when he asked me I made a reeboot, then I had the icon directly side a side with the principal icons, he wasn't inside the dossier.

It worked for me, and it works fine!! :)

I had the same problem with the ICON APP World after the installation, I tried to reinstall, and nothing worked but after many times, I found a solution to me.

So what I done to solve this problem was very simple:

- I didn't choosed the direct download of the software APP World, instead I choosed the web browser in the blackberry, writing (French Site), I searched "App world", and then I started to download the file to install it.

In the language this time instead of choosing English or French, I've choosed 'Portuguese', I don't know if installing in english or french will works also, you can try.

And then when he asked me I made a reeboot, then I had the icon directly side a side with the principal icons, he wasn't inside the dossier.

It worked for me, and it works fine!! :)