BlackBerry App World updated to version

By James Richardson on 27 Nov 2012 03:44 am EST

Getting an app update is one of those things gets gets me excited. My BlackBerry just told me that App World has been updated to version Unfortunately I'm not seeing anything new in the update so I expect it is all back end stuff, however if you're a BlackBerry addict you will want to grab the update anyway. If the update isn't showing up for you yet be patient - it takes time to get around the whole world. Good things come to those who wait.  

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    BlackBerry App World updated to version


    Good things do come to those who wait. I thought we just got an update though??? They are getting to be a little too frequent. On another note when i opened app world to update it is also installing yet another update to the latest version of blackberry ID


    I think the app world updates are getting a little too frequent, and they seem to always be accompanied with BBID update... ? whats going on?

    shouldn't they be focusing on App World for BB10 ?

    My appworld has been doing the same thing tonight and I didn't upgrade. So its not the new build ,its maintenance most likely. Also didn't this .65 come out last week? Double also, the frequent BBID updates probably have a lot more to do with  10 than you may think.

    Baltimore, I agree. I think the updates for BBID are syncing something up to switch over the system. This way existing users already have it done whatever they are doing. Never the less, they should be doing it in one shot, not seemingly weekly updates.

    This is a fix for the last app world update. I wouldn't even do the upgrade after seeing the problems other people were having.

    I've learned my lesson this year after immediately doing upgrades when available and having to whipe my device several times after. Now I read through the AppWorld comments and wait a few days to see what the issues are.
    On that note, appeared to have a few bugs so I didn't install it. I guess .63 is supposed to address those issues. RIM can't let this kind of thing happen with BB10 and neither can devs.

    The worrying part is that these updates have not been sitting in a vault on time release since lazaridis. These are new builds recently programed and RIM is STILL having major bugs...

    I have had no issues at all with the last few builds or this latest update. Working fine here.

    I'm always happy with updates whenever they come.

    Is this Appworld version stable for system versions below Appworld version did not work with systems below that version. I had to load Appworld back on to recover appworld usage. This is described here: (Blackberry Knowledge base article KB29422)

    Has anyone successfully loaded and used this latest version of Appworld with a a system below