BlackBerry App World updated to version

BlackBerry App World v3.1.2.32
By Zach Gilbert on 23 Apr 2012 01:32 pm EDT

Last week we saw RIM update a number of their in-house applications like Twitter, Facebook, and the BlackBerry Travel app. Today, RIM is pushing out an updated version of BlackBerry App World, which brings the version number to, a fair jump from the current version of

In what seems to be normal fashion there has been no change log provided, but this version should bring bug fixes at least. You can update you App World by going to from you BlackBerry smartphone, or you can wait for it be pushed down to your phone.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World updated to version


The biggest or most significant change in AppWorld 3.1.2.x is the seperation of Handheld vs. Tablet applications.

They are now listed in a seperate "tab" from the installed/uninstalled/upgrades sections of "My World".

Yeah that really sucks. The way I work around that is I "hide" the uninstalled apps(Press the BB button while in Uninstalled apps > hide)....but once you reboot the phone they all reappear.

A temporary fix..until you reboot.

I've done that, but as you say it is only a temporary fix at best. I see that this update has removed the "unavailable for this model" from the uninstalled list. A step in the right direction.

Well, at least us Pearl 9100 owners running OS 6 can be happy with the bug fixes... The scrolling and page loads are smoother than ever before too. :)

Definitely *appreciably* snappier than previous version...there is app-list sharing via nfc, yet to try that...there's keyword app search in my world, that's a very refreshing addition...I'm still at odds though as to y d home screen tiles hav to b sooo large so that u hav to scroll down!! Think it would b bettr to scroll across, if scrolling is so necessary! 9900/ n I couldn't help but notice the size of d icon has increased disproportionately to my othr icons on d homescreen!!

Edit: Overall d experience is better..Way to go!!

I see the link to download from, but how is it the pic is to upgrade appworld from inside AppWorld? Lol I hate downloading from the website as it always takes for-eh-verr haha would be nice to update from appworld, just sayin...

Yes appworld can update itself from within itself! U should c d update alert in your inbox like for any othr app! Don't c it? Open appworld n do an ALT+R+S+T reset of appworld then restart d app...If not just wait for d update alert...

Too bad this installation has bricked my Torch 9810 twice.

Once after a softboot and again after a battery pull.

Since the update does not appear to deliver any significant increase in functionality, my advice is to skip it - wait for the next one.

This one seems to display RIM's typical incompetence fatuousness and inefficiency.

I warn you again, do *not* install.

It hasn't bricked my 9800 but when I d/l it my icon for AppWorld goes away. I have deleted, re-downloaded and the icon is still missing. Not hidden, not in any folders, just missing. Deleted it from the Applicatons, went to Blackberry, re-re-downloaded and still no icon...

I "upgraded" on my 9930 and the darn thing doesn't even open. Pressing ALT+Back Button clears it, but I can't access App World at all now.

Same thing here with my 9800. i think RIM is trying to go out of business. I'm starting to think Galaxy S II.

I have a 9800 OS6 through At&T and the prior App World worked just fine. This new one I have downloaded three times and it still won't work. This is RIM's "flag ship" app, and the damn thing doesn't work! What are they trying to do, actually WORK at going out of buisness? And they wonder why customers like us are looking at iPhones and Galaxy S IIs. Wake up RIM. This is the worst app I've seen with RIM. Get it together RIM. This new version is awful. DO NOT download it.

too late. sigh. crap. OMG so angry right now. totally agree...I think blackberry is trying to actively send us all over the iphone side. incredible

where do i find the latest version to download? the RIm site is not much use, but a the RIM on the toilet is usefull

WOW.... this was the straw that has done it for me. Going out to get an iphone tomorrow. wow RIM SUCKS! There was an upgrade to app world, i upgraded and now appworld icon has disappeared. Way to go blackberry.... way to go. I've had my itouch for YEARS and itunes has never up and disappeared.

I think I am done with Blackberry products. It just keeps getting worse. Why do they update things? To break them? I have been having a recurring issue with every update. It is with an app on my Z10 called "Virtual expert". I want to use this app. I refer to it often. After any update though, my icon disappears from the screen and there is no way to restore it. This is the only application this happens to. Starting to think BB is censoring my use of it. So what I have been doing is uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Now with the latest BB-world update, I can't even uninstall it anymore. I am starting to really hate my Z10 and Blackberry. Don't think my next phone or tablet with be a Blackberry again.