BlackBerry App World updated to version

BlackBerry App World
By Zach Gilbert on 2 Mar 2012 12:12 pm EST

Those who have a BlackBerry in hand may want to check and see if you have a new update available as RIM is pushing out version of BlackBerry App World. While the version upgrade is rather small it does bring a few much-needed fixes.

Updated in v3.1.1.21

  • Alternate billing options shown in purchase confirmation screen
  • Review submission screen UI refresh
  • Bug fixes

If you aren't seeing the update just yet, hold off as it can take a few hours to push through the servers. Or if you like you can do the old "ALT RST" trick and see if that motivates your phone to serve up the new App World.

Download the new version of BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

BlackBerry App World updated to version


I really wish they would shrink down the icons on the main page so that I don't have to scroll down to "My World". I know it's not that big of a deal, but it just looks and feels poorly designed.

I really wish I was reading about a 7.1 update for the 9790.

"Ski mask and a knock on the door in the middle of the night solves most problems"

I just posted the same thing on the forums but after 3 battery pulls and a "REFRESH LIST" from the blackberry button on the phone--Bingo, everything showed up again on bothe the handheld device and the pc version of app world. Give it a try.

Sxxt!! "BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World server. Verify your network connections and try again"...

i have tried 4G an WIFI... there is no way to get it working :@

At least you guys are getting the "maintenance" message. I'm getting the "App World is having trouble connecting to the App World server" message.

But I got that message with the old and new version today.

i was getting the Maintenance message.. then I closed it, reopened it and before it got to that Message, I did ALT R S T and it seems to be working now.

Try it and see if it works for you guys.


It let me download the updated App World, but I also get the "maintenance" message now. Is this just while they push out the update to everyone?

It's not a problem with the update. I just tried Apple World 2.x and it's not working either for me

Just completely idiotic timing

It works for me, no issues, my world works too!
Alt-RST did the trick and eliminated the maintenance and network connection errors.

Go to "My World", hold down 'Alt' and press R S T while still holding 'Alt' down. AppWorld should reset and refresh your app list.

Did anyone notice that the link is actually for the UK? Regardless, I had an update show up on my device. Was originally showing the cannot connect to the App World server. Did the ALT R S T thing and I could then get into App World, but, then I got the maintenance message. I waited and tried later and the update was no longer showing available. I go to the App World Download site and it is still showing the old version here in Canada. I wait for a little longer and now the update is there again on my device. Here's an update, here boy, here boy....Quit yanking my chain! Downloaded and just rebooting now.

I never got the maintenance msg, but AW is only showing from the link above. I'm currently using beta I wish the beta team would shoot out a message to indicate that an update non-beta version will be released.

App World new version running now. Although still no fix to the annoying feature of jumping back to the top of a list when refreshing with more apps as you scroll down. It is especially annoying and even more annoying the further down you go because you have scroll all of the way back down to where I was when it refreshed/extended the list.

From above: I just posted the same thing on the forums but after 3 battery pulls and a "REFRESH LIST" from the blackberry button on the phone--Bingo, everything showed up again on bothe the handheld device and the pc version of app world. Give it a try.

9800, OS 6

If you don't see the upgrade on your screen reboot your phone. That's the way to get it right away.

Otherwise you wait for a while until you get the message.

Absolutely faster and seems better though I wasn't totally unimpressed with the last version. If interested, I'm using 7.0 (1355 bundle) OS on a 9810.

When I went there this afternoon I read the reviews and everyone was saying don't upgrade yet too buggy. Since it works fine for me now I think I'm just gonna wait.

Grrr! I DL'd it and it won't function on my Pearl 9100 at all. It won't start up: It just locks up! After countless restarts and reloads it just doesn't work at all. It's completely broken. I now have no access to AW at all. I'm not impressed...

Do the following:
options>device>application management
choose blackberry app world
select delete
on restart, send browser to:
reinstall old version of blackberry appworld
in my case BlackBerry App World v3.1.0.60 (OS6), no more freezing, all good.
stupid "upgrade"

Thank YOU!!!

You're a life saver!!!

It seems that this update is the third one in a row that has created serious issues for many end users, though it appears not to affect as many as the two updates that preceded it. I think that many of the issues may be taking place on older BlackBerries that run on OS 5 and OS 6, I have come to this conclusion (just an opinion) because I've noticed that a plurality of the negative comments are not authored by users with a proper command of the English language, thus leading me to believe that most of them are from emerging markets nations, wherein the majority of BlackBerries sold are one or two generations older than the current/latest generation sold in the USA and Canadian markets. There are of course exceptions to this generalization, myself and my immediate family included, as we're still using BlackBerries on OS 5, which is why we haven't updated our BB App World app for a few months.

Thanks again for your very useful info.

You are most welcome. I read a similar solution somewhere else, so I got it from another helpful person and passed it on. It worked for me, so I hoped it would help someone else.

I'm sure RIM will fix it, but until then it shouldn't be pushed out yet. Mind you, I haven't been given the "Update" push again yet though. Maybe they've stopped it.

Thanks for being the guinea pig. I've been waiting to download it until someone posted about it working or not working on a 9810. Guess I'll sit this one out.