BlackBerry App World Updated To Version

By Bla1ze on 9 Mar 2010 12:42 am EST

BlackBerry App World Updated To Version

Been quite a while since we've seen a BlackBerry App World update. Guess RIM thought it was time for one. No idea what may or may not have been fixed in this release folks but if we happen to get a change log we'll add to the post. In the meantime, you can download the latest version from the BlackBerry website or from within app world itself. Have at it, let us know if you notice anything in particular that has changed.

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BlackBerry App World Updated To Version


Ok "now" it shows up in app world after I downloaded it from the website...however, I haven't noticed anything different

I just downloaded it and for one its a hell of a lot faster than the older version. Ive found 2 new things. When you delete an app instead of saying uninstalled it says "Uninstalled" and in yellow it says *Reboot Required." And the 2nd thing is that I think the colours are a bit darker shades of blue. Hope this helps

I have the same bug on mine, but it was there before I updated as well. Perhaps its an OS bug? I'm running on an 8900.

I haven't noticed much with the update. Although, when I go to the My World, it actually shows me all my downloaded apps. That, by itself is worth the update. I hope it lasts. UPDATE: I just had a upgrade notice with The Hockey News app. I upgraded it through the My World folder in App World, and, it worked like a charm, easily beating install times of previous installs. Hallelujah!!!

At the time of writing, this hadn't been automatically "pushed-out" to users, so it can't be too important (You know, when you get the little "BlackBerry App World" icon on the Home screen, to show that updates are available?).

Not that most users will actually get all excited by the latest attempt at an application store from Research in Motion (RIM) anyway...

Stick with the (downloadable) application store - it's ugly and not all that user-friendly, but it has a MASSIVE catalog, a "deal of the day" and other specials/bundles, plus it's available to EVERY country, INCLUDING premium (paid) applications!

RIM's app world pushes suck anyways, even with apps that have been out for like a week with an update you often don't get the "push" alert of it being updated.


*UPDATE* Was recently advised the reason why push sucks is because well, it doesn't exist. The system actually polls, rather then pushing. So that's why updates do not come through as fast as they would if they were indeed pushed.

I always thought it was very slow, this explains why. I'm sure you mean "pulls" rather that "Polls" though. :-)

Crackberry's application is just too buggy to me. I run the blacksheep of the RIM family the 8330m and its horrible. I love the selection that it offers but it just runs too slowly for me. The flashing animations just seem to slow it down for me. At least the blackberry app world moderately runs smooth even if it is just a piece of crap most of the time.

Yeah I agree,'s Application Store is pretty poor... I find it to be slow and ugly (DEFINATELY ugly!), though I haven't experienced too many "bugs" with it (although ocasionally, my "past purchases" doesn't synchronize with the Internet-based version correctly!).

The main reason I use's Application Store is because of its MASSIVE catalog, the "deal of the day" and because it is tied-in to my Application Store account, showing all my previous purchases and allowing me to (manually) check for updates or upgrades to applications.

A site as big as however, really does need to put a little more effort into their Application Store, ESPECIALLY when it's generally considered to be one of the best alternatives to BlackBerry App World out there...

Personally, I'd like to see the interface given a complete overhaul and the application made a little faster.

As a new user, I wasn't expecting to be told of an update, so I was moderately impressed. Less impressed with needing to reboot mind; my 9700 takes a looooong time to restart...

"Maybe a little faster"?

Dude, this thing's like greased lightning now, and I can navigate between most screens in under a second (most images when scrolling through a list load almost instantly, too...)!

Still not paid applications for the Australian version though, so I'll keep a copy of BlackBerry App World installed for those "only available via BlackBerry App World" titles, but stick to the (downloadable) Application Store... As I said above, the Application Store is ugly and somewhat difficult to navigate (particularly the former), but it has a MASSIVE catalog, including paid applications!

There was an error when trying to read reviews in the newly leaked for the 9700. This new release of app world fixes that bug.

So I updated and immediately checked my file free memory. Before the update I had been around 93MB. Right after updating I went up to 105MB!!! WTF!!! So I closed BB App World, re-opened the program and rechecked file free memory and I was back down to 96MB. Not sure what, if anything, this means, but it is weird. Otherwise, app seems to work as before.

Yeah me too! I went from 6mb to 22mb back down to 6mb, LMAO! The sad part is I'm not joking. That's what I'm really at.

I deleted the App World from my BlackBerry. I downloaded an app and when I "deleted" it from my applications it still left behind an icon that said archived which I had to delete as well. I also downloaded the Imagining theme which placed a link to download more themes on my homescreen which pissed me off even more so I deleted the theme. Once my BlackBerry rebooted there was the archived icon on my homescreen. I got really pissed this time and removed App World altogether. I don't want junk on my phone and when I delete something I expect it to be deleted.

Up yours App World!!

But, why doesn't every app do that? Also, downloading a theme that placed an icon on my screen to download more was single handedly enough for me to delete it all together. I don't want junk on my phone. It's bad enough I can't delete the myspace and flicker links.

After I downloaded the upgrade I went to log into paypal, and it's giving me a error code... WTH! always a problem.

How do I update from within App World itself? I tried running a search on "app world" and "blackberry app world" but with no luck

Tried that. It doesn't show App World in the list of 25 Top Paid apps. Is it because I'm in a non-supported country?

No joy :(
I'm using the OTA on BBhybrids and that's the only one I'm able to install being in a non-supported country (Dubai)

For the people who read this site and probably visit the CrackBerry store and otherwise know how to located BB apps, AppWorld seems like flawed and unnecessary nuisance. But to the vast majority of BB users who are only moderately tech-saavy, a central clearing house for locating and downloading applications (analgous to a poor man's iTunes) is ABSOLUTELY necessary if you expect RIM and other 3rd parties to work in developing new and improved apps.

People complain about the PayPal thing, but I think that works fine after you clear the initial hurdle of setting it up. I think the bigger problems are the slow response time, poor layout of information, and technical glitches, like the fact that it freakin' deletes itself every week! But they need to continue to work on it and promote b/c it is absolutely necessary.

It was still showing the .24 in App World. Went to the BB site and was able to get the new version. I'm hoping they fixed the issue with having to install it again after battery pulls or changes.

Unfortunately BB App. world is still not available in my country,despite the fact that all carriers here,offer Blackberry phones for a year now...
Of course no official new OS s,other apps,or,am still waiting for that miracle day to happen` regards with BB app.W at least!!

I just updated the App World haven't noticed many changes but it runs a bit smoother now. But at the end of the day the Blackberry App World will still suck!!!

I've downloaded the damn upgrade. But when I try to read a review, I get this error:

"There was a problem reading data from the server and BlackBerry App World mus exit. Error type: 100002."

Batterypulls are not working. Does anybody have the same issue?

My problem was I'd still had my WiFi turned on. After turning it off, the problem was solved! I think it has to do with the WiFi issues RIM recently had.

For me it seems like everytime I go into App World there's another version to download, I hardly use it anyway, probably because I'm still using an 8310 so my memory is limited so everytime it updates it seems to take more. I don't know, for me, I have the apps that I use constantly & I'm good, maybe when I can upgrade to the Bold 9700 like I'm planning on in a couple months I'll waste more space with some time-killing stuff but for now I'll just stick with the App World I have & not bother with this "update."

After downloading the new App world on my 9700 I thought I would try to access it on Wifi just for fun!
To my shock IT Worked ! I have been downloading away the last 30 mins....

Thanks for keeping us updated Crackberry!

hey i'm new to the crackberry phone. im trying to get my yahoo email to come to my phone is that possible? also i cant get the bb app world on my 8350i can some one help..

For some wierd reson after I installed this update my available app memory has increased. Typically after a battery pull I have 14mb after I installed this my available app memory was around 28mb. I like that!

I've been using App World since it came out and have had exactly *zero* problems with it. Maybe it has memory leaks or something, but other than that, it's worked flawlessly for me.


Wow, just rebooted since installing. Took less than 3 minutes for the first time. Did it twice just to be sure it wasn't a fluke.

Normally always took like 5 minutes. Coincidence? I hope not.

just downloaded this for my 9550.
up until now appworld hasn't worked via wifi whatsoever.
loaded up very quick and it now works on wifi for those who are curious.

What if one of the fortunate people that has been able to upgrade saves the application's .alx / .cod / .jad using MCP and gives it to me/us? Would that be wrong/illegal/frowned upon?

i recently downloaded the new update and everytime i try to run blackberry app world my phone freezes and i have to do a battery pull. What can i do to fix this problem? please help:)