BlackBerry App World Updated to Version

By Adam Zeis on 30 Sep 2009 02:48 pm EDT
App World

Tips have been flying in today, and it looks as if BlackBerry App World was indeed updated to version No news on what is new in the update, but most likely just some minor fixes. App World version dropped a while back to run on OS 5.0, so if you find any new features be sure to let us know in the comments. You can snag the updated version by heading to from your mobile browser. Now that we have new IM clients, Facebook and App World - where is our new BBM? :-)

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BlackBerry App World Updated to Version


First the update took all day and then it's in Euros! I'm sure an update is coming out soon but it's really annoying.

it would be nice if RIM would find a way to make it known that there are updates to it's products without me having to surf the forums. on 2 occasions i've actually had app world notify me of updates to installed programs but that seems to have been a fluke. this is 1 area in which apple is head and shoulders above the rest.

Maybe it's just with the Storm but I usually get an icon notifying that there is an upgrade to an app I've downloaded from the App World. Last night, I got an icon to tell me App World itself was ready for an upgrade.

Its doing that now on my Bold as well. But its a very recent addition. I don't remember it actually doing that until a few days ago.

I been trying to update this since last night and it says it upgrading from 15 to 19 and it downloads, installs and when it reboots it still 15. When I try to go through the bbapp world for update no option yet.

9530 running 167

same issue here, when i download from the link, it says .19 but when i check the applications list, it shows .15... running the new on an ATT Bold

went to bb website and put in my email address for a link to dl to be sent. Downloaded, got the message "do you want to replace .15 with .19" clicked yes, installed, rebooted and still showing up as .15 :(

I'm running .301 on a BOLD. I even deleted app world and rebooted then installed from

Even when I tried first time with an upgrade it prompted me to upgrade from .15 to .19 and after downloading and rebooting it still shows as .15 !! weird!

.301 isn't a leaked OS it's a official build mate.

I'm guessing that RIM have stuffed something up and the files that's downloaded from /appworld hasn't been updated properly...

well i just downloaded and its noticeably faster. and well i noticed that the money sign is diff. i dont know what it is but its no $ anymore. idk if that only on mine or what. but. its there

well I am running OS 151 on storm 9530.
and it downloaded with no problems.
i upgraded through the app world. if that helps?

Don't sweat's an obscure currency used by only 325 million people in 16 countries. It's a very cryptic symbol too. I mean, what could a big stylised 'E' possibly stand for?

....a new feature.....ANNOYANCE! ....i'm so glad I read through the forums and comments before i actually go to install any apps or their updates!

You guys must have missed the Fox News/Cnn/MSNBC/AARP/Etc. news report saying that everyone is switching to the Euro... :p

I have tried 3 times to update i have 8900 running 4.6 and i can't update it at all, keeps saying its going to replace the .15 and i say yes and downloads and then reboot and stil says .15

any idea

Storm .167. AppWorld noticed me there was an update in
my messages.
But as others have already stated, everything is showing in Euros instead of dollars.

Got .19 downloaded - reboot... now reads .15 What is really odd is that I now have flick scrolling in Appworld - running

I noticed a few people having trouble with downloading it. I did the upgrade option from within app world, it took a good few minutes before it prompted to reboot my device. It works just fine, i dont see any difference from .15

Ok guys here's how I fixed it, download it again and when it prompts you to reboot now or later choose later and do a proper battery pull.

Sorry guys forget that it's not fixed! if you choose to reboot later and check the installed version it shows .19 then a reboot and it goes back to .15 !!! WTF!???

thats what I did and it works. there are no euro money signs. everything looks the same just a little faster

To change the prices from euro to dollars, pick something to purchase, log into Paypal and you will get a message indicating your default prices have been changed to dollars. Cancel out of the purchase, and everything will then be in dollars.

I had the same problem alot of you are having, went and downloaded it from BlackBerry's mobile site, and it didn't work, I still had .15, if you download it thru the App World you will get version .19.

Also, mine is still showing in normal dollars...

anyone getting the APN error like I was do this:
and set your APN settings
for Rogers
working now!

I downloaded via app world and it's now .19 thanks guys for tips, plus my currency symbol is now showing UK £ which is great!

How do I remove app world from showing in my downloaded programs in myworld? I wanna keep app world but just remove it from the downloaded list!

All done, it just went by itself the next time I went into app world.

All installed and working fine on .301 (BOLD).

There's def a problem installing via website though.

What about memory leak? How's that in this version? That's all I want fixed. Forget all the other stuff, the other versions were fast enough on my Bold running 5.0. I just want the memory leak fixed.

Think I did something wrong, all prices are showing as pounds (or whatever the C with 2 lines is) and not $(dollars)

Thanks. I should've known that.

Anybody else find it annoying to have to scroll down a long EULA every time this gets updated?

DarranP how do i update my appworld keeps coming up as .15 can't figure out how to do it right from app world itself

Go into App world mate, then goto the top free section which is the 2nd icon from the left and app world should be top of the list. Select it and then click the upgrade or download button and it will start downloading, once it's done click the restart now button and it should all be ok afterwards...

Just select an app to purchase and log into paypal, this will adjust the currency, then just escape out and the currency will be back to your native $ etc.

I have been trying to download this app for the past few days as my bb bricked itself.

Still no luck and no link from

sort it out rim

App World - Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed

What the?

I'm in New Zealand - maybe the app isn't available here? Seems strange that it's not.....

I updated AppWorld last night, and the first thing that I noticed was that all of the archived apps in My World were gone. I found those unused wastes of space so annoying, that improvement alone makes the upgrade worthwhile. Anyone else experience this change?

Update went fine, now have everything in euro but do not have paypal to purchase and change currency...any other way?

anyone getting it work on 5.0. i had it working on leaked .169 but 5 does nothing. old or new. program loads up but can't connect. did the upgrade and still has old version. .15. i download apps through emails links and it says to open through bbworld. then phone just freezes.

come on people! I had the euro problem too just download it from the bb website and it will give you the American version, simple problem solving lol oh and it works great and less memory leakage ha

Got an update alert in my Tour inbox. Clicked on it to update, loaded AppWorld, downloaded and installed the .119 version.

Rebooted.. and crashed. Error 553. Rebooted again - crashed as soon as I touched the trackball, and I noticed the device wasn't connecting to BIS anymore.

Any app I try to run hangs - getting exceptions just loading the messaging app, because it freezes.

Plugged into my computer to clear Appworld out via DM.. however DM just sits there "working..." and not connecting to the device...

get it working. i can't get the upgrade. stays on 15. even though it says 19 downloading. and 15 don't work

Everything installed perfectly on but when i click on the "Top Paid" I get a message that says "Paid applications are not available in your country". Im in fricken Canada, RIM is from fricken Canada. What the $hit

Looks like in this version it doesn't display in My World the apps that were uninstalled. This update of BBAW was pushed to my 'Berry late last nite when I saw a notification in my Inbox for it.

Mine has the prices in euros plus when i go to my world and click on pandora it says this app is not available on your carrier even though its installed already and im on VZW. Can someone else check this too?

worked perfect for me, but I came from .17, not .15. Maybe you all should find .17 first, seems everyone with issues is coming from .15.

However, it doesn't seem any different.

I've done the upgrade. And it worked just fine. But the icon that notifies me that there was an update avaiable won't go away. And thoughts.

The conflict with Yatca only happens when the device is restarted. Restart and see if Yatca still works - it doesn't for me.

Correction, it does work, provided you install the *real* and not the one that claims to be but is actually when you have installed it.

installed the (really the .15) on my OS on my 8330. Still getting the "blackberry app world is having trouble connecting to the blackberry app world server. verify your network connections..." error. sigh.

I don't know what you guys are talking about, my App list shows .19 and I downloaded straight from App World.

Seriously, search the forums for the OTA of .17 (also on and then upgrade to .19, see if that works. I came from .17 and mine is running perfect, labeled .19 and I have dollars, no Euros.

The install went fine on my 8330 Curve, no euro problems like others reported. After reboot showed as installed. However, I'm on OS also...hope some of the kinks get worked out for everyone over time.

The best part is it fixed the message list. After the last App World version, beejive messages would not show in message list. After this update functionality as returned to what it should be.

I don't know what the heck is going on. The new app world is giving me all the prices in euros not us dollars. How do I fix that?

downloaded the new app world and now the prices are not us dollars anymore. don't know whats going on with this, hopefully will have a fix for this soon.

With the update to this new Appworld, my stuck download of fierce towers is now unstuck

Unfortunately, I've already paid for fierce towers and was trying to update to the new version, and the only way for me to download it, it seems, is to buy it again :(

So I had installed it from appworld, but went to the link listed and installed it again (over the top) and now I get dollar signs again. Using a storm .167

I got an icon last night informing me to the upgrade! Upgraded with out issues!

The main pluses I noticed are the fact that it freed up 12mb of memory on on my phone!
And its faster so no complaints here!

Sorry this is on a curve 8900

i just downloaded the 5.0 software for my bb curve, now since i have done that it wont let me into blackberry app world i get a message stating to make sure i have internet connect! ne one else experience this or know how to fix it please help!

When I upgraded my OS, I got the same thing, Amanda. Last time App World updated, there were some issues with the 8330. Hopefully they will work the kinks out soon and we will be back to normal.

It's stupid App World does not inform you there is an update when you load the APP.. Does RIM do everything half assed or are they that dumb? Just wondering

Im on the 8330 running the 5.0 OS very smoothly i might add...but i get this message saying..BB app World is having trouble connecting to the BB App World server, verify you network connections and try again>>>> does anyone have any idea what this means and how i can get connected again?

They haven't done anything about speed. This is probably the slowest app type thing I've ever seen. Forever to open on my 8310, and almost as slow trying to close it.

I just finished downloading the update on my curve 8330 with no problem at all. I made sure to select "english", then went through the usual process of downloading. It took a little time to respond after the icon appeared before it finished downloading, but when it did it was fine. Give it a minute or so. I have the dollar sign, and it has two new catagories: "free apps" and "$apps". It still has "featured items", "categories", "search" and "my world". It's running faster than before as well. I like it better as you can go directly to the free apps without having to scroll through everything else.

Upgraded via appworld and icon vanished, so rebooted and got an exception error something to do with stack. Now icon is back but does not run just, freezes the phone for a around 10 seconds. Have uninstalled then reinstalled to no avail!?!

After MANY tries, download/battery pull/delete app and re-download this "upgrade" I am annoyed. This upgrade doesn't work on my 8330 Curve-the icon is dead after I click on it but it freezes the BB instead. The only way out is a battery pull. :(

I'm in Canada and after updating I cannot access any paid apps. Instead, I get an error message "paid applications are not available in your country." ?!?! Tried to delete and reload application several times, no help.
Maybe paid apps no longer available in Canada..

Tour 9630 Stock OS (140) downloaded BBAPPWRLD last night(took FOREVER btw), didn't do a reboot right away, actually I completely forgot I downloaded it and had to do a quick pull bc when I tried launching it for the first time it froze my Tour. Checked the application list and so far it says I have v19. I upgraded right from bbappwrld from my phone. Instead of $ it shows Euro's. WTF is going on... =\

I installed the update yesterday an had euros as my denomination. I found a post to correct it. It does seem much faster now.

The previous version would mark applications as "archived" when they were actually installed, esp. after an OS upgrade. This new version fixes that.

seems that myself & a bunch of other users ran into a problem after upgrading to v.19. all the prices are displayed in euros instead of u.s. dollars (yuk!). according to the rim's forum, only by sticking w/ v.15 will you avoid this issue until they figure out what is going on.

i tried unistalling v.19 & reinstalling it & the problem didn't go away. now i just need to find an old version to go back to.

Anyone with a curve 8900 on TMobile get an error stating....

"uncaught exception: net.rim.vm.stackoverflowerror

when I first upgraded through appworld itself, it downloaded it, but then in "my world" status said downloading, and download staus bar was striped as if it were downloading for 2 days. I did a battery pull, reset, removed it and reinstalled it from my browser, then my pc. same error.

Any suggestions anyone?

frustrating. uninstalled, re-installed several times. same error. is there an OTA download link to get back to

Back up your files, wipe your phone clean, and then restore everything.

You'll see something askew, but all in all this worked out. You may have to configure some of your sound profiles and such, and perhaps re register your apps. Just go through the processes you need to do, and your "app world" should work no problem with the new version.

I also after I restored everything, and configured most of my stuff, I did one more battery pull, and all was well. Restored everything fully, and more efficiently I'd say.

Give it a shot, if you haven't figured it out already. If you have, let me know what you did to remedy this.

And yet, it's STILL not available to AUSTRALIAN customers!

Seemingly there's not enough of us to warrant releasing BlackBerry App World, so it begs the question - why even sell BlackBerries here at all, if the market is not big enough?

Pull your head out of your @#$ RIM, and make this application available to ALL of your customers!

Not bad but I live in the USA and unfortunately use US currency. I would like to see a choice for currency as there is for language.

Before the update I had an app stuck in "downloading" state and after the update it has finally gone away. Mine was in Euros too, but signing purchasing an App and signing into paypal... then backing out changed it back.