BlackBerry App World updated to v4.0.0.63

BlackBerry App World updated to v4.0.0.63
By Bla1ze on 6 Nov 2012 06:53 pm EST

After the rather weird roll out of BlackBerry App World v4.0.0.55 not long ago, we now have a new update appearing as available for download. This time around you're looking at v4.0.0.63 although, there is no change log to go along with it. Taking a guess, it's likely just bug fixes over the previous version but if you spot anything new let us know in the comments. Thanks, Maiev!

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    BlackBerry App World updated to v4.0.0.63


    This update fixed the issue I was having with where I was getting an error on restart "uncaught exception no application instance".

    Why would it say something retarded like "You are using an unsupported Operating System....." When I go to sign into Blackberry App World online? My Playbook is a Blackberry after all. They shouldn't keep using the catch all word 'Blackberry' when they only mean a certain set of devices. As I've said before it's misleading and lazy.....

    Technically the PlayBook OS IS an unsupported operating system in this case as it's based on QNX. This particular App World update is for BlackBerries running on BBOS software, which is a completely different operating system than the one of the PlayBook. So it's not entirely misleading as it may be confusing for some.

    But this is just for phones running OS 7.1 and below. The Dev Alpha devices won't get this and neither will the PlayBook.

    Irrelevant. No where do they make this distinction. A Playbook is still a Blackberry, so using this catch all term is misleading.

    downloaded and installed without problems.
    but i do not have an APP world icon on my phone now help please

    that usually means you were maybe downloading some app or some app was about to download. Thats what the cause was for me. Also shut all tabs down in browser . Or get to app world a diff way and shut any download down. There is a way to get to app world other than the icon. Thats were I killed the download and the icon came back.

    Something like that was the fix for me!!!!!

    I haven't downloaded this latest version yet but I gained taxes last download - weird ....

    Caution guys! Since this update I can't send a BBM at all but I can receive them. There is also no delete button in appworld to try and reinstall BBM.

    Wow broke my bbm too! I can receive but can't send wtf!?

    I'm deleting and going to RRoyy to get the old version back. God I hope this works I need my BBM!!!

    I was just about to update, then I saw the posts regarding issues with BBM. Though I only have two whole BBM contacts, they are my closest friends and that's what they prefer. Will wait to see what shakes out before updating.

    Any work around? I had to download the old one from RROYY. Even after that, bbm still aint working for me.. :(

    Hmmm, bbm and sms work fine for me. Did you guys with issues get a notification for an update of Blackberry ID right after? I did, so maybe that has something to do with it. After that update, a 2nd reboot was required and everything worked fine afterwards. Let's hope they send out an update soon.

    I have never had app world load this FAST for me ever! All of the catagories load fast with no lag for me. Hopefully that won't change in my last few months usage of this phone until BB 10

    I downloaded this last night and have had no bbm problems so far!
    Have see the multiple bbms across the country
    I hope ya get yours fixed soon

    It is faster, but I did have to update BB I.D. It seems a bit buggy - hangs intermittently for 30-45 seconds - especially on exit.

    SMS works. I don't use BBM, so I don't know whether or not it works.

    The one thing that bugs me most was not repaired: If you have a long list of apps and you try to scroll down, reading the short descriptions as you go, periodically it jumps back up to the top of the list. Really irritating.

    Why are so many apps unavailable on the touchscreen bold? Every single app I try to download from the app store says its unavailable for my device - for example the fios remote dvr manager app - what is up with that?

    Haven't had any issues with disappearing icons, or broken BBM at all.

    I downloaded and got it installed, the same for blackberry ID getting updated after a reboot, then another reboot and everything is fine.

    REBOOT AFTER INSTALLING IT. Then you won't have those issues.

    Also remember to accept the Blackberry ID update and then accept the restart, then no issues with installtion or functionality on my BB Torch 9800.