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BlackBerry Beta Zone app updated with minor improvements

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BlackBerry App World updated to v3.1.1.15 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry App World
By Bla1ze on 10 Feb 2012 11:29 am EST

We were starting to wonder when the BlackBerry Beta Zone would start rolling out new betas. But wonder no more as a new BlackBerry App World beta has just been released. Getting bumped up to v3.1.1.15, it's noted to have the following changes:

  • Alternate billing options shown in purchase confirmation screen
  • Submitting Apps has new, easier-to-use confirmation screen 
  • OS 7.1 Support
  • Various Bug Fixes

If you're a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you can log in right now and grab the latest release from there.

BlackBerry Beta Zone Login

Reader comments

BlackBerry App World updated to v3.1.1.15 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


Already have it installed, seems to open a lot quicker for sure. Looks are the same, but good improvement on opening for sure!

Definitely loads much faster than before. Other than moving some icons moved around, I don't see any differences. I'm running OS7.1 on a 9810.

Hi folks, is anybody of you experiencing AppWorld login problems today? I can't log in on my PlayBook, first it was Network error, now it says that no BB ID is registered to my address, but that's not true, cause at the same time I have no problems signing in to BB ID via web, just the App World at PlayBook's been acting weird all day :( (OS2 beta 6149 rooted)