BlackBerry App World updated to v3.0.2.7

By Michelle Haag on 23 Nov 2011 11:11 pm EST
BlackBerry App World updated to v3.0.2.7
Research In Motion is pushing out all sorts of updates to native apps today. We saw both Twitter for BlackBerry and BlackBerry Traffic get updates in the Beta Zone, and now we see that BlackBerry App World has also been updated. Now sitting at v3.0.2.7, there is no word on what exactly was updated in the application, so we're guessing bug fixes and the like. If you notice anything different or updated, be sure to drop us a comment with your findings. You can download the update from the link below.

Download the new version of BlackBerry App World

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World updated to v3.0.2.7


The addition of "my account" instead of "payment options".
looks like it let's you manage your blackberry Id as well as payment options in AppWorld.

yayyyyyyy...i can finally log into my appworld without getting the error message asking me to try again later. guess that was fixed with this update about time mate!!

Thanks for commenting man. I've been avoiding all BlackBerry App World updates as I've repeatedly been unable to log in. Your comment made me decide to try this version and like you said, the error seems to be fixed. Appreciate it.

The jumping to the top of the page when you hide an uninstalled/unavailable app is still happening, wonder if they will stay hidden. My bb gift carusel isn't doesn't show all 9 apps.

I was having trouble with the search at app world it was getting stuck at the category selection. Hope they have fixed that bug

was really hoping that this version would allow access without having to have a cell signal to check your data plan (it does not). So, still no AppWorld when no signal (but wifi).

Downloading beta updates for Twitter, Traffic, and App World is going to put my phone out of commission for a long time. I hate that they disabled USB downloads.

What is the rationale for that? Any ideas?

More loading than usual. The annoying part is when you've reached the bottom of the app page and it autoloads more, but it jumps you back all the way to the top of the page which means you have to scroll all the way back down to look for new apps/content. It's really annoying, to the point where you almost don't want it to refresh/load more apps.

I think this new version solves my constant hourglass or slowness issue on my 9800.

Now I want the official new BBM 6.1 please.

just installed this update on 9700 & 9900, hope this build really brings all bug fixes & loads faster. and yeah.. BBM 6.1 & OS 7.1 please.. BRING IT ON RIM!!