BlackBerry App World updated to v2.1.2.19

By Bla1ze on 24 May 2011 05:37 pm EDT
BlackBerry App World
BlackBerry App World updates have been coming faster these days, just last week we saw roll out to user and now its received yet another minor bump up to v2.1.2.19. Like always, it's not showing up for everyone as of yet so you can try downloading it directly using the link below or you can simply just wait until you get notified on your device. Again, no change log has been offered up but we'll leave the digging around to you all. Feel free to drop some comments if you spot anything new in the latest release.

Download BlackBerry App World directly on your smartphone

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BlackBerry App World updated to v2.1.2.19


Not sure if it matters or not but the new 7.0 leak has App World, already installed to my Bold 9650, nothings changed so far.

Not sure of missing icons but I will say that ever since the last update the rendering has been horrible... Its nice that they increased the size of the pictures when looking at say the top 25 apps, but when you hover over an icon you can't read what it says below it... Hopefully that's fixed in this update.

After last twitter update my twitter icon disappeard.Just gone.Did anyone else experience this.Is this due to a upgrade bug that needs fixing.I have a fairly new BB 9700.

After I upgraded to this version of app world, upon rebooting the app world icon had disappeared on my 8900.

Me also. several re-boots and still no icon. Going to download using link from this article to see if that will fix.

I downloaded it using the link on the BB home page in the native browser; everything seems to be working fine again.. for now.

Yeah, I tried to update from the inbox link and after rebooting, I had a Application Updater icon on my device. When I opened that, it initiated the App World update, allegedly, but after requiring rebooting again, App World was gone. Had to Google it and install again...

After downloading the updated version it keeps saying index 3>3. I know when it does that its usually because of a recent download. When I erase the app world, the index message, it doesn't show up again. Can anyone please help me how to go to the older version. And is anyone else having this problem on the curve 8530? Thanks

hey guys , i need help

my app world , everytime when am downloading ANY application it says , it is not available on app world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so any help >:\

Upgraded the app a few days ago and the app is now missing from my device! Sprint 9650 I've downloaded it directy from Blackberry and still nothing! I'm not impressed at all!

Also had the missing icon issue with on a 9650. Rolled back to from a backup. Hoping for a fix, soon.

I note that updates are OTA for a lot of users, but I'm wondering if you know if that will be the case in the US? I can't wait to get my hands on my Z10 on 3/28 when it rolls out on Verizon.