BlackBerry App World Updated (Again) to version

By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2009 09:24 pm EDT
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Barely a week ago BlackBerry App World was updated to version Well as if the long awaited BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 release wasn't enough, App World has been updated again and now sits at version No word of the changes, but one can assume nothing major. Head over to from your device to download. It seems that some users are still only seeing version when trying to update from within the app, so best to head straight to the direct download. Drop a comment and let us know if its working for you.

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BlackBerry App World Updated (Again) to version


I think it is something to do with the leak. I managed to get into My World. I sent an app link to my phone. Went to Switch Application and opened the link (open with App World). I can see the app but not download. Thee is a warning that says does not work with my device or carrier (Telus 8230 with OS5). Wonder if it is because there is no vendor file? Can we copy a vendor file form an old OS to the dir of the new?

whats going on? my storm is near perfect with the leak , new bbm 5.0 , new app world , soon to be a whole new browser, is all of this just to get at apple????????

Worked for me, and looks like it fixed the error with me getting Euro's for currency on my Verizon Tour.

this afternoon! ha! time for this one, and then bbm 5.0! unfortunately i have no service at work (in the basement) so waiting to get off in 10min and it's on!

I noticed when I downloaded .19 last time on my curve 8900 it archived all of my apps and they didn't show up in "my world" in BlackBerry App World.

Now all of the apps I have downloaded in the past, are now back in "my world".

Minor, but it's always nice to see everthing you have downloaded.

Just downloaded to a Storm.

I noticed prior to download I also suffered from trying to upgrade to .19 and it still showed .15 with the Euro problem.

All fixed! Seems to run a bit smoother as well and loads a lot quicker.

They won't/can't fix it for two reasons:
1. OS5 is an unofficial leaked OS for the 8330. Why would RIM offer support for an OS that none of us are supposed to have?

2. From what I understand, Its not specifically a problem with OS5, because the program installs and runs correctly. However, since OS5 offers more apps/options for the Curve, RIM has blocked our access, as again, they are not prepared to support it, yet. And they may never support it. The 83xx series is unfortunately near the end of its service life, with the Curve 8900 and Curve 85xx out now.

Im not have issue with my storm but my girls Tour is the issue. I have tried way to many time to download app world so she can get the new BBM. after install of the app it freezes the phone and I have to do a battery pull. When it freezes the hourglass just spins and spins. if anyone else is having this issue. join the club.

im not downloading it...ive had enough of all the BS updates....when r they gonna release all the good stuff like OS 5.0 wtf?!

Just downloaded the upgrade from the app center on the storm!!! Before the dollar amount was in euros no it is back to the american dollar!!!!!

When I installed .19 on my Tour with OS last night the app ran but the icon did not appear on the desktop. With this version the icon appeared. My guess is this is a bug fix for OS 5.0 issues.

I recently made the jump to on my Tour, after a rash of 552 brickings. After the OS upgrade, App World listed a handful of apps that I had downloaded and used when running as not compatible with the new OS, and wouldn't allow me to reinstall them. App World is now allowing me to download and/or reinstall those apps. FWIW.

every time i update i get this lame error message telling me that i need to update my service to include a data package, i already have that, so what do i do?

So far so good: I hated using the original for anything especially searching apps.

As others mentioned, new DL is smooth, less lag time, makes searching a breeze and fun. Keep it up BB!

I installed the .19 update last week on my Storm and immediately noticed currency amounts were displayed in Euros and not Dollars. I also saw others shared my grief while others had no problems. I installed the .20 update yesterday and now everything displays in Dollars. Hope this update fixes similar issues with fellow Crackberry users.

Want to make App World better, how about this. Once you have accepted the license agreement, you no longer have to scroll through 20 things (that no one reads anyway) to again accept the license agreement, each time they upgrade the app!!!

The currency is corrected, and apps that said not available for your service or phone (which still worked), has been corrected, but all my archived apps have disappeared. On top of that, I still cannot get BBM 5.0 to work. It shows installed, but doesn't work. At least RIM got it right by finally releaseing Desktop Manager for Mac.

i am running v5.0.0.230(Platform3.5.0.30)on my BlackBerry Curve 8330, and i downloaded and installed the latest incarnation of BlackBerry App World v. When i click the icon on the home screen to run the app, instead of loading and logging onto the site, i get an error message: Not able to connect to network, Check connections etc. all other apps connect! not experiencing any other problems. can anyone offer any helpful solution(s)/advice. thaking you in advance, i am kimberly a BlackBerry lover forever.

When i run App World it says that it is having trouble connecting to the blackberry servers and the only option is to close App World.

Got it! go straight to bb's website from your phone and you should be able to update to! Worked for me!

Blackberry App World still isn't detecting a new version of itself. I could go to the site and download it myself, but I'm just curious why it still shows .19 as the latest version when I search for the app within itself?